Top 80 Boys and Girls Names Inspired by Fashion & Brands

80 Top Names Inspired by Fashion and Brands for Boys and Girls

Finding a unique name for your baby daughter or son is a mammoth task for every new or would-be parent. Most parents spend weeks or days searching for that perfect name that is uncommon and special. Names inspired by designers and other brands are the latest trend as they make great baby names. These brand baby names are classy, fabulous, and stylish. Brand names that can be baby names can be drawn from various sources ranging from fashion brands to jewelry lines to car brands to food brands and more. These chic designer brand baby names are not meaningless but have beautiful meanings and are thoughtful.

Popular Brand Baby Boy Names With Meanings

What better name for your boy than a fashionable name inspired by your favorite brand. Below is the list of brand names for boys with wonderful meanings to help you choose a chic name for your boy.

1. Aldo

Aldo is a masculine name of Italian origin. The name meaning “old” or “noble” is a name of a famous fashion brand.

2. Armani

Armani is the surname and brand name of Giorgio Armani, a world-famous designer. This male name from Italian origin means “son or kin or Armand.”

3. Aston

This English origin masculine name is derived from Athelstan. The brand name, meaning “Noble stone,” is ideal for a unique boy’s name.

4. Bentley

The name of a high-end English car brand was historically an English surname. Bentley later became famous as a boys’ name. It is of English origin and means “from the bent-grass field.”

5. Calloway

This French origin brand name means “place of pebbles or stone.” Calloway is a variation of place-name ‘Kellaways’ that refers to William the Conqueror.

6. Campbell

Campbell is derived from ‘De Bello Campo,’ a Latin origin phrase meaning “from the beautiful field.” The designer’s name is of Scottish origin and means the same as the Latin phrase “beautiful field.”

7. Canon

Canon, the brand of the renowned electronics manufacturer, is a good name for boys. The name from English origin means “clergyman” and refers to the “musical round.”

8. Cartier

One of the most high-end masculine names inspired by a famous brand, Cartier, is the brand name for luxury jewelry. This French origin name means “driver of a cart.”

9. Chi

This Chinese-origin brand name is a short and chic masculine name. Chi, meaning “younger energy,” is apt for boys who are always energetic.

10. Christian

This Latin and English origin masculine name means “follower of Christ.” It is the first and brand name of famous designer Christian Dior.

11. Coby

Coby is the diminutive form of Jacob. This electronics brand name is of Hebrew origin and means “supplanter.”

12. Coleman

Coleman is the brand name of popular outdoor recreational products. This English-origin masculine name means “dove” or “charcoal burner.”

13. Cordell

This fashion brand name is of English origin and means “rope maker.”

14. Costa

Costa, meaning “from the coast,” is a Spanish-origin masculine name. It is the name of the famous coffeehouse chain.

15. Dannon

This male name associated with a popular yogurt brand is of American origin and means “form of Danson.”

16. Diesel

Diesel is a name of oil and a fashion brand name. The name is of German origin and means “people” or “race.” Diesel is the diminutive form of Dietrich or Matthias.

17. Draven

This designer boys’ name is of American origin. Draven is the combination of D’ with Raven, and it means “of the Raven.”

18. Dyson

Dyson is a famous brand of vacuum cleaners. The male name of English origin means “son of Denise.”

19. Elmer

Elmer is a male name meaning “noble and famous.” This brand-inspired name is of English origin.

20. Fendi

Fendi of Italian origin is a masculine name inspired by a popular designer brand. The name meaning “to split” is derived from Fender, a verb used as an occupational surname for a woodsman.

21. Ford

The last name of Henry Ford, the famous automobile maker, is an elegant first name for boys. The English origin name means “river crossing.”

22. Gibson

Gibson, meaning “son of Gilbert,” is an English origin name for boys. The popular guitar manufacturer inspires the name.

23. Heinz

Heinz is the diminutive form of Heinrich. This popular food brand name is of German origin and means “ruler of the home.”

24. Hermes

This Greek origin biblical name means “interpreter.” Hermes a famous fashion brand.

25. Hertz

Hertz is a boy’s name inspired by an automotive group. The name of German origin means “bold or brave.”

26. Hugo

The name inspired by popular perfume brand Hugo Boss means “bright in mind and spirit” and is of German origin.

27. Izod

This French origin name means “hardy or strong.” Izod is the name of a famous sportswear clothing chain.

28. Levi

The name Levi needs no introduction. The name inspired by a world-famous clothing brand is a Hebrew origin boys’ name meaning “attached or joined.”

29. Lexus

This masculine name of Greek origin means “defender of men.” Lexus is the name of the popular car model created by Toyota.

30. Lionel

Every boy will love this name inspired by a popular train toys brand. Lionel, from Latin and French origin, means “lion.”

31. Louis

Louis is a male name inspired by a famous luxury brand. The name, meaning “renowned warrior,” is of French origin.

32. Marc

Marc, made famous by designer Marc Jacobs, is a French-origin masculine name meaning “warlike.”

33. Michael

Michael is a Biblical male name of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God.” Designer Michael Kors inspire the name.

34. Orville

Orville is a male name of English origin. The name, meaning “Golden town,” is inspired by famous popcorn brands and Orville Wright, the airplane pioneer.

35. Ralph

This name of English origin is the first name of famous designer Ralph Lauren. The masculine name means “wolf counsel.”

36. Remington

Remington is an English origin male name meaning “the ridge town.” The name is inspired by a famous American brand of personal care products.

37. Ruger

The brand name of an American firearm company, Ruger, is derived from “Hrodgari.” The name meaning “renowned spear” is of English origin.

38. Tiguan

Tiguan is a German origin name inspired by a vehicle model of Volkswagen. The name is a portmanteau of two German origin words-“tiger” and “Leguan”(iguana)

39. Winston

Winston is a boy’s name inspired by famous designer Harry Winston. This English-origin masculine name means “from Wilna’s town.”

40. Wrigley

Wrigley is a habitational name of English origin. The masculine name inspired by the food brand means “clearing by the river bend.”


Adorable Brand Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Your beautiful princess deserves an equally beautiful name. Here are some lovely brand names for girls with meanings for you to choose a stylish name for your princess.

1. Alexa

Alexa is an elegant American-origin feminine name. The name meaning “defender of the people” is the brand name of the virtual assistant of Amazon.

2. Audeia

Audeia is an American origin name for girls meaning “listen to God.” An Italian audio company inspires the name.

3. Avon

This unique feminine name meaning “river,” is of Welsh origin. A famous cosmetic brand inspires the name.

4. Barbie

Barbie is an appropriate brand-inspired name for a beautiful girl. The name of American origin, meaning “stranger,” is the brand name for Mattel’s famous fashion doll.

5. Bebe

Bebe, of French origin, is one of the chic brand-inspired female names. The name meaning “baby” is the brand name for a female clothing store chain.

6. Betsey

The name inspired by famous designer Betsy Johnson is an American origin name meaning “consecrated to God.”

7. Calida

Calida is a unique female name inspired by a fashion brand. The name meaning “warm” is of Spanish origin.

8. Callia

This brand-inspired name is derived from the Greek origin name Callista. The name, meaning “beautiful,” is perfect for a lovely girl.

9. Candie

Candie is a female name inspired by a famous shoe brand. The name is of American origin and means “sweet or bright.”

10. Catalin

This brand-inspired feminine name is of Spanish origin. Catalin, meaning “pure,” is a variation of Catherine.

11. Chabela

Chabela is a beautiful female name of Spanish origin. This designer name means “God is my Oath,” which is a variation of Elizabeth.

12. Chanel

The name made popular by famous designer Gabrielle Coco Chanel is perfect for any girl. The French origin name means “canal.”

13. Chantal

This exotic-sounding female name is of French origin means “song.” Historically a habitational name, Chantal became famous as a given name due to Saint Jeanne-Francoise de Chantal.

14. Chantelle

A French brand inspires this French origin name. Chantelle is a beautiful name meaning “singer.”

15. Chiquita

This Spanish origin name, meaning “little girl,” is used as a term for endearment. A famous produce distribution company inspires the name.

16. Claire

Claire, inspired by the iconic women’s clothing brand, is an elegant, feminine name. The name means “illustrious or enlightened” and is of French origin.

17. Coco

Coco, meaning “chocolate beans,” is an American origin name inspired by famous fashion designer Coco Chanel.

18. Cornelia

This brand-inspired name is the female version of the Latin name “Cornelius,” meaning “horn.”

19. Dawn

Dawn, meaning “sunrise,” is an English-origin brand-inspired girl’s name.

20. Dior

Dior is an unusual female name inspired by the famous fashion designer Christian Dior. The French origin name means “present.”

21. Donatella

This elegant female name of Italian origin means “beautiful gift.” Famous fashion designer Donatella Versace inspires the name.

22. Estee

This French-origin female name is inspired by Estee Lauder, a renowned cosmetic brand that means “star.”

23. Godiva

Godiva is a chocolate brand-inspired female name. The name means “God’s gift” and is of English origin.

24. Hanae

This Japanese-origin feminine name means “blossom.” The name is inspired by the famous Japanese fashion designer Hanae Mori.

25. Harley

This stylish female name inspired by the Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand is of English origin and means “from the hares’’ or “wood.”

26. Hennessy

Hennessy is an Irish-origin female name meaning “energy or strength. A high-end cognac brand inspires the name.

27. Herrera

Herrera was originally a Spanish surname now used as a given name. This female name is inspired by Carolina Herrera, a famous fashion designer, and means “ironworker.”

28. Kia

A car brand inspires this Scandinavian-Swedish-origin female name. Kia meaning “Christ-bearer,” is the diminutive version of Kristina.

29. Kimber

Kimber, inspired by an American gun brand, is an American female name. The name meaning “royal forest” is the diminutive form of Kimberly.

30. Mikia

This American-origin girl’s name is user-created. Mikia meaning “wise raccoon,” is the name of a jewelry brand launched by Aki Mitsubayashi.

31. Oakley

Oakley is a brand name for females inspired by a sports apparel and accessory company. The English origin name means “from the Oaktree field.”

32. Pia

Pia, meaning “pious,” is a diminutive form of Piaget. Piaget, a Latin origin name, is the name of an exclusive diamond watches brand.

33. Porsche

This German-origin female name meaning “offering,” is inspired by the famous car manufacturer of the same name.

34. Seiko

Seiko is a Japanese-origin female name meaning “Accomplish or truth. The popular watch brand inspires the name.

35. Sephora

This female name meaning “bird,” inspired by the famous cosmetic retail store chain, is of Hebrew origin.

36. Siri

Siri is the diminutive form of Sigrid, a Swahili origin name meaning “mystery” The name also means “beautiful woman who leads to victory” in the Scandinavian language. The name is inspired by Apple’s automated virtual assistant “Siri.”

37. Tiffany

Tiffany is a beautiful girl’s name inspired by an expensive gifts brand known for its little blue boxes. The name meaning “revelation of God” is of Greek origin.

38. Vera

This unique name inspired by famous designer Vera Wang means “faith” and is of Russian origin.

39. Vionnet

Vionnet is an exotic French origin name for girls inspired by Madeleine Vionnet, the fashion designer.

40. Zara

Zara, meaning “blooming flower,” is a beautiful female name of Hebrew and Arabic origins. A famous Spanish fast-fashion brand inspires the name

You can now flaunt your high-end taste by naming your baby boy or baby girl with a brand-inspired name. Any of these unique monikers will be perfect to name your baby with a meaningful and stylish name.

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