Top 500 Boy Names That Start With N

500 Boy Names That Start With N

The male names that start with N are trending and are back with a bang. A name that starts from ‘N’ is as old as the name of Noah, who probably was blessed and started the trend. But naming a baby boy or girl is a time-taking and meaningful experience no matter where in the world you are. Expectant mothers would love that they name the boy with a name that has an inspirational meaning, rhymes with and suits the surname.

Many gender-neutral names are present across cultures and many cultures have adapted names to suit their own. If you are looking to name your baby boy then here is our list of globally popular N letter names for boy babies.

N Letter Names For Baby Boy

American boy names like Nash, Nate, Nico are hugely popular for baby boys. After all, your baby’s name is meant to last a lifetime and needs to meet a few criteria too. It should be a unique name that can easily be shortened or used as the middle name if that is the norm in your culture. What makes the name is the inspirational meaning held safe and continuing to inspire your little one for a lifetime. Hawaiian names to like Nohea, Nainoa, Noelani are trending.

Na Nature Nicomachus
Naaman Naufal Nidhulan
Naataanii Naum Nieander
Nabeel Naunihal Niel
Nabhith Naushad Nien
Nabhoj Nausham Nig
Nabil Nava Nigel
Nabith Navao Nighat
Nabli Navaro Night
Nabor Navarone Nihaal
Nachketa Navarro Nihal
Nachmanke Naveed Nihar
Nacho Naveen Niilo
Nachum Navigator Nijiro
Nacio Navin Nikan
Nadab Navish Nikash
Nadav Naviyd Nike
Nadeen Navneet  Niket
Nader Navraj Nikhil
Nadev Navy Nikhilesh
Nadim Nawaf Nikita
Nadir Nawang Nikki
Nae Nawaz Nikkie
Naeem Nawl Nikko
Nael Nawyan Niklas
Naeto Nayab Niklaus
Naftali Nayan Niko
Nagaraj Nayar Nikola
Nagdhar Nayden Nikolaos
Nagel Nayel Nikolas
Nagito Nayif Nikos
Nahele Nayland Nikunj
Nahir Naylor Nilay
Nahma Naz Nile
Naho Nazaire Niles
Nahom Nazal Nilo
Nahuel Nazam Nimai
Nahum Nazar Nimal
Nahush Nazareth Nimbus
Nahzir Nazeeh Nimisham
Nail Nazih Nimit
Nailah Nazir Nimkeek
Naim Nazm Nimr
Naimish Nazmi Nimrod
Nain Ndamukong Ninad
Nainoa Ndre Ninian
Nair Ndreu Nino
Nairit Neah Niodemus
Nairn Neal Nioka
Nairo Neander Nipun
Nairobi Nebo Niraj
Naison Nectario Niramitra
Naite Nectarios Niran
Naitik Ned Niranjan
Naivon Neddie Nirav
Najee Nedeem Nirek
Naji Needham Nirel
Najib Neeko Nirvaan
Nakai Neel Nirvan
Nakeesh Neeladri Nirvin
Nakia Neelesh Nishad
Nakido Neelmadhav Nishan
Nakoa Neer Nishanth
Nakoma Neerad Nisi
Nakotah Neeraf Nisith
Naksh Neeraj Nitai
Nakshatar Neerav Nites
Nakshatr Neev Nitesh
Nakul Nef Nithik
Nalan Nefen Nitin
Nalani Neftali Niv
Naldo Negan Nivaan
Nalin Negasi Nivan
Nalinaksh Nehal Niven
Nalle Nehan Nixon
Nalong Nehemiah Nizal
Nalren Nehemias Nizam
Nalu Nehru Nkanyezi
Namaka Neiko Nkutu
Naman Neil Nnamdi
Nambur Neirin Nnmadi
Namdev Neithan Noa
Nami Nek Noah
Namid Neko Noak
Namir Nekoda Noam
Namish Nelek Nobel
Namit Nelius Noble
Namor Nellis Nobuteru
Nanda Nelly Nobuya
Nandan Nelo Noctis
Nandin Nels Noe
Nando Nelson Noé
Nandor Nemanja Noel
Nansen Nemesio Nogah
Nantan Nemi Nohea
Nante Nemo Noi
Naoise Nen Nokhez
Naom Neo Nolan
Naoman Neolani Nole
Naor Neon Nolen
Naos Neptune Noma
Naoshi Nerang Nomar
Naoto Nereus Nondas
Naphtali Nerhim Nooa
Naphthali Nero Noon
Napier Neron Noor
Napoleon Nery Noori
Napua Nesbitt Nor
Naqi Nesim Noran
Naquan Nesip Norayr
Narain Nessim Norberto
Narak Nestor Norbu
Narasimha Nestore Nori
Narayan Neuman Noriaki
Narayana Neuveville Noriel
Narciso Nevaan Norihisa
Narcissus Nevada Norio
Nardo Nevan Noritaka
Nardu Neville Norm
Nareem Nevin Norman
Nareg Newbold Norris
Narek Newel North
Naren Newell Northcliff
Narendra Newland Northorp
Naresh Newlyn Norton
Narfi Newman Norville
Narpinder Newt Norward
Narrah Newton Norwell
Narrion Neyland Norwood
Narsi Neymar Nosh
Nartana Neythan Nosiah
Naruto Nezahuacoyoti Nosson
Narve Nezahualcoyotl Nottingham
Narvi Niall Nouh
Naseef Niam Nour
Naseem Niazi Nouriel
Naser Nibaal Nova
Nash Nic Novah
Nashua Nicabar Novak
Nasib Nicanor Nowra
Nasim Nicasio Nox
Nasir Nicco Nozomi
Nasmith Niccolò Nripa
Nassad Nicholai Nubaid
Nasser Nicholas Nufail
Nassir Nicholaus Nuh
Nat Nicholson Nuncio
Nataani Nick Nuno
Natal Nicklas Nunuk
Natale Nicklaus Nur
Natalie Nickolas Nurani
Natan Nickson Nurhan
Natanael Nicky Nuri
Natas Nico Nuril
Nate Nicodème Nurivan
Naten Nicodemo Nuwairan
Natesh Nicodemus Nuzayh
Nathan Nicol Ny
Nathanael Nicola Nye
Nathanial Nicolaas Nyek
Nathaniel Nicolae Nyjah
Nathen Nicolai Nykyr
Nathyn Nicolaj Nykyrian
Nation Nicolas Nylan
Natiq Nicolay Nyle
Natividad Nicollo  
Natsumi Nicolo  

In parting, we hope the list we have given above helps you zero in on a name full of meaning. Then tweak the spelling and find the appropriate nickname and middle name. Since this is your baby’s first gift from the parents, take your time and read up the meanings of the names. Happy name hunting!

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