134 Greek Names For Boys & Their Meanings

134 Greek Names For Boys & Their Meanings

Greece is home to one of the oldest, long-established cultures in the world, with history and tradition that speaks for itself. If you are looking for some old Greek boy names, then you are in the right place. The culture and tradition of a nation very much influence the naming practices followed by the people. Selecting a suitable name for a baby boy who is no less than a prince is a challenging job. We have listed below some of the most famous Greek mythology-inspired baby boy names in the world, along with their meaning. So, you can pick that best name which suits your little boy’s personality.

Cool and Modern Greek Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Embrace a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair with the curated selection of cool and modern Greek boy names. Each name carries a unique significance, blending the rich cultural heritage of Greece with a touch of contemporary allure. Discover names that resonate with strength, wisdom, and a timeless sense of style, perfect for welcoming your little one into the world.

1. Adonis

Adonis is also a unique name for a boy, and it means ‘lord’. He was a brave young shepherd who used to hunt in Greek mythology.

2. Adrastos

Adrastos was the king of Argos in the Greek legend and is a very trendy name for a boy. The name Adrastos means, “brave and not inclined to run away”.

3. Aeolus

Aeolus is a very nice Greek origin name for a boy. Aeolus was the God of the wind and the son of Helen and the nymph Orseïs, in Greek mythology.

4. Apollo

Apollo is a very popular name for a boy of Greek origin, and it means means “very handsome”. According to Greek mythology, Apollo, the son of Leto and Zeus, was the God of arts, music, knowledge, prophesy and enlightenment.

5. Ajax

Ajax is a perfect name if you are looking for a courageous and heroic name for a boy. Ajax was a Greek warrior, and he played an important role in Homer’s book Iliad.

6. Angelino

Angelino is a great name of Greek origin for boys which comes under ancient names list. The name Angelino means “messenger” or “messenger of God” and is a variant form of Angel.

7. Annas

It is an abbreviated form of Greek name Ananias. Annas means “compassion of God” and is a unique name for a boy who has been popular nowadays.

8. Argus

The name Argus means ‘shining’ and is derived from the Greek word Argos. He was the giant in Greek mythology

9. Aristaeus

Aristaeus is also a nice name for a boy which means “Excellence”. In Greek mythology, Aristaeus was the son of Apollo and Cyrene. He was the God of cattle and agriculture. 

10. Ariston

The name Ariston sounds strong, sophisticated and is a great name for a baby boy. This Greek origin name is derived from the Greek word “aristos”, which means the best.

11. Azarios

A unique name for boys which has been popular nowadays as this Greek name represents the character of a person. This name is the Greek form of Hebrew name Azariah, which means “God’s help”.

12. Brontes

Brontes was one of the three Cyclopes in Greek mythology. Brontes is a very unique name for a boy and in Greek, it means “thunderous”.

13. Castor

A perfect name for your baby if you are looking for modern names for your baby boy. Castor was the son of Zeus and twin brother to Pollux in Greek mythology.

14. Cepheus

The king of Aethiopia in Greek mythology was named Cepheus. It is believed that he was turned into a constellation in the sky after his death.

15. Cephalus

The name Cephalus is a very unique name for a boy which means head or leader. In Greek mythology, he was a loyal husband who kept his loyalty even after he was pursued by the goddess Eos. 

16. Chariton

Chariton is a classic Greek name meaning grace, kindness in a person. Chariton makes for a very classy yet modern name for a boy.

17. Charon

Charon makes for a regal name for your boy and this name means “fierce brightness”. It was the name of the brave and fierce ferryman of Hades in Greek mythology.

18. Christopher

The name Christopher is a very classy and sophisticated name for a boy. Christopher is of Greek origin which means “bearer of Christ”.

19. Chryses

Chryses is a unique name, perfect for your baby boy. Chryses was the name of a priest of Apollo. It is derived from the word chrysos, which means “golden”.

20. Daedalus

Daedalus is not a very common name and it has an ancient feel. It was the name of Greek inventor, who designed the Labyrinth for King Minos and was banished by Zeus to Crete.

21. Damocles

Damocles is a nice name for a baby boy. It is the Latinized form of the Greek word Damokles, who was the member of the court of Dionysius, of the king of Syracuse.

22. Damon

According to Greek mythology, Damon is a God who symbolized loyalty and trust. The name got popularity from the character Damon Salvatore in the TV  series “The Vampire Diaries”.

23. Dardanos

A well-deserved name for your little boy which means” to devour”. Dardanos was the son of Zeus and Electra in Greek mythology. He was also the founder of the city Dardania. 

24. Dareios

Dareios is another nice name for your boy of Greek origin. Dareios is a Greek form of Persian name Darayavahush, which means ” wealthy.”

25. Demetrios

The meaning of this name comes under the list of Greek god names for boys, it is derived from the name of the Greek goddess Demeter.  It means “someone who loves the earth”.

26. Dionysius

According to Greek mythology, Dionysius was the god of festivals and parties. Dionysus will make a unique and perfect name for a baby boy.

27. Erasmos

Erasmos is a ERASMOS: Greek name derived from the element erasmios, meaning “to love.”

28. Erebos

Erebos is a cool baby boy name meaning “sunset, evening”. This can be the best name if you are looking for cool Greek origin names or nicknames.

29. Eros

Eros means Love. A classic name for your little prince with a charming personality and heart full of love.

30. Euandros

Kaan is an affectionate name that means “Goodman”. Many parents like to have their son’s name with such meanings.

31. Euclid

This sweet and adorable Greek origin name means “good glory.” A perfect name for your adorable little boy.

32. Euphranor

Euphranor means delightful. A classic name for your adorable prince with a delightful personality.

33. Evander

A strong name that has the charm too combined. This name means to be a good or good man. In Greek legend, Evander was an Arcadian hero of the Trojan War.

34. Gennadios

Gennadios is a regal name for your humble and adorable boy and it means a “noble.”

35. Glaucus

Glaucua is an authentic name for a boy. This Greek origin name means ‘bluish-gray’. 

36. Hector

Hector is a perfect name for a boy. It has a strong and courageous feel to it. As per Greek mythology, Hector was a Greek legend and known for being the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War.

37. Helios

A fascinating name which means Sun with an expressive and vibrant nature. Helios’ name is a famous Greek name used by many other cultures as well.

38. Hermes

Hermes is a very unique and nice name for boys. Hermes was the god of travel and trade in Greek mythology. Hermes is also the name of one of the most famous luxury fashion brands in the world.

39. Herodotos

A powerful name for your strong boy, Herodotos means a given Hero.

40. Homer

Homer is a very cute name and would be a perfect name for your son. Homer was also the name of the famous Greek poet. Famous namesakes include fictional character Homer Simpson, from the animated TV series Simpsons.

41. Jason

Jason is a very trendy Greek originated name for boys. He was a Greek legend, famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts. It is a very common name in the US and UK.

42. Jonas

This adorable name means “dove” in Greek. Perfect for your cute baby boy.

43. Judas

A short and attractive name for your little daring king. Judah means “he who is praised.”

44. Koios

The god of intelligence in Greek mythology. This Greek origin name is also spelled as Poios.

45. Kosmos

This exotic-sounding name means “beauty, order”. This Greek origin name will be a perfect option for your adorable little munchkin.

46. Kyros

An authentic name for Sun of your life will be Kyros, which means “like the sun”. The name will go well with your baby’s bright smile and personality.

47. Leander

Leander is one of the most exotic-sounding names which means “lion of a man”. If your son has the personality of a Hero, this can be the best name for him.

48. Linush

A short and attractive name for your little boy. Linus means flax, and he was the son of Apollo in Greek mythology.

49. Lycus

It is a Latinized form of the Greek name Lykos, which means “wolf”. This name was used by many legends in Greek mythology including a ruler of Thebes.

50. Melanthios

Name your handsome boy as Melanthios which means flower. A best-suited name for your bundle of joy.

51. Morpheus

Morpheus is a sleek and sexy name for your little Champ. Morpheus means shape or appearance in Greek.

52. Okeanos

Okeanos is a unique name for a boy. It means “a body of water”. A Titan named Okeanos personified the body of water in Greek mythology.

53. Origen

This Greek origin name means “mountain-born”. A perfect name for your adventurous baby.

54. Paion

A sweet and simple name for your just as sweet little boy. Paion means “healer”.

55. Paris

The name Paris is commonly known for a girl’s name but. As per Greek mythology, it was the name of a boy. Paris was the guy who marries Helen of Troy and that led to the Trojan War.

56. Pegasos

Pegasus means “born near the pege (source of the ocean, spring, or well)”. Pegasus was the name of the winged horse who was the son of Gorgon Medusa and Poseidon.

57. Perseus

Perseus is also a unique name for a baby boy. He was a demi-God who rescued Andromeda from a sea monster and also defeated Medusa, as per the Greek Mythology.

58. Philander

Philander, a well-deserved name for your little boy which means “With a love for people”. It is a popular name in old Greek love stories.

59. Philemon

With deep Greek biblical roots, Philemon was the name of an apostle, which means “affectionate.”

60. Proteus

Another very authentic name for your special baby boy. Proteus was the name of the god of the sea in Greek mythology. It means “first”.

61. Pyrros

A sweet and simple name for your baby boy. This Greek origin name, Pyrros means “flame-like.”

62. Seth

The name Seth means “dazzle” and is of Greek origin.  But the name is very popular in the US. Famous namesakes include the actor, Seth Rogen.

63. Solon

A brilliant name for your one and only boy meaning wisdom. You can consider this name for your child.

64. Spyro

An authentic name from Greek origin which means “spirit”. 

65. Stefanos

A classy yet modern name, Stefanos means “crown”. If you believe your son is one, then go ahead and choose this one.

66. Thales

This is a beautiful choice of a name for your baby boy which has the meaning “blossom.”

67. Theseus

Truly a unique name for your little boy. Theseus is an ideal name which means “to set”, and he was the king of Athens in Greek mythology.  

68. Theron

A powerful name for your strong and brave boy which means “hunter.”

69. Xanthos

Xanthus is a combination of a trendy and classy name which refers to yellow” or “blonde.” color.

70. Xerxes

Xerxes is a bold name from Greek origin which refers to a “ruler over heroes”.  

71. Zeus

Zeus is one of the most popular Greek names for boy. He was the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology and the highest of the Greek Olympian gods.

72. Zopyros

Zopyros is a great name for your baby boy. It sounds bold and very unique. This Greek origin name means “glowing”.

73. Zoroaster

A name that sounds strong and modern. This Greek name is bold and memorable, perfect for your little prince.

74. Zotikos

Zotikos is a Greek name derived from the Latin word zotikus, which means “full of life.” It makes for a great name for your baby who is happening like sunshine.

Common and Popular Greek Names for Boys

Greek names for boys often carry a rich history and cultural significance. From timeless classics to modern favorites, the Greek naming tradition offers a diverse array of options. Here are some common Greek male names that have stood the test of time.

1. Athanasios

Meaning “immortal” or “eternal,” Athanasios reflects a belief in everlasting life and spiritual endurance in Greek culture.

2. Christos

Derived from “Christ,” it signifies “anointed one” or “savior,” emphasizing the central figure of Christianity in Greek tradition.

3. Dimitrios

Meaning “follower of Demeter,” this name pays homage to the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility.

4. Georgios

Translating to “farmer” or “earthworker,” Georgios signifies a connection to the land and agricultural roots.

5. Ioannis

A Greek variation of “John,” Ioannis means “God is gracious,” emphasizing divine benevolence and favour.

6. Konstantin

Derived from “constant” or “steadfast,” Konstantin represents unwavering determination and resilience in Greek culture.

7. Konstantinos

A variant of Konstantin, this name carries the same meaning of steadfastness and unwavering commitment.

8. Nikolaos

Combining “victory” (nikē) and “people” (laos), Nikolaos represents a triumphant leader or champion of the people.

9. Panagiotis

Signifying “all-holy” or “most sacred,” Panagiotis reflects a strong religious and spiritual significance in Greek tradition.

10. Vasileios

Meaning “royal” or “kingly,” Vasileios embodies regal qualities and a sense of majesty in Greek culture.

Unique and Rare Greek Baby Boy Names

In search of a distinctive name for your baby boy? Greek culture offers a treasure trove of unique and rare options that stand out with their historical charm and cultural significance. Delve into this list of Greek names that exude an air of exclusivity and individuality.

1. Asterios

Derived from “aster,” meaning star, Asterios symbolizes brightness, guidance, and a celestial connection in Greek culture.

2, Charalampos

Combining “chara” (joy) and “lampō” (shine), Charalampos conveys a radiant presence, embodying a joyful and luminous spirit.

3. Dorotheos

Meaning “gift of God,” Dorotheos signifies divine blessings and a sense of gratitude in Greek tradition.

4. Fotis

Translating to “light” or “enlightenment,” Fotis represents illumination, wisdom, and spiritual awakening in Greek culture.

5. Haris

A shortened form of Charalampos, Haris carries the same joyful and radiant connotations, exuding a lively and spirited personality.

6. Marinos

Signifying “of the sea” or “marine,” Marinos reflects a strong connection to the ocean and its boundless expanse.

7. Nektarios

Derived from “nektar,” meaning nectar or divine drink, Nektarios evokes a sense of divine favor and heavenly sweetness.

8. Panayiotis

An alternative form of Panagiotis, it conveys the same meaning of “all-holy” or “most sacred” with a distinct flair.

9. Stamatios

Meaning “to stand firm” or “steadfast,” Stamatios represents resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment in Greek culture.

10. Thanos

A diminutive of Athanasios, Thanos signifies “immortal” or “eternal,” embodying a belief in everlasting life and spiritual endurance.

Cute Greek Names for Baby Boy

Greek names possess a timeless charm that can lend an endearing quality to any child. If you’re in search of a cute and charming name for your baby boy, look no further. Explore this list of adorable Greek names that are sure to capture hearts and evoke smiles.

1. Alexis

Meaning “defender” or “protector of the people,” Alexis embodies a strong and caring presence in Greek culture.

2. Babis

A diminutive of Charalampos, Babis exudes joy and radiance, making it a cheerful and endearing choice.

3. Dimos

Signifying “of the people” or “popular,” Dimos represents a connection to community and a sociable nature.

4. Emilios

Derived from “emilios,” meaning to strive or excel, Emilios reflects ambition, determination, and a drive for success.

5. Kosmas

Translating to “order” or “harmony,” Kosmas embodies a sense of balance and peace in Greek tradition.

6. Loukas

The Greek variant of “Luke,” Loukas means “light-giving” or “illumination,” symbolizing enlightenment and wisdom.

7. Nikos

A shortened form of Nikolaos, Nikos carries the meaning of “victory of the people,” representing triumph and leadership.

8. Panos

A diminutive of Panagiotis, Panos conveys a sense of sacredness and a strong connection to spirituality.

9. Silas

While not originally Greek, Silas has made its way into Greek culture, and it means “wood” or “forest” in biblical context.

10. Takis

A diminutive of Panagiotis, Takis shares the meaning of “all-holy” or “most sacred” with a warm and friendly tone.

Classic Greek Boy Names

Classical Greek names exude a timeless elegance and carry a profound sense of history and heritage. Rooted in ancient civilization, these names have endured through the ages, retaining their dignified charm. Explore this list of classic Greek boy names that resonate with a sense of enduring tradition and cultural significance.

1. Alaxandros

A variant of Alexander, it means “defender of the people,” embodying strength, protection, and leadership in Greek culture.

2. Andreas

Meaning “manly” or “brave,” Andreas exudes qualities of courage, strength, and valor in Greek tradition.

3. Christakis

A diminutive of Christos, it signifies “anointed one” or “saviour,” emphasizing a strong religious and spiritual connection.

4. Evangelos

Translating to “bringer of good news,” Evangelos represents a messenger of positive tidings and blessings in Greek culture.

5. Grigoris

The Greek form of Gregory, Grigoris means “watchful” or “vigilant,” symbolizing attentiveness and alertness.

6. Iosif

The Greek variation of Joseph, Iosif conveys “he will add” or “God shall add,” signifying divine increase and abundance.

7. Michail

The Greek form of Michael, Michail means “Who is like God?” representing a profound connection to the divine.

8. Petros

Meaning “rock” or “stone,” Petros symbolizes steadfastness, strength, and reliability in Greek culture.

9. Sotirios

Derived from “Soter,” meaning saviour or deliverer, Sotirios embodies a sense of salvation and rescue.

10. Theodoros

Signifying “gift of God,” Theodoros represents divine blessings and gratitude, emphasizing a connection to the divine.

Ancient Greek Baby Names for Boys

Delving into ancient Greek culture for a baby name can transport you to a world of rich history and timeless significance. These Ancient Greek names male carry the weight of centuries, evoking the spirit of a civilization that has shaped the course of human history. Explore this list of ancient Greek boy names for a name that exudes classical elegance and cultural depth.

1. Achilleus

Named after the legendary Greek hero Achilles, it means “pain” or “lipless,” reflecting his strength and vulnerability.

2. Charilaos

Combining “charis” (grace) and “laos” (people), Charilaos signifies a person graced by the favor of the people.

3. Dionysios

Named after the Greek god of wine, Dionysios means “son of Zeus,” symbolizing festivity, pleasure, and ecstasy.

4. Ermis

The Greek form of Hermes, it means “messenger” or “interpreter,” representing communication, swiftness, and wit.

5. Iason

Known as Jason in English, it means “healer” or “to heal,” embodying the power of restoration and wellness.

6. Markos

The Greek form of Mark, Markos signifies “warlike” or “martial,” denoting strength, courage, and combat prowess.

7. Omiros

Greek for “Homer,” it is associated with the renowned ancient poet, emphasizing epic storytelling and literary prowess.

8. Platon

Meaning “broad-shouldered” or “wide,” Platon reflects physical strength and a sturdy, robust presence.

9. Sofoklis

The Greek version of Sophocles, it combines “sophia” (wisdom) and “kleos” (glory), signifying wisdom and renown.

10. Vlassis

A diminutive of Vlasios, it refers to someone with a thick or curly head of hair, denoting vitality and strength.

Strong and Powerful Greek Boy Names With Meaning

Greek culture is replete with names that exude strength, power, and resilience. Choosing a name that carries such weight can inspire confidence and fortitude in your child. In this list, we present strong and powerful Greek boy names along with their meanings, each rooted in the historical and cultural tapestry of Greece.

1. Aias

Derived from the Greek hero Ajax, it signifies “mourner” or “lamentation,” representing strength and valour in adversity.

2. Cleisthenes

Meaning “glorious strength,” Cleisthenes reflects a combination of honor and power in Greek tradition.

3. Gavriil

The Greek form of Gabriel, Gavriil means “God is my strength,” emphasizing divine support and fortitude.

4. Ignatios

Signifying “fiery” or “ardent,” Ignatios embodies a passionate and determined spirit in Greek culture.

5. Leonidas

Combining “leon” (lion) and “idas” (son of), Leonidas symbolizes a courageous and lion-hearted warrior.

6. Miltiadis

Named after the Athenian general Miltiades, it means “red earth,” signifying a connection to the land and soil.

7. Periklis

Meaning “surrounded by glory,” Periklis represents a person enveloped in honor, renown, and distinction.

8. Serafim

Derived from “seraphim,” the highest order of angels, Serafim signifies a celestial and divine presence.

9. Thanasis

A diminutive of Athanasios, it carries the meaning of “immortal” or “eternal,” embodying a belief in everlasting life.

10. Viktor

The Greek form of Victor, Viktor means “conqueror” or “victorious,” representing triumph and success in various endeavors.


1. What Is the Greek Tradition With Names?

In Greek tradition, names hold deep cultural and often religious significance. They may be chosen based on family ties, saints’ names, or meaningful attributes. Naming ceremonies, such as baptisms, are important events in Greek culture.

2. How Can You Choose the Right Greek Name for Your Baby Boy?

Choosing the right Greek name for your baby boy involves considering factors like cultural significance, family heritage, and personal preference. Research names’ meanings, pronunciation, and historical context. Additionally, seek input from family members and consider how the name resonates with you and your child.

The name represents the personality and character of a person. Names also represent the quality and skills of a person, and choosing a name with its meaning is a difficult task for every parent. Choosing a perfect name is the most significant gift offered by the parents to their child. So hope you get to find an ideal boy Greek names for your baby boy with the help of our list.

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