Top 100 Ethiopian Boy Names & Their Meanings

100 Ethiopian Boy Names & Their Meanings

Split by the Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia is an African country with many archaeological treasures and a vibrant culture. The treasures date back over three million years. Ethiopian baby names are also unique, just like the distinct culture and tradition of the nation.

Naming your child is a meaningful, moving, and nerve-wracking decision because it will be attached to your little one for the rest of their lives. These stunning Ethiopian boy names draw inspiration from their luscious nature, impactful history, charming traditions, and nuanced language. So, take inspiration from this list and make the search for your baby boy’s name much easier!

Ethiopian Baby Boy Names

Ethiopian names mostly have a Biblical or Islamic origin. Ethiopians also have names derived from the Amharic language, an official language of Ethiopia. Here are some of the most adorable and traditional Ethiopian names for your little boy!

1. Aaron

This timeless name means ‘high mountain.’ According to the Old Testament, it is the name of Moses’ elder brother. It is one of the most popular Ethiopian Orthodox Bible names for boys.

2. Abal

Of Arabic and Amharic origin, Abal translates to ‘breath,’ ‘spirit that breathes,’ ‘one who serves the king,’ and ‘son.’

3. Abebe

This is a name with an Ethiopian origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘He has grown.’

4. Abel

This popular name belongs to the son of Adam and Eve. It means ‘willing,’ ‘ready,’ or ‘capable.’

5. Abai 

Abai is an Ethiopian name that has Brazilian origin. It refers to ‘the Nile River.’

6. Abdi

Abdi is a charming Ethiopian male name borrowed from the Oromo language. It stands for ‘hope’ and is a lovely name for your little boy!

7. Abraham

This is a trendy Ethiopian boy name as the name belongs to the founding father of the Jews. The meaning of the name is ‘father of the multitudes.’

8. Addisu

Addisu is a classic Ethiopian name that means ‘new flower.’

9. Afework

This unique Ethiopian baby name means ‘one who never speaks evil’ or ‘one who always speaks pleasant things.’

10. Ajani

Many parents choose this unique option, which means ‘the victor. ‘ This name has a retro charm, as it is a mid-century name.

11. Aklilu

Aklilu originates from the Amharic word aklil, which means ‘crown.’ It is a popular Ethiopian baby boy name.

12. Alimayu

A distinctive baby name, Ali, is of Ethiopian origin and means ‘in honour of God.’ The short form of the name is Ali.

13. Amadi

This name is derived from one of the languages in Ethiopia. Its meaning is ‘tree man.’ It is believed to be a variation of Ahmed.

14. Aman

A trendy name with an Ethiopian origin, it means ‘peace.’ It is also widely used as a nickname in Ethiopia.

15. Amare

Derived from the Amharic language, Amare is a befitting Ethiopian name for boys that translates to ‘handsome.’

16. Amari

Because of the soft sound and vowel ending, this is a popular boy name in Ethiopia. Though the root is African, the name has many meanings in different regions. It means ‘strength.’

17. Amhara

Amhara is an Ethiopian male name that refers to the Amhara people. This culture blends ancient Semitic and Cushtic cultures. It stands for ‘beautiful, ‘agreeable person,’ ‘gracious,’ and ‘one who is pleasing.’

18. Anbassa

Anbassa is another name rooted in the Ethiopian culture. This famous name means ‘lion.’

19. Baati

Another name derived from the Oromo language, Baati, is a trendy name that means ‘moon.’ Bati, or Baati, is also the name of a town in Ethiopia.

20. Barack

Barack is a popular Ethiopian name of Arabic origin. It means ‘blessed.’ 

21. Bemnet

Bemnet is a popular Ethiopian name of Amharic origin and means ‘by faith in the lord.’

22. Biruk

Biruk is a classic Ethiopian name of Amharic origin and means ‘blessed by the lord.’

23. Bona

Bona is a heartwarming name for your baby boy, an Ethiopian boy name for ‘summer.’

24. Caala

Your son will always be number one in your eyes, so what better name to bestow on him than Caala, which translates to ‘the best’?

25. Cherenet

Cherenet is a delightful Ethiopian name that means ‘kindness’ and is of Amharic origin.

26. Chinua

This name is of Ethiopian origin. It comes from the word ‘Ibo,’ which means ‘Blessing of God.’

27. Daniel

Daniel is an Ethiopian name derived from the Hebrew word ‘din,’ which means ‘to judge.’

28. Dansa

Oromo for ‘joyful,’ Dansa is a handsome Ethiopian male name for your cheerful son!

29. Dawit

Dawit is the Amharic variation of David and translates to ‘beloved’ or ‘one with a loving heart.’

30. Dejen

Dejen is an Ethiopian name that means ‘foundation and support’ in Amharic.

31. Desta

Desta is a classic girl’s name in Ethiopian culture that means ‘joy.’ 

32. Djimon

Djimon is a mighty male name of African and Yoruba origin, meaning ‘powerful blood.’

33. Ebo

A mighty Ethiopian name, the meaning of which is ‘Born of Tuesday.’ It came from the word ‘ibo’ and stands for ‘my people.’

34. Eebbisan

A lovely Ethiopian male name, Eebbisan is an Oromo name  

35. Emanuel

Emmanuel is a popular masculine name with Hebrew roots. It means ‘God is with us.’ 

36. Ephrem

Ephrem is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, and it means’ fruitful.’

37. Eskender

Eskender is a commonly used Ethiopian name that means the ‘name of Alexander the Great.’

38. Galaan

A tranquil name for your baby boy, Galaan stands for ‘river.’

39. Genet

Genet is a popular female name of African and Ethiopian origin that means ‘heaven.’

40. Gyasi

Gyasi is an Ethiopian boy’s name of Ghanaian origin, meaning ‘wonderful baby or child.’

41. Hagos

A name with Ethiopian and Eritrean roots, Hagos is borrowed from the Tigrinya language and translates to ‘joy.’

42. Haile

A variation of the name Hale is a Ge’ez Amharic name that stands for ‘power,’ ‘nook,’ and ‘might.;

43. Haji

Haji is a unique baby boy’s name of Swahili origin. It means ‘born during the pilgrimage to Mecca.’

44. Hakim

Hakim is a classic male name of Arabic origin that means ‘wise.’

45. Ibsaa

A charming name for your ray of sunshine, this Ethiopian boy name stands for ‘light’ or ‘gift of God.’

46. Jemal

Jemal is a popular Islamic baby boy’s name of Arabic origin,  which means ‘handsome.’

47. Jiraa

A wonderful Ethiopian name to honour your family unit, Jiraa means ‘related by blood’ and ‘family.’

48. Jonathan

Jonathan is a common name given to males, meaning ‘Yahweh has given’ in Hebrew.

49. Kaleb

Another form of Caleb, this name is unique because of the slight spelling twist. This Ethiopian name means ‘brave’ and ‘faithful.’

50. Kato

Kato is a boy’s name with Latin roots, which means ‘all-knowing.’

51. Kebret

A name that doubles as a blessing, Kebret is an Ethiopian name that stands for ‘wealth.’

52. Kelile

Kelile is a handsome Ethiopian male name that translates to ‘my protector,’ ‘my gate,’ or ‘my safety.’

53. Kidus

This spiritual Ethiopian name for boys means ‘saint’ or ‘holy.’

54. Kofi

This Ethiopian name is another unique name for your little one, which means ‘born on Friday.’ A few successful people have this name.

55. Kojo

Kojo is a popular variant of the Ghanaian word Kwadwo. It means ‘born on Monday.’

56. Kokeb

Kokeb is the perfect name for the one who brings out the twinkle in your eyes! It translates to ‘star.’

57. Lencho

Oromo for ‘like a lion,’ Lencho is an ideal name for all the brave little boys out there!

58. Leuel

This is a name with an Ethiopian origin, and the meaning of this beautiful name is ‘Prince Amharic.’

59. Maebel

This serene Ethiopian male name of Amharic origin stands for ‘wave.’

60. Makda

A gender-neutral Ethiopian name, Makda translates to ‘high tower,’ ‘stunning armrest,’ and ‘Ethiopian Queen/Sheba.’

61. Melaku

Melaku is a name tailor-made for your little guardian sent from above! It means ‘angel.’

62. Meleak

This Ethiopian name means ‘The Angel.’ Another Ethiopian variant of the name is ‘Melaku.’ It is a fantastic name with a lovely meaning.

63. Menab

The ideal Amharic-originated Ethiopian male name for creative minds is Menab, which means ‘imagination.’

64. Moges

Name your little prince the perfect Ethiopian  name Moges, which means ‘grace,’ ‘majesty,’ or ‘dignified aspect.’

65. Nahome

A very handsome name for your little bundle of joy, this Ethiopian name means ‘compassionate.’ This would be a unique option for your little one.

66. Neberu

Many parents want their sons to have strong names. This is one such Ethiopian name and is perfect for your baby boy. The meaning of the name is ‘leopard’ or ‘Tiger.’

67. Negasi

If you are looking for a unique name not heard of in many parts of the world, this is it. The meaning of this name is ‘he will wear the crown.’

68. Negus

Negus is a popular name derived from the Ethiopian Semitic word meaning ‘to reign.’

69. Negusu

Og Ge’ez origin, Negusu, also spelt Negus, stands for ‘king.’

70. Nesanet

This name, which means ‘freedom,’ is of Amharic origin and is widely used by parents in Ethiopia to name baby boys.

71. Neway

A handsome Ethiopian name for boys, Neway stands for ‘wealth’ or ‘wealth of spirit.’

72. Nishan

Your baby boy is a gift, and Nishan is a perfect name for him! It translates to ‘award’ or ‘medal.’

73. Obsan

This name is borrowed from Oromo and stands for ‘patience.’ It is a fun name that captures what you need loads of as a new parent!

74. Omari

Omari is a popular Ethiopian male name rooted in the Hebrew language that means ‘chief speaker.’

75. Panya

Panya is a gender-neutral name of Swahili, African and Russian origin that means ‘mouse.’

76. Qeero

A resilient name for your little boy, Queero is Oromo for ‘youth’ and ‘bachelor.’

77. Retta

This is a tailor-made name for all the go-getters and young achievers! Retta stands for ‘he has triumphed’ or ‘he has won.’

78. Robel

A Ge’ez name that stands for ‘jasmine flower,’ this Ethiopian boy name is soothing! Its other meanings include ‘fortress of God,’ ‘just,’ ‘my joy,’ and ‘devoted.’

79. Salana

An Ethiopian version of another popular name, ‘Solana,’ this is a lovely option for your baby boy. The nlds translates to ‘sunshine,’ ‘warm,’ or ‘extremely bright”.’

80. Salim

Salim is a boy’s name of Arabic origin, which means ‘peaceful.’

81. Samson

A wonderful name for your ray of light, Samson is Ethiopian for ‘bright sun’ or ‘child of the sun.’

82. Selam

Of Eritrean origin, this calming name stands for ‘peace.’

83. Selassie

It’s a very different Ethiopian name for your little boy. The meaning of the name is ‘trinity.’ It is commonly used as a middle name or the last name.

84. Semere

Parents love naming their children with very positive and motivating meanings. This Ethiopian name is one such option. The meaning of the name is ‘he became successful.’

85. Shango

Shango is a unique boy’s name of African origin, which means ‘thunder and lightning.’

86. Tamru

This is also a trendy name with an Ethiopian origin. The meaning of the name is ‘miraculous one’ or ‘you are miraculous,’ the perfect name for your little miracle.

87. Taye

This Ethiopian name, meaning ‘he has seen,’ is a unique option and a great alternative to Taylor.

88. Tebeb

This is a wonderful option for your baby boy. This unique name, which is of Ethiopian origin, means ‘wisdom’ or ‘ability.’

89. Tehut

Also spelled Tihut, this name is Amharic for ‘modest’ or ‘polite person.’

90. Tolfamee

Tolfamee is the perfect name for your blessing from above! It stands for ‘gift from God.’

91. Urgesa

A name that embodies might and resilience, Urgesa is an Ethiopian male name that translates to ‘mountain.’

92. Wendem

A perfect name to capture solidarity and familial bonds, Wendem means ‘brother.’

93. Werku

Amharic for ‘gold,’ ‘golden,’ or ‘his gold,’ Werku is the perfect name for your precious little gem.

94. Yelekal

This is a very popular name with an Ethiopian root. The meaning of this unique name is ‘he excels.’

95. Yonas

This is the Arabic version of Jonah, a Hebrew name. The name belongs to a prophet in the Old Testament. This name is perfect if you seek a less common form of Jacob or Joshua.

96. Zena

What better way to celebrate the birth of your son than by naming him Zena, which means ‘fame’ or ‘news’?

97. Zenabu

This lovely, nice name is of Ethiopian origin. The meaning of the name is ‘rain.’ This is a very different option for your little one.

98. Zenawe

Another variation of Zena, this Ethiopian male name also stands for ‘news.’

99. Zenebe

Zenebe is an Ethiopian boy’s name of African and Amharic origin that means ‘raining.’

100. Zesiro

Zesiro is another popular boy’s name of Luganda origin that is widespread in Ethiopia. It means ‘older of twins.’


1. How do Ethiopians traditionally choose baby names?

Ethiopian names may be given based on the time and circumstances in which they are born. For example, they may be named Samson, meaning ‘bright sun’, because they were born in the summers, or Baati, meaning ‘moon’ if they were born at night. Ethiopians also don’t have a familial name that is carried through for generations, and a patriarchal name might be used as a second name but not a surname to create a distinction between members.

2. What are some common themes found in Ethiopian boy names?

Some common themes in the meanings of Ethiopian boy names are the values of strength, resilience, courage, and bravery. The names also draw on themes of spirituality, nature, traditional practices, and impactful history.

This collection of adorable Ethiopian male names for your handsome baby draws inspiration from the country’s rich history, culture, traditions, surroundings, and spiritual beliefs. We hope it serves as an inspiration when deciding upon the ideal name that represents your bundle of joy!

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