60 Saint Names for Boys & Their Meanings

Names have special meanings and saint titles signify a way of life. When your child is baptized after birth at the Church, they are given a saint name that stays with them for life. Not only are these beautiful but with ties to the Bible, their roots go deep. If you are looking for a list of boy saint names, you have come to the right place.

Catholic Boy Names

From Irish Saint names boy ideas to German, French, and names of Scottish origins, we present to you a list of popular saint names for your beloved baby boy. Here is a list below.

Name Meaning
Aaron According to the Hebrew definition, Aaron means ‘Lofty’ or ‘Exalted’. It was also the name of Israelite’s first high priest.
Abban Abban is a name borne by father figures. It means ‘Head of household’ and the bishop of Metz also had this name.
Absolan Absolan means ‘The Father of Peace’. The name became popular during the 12th century and is now used for naming many baby boys.
Achilles Achilles was a Greek Hero who became famous during the Trojan War by playing a pivotal role. The meaning of the name is ‘Pain of the people.’
Baldwin Baldwin is a name of English origin and means ‘bold friend’. It can be used as both a surname and a first name.
Bardo Bardo is a unique name with German, Aboriginal, and Tibetan origins. It means ‘water’ and is a creative name used for baby boys.
Bernard Bernard is a German baby boy name that is also catholic. It means ‘From an old German compound; or brave as a bear’. St. Bernard is noted for this name.
Gelasius Gelasius is a Greek baby name that stands for ‘laughter’. Children with optimism and a positive outlook for life are given this name.
Gilbert Gilbert literally translates to ‘bright pledge’. It was introduced by the Normans during the middle ages and was also used by a 12th-century British saint who later became the founder of a religious order known as the Gilbertines.
Habert Habert is a very old family name that is given to children these days. It means ‘someone who attracts success and money’ and children with this name tend to have the desire to inspire, be strong-willed and lead others.
Happy Happy means ‘Joyful’ and is a name of American origin. It is a unisex name and parents like using this name as it exudes positive vibes on the way their children are perceived.
Macarius Macarius is a name that stands for ‘Supremely blessed’ It is a Latinized version of the Greek name Makarios.
Macson Macson is a name of English origin and it translates to ‘My king is coming out’. It is growing in popularity amongst parents these days.
Octavius Octavius means ‘Born eighth’ and the name was traditionally given to the eighth member of large families.
Odilo Odilo translates to ‘one who is fortunate or victorious in battle’. It is of Old German origin.
Paris Paris is a unisex name used by many celebrities. It was the name of Helen of Troy’s lover and its mythological meaning is ‘wallet’.
Philo Philo is the name of the 1st-century Hellenistic Jewish philosopher and the meaning of it is ‘lover’, ‘friend’. It is of Greek origin and many baby boys popularly get this name.
Valerian Valerian is a herb known for its natural sleep-inducing properties. The meaning of Valerian is ‘Strength, health’ and it is of Latin origin.
Vincent Vincent comes from the Latin word ‘Vincentius’ which means conquering. It is a Biblical name and also means ‘to win’.
Xavier Xavier is a name of Spanish, Arabic, and Basque origin. It means ‘bright, splendid’ and its other meaning is ‘new house’. Its one of the top 100 boys’ names being popularly used since 2001 and references St. Xavier who was the co-founder of the Jesuits.

Other Popular Baby Boy Saint Names with their Meanings

Catholic names for boys have special meanings and our list above gave you the top ones. If you are still looking for more, we’ve done the legwork for you by making a bigger list below. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Name Meaning
Abraham Abraham means ‘Father of many’ and was the name of the biblical patriarch according to Genesis 17:5.
Aloysius Aloysius is a French baby name that means ‘famous warrior.’ It is commonly used by British Roman Catholics and also references the Italian Saint Aloysius of Gonzaga.
Bartholomew Bartholomew is an English/Jewish name and it means ‘Son of Talmai’. It is of Canaan origin and its Hebrew meaning is ‘Son of Furrow’, making it a very rare and unique name.
Benedict Benedict means ‘blessed’ and became popular because of the 6th-century Italian saint Benedict of Nursia.
Caesar Caesar means ‘Thick head of hair’ and was borne as a title of Roman Emperors.
Charles Charles is a royal name and means ‘Freeman’ according to its French origin. It was used by the ten kings of France in the past.
Conan Conan means ‘Little Wolf’ and became a popular name as a result of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel series Sherlock Holmes
Constantine Constantine means ‘Steadfast; faithful’. It was borne by the first Roman Emperor Constantine the Great who was known to adopt Christianity.
Damarius The meaning of Damarius is ‘gentle; calf’ and it is a Biblical name. It is growing in popularity these days since it’s a unique name.
Daniel Daniel translates to ‘God is my Judge’ and has its origins in Hebrew. It can be used as both a surname and first name for naming baby boys.
David David stands for ‘beloved’ or ‘uncle.’ David was also one of the greatest kings of Israel during the 10th century BC and many stories of him are found in the Old Testament.
Earl The meaning of Earl is ‘warrior’ or ‘nobleman’ and its use goes back to as early as the 12th-century. It is of English origin and its other meaning is ‘pledge’.
Edwin Edwin means ‘rich friend’ and comes from England. It was also the name of a famous saint and many parents prefer giving this name to their kids.
Falco Falco is an Italian and Catalan name. It is an occupational name for someone who resembles a hawk and it means ‘falcon’.
Floyd Floyd is a name of Welsch origin and it means ‘grey-haired’.
Francis Francis is an ethnic name traditionally and its meaning is ‘Frank’. Its Biblical meaning is ‘God is my Judge’ and rose to popularity during the Middle Ages.
Garret Garret means ‘One who is powerful with the Spear’ and is an Anglo-Saxon masculine name. The other meaning for Garret is ‘a room at the top of a house just below the roof.
George The meaning of George is ‘Tiller of the soil’ or ‘farmer.’ St. George who was the patron saint o England once bore this name.
Harold The meaning of Harold is ‘army leader’ and it is derived from the Old English word Hereweald.
Henry The biblical meaning of Henry is ‘Home ruler’ and its origins trace back to its uses in England, France, and Ireland. It became popular during the Middle Ages and it was once borne by the eight kings.
Hero Hero literally means ‘hero’ and is a unisex name. Many parents prefer naming their baby boy with this since it is popular and unique.
Ian The meaning of Ian is ‘Gift from God’ and it is a Scottish baby name.
Immanuel Immanuel is a name that means ‘God is with us’ and has been in use since the 16th century. It appears in the Book of Isaiah.
Irvin Irvin means ‘handsome; fair-faced’ and can be used as both a surname and first name for naming baby boys. It is one of the top patron saint names for boys.
James James became a popular name during the 17th-century when King James VI inherited the English throne and became the first ruler of all Britain. The meaning of James is ‘supplanter’ or ‘ one who follows’ and it is of Hebrew origin.
Jason Jason is a masculine name of Greek origin and its meaning is ‘healer’.
Karl Karl (also Carl) means ‘freeman’ or ‘manly’. It also refers to a peasant and is derived from the Germanic word Karl.
Kaspar Kaspar was a popular name given to one of the three Magi according to an old tradition in Europe. Its meaning is ‘treasure-bearer’.
Lacy Lacy was introduced to England during the Norman Conquest.
Lambert Lambert means ‘land-famous’ and is of English, French, Dutch, and German origin. It was first introduced to England by the Normans of France.
Lancelot Lancelot is a name that means ‘Servant’. Lancelot was also a notable knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.
Mace Mace is a name of English origin and it means ‘Heavy Club’.
Mark Mark is a common masculine name and is of Latin origin. It means ‘to be of Mars’, ‘warlike’ or ‘warrior’.
Napoleon Napoleon is an Italian baby name and was once borne by the famous Napoleon Bonaparte.
Nathan Nathan was the name of the Son of David and means ‘He gave’ in Hebrew.
Oliver In English, the name Oliver means ‘The Olive Tree’. According to its Biblical traces, the Olive Tree was known for being a symbol of beauty, fruitfulness, and dignity.
Theodore Theodore means ‘God-given’ and comes from Greek. It was used by over twenty saints in the Bible and was very popular amongst early Christians.
Timothy Timothy means ‘Honouring God’ and was popular because of Saint Timothy who accompanied Paul on his missionary adventures in the New Testament.
Urban Urban is a name of Latin origin and it means ‘a person who is of the city’.
Zachary Zachary is an English masculine name that appears many times in the Bible. On a Biblical level, it means ‘a person who inspires or guides’.

Whether you want your baby to follow in the footsteps of a famous saint or simply inspire them, having a Catholic name can be a wonderful asset in life. It enriches lives and garners respect too. And not to mention, some of these names sound downright cool and modern.

Happy baby naming for your boy!

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