Top 50 Bohemian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

50 Unique Boho Baby Boy Names

While archaic names have their own appeal, a bohemian name is just what is needed for parents who grew up in the new-age culture. Similar to old-fashioned names, bohemian names have meanings that reflect the newest trends in cultural changes and can still have deep meanings. Consider names that mean artistic, nonconformist, free-spirited, gentle or creative; these names still have a major influence on children who go by it and mould their personalities.

List of 50 Best Bohemian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Here is a list of 50 most unique Bohemian names from which to pick a name for your baby boy.




Archer is a name that has been a boho name throughout time. Meaning ‘a bowman’, the name has been around for centuries and has an English Origin.


Derived out of the Alder tree, the name doesn’t really have any deep meaning which is exactly what makes it a hippie name for boys.


Albus is a name with a boho ring to it although it is quite old and has its origins in Latin. The name means ‘white bright’. The name was also popularized by the character Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore from Harry Potter.


Aspen is popular as both a boy and a girl name with American origin. It is more of gender non binary name that is cool with hippie parents.


August has its origins in the old Latin name Augustus from Germany. It means ‘great’ and ‘magnificent’. It is also a cool trendy name compared to Augustus.


The name conjures up the thought of the herb which is quite popular with foodies. It also has a deep meaning in Greek where it means ‘regal’.


Bodhi is the term for enlightenment in Sanskrit. It also has Buddhist origins where it means ‘awakening’ and synonymous with Nirvana. Some of its variants include Bode and Bodie.


Benno has recently gone up in popularity as a boho name. It has German origins and means ‘bear’. The name has both a nice sound and a strong but subtle character to it.


The name Bertie has an old royal English connection as a nickname. It has been lost in time and is often a nickname for Albert or Bertram.


In Latin, the name Cash means ‘hallow’. To the hippie minded parents, the name has an appeal as it is connected to Johnny Cash, the country music legend.


Clyde is the name of a Scottish river which makes it a perfect earthy hippie baby boy name. The name has risen and fallen in popularity in the last hundred years.


Cormac has a boho ring to the name although it is of old Irish in origin. The name means ‘charioteer’. Cormac is not too popular making it perfect for someone seeking a unique name.


Cosmo is one of the artsy boy names that conjure up images of deep space and the vibrantly colorful stars and nebulae. It means ‘order and beauty’ and has a Greek origin.


Although the name Dexter has a pop culture reference to a dark genius, the name has Latin origins. Dexter means ‘dyer, right-handed’.


Damien perfectly balances both a classical and bohemian nature in one name. Its origin is thought by some as from the Green ‘Damianos’ the meaning of which is ‘to tame’. However, some also think it’s a French derivative of the Russian ‘Damian’.


Dylan has been a classic name which is also common with the hippie generation. It has Welsh origins and means ‘son of the sea’.


This one is trending along with the Gaelic names off late. Ewan which means ‘born of the yew tree’ has Scottish origins. It is pronounced as “yoo-un”.


Pronounced similar to “Emery”, Emory means ‘industrious’ and ‘brave’. It started trending as a name in the US last decade and is also a unisex name.


Felix is an old Latin name that always sounds trendy. The name means ‘happy, fortunate’. It also gained popularity from the character Felix-the cat.


Grover is a bit of an old fashioned English name that is not much in use which could be why it can qualify as a boho name. Grover refers to those who live near a grove of trees.


Hart is a fairly uncommon name which has its origins in old English. Although it sounds like “heart”, Hart means a stag.


Huck is derived out of the character Huckleberry. It is a favorite name among the hippie types who were fans of the book back in the day.


Indigo is of Greek origins and means ‘Indian dye’. Indigo is also a special category of new age children.


Jupiter is a favorite with new-agers who are into astrology. It has its origins in Roman mythology and is the largest planet!


Julian is the English derivative of Julius, a Latin name. It means ‘youthful’. It is also gaining popularity as a gender non-binary name.


Kai is a name of Hawaiian origin. It means ‘sea’. The name is also multicultural and has different meanings. In Japanese it means ‘forgiveness’.


Kit is a name of English origin which is a short nickname for Christopher. While the name Christopher means ‘barer of Christ’ in Greek and Latin, Kit is popular hippie name.


Lionel which means ‘young lion’, has its origins in Latin. It is a name often associated with royalty and fame.


While you may think it comes out of the denim brand, Levi is a Hebrew word that means ‘joining’. It is a quirky name with a spiritual undertone.


Leo has always been a popular name that stayed ahead of the cultural curve. It is a constellation in the sky and a short for Leonardo


Luca is a Italian and a modern version of the name Lucas and Luke. It has its origins in the word ‘lux’ meaning ‘light’. It’s a perfect hippie name.


Mars is not only a planet but also the Roman god of war. It is quite a strong boho name for parents who are into spirituality and astrology.


Nevin is a name of Irish descent which means ‘holy’. The name has a nice boho ring to it with a deep spiritual meaning.


Neo is a Latin word which means ‘new’. It was made famous by the movie The Matrix.


Niko has gained popularity as a boho name. It has green origins from the name ‘Nikolos’ meaning ‘victory of the people’.


Orion the hunter is one of the most recognized constellations in the world. The Orion character is also present in Green and Roman mythologies.


Pagan is old English name which means ‘countryman’ or ‘from the country’. It’s a relatively unpopular name.


Percy has French origins with royal history. It also refers to the constellation Perseus.


Phoenix is an old Greek name meaning ‘dark red’. It also refers to the mythological bird giving it a boho appeal.


Rylan is world play on the name Ryan. It means ‘Island meadow’. Rylan has a clever boho ring to the name.


Remy is an old French name with origins in Latin meaning ‘oarsman’. Remy is gaining popularity as a boho name.


Rex is one of the coolest sounding names with an old Latin origin. The name means ‘king’ and has a royal appeal to it.


While it doesn’t have any deeper meaning, Stone is a tough and cool sounding name for new age children.


Sage means ‘wise and knowing’. The word has Latin origins and is mostly popular with the strictly hippy crowd.


Sasha is a word with Russian origins which means ‘defending men’. The name also has ties with Alexander.


Stellan is a name with Swedish origins. It means ‘quiet’.


Tristan is an old Celtic name which means ‘noise or sorrowful’. It is also associated with heroes and royalty.


Xander is a fairly unpopular name with Greek origins. It means to ‘defend men’.


Zen is a form of Buddhism that deals with Enlightenment making it a favorite among boho parents.


Ziggy is among the popular indie boy names with a German origin. It means ‘victorious peace’.

These are some of the top 50 bohemian names that are trending in the world today. Some have deep meanings rooted in early cultures while others are new-age terms centered around freedom, rebellion and new thought.

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