Top 50 Moroccan Baby Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

50 Beautiful Moroccan Baby Names for Boys and Girls

The country Morocco evokes several emotions with the mere mention of its name. With Islam as its official religion, the country boasts of rich cultural heritage. The people here pay special attention while choosing an appropriate name for their baby boy or girl. The names here generally have Hebrew roots, although couples are open to names from other cultures as well.

Moroccan Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Consider these attractive names for your baby boy:

1. Aamir

It is an Arabic word and means ‘prince or ruler.’ Popular in Morocco and elsewhere with the Muslim population, the name has a nice feel to it.

2. Abbas

Give your baby boy this name and wish him strength and courage. The name has an Arabic origin and refers to ‘lion.’

3. Abbad

It is a Moroccan name that means ‘big worshipper.’ Get this name for your baby boy to teach faith in him.

4. Abdel

This name is unique in its sense. The name Abdel is used in Morocco in conjunction with Rahman, Salam, or Kader. It means ‘servant.’

5. Abdellah

With all its variations, this name remains the favourite all across the Islamic world. This Arabic word means ‘God’s servant.’

6. Adam

It is a name that comes from the Old Testament and the primal Islamic times. It means ‘son of red earth.’ In Morocco, parents feel the honour to give this name to their baby boy.

7. Adil

Here is a name that sounds sweet and is short too. A somewhat non-traditional name it means ‘just.’

8. Ahmed

The name has Arabic roots, and interestingly, it can be used both as the first as well as the last name. It means ‘praiseworthy.’ The name is quite popular with the Muslim community.

9. Ali

The name founds a mention in the Holy Quran. Quran mentions this name as one of the attributes of Allah. The name means ‘the greatest.’

10. Amine

It is a classic Moroccan name that means ‘faithful and trustworthy.’ All will admire this meaningful name.

11. Amsu

It is an Egyptian word that translates into ’embodiment of reproduction.’ This unique sounding name is gaining popularity in Morocco as well.

12. Ayoub

It is an Arabic name derived from the Hebrew word ‘Iyob.’ In the Islamic suras, he is regarded as the messenger of Allah.

13. Cepos

The name has an Egyptian origin. It means ‘pharaoh.’ It is a classic name that is style trending in Morocco.

14. Hamzah

They also spelled it as ‘Hamza.’ It is a popular name in the Muslim population across the world. The meaning of the name is ‘strong, brave, and steadfast.’

15. Ikram

It can be used in both masculine and feminine forms. This Moroccan name means ‘honour or hospitality.’ This name is of Arabic origin.

16. Mohammad

The name Mohammad is well known everywhere. It is an Arabic word that means ‘glorified or praiseworthy.’ He was also the founder of Islam.

17. Mehdi

This name comes from ‘Mahdi.’ In the Islamic culture, ‘Mehdi’ refers to someone who is a redeemer and is destined to rule before the Day of Judgment. He is gifted with powers to remove all evil from the world.

18. Omar

Another name that is popular in Morocco as the first name is derived from Arabic. It means ‘eloquent.’

19. Tauseef

It is an Arabic name that has multiple meanings. The commonly accepted definitions of the name are ‘glimmer, quality or statement.’

20. Youseef

This Arabic name means ‘God will increase.’ Give this name to your baby boy and show him the path of religion.

21. Hassan

It is one Arabic name that has remained in trend for decades. It is a beautiful meaning, and it means ‘handsome.’

22. Idrissa

It is a name familiar in Western and Northern Africa. It is an Arabic name that is derived from the biblical name Enoch. It means interpreter.

23. Mostafa

The name is also spelt as ‘Mustafa.’ This Arabic name means ‘chosen or selected.’ Gift this name to your baby boy and make him preferred one of Allah.

24. Mourad

It is a popular Moroccan boy name. In Arabic, the same name is pronounced as ‘Murad.’ This name refers to a ‘strong desire or wish.’

25. Zouhair

This Moroccan first name boy is also spelt as ‘Zuhair.’ It a Quranic name that translates into ‘flower or blossom.’

Moroccan Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Moroccan Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Here is another list of lovely names for baby girls:

1. Afaf

This Moroccan name for girls means ‘pure or innocent.’ The will suit your baby girl because that is what daughters are.

2. Aisha

In Arabic, the name means ‘living or prosperous.’ The name is derived from the Swahili language.

3. Aya

This feminine name has various meanings attached to it. In the Hebrew language, it means ‘to fly swiftly.’ In Arabic, the same name means ‘wonderful or miracle.

4. Aleah

Originally it was spelt as ‘Aliyah.’ This name means ‘high or exalted.’ A couple of more variations of this name are also prevalent in Europe and America.

5. Amina

This name has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘faithful and trustworthy.’ After all, these are valuable traits for your daughter when she grows up.

6. Aziza

This Moroccan name for baby girls is beautiful. The meaning of this name is ‘gorgeous. In Arabic, it means ‘precious.’

7. Alae

It is a short and lovely Arabic name that means ‘exalted.’ Don’t you want an illustrious life for your daughter?

8. Buchra

It is a Moroccan name derived from the Arabic name Bushra. In Arabic, it means ‘a good omen.’ It is an appropriate name for your baby girl.

9. Chaima

The name can be used both in feminine and masculine forms. However, in Morocco, it is a preferred name for girls. It means ‘with a beautiful spot.’

10. Fatima

This Arabic name means ‘captivating.’ It was the name of the daughter of Prophet Mohammad. Quran also refers to this name as one of the four perfect women in the world.

11. Faiza

This beautiful Moroccan name means ‘victorious.’ Give her wishes of success in her life with this name.

12. Hajar

This old Arabic name was once popular in Morocco. It means ‘a scorching afternoon.’ If looking for an uncommon name for your daughter, this seems perfect.

13. Imane

This Moroccan name has more popularity in French-speaking nations. It means ‘faith or belief.’

14. Layla

Is your daughter a brown-haired and brown-eyed girl? If yes, then this Moroccan name goes best for her. It means ‘darkness and intoxication.’

15. Maahnoor

It is an Islamic name that means ‘the glow of the moon.’ When you little princess smiles her glow will further signify this name.

16. Mariam

This Arabic name for girls comes from Hebrew. It refers to ‘wished-for a child.’

17. Nahla

The name has a distinct rhythm to it. It is an Arabic name that means ‘drinking of water.’

18. Quisa

It is an Egyptian name that means ‘sister of twins.’ You can go for this name for your baby girl solely due to the sound of the name.

19. Rabia

In Moroccan, this name means ‘spring.’ The name comes from mythology. It is often referred to as one of the ten angels that accompanies the sun in its orbit.

20. Rachida

It is a Moroccan version of Rashida, which means ‘rightly guided.’

21. Salma

It is an Arabic first name in the Islamic world. It means ‘peace and safety.’ Give this name to your little girl and let her spread peace around.

22. Sarah

The name originates from Hebrew, and it means ‘princess.’ Sarah was also the name of the mother of Isaac and the wife of Abraham.

23. Sabrina

The name has a glamorous feel to it. It means ‘beautiful princess.’ Just like your daughter.

24. Yasmine

This Arabic name originates from the word ‘Jasmine’. It means ‘a flower.’ Let your daughter spread the fragrance with this name.

25. Zara

Zara means ‘princess.’ This beautiful Moroccan girl’s name will be adorable for your daughter.

This list of beautiful Moroccan names for baby boys and girls will surely make your task a lot easier. You will surely find a name that perfectly suits you and your sweet baby. A little research is worth the time if you wish to keep a Moroccan inspired name for your precious baby.

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