100 Mongolian Names for Boys and Girls

Mongolian names are traditionally connected with auspicious connotations and are thought to bring good fortune to the bearer of the name. Read on to find the top 100 Mongolian names for boys and girls with their meanings.

50 Popular Mongolian Names for Boys

Mongolian names often have Turkic, Mongol, and Russian elements, as well as influences from Buddhism. Here we list some Mongolian names for boys and their varied origins and meanings.

1. Altan

Means ‘golden’ in Mongolian and ‘red dawn’ in Turkish. A variation of the name ‘Altin’.

2. Ankhbayar

A popular name for Mongolian baby boys, it means ‘first joy’.

3. Arban

A common Mongol name, Arban means ‘a fluent man’.

4. Bataar/Baatar

This name is synonymous with ‘hero’ or ‘heroic figure’.

5. Batbayar

Deriving from Buddhist origin, Batbayar means ‘strong joy’.

6. Bat-Erdene

One of the most common names of Mongolian origin, Bat-Erdene means ‘Strong Jewel’ or ‘Strong Gem’.

7. Batu

The name means ‘a loyal and firm individual’. It was the name of a 13th-century Mongol leader, Batu Khan.

8. Batzorig

An ancient Mongolian name, this name means ‘courageous’.

9. Bilguun

A very common Mongol name, it means ‘intelligent of wisdom’.

10. Borjigin

Refers to a Blue-grey wolf who was an ancestor of Genghis Khan, according to the legend.

11. Chaghatai

It is a simple name meaning ‘baby’.

12. Chenghiz

Also known as ‘Chingis’, this name means ‘great and wise one’. It’s a variation of the name ‘Genghis’.

13. Chinua

A name primarily of Buddhist origin, it means ‘blessings from God’.

14. Chuluunbaatar

This name means ‘Stone hero’, signifying strength and courage. ‘Chuluun’ means stone and ‘Baatar’ means ‘hero’.

15. Choibalsan

It was the name of a 20th-century leader of Mongolia, Choibalsan Khorloogiin.

16. Davaajav

‘Davaajav’ is a Mongolian name of Tibetan-Buddhist origin. It means “Moon of Deliverance.” The translation of it is “Moon” (davaa) “Deliverance” (jav). It is a reference to the bodhisattva “Moon of Deliverance” described in the Flower Garland Sutra of the Mahayana School of Buddhism.

17. Dawa

Also known as Davaa, the name means ‘threshold’ or ‘mountain pass’.

18. Delger

Of Russian origin, the name means ‘prosperous’ and ‘abundant’.

19. Dzhambul

Of Turkish origin, the name translates to ‘fortress’, symbolising strength.

20. Eguden Yeke

This name represents ‘Tnigri Great God of the Door’, an ancient Mongolian name.

21. Elbeg/Elbek

The name means ‘plentiful’, ‘bountiful’ or ‘generous’ in Mongolian. It’s of Turkish origin.

22. Enkh-Amgalan

This name means ‘the calm and peaceful one’. ‘Enkh’ meaning calm and ‘Amgalan’ meaning peaceful.

23. Enkh-Baatar

The name reiterates the values held by Mongolians. It means ‘calm-hero’.

24. Erdene

A very common and traditional Mongol name, ‘Erdene’ means ‘jewel’ or ‘precious gem’.

25. Erkhemjamts

A name which signifies strength and persistence, ‘Erkhem’ means ‘important’ or ‘supreme’ and ‘jamts’ meaning ‘rock’.

26.  Gan

Of Chinese origin, ‘Gan’ translates to ‘steel’ or ‘drought’ in Mongolian.

27.  Ganzaya

The name means ‘steel fate’. It is derived from ‘Gan’ meaning ‘steel’ and ‘zaya’ meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’.

28. Garamgai

Meaning ‘prominent’ or ‘distinguished’, the name finds its origins in China and is influenced by Taoism.

29. Ganzorig

The name means ‘brave steel’. It is a very common and traditional Mongol name, derived from the two names ‘Gan’, meaning ‘steel’ and ‘zorig’, meaning brave.

30. Ihbarhasvad

Of Russian origin, this name means ‘great Jupiter’.

31. Ivaanjav

Derived from the word ‘Ivan’, which is Russian for ‘John’, and ‘jav’ which means ‘deliverance’, the name signifies the Russian influence in Mongolia.

32. Jargal

It is a common name meaning ‘happiness’ in Mongolian.

33. Jargalsaikhan

The name is a combination of ‘Jargal’, meaning ‘happiness’ and ‘saikhan’, meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘beautiful’.

34. Jochi

Means ‘The son of Genghis Khan’, a traditional name that carries strength.

35. Khan

A very common Central Asian name of Turkish origin, it means ‘nobleman’ or ‘ruler’. It is now a very widely used name.

36. Khasar

Literally translated to ‘a fearsome dog’, it refers to a guard dog that chases evil spirits away, according to a legend. It originates from the legend of the Chinese ‘stone lions’. In other Mongolian dialects, it translates to ‘archer’.

37. Khavarsaikhan

Khavar’ means ‘spring’ (season) and ‘saikhan’ means ‘handsome’.

38. Khünbish

The name means ‘not human’. It is an unconventional Mongolian name and was traditionally given to children to mislead and confuse evil spirits.

39. Khuyag

Traditionally meaning ‘warder’ or ‘armour’ in ancient Mongolia, this was one of the names borne by those belonging to the warrior clans.

40. Lkhagvasüren

The name means ‘uncertain’.

41. Malchinkhüü

The name means ‘Shepherd’s son’. It originates from the Mongolian word ‘malchin’ which means ‘shepherd’ and ‘khüü’ which means ‘son’ or ‘boy’.

42. Mandakhbayar

The name is a combination of the words ‘mandakh’ which means ‘ascending’ or ‘rising’ and ‘bayar’ which means ‘joy’.

43. Möngkebaghatur

In traditional Mongolian script, ‘Möngke’ means ‘eternal’ and ‘baghatur’ means ‘valiant warrior’.

44. Mönkhbat

Of Mongolian origin, the name means ‘eternal strength’.

45. Mönkhsaikhan

The name means ‘Eternally handsome’.

46. Narmandakh

The name means ‘rising sun’.

47. Nurbolat

Originating from the Arabic word ‘nūr’ meaning ‘light’ and the Persian word ‘pulâd’ which means ‘steel’, it’s a common ancient Mongolian name.

48. Otgonbayar

The name is a combination of the words ‘otgon’ which means ‘budding’ and ‘bayar’ which means ‘happiness’.

49. Tserendorj

Originating from Tibetan, ‘Tshe ring’ which means ‘long life’ or ‘longevity’ along with ‘rdo je’ meaning ‘diamond’.

50. Tuguslar

The name originates from the Northern Yuan Dynasty. It means ‘playful’, but is also often interpreted as ‘someone who is easy-going’.

50 Popular Mongolian Names for Girls

Female Mongolian names often consist of words with positive connotations. They commonly refer to fine colours, the sun and moon, and also flowers. There is also a commonly practised tradition where children are given names with unpleasant qualities to mislead ‘evil spirits’ that may seek to take the child from them. In this list, we will go through 50 Mongolian baby girl names along with their meanings and origins.

1. Altanchimeg

Of Turkish and Mongolian origin, the name means ‘golden ornament’.

2. Altansetseg

This is one of the most common names for baby Mongolian girls. It means ‘golden flower’.

3. Amarjargal

The name is derived from the ancient Mongol words ‘amar’ meaning ‘bliss’ or ‘comfort’ and ‘jargal’ (in Mongolian ‘zhargal’) meaning ‘happiness’.

4. Bayarmaa

This ancient Mongolian name means ‘Mother of joy’.

5. Bajgalmaa

Meaning ‘Mother nature’, the name is derived from the Mongolian word ‘Bajgal’ which means ‘nature’.

6. Battsetseg

Refers to ‘strong flower’, this name is a very common Mongolian name that signifies ‘strength and beauty’.

7. Bayalag

Derived from the word ‘Bayan’, this name means ‘wealth’ or ‘riches’. Babies were often given this name in the belief that it would bring good fortune to the bearer.

8. Bolormaa

Meaning ‘crystal mother’, the name is a combination of the Mongolian word ‘bolor’ meaning ‘crystal’ used with the suffix ‘-maa’ which is of Tibetan origin, and means ‘mother’.

9. Chimgee

The name originates from the ancient Mongolian word ‘chimeglel’ which means ‘embellishment’ or ‘decoration’.

10. Duuren

Originates from Turkish, this name means ‘full’ or ‘complete’

11. Enebish

It is a common Mongolian name meaning ‘Different one’ or ‘not this one’. It is derived from the word ‘ene’ meaning ‘this’ or ‘that’ and ‘bish’ meaning ‘different’ or ‘other’. This name is traditionally believed to mislead evil spirits.

12. Enkhmaa

Of Tibetan origin, the name means ‘peaceful mother’ or ‘mother of peace’.

13. Erdenesetseg

A very common Mongolian name meaning ‘precious flower’ or ‘jewel flower’. ‘Erdene’ refers to ‘jewel’ and ‘setseg’ means ‘flower’. ‘Erdene’ is a unisex name commonly used in Mongolia.

14. Galtmaa

Stemming from Buddhist origin, ‘Galtmaa’ means ‘mother of fire’ or ‘fire mother’.

15. Guamaral

The name means ‘Gorgeous deer’. It comes from the words ‘gua’ meaning ‘gorgeous’ or ‘alluring’ and ‘maral’ meaning ‘deer’.

16. Jargal

Mongolian for ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.

17. Khaliun

This name refers to ‘red deer’ in ancient Mongolian.

18. Khishigmaa

Derived from the Mongolian words ‘khishig’ which means ‘grace’ or ‘blessing’ and the Tibetan word ‘maa’ which means ‘mother’, the name translates into ‘mothers grace’ or ‘mothers blessing’.

19. Mandakh

A common feminine Mongolian name meaning ‘rising’ or ‘ascent’.

20. Margaderdene

The name comes from ‘Margad’ which refers to ‘emerald’ and ‘erdene’ meaning ‘gem’ or ‘jewel’.

21. Möngömaa

Möngö’ means ‘silver’ and ‘maa’ means ‘mother’ in Tibetan. The word translates to ‘silver mother’.

22. Monkh

Meaning ‘eternal’, this name is often used as the first part in compound names.

23. Monkhbayar

The name means ‘eternal joy’. ‘Monkh’ refers to ‘eternal’ and ‘bayar’ means ‘joy’. A variation of this name, which is also common, is ‘Munkhbayar’

24. Monkhnaran

The name stems from the words ‘monkh’ which means ‘eternal’ and ‘nar’ which means ‘sun’.

25. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg

Derived from ancient Mongolian and Tibetan script, this name means ‘eight hundred sacred flowers’. It comes from the words ‘Naim’ meaning ‘eight’, ‘zuun’ meaning ‘a hundred’, ‘nandin’ meaning ‘precious’ or ‘sacred’ and ‘tsetseg’ meaning ‘flowers.

26. Narantuya

The name is derived from the Mongolian word ‘nar’, which means ‘sun’ and ‘tuyaa’, which means ‘a beam of light’ or ‘ray’.

27. Narmandakh

Refers to ‘rising sun’. ‘Nar’ means ‘sun’ and ‘mandakh’ means ‘rising’.

28. Nomin

The name is from the Mongolian script for ‘lazulite’. It’s an ingredient used in making the precious stone ‘Lapis’.

29. Nominzol

A name is thought to bring great luck and fortune to its bearer due to the words ‘nomin’ meaning ‘lapis’ (a precious stone) and ‘zol’ meaning ‘fortune’ or ‘luck’.

30. Onon

The name is derived from the ‘Onon’ river that runs through Mongolia and Russia.

31. Orghana

A popular name, she was the princess of the Mongol empire. Another variant of her name is ‘Ergene Khatun’.

32. Oyunchimeg

The name is derived from the words ‘oyun’ meaning ‘wisdom’ and ‘chimeg’ meaning ‘embellishment’ or ‘decoration’.

33. Oyuuntülkhüür

Originating from Turkish, this name means ‘key to the mind’ or ‘key to wisdom’.

34. Saikhanbayar

The name is a combination of the words ‘Saikhan’ meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ and ‘bayar’ meaning ‘joy’.

35. Saikhanzaya

The name refers to ‘good fortune’. It comes from ‘Saikhan’ which means ‘good’ or ‘nice’ and ‘zaya’ which means ‘fortune’ or ‘fate’.

36. Sarantuya

The name has a Mongolian origin, and it means ‘moonlight’.

37. Selenge

Derived from the river ‘Selenge’ (also known as Selenga), which runs through Russia and Mongolia. The name stems from the Mongolian verb ‘seleh’ which means ‘to swim’.

38. Shurenchimeg

Refers to ‘coral ornament’. The word ‘shuren’ means ‘coral’ and ‘chimeg‘ means ‘ornament’ or ‘embellishment’.

39. Soyolmaa

Soyol’ refers to ‘culture’ or ‘art’ and ‘maa’ refers to ‘mother’. This name means ‘mother of culture’.

40. Suvdanchimeg

The name comes from the words ‘Suvd’ meaning pearl and ‘chimeg’ which means ‘ornament’ or ‘embellishment’.

41. Togtuun

Commonly used for both male and female babies, the name means ‘calm’ or ‘serene’.

42. Tsogbayar

The name is derived from the Mongolian words ‘tsog’ meaning ‘embers’ or ‘glory’ and ‘bayar’ meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.

43. Tungalag

Meaning ‘serenity’ or ‘clarity’, it is another popular Mongolian name, which has Mongolian and Turkish roots.

44. Tümen

Tüm’, which is of Chinese origin, is the modern Mongolian word for ’ten thousand’. It signifies the strength of 10,000 soldiers.

45. Urantögs

Originally Turkish, the word ‘uran’ means ‘skilful’ and ‘tögs’ means ‘art’. The name means ‘perfect art’ in Mongolian.

46. Uugantuyaa

Uugan’ refers to ‘eldest born’ or ‘oldest child’ and ‘tuyaa’ meaning ‘ray’. It originates from ancient Mongolian script.

47. Uuriintuya

The name translates to ‘light of dawn’. In Mongolian, ‘uuriin’ means ‘dawn’ and ‘tuya’ means ‘ray’.

48. Üürtsaikh

In original Mongolian, this name means ‘crack of dawn’. In modern scripts, it translates to ‘aurora’.

49. Yargui

Originating from China, this word means ‘primrose’ or ‘pasqueflower’.

50. Zolzayaa

This name is a variant of ‘zolzaya’, meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’.

Mongolian names have undergone a plethora of changes over the course of time, with both the meaning and origin of the languages. Through these names, we recognise the rich culture and influences from all around Mongolia and take notice of their fascinating meanings and cultural roots.

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