80 Popular Chinese Boy Names With Meanings

80 Popular Chinese Boy Names & Their Meanings

The best Chinese names for boys follow the three-character rule. The first character is the family name, and the remaining two are reserved for the given name. Mainland China sometimes sees parents give their kids names with one character. Chinese names cannot be fully translatable, so if you’re looking for Chinese American boy names, the literal translation will have a bit of variation.

When you pick out a name for your boy, you could consider the different blends of two names and include them as one. Chinese names are an honour to their family, and generally, they like to include the family name within the same one.

Unique Chinese Baby Boy Names

Chinese parents generally consult an astrologer to suggest a good traditional Chinese name for their babies. They use charts to determine which of the elements (water, wood, fire, gold and earth) can be associated with the baby’s time of birth. The astrologer combines elements and syncs them with the family name.

However, if you’re looking to name your child on your own, like from the bucket of unique Chinese boy names, we’ve got some great options. Check out this list and choose from it to name your bundle of joy. You could even consult an astrologer and get to know whether the name suits your family before you go ahead and name your little boy.

Name Meaning


Aang is a modern Chinese male name meaning ‘peaceful soaring’. It was made hit by a television series – Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Ai Ai is a name of Chinese origin and it means ‘affection’ or ‘love’.
Àilún It is a Chinese transliteration of an English name Allen or Alan. It means ‘handsome’.
An Na An Na is a name which means ‘quiet and graceful’.
Baihu Baihu in Chinese mythology means ‘white tiger.’
Bao Bao is a common Chinese name and it means ‘treasure’.
Bowen A modern name, Bowen means ‘rich’ and ‘literate’.
Li Jie Li Jie is a popular boy’s name in China and it means ‘reason’ or ‘beautiful’.
Wang Lei Wang Lei means ‘Monarch’ or ‘King’.
Zhang Wei Zhang is a popular Chinese name and it means ‘archer’ or ‘extend’.
Barde Barde in Chinese means ‘someone who sings ballads’.
Caishen Caishen refers to ‘the god of wealth’ in Chinese folk religion and Taoism.
Chang Another popular name in China, Chang means ‘an unhindered spirit’.
Chao Chao means ‘someone who surpasses and forms his own journey’.
Chaoxiang Chaoxiang means ‘expecting fortune.’
Chen A common Chinese name, Chen means ‘someone with a great personality’.
Cheung Cheung is a name that means ‘fortunate man’.
Chun A name that pays tribute to the season of blossoms.
Da Da in Chinese means ‘intelligence’, ‘attainment’, or ‘great.’
Daoming Daoming is a poetic name meaning ‘shining path.’
Delun This is a Chinese name that means ‘someone who lays down the law and gives justice’.
Dingbang A name for a patriot, Dingbang means ‘a person who is willing to protect his proud nation’.
Dishi A cute name for a kid, Dishi means ‘someone with a high virtue’.
Fabin Pronounced as fa-BEAN, the name means ‘dispatch the cultivated one.’
Fai This is a Chinese name that means ‘beginning’.
Feng A Chinese word for someone who is like a phoenix. This name also means ‘maple’.
Feiyu Feiyu is a popular name among celebrities. It means ‘flu across the universe.’
Genghis Popular name meaning ‘righteous.’
Guang Guang means light and is a name given to someone who guides and shows the path forward.
Haitao Perfect for water babies, Haitao means ‘powerful ocean wave.’
Hao A Chinese name that means ‘perfect’ or ‘good’.
Han Majorly a surname in mainland China, this unisex name means ‘cold.’
Hua A popular Chinese name that means ‘prosperous’.
Hui This is a name given to someone who is quick, smart and clever.
Jia Jia in Chinese means ‘great’ or ‘build.’
Jiang In Chinese, Jiang means ‘a flowing river at constant speed’. It is a name given to someone who is determined and focused.
Jiao-long Dragons are an important part of Chinese culture and Jiao-long represents someone with dragon-like qualities.
Jin This is an exotic but common name given to Chinese boys. Jin means ‘gold’ or ‘someone who is wealthy’.
Lim Lim is a Chinese name for boys that means ‘an evergreen forest’.
Kang A traditional name meaning ‘peaceful’ and ‘healthy.’
Manchu Manchu is a popular and exotic name for Chinese boys that means ‘purity’.
Mencius Mencius is a name for Chinese boy which means the ‘eldest son’ or ‘power’.
Min A common and cute unisex name, Min means ‘clever.’
Ming A common and popular name for Chinese boys, Ming means ‘shining’ or ‘bright’. It is generally given as a surname.
Minghao Minghao in Chinese means ‘grand’ and ‘bright.’
Park Park, in the Chinese language, refers to ‘the cypress tree.’
Ping If your boy exhibits calm qualities, then this is a good name to give to him as it means ‘someone with a level mind’ or ‘peaceful’.
Puyi Pronounced as POO-EE, this unique name means ‘great gift.’
Qiang A name given to someone who possesses immense strength. It’s a popular name for Chinese boys.
Qing yuan This is a popular name in China for boys and it means ‘deep water’ or ‘a clear spring’.
Qiu The name is popular as it means ‘autumn’, which is an important time in the Chinese calendar.
Qui Pronounced as chee-OH, Qui means ‘autumn.’
Ran Pronounced as RAHN, Ran is a cute name meaning ‘tortoise’, an animal known for its slow speed.
Rong Rong is a unisex name and it means ‘someone who brings prosperity and honor to his family’.
Ru Another popular name, Ru means ‘someone who is like a scholar’.
Shan This is a nice name to give your boy as it means ‘an old and wise man’.
Shanyuan Shanyuan in Chinese means ‘mountain source.’
Shen Shen is a mystical name meaning ‘spirit.’
Shing A proud name you can give your boy, Shing means ‘to be victorious’ or ‘to achieve victory’.
Shui This name means ‘someone who is like water’.
Shuo Shuo is another popular Chinese name and it means ‘a unique and great achievement that brings wealth’.
Tai Tai is an eccentric unisex name which means ‘great extreme.’
Taio Taio is a great name for a Chinese boy and it means ‘a distinguished or a great person who will achieve a lot’.
Tian Pronounced as tee-AN, Tian is a traditional Chinese name meaning ‘heaven.’
Tu This is a name that is given to someone who exhibits qualities of intelligence and learns anything fast.
Peng Peng is a name given to someone who is a grandson of the Great emperor Zhuan Xu.
Hong Hong is a common Chinese name that means ‘large and someone with a big heart’.
Caihong A really cute name you can give your baby boy is Caihong. It means ‘someone who is colourful like the rainbow’.
Lan Another pretty and stylish name for Chinese boys is Lan. It means ‘orchid’, which is an important flower in the Chinese culture.
Ling Ling is a common Chinese name and it means ‘the unbreakable spirit’.
Mei-hui A popular name that is given to Chinese kids all across the world, Mei-hui means ‘someone who is wise and beautiful in nature’.
Shufen Shufen is a cute name you can give your baby boy. It means ‘someone with a good fragrance and who is well-liked’.
Shu-hui This is another nice name you can give your baby boy. Shu-hui is someone who has great intelligence and spreads happiness with his knowledge.
Weidong Pronounced as way-DONG, Weidong is an old-fashioned name which means ‘Guard Dong.’


A classic Chinese name with an intriguing history and diverse meanings like ‘dawn’, ‘small’, and ‘elf.’
Yan Yan is an ancient name in Mandarin, meaning ‘cliff’ and ‘rock.’
Yao Yao is an ancient name made cool, which means ‘handsome’.
Zedong Pronounced as zeh-dong, this old-fashioned name means ‘brilliance of the east.’
Zhen Zhen is a common Chinese name that can have several meanings. Some of them include ‘real’, ‘virtuous’ or ‘precious’.
Chia-Hao Chia-Hao is another nice name for your Chinese boy and it means ‘someone who has a great objective in their lives’.
Haoran A cool sounding Chinese name for boy, Haoran means ‘a person who is grand in manner and has a great goal’.
Liang Liang is another popular Chinese name for boys and it means ‘someone who is brilliant and bright in nature’.

Chinese names are unique and represent the great culture of the country. If you’re looking for Chinese boy names with characters, you should consider naming your little one from this list. These cute names have been around for years and are still in trend, and they are a great nod to the history and legacy of the great Chinese nation.

You could combine names together too, and create your own unique blend of Chinese names. It is a great way to bring families together and make your boy proud of his name and legacy. There are plenty of options available for Chinese boys, and you can take your pick from this unique list. Most of these names are also unisex, which means you could even consider them for your daughter as well.

Ensure you understand the meaning of these powerful names when you go ahead and name your children. They’ll be grateful to be part of the heritage of China and will be eternally thankful to have a unique and special name they can proudly show off at school and in life!

Infographic: Popular Chinese Boy Names with Meanings

Popular Chinese Boys Names - Infographic

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