Top 500+ Baby Girl Names That Start With R

500+ Girl Names That Start With R

Naming your baby is (sometimes) a stressful process for you to want to give your little one a perfect name. If you find yourself in the same position, these girl names that start with R are worth your research. Pay attention! 

If you’ve recently welcomed a little girl into your life, you must be proud parents. And your little one is lucky to have you as parents too, trust us! Have you thought of a name for her? If not, then there’s no rush, you must take your time to find that perfect name for your little one, which she will love on growing up. If you’re looking for some suggestions, we have some good ones for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a baby girl name that starts with ‘R’, then keep scrolling because we have a comprehensive list of names starting with the letter R. We’re sure you will find the perfect name for your bundle of joy!

Popular R Names for Girls

You have come to the right place if you are looking for popular American girl names with R, which are very much in trend now. These baby girl names with R are popular and unique in their own ways and have incredible meanings.

Rachael Renjini
Radhika Rennie
Radhiya Renny
Radhya Renowe
Rae Renuka
Raea Requiem
RaeAnna Resa
Raelie Reve
Raelin Reveka
Raelle Revekka
Raelyn Revel
Raelyne Reverie
Raelynn Rexelle
Rae-lynn Rey
Raen Reyanne
Rafa Reynolds
Rain Rhaine
Rainie Rhea
Rainn Rheanna
Rajamani Rheanne
Rajani Rheba
Rajashree Rhema
Rajeshwari Rhemi
Rajika Rhian
Rajnandini Rhiane
Rameesah Rhianna
Ramella Rhianne
Ramelle Rhiannon
Ramey Rhienne
Ramia Rhonda
Ramiele Richelle
Ramya Riddhi
Ran Riddhima
Ranjini Rihanna
Ranjita Risa
Ranju Robertia
Raphaela Robinetta
Raphaella Robinette
Raphaëlle Roderica
Rapunzel Roesia
Raquel Rohais
Raquelle Rohini
Rasa Romita
Rasha Romsha
Rashauna Roohi
Rashika Rosalee
Rasika Rosalia
Rasita Rosalie
Rathi Rosalina
Rati Rosalind
Ratima Rosalinda
Ratnakara Rosaline
Ratnima Rosalyn
Rava Rosamonde
Red Rosamund
Reema Rosana
Reena Rosanna
Reese Rosanne
Rejoice Rosario
Rejoyce Rosemonde
Reka Rosemunda
Rena Roshni
Rene Rowan
Renelle Rowena
Renesemee Ruhi
Renesme Rukmani
Renesmee Rumina
Reness Ryann
Reni Ryleigh
Renita Rylie

Unique Girl Names That Begin With R

If you want something precious and rare for your precious little girl, then you must look at these unique girl names that begin with R. We hope you find a pearl in here.

Rachida Rong
Raganhildis Ronja
Rhodopis Roswitha

Pretty and Beautiful Girl Names That Start With R

Beautiful girl names that start with R are endless. Here are some of the top choices we have:

Raabia Raima
Raag Raina
Raahi Rainah
Raameen Rainbow
Raamiah Rainey
Rabbiya Raini
Rabea Rainna
Rabeeha Rainy
Rabhya Raisa
Rabia Raissa
Rabiah Rakshitha
Rachelle Rashel
Rachelyn Rashelle
Radha Rashida
Radhani Raylee
Rafika Rayleigh
Raga Raylene
Ragini Rayliegh
Ragni Raylin
Rahilya Rayna
Rahima Rhapsody
Rahimat Rheana
Rahma Rhythm
Rai Roselyn
Raia Rubi

Common R Girl Names

If you want something blend-in or something very subtle, then these common R girl names will interest you. Many of these names have been the best choices of the decade.

Raadhika Regina
Raashi Rekha
Rachel Resha
Rachele Reshma
Rachna Ressie
Rakhi Reta
Ramona Retha
Rani Retta
Rasheeda Reva
Rashi Revathi
Rashmi Rita
Ratna Rithika
Reagan Riyaa
Reagen Roberta
Reaghan Robin
Reanan Robina
Reanna Rose
Reanne Rosemary
Reatha Rosemond
Rebbeca Rosie
Rebeca Ruby
Rebecca Ruchelle
Rebecka Ruchika
Rebeka Rukmini
Reeta Rylee

Cool Girl Names Beginning With R

Leave behind the Elizabeth generation and give your girl a rocking name that will make her look cool and build cool. From Roux to Remi, these cool girl names beginning with R certainly need appreciation.

Raven Riahn
Ravinia Reem
Ricci Rambha
Raddix Reign
Rhayne Romila
Roux Romilda
Rio Romilde
Renee Romina
Ravenna Romy
Ravyn Raksha
Raviva Rebel
Reza Reece
Ricarda Reegan
Riccarda Ricole
Rayven Reed
Razaan Raleigh
Razia Rickie
Razilee Ripley
Richie Risha
Riana Remy
Riann Riva
Rianna Rhylee
Rianne Ramsey
Riannon Ramsi
Rian Roxanne

Cute Girl Names Starting With R

It’s hard to resist things that are cute and names that are cute. That is why we bring you well-loved cute girl names starting with R.

Rabbit Ridley
Rach Rifka
Riya Rosabel
Reba Rosabella
Riah Rosalba
Radiah Rhyme
Rifkah Rama
Rosetta Rina
Racy Reeva
Rachyl Reeve
Rhiya Rikki
Ría Rielyn
Rielle Riese
Riga Rikke
Riho Riesa
Riia Rory
Riina Rikka
Rika Rifke
Raine Roniya
Riece Rosa
Riki Remedy
Rosa Raee
Ridgeley Remember
Rieko Rozalia
Rie Ruth

Hebrew and Biblical R Names for Girls

Hebrew and biblical R names for girls are highly opted by parents of faith. Even if you don’t practice faith or follow traditional things, these names are still very good to try. These female names that start with R are meaningful, divine, and, most of all, very different.  

Rhachel Rahab
Rhouth Rebekah
Rut Rhoda
Rivqah Rahel
Raziela Rotem

More Girl Names That Begin With R

If you are still stuck with a decision, these more girl names that begin with R can help you. Fingers crossed!

Raakel Redell
Raakin Regan
Rabanne Regene
Rabitah Reggie
Rachaela Reghan
Rachana Regine
Rache Reginy
Racquel Regitze
Rada Rehema
Radella Rei
Radeyah Reia
Radinka Reid
Radka Reidun
Radlee Reigh
Radmila Reighlynn
Radnya Reihan
Radomira Reiley
Raeann Reilly
Raeanne Réiltín
Raechel Reilynn
Raechelle Reina
Raegan Reine
Raeghan Reinette
Raeleah Reisa
Raena Rella
Raevynn Rema
Raewyn Remedios
Rafaela Remenyi
Raffaela Remi
Raffia Remilia
Rafina Reminisce
Rafisa Remyah
Rafsha Renad
Ragna Renae
Ragnhild Renata
Ragnilde Renate
Rahele Renatta
Rahil Renea
Rahila Renmani
Rahne Renna
Raivyn Revital
Raizel Reyhan
Rakeidra Reyna
Rakel Reynae
Ralana Reynalda
Raluca Rhaenyra
Ramla Rhealyn
Ramonita Rheta
Randee Rhetta
Randi Rheyna
Randy Rhianydd
Ranee Rhilynn
Rania Rhine
Ranit Rhodos
Ranita Rhona
Rannveig Rhondalynn
Ranveig Rhoswen
Raunak Rhosyn
Raveena Rhudi
Ray Rhyan
Raya Rhylan
Rayah Rhylen
Rayanna Rhyslinn
Rayannah Riegan
Rayanne Rigmor
Raychel Rilla
Rayelle Rille
Rayen Rima
Raygan Rinda
Rayla Rinzen
Rayme Rive
Rayne Rivka
Raynel Rolanda
Raynne Roldana
Rayo Romana
Rayquel Rozamond
Rayssa Rugma

These are some of the most trending and unique names for baby girls. We hope you will give serious thought to these names. Note down the ones you like and discuss them with your partner while selecting a name for your beautiful daughter!

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