50 Cute Car Names for Baby Girls With Meanings

50 Most Astonishing Baby Girl Names Inspired By Cars

A name is an integral part of a personality, and every so often we tend to identify people with their names.

Lately, car-inspired baby names have caught on with parents wanting unique names for their babies. Cars mean a lot to people. If you are a lover of wheels, then you will certainly want good car names for girl babies to resonate with their personality.

It is not uncommon to give funny names to kids after cars. A survey in the US reveals that over 5000 babies have been named Cooper after the legendary Mini Cooper. So, if you are thinking of naming your girl with a female car name, then our exhaustive list will not disappoint you!

50 Cool Car Names for Baby Girls with Meaning

Car inspired names need not be given only to boys. It is not difficult to find car-related girl names for your baby girl either. Girl names that start with a car name can be tweaked a tiny bit to sound cool and jazzy. Check this bunch of car names to shortlist the best one!




Acadia originated from the Greek word that means “idyllic place”. Acadia was a crossover vehicle from General Motors.


A variation of the name Hyundai Elantra, the name has been inspired and tweaked to sound more feminine. Allie or Lani are cool nicknames that you could have.


A variation to the first letter of the Greek alphabet, name of a constellation and a reference to Alfa Romeo- it is a great name for.


A great name which in Italian mean lioness or air, it was adopted by Tata for one of its best diesel SUV in India. The name has a raw, magnetic appeal to it.


A name of Hebrew origin meaning “Lion of God”. Ariel Atom is a high performing sports car. Produced by Ariel Motor Company, the name has a fierce feel to it.


A luxury SUV from Chrysler, Aspen is a unique name for a girl.


Not just a colour, Auburn happens to be the name of an American automobile manufacturer that was prevalent between 1900 to 1936.


A shorter version of Audrey, the name is already popular because of the actress of “My Fair Lady” fame. Audi is a top-class German brand and you could choose to keep it as Audi or Audrey.


Avanti,  the name has a Sanskrit origin and means endless. It is also incidentally a lovely sports car by Studebaker.


A car produced by Chevrolet from 1987 to 1996, the name is a great middle and a first name too.


An abbreviation of Cameron, the word itself means “orange” or “sweet”. Both these names remind you of the popular American pony car- Camaro.


A mid-sized Toyota car, it is another version of Cameron. It soared on the feminine popularity charts after it was popularized as being inspired by the actress Camryn Manheim.


Caprice is a car named by both Chevrolet and Holden. The unappealing meaning “ impulsive change of mind” need not deter parents.


Catalina is a Spanish version of the name Catherine which also means “pure”. Pontiac Catalina was produced between 1950 to 1981 was a hardtop coupe car.


A prototype automobile designed by Sixten Sason, Saab Catherina was a beautiful two-seater with a Targa Top. Just like the car, the name has a dainty feel to it.


This cute name means ‘Knight’. The production by Chevrolet has been discontinued, but the name continues to be popular.


Of Latin origin, the name means “celestial“ or “heavenly”. It is a wonderful sports car produced by Celica.


A model of the Chevrolet brand, the name is of Native American Origin. The popular American show “Reba” popularized this name with the central character naming her oldest daughter “Cheyenne”


A famous car model by French automobile giant Renault, this adorable name is a lovely twist to the traditional Cleo.


Danica Patrick was the first-ever woman to win the Indycar Race. It inspired several parents to follow suit by naming their girls the same.


Toyota’s first-ever attempt to woo the young audience, Echo the car did not capture the market but the lilt to the name caught on.


A car model of Mustang, this is only car to have been credited in the movie credits of the film “Gone in 60 seconds” ( both the original and remake).


Elise is short for Elizabeth, meaning ‘God is my oath’. It is inspired from the sassy and sleek Lotus Elise sports car.


The name Fabia in Italian means a bean farmer. Skoda introduced Fabia as a model that intended to be a compact car with a sleek design.


The name is an Italian version of the name Julia that means “youthful”. It is a compact executive car by Alfa Romeo, the Italian car-maker.


A variation of the name of the Holley Motor Car Company, the name has a festive spirit to it.


Meaning endless, the luxury car from Nissan has sparked a new trend in naming baby girls after it. Kids will also relate it to their favorite story – “Toy Story”.


A derivative or extension of Jane that means “gracious gift from God”, Janet also happens to be the first women to drive in Daytona and Indianapolis auto race.


Cheerful, spirited, Jetta is a Volkswagen car. This badass car name for girls means ‘shiny black gemstone’. The famous Dutch-American silent actress Jetta is a namesake and Jet sounds a perfect nickname.


Kia, in African means “season’s beginning”. The names was adopted by the Korean line of vehicles and several renowned personalities bear the name.


Another popular colour in the Mustang series, the Kona Blue has a spectacular gleam. But the name has a Hawaiin origin from the Kona district in Hawai.


A name pioneered by the Italians, Lancia is a Greek alphabet. A pretty name with a wonderful sound to it, Lancia is sure to win several hearts.


A very old name it means “bay laurel” and Skoda adopted it because of its feminine and evocative sense.


French for “climb a vine”, the name was adopted by Suzuki for one of its models.


Short for Elizabeth, it means “pledged to God” and if you feel you have paid all your dues then name your baby Liz


There is a sports car brand with the same name. So car enthusiasts can now name their daughter an exotic flower which is also a car brand.


Melas is a word of both Greek and Roman origin. The name Melanie Troxel is an association created by National Hot Rod after a five career win in 2009


Nothing wrong with it, sound regal, loyal, feminine and is a Spanish name that means “gracious gifts”. It originates from an epithet given to Mother Mary. It sounds perfect if you do not add a Benz to it.


A Venezuelan woman racer known for the highest finish in 24 hours of Daytona, Milka means industrious. So if you want your dream girl to be a fighter, name her Milka.


Nova means new and is a great name adapted from the car-maker Chevrolet.


The name rings an elite bell and sounds equally appealing. The high-end automobile brand is a sleek and sporty name and could be tweaked to Portia ( the main character in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice)


Riley Motors is credited with innovation. They introduced adjustable front seats and a steering column. The wheels were so popular that competitors wanted to focus on wheels more than the automobile structure. They made their mark in history and although the company does not exist, the name is commonly used to christen boys and girls.


Vast, expansive and endless, the Sahara jeep was named after the largest desert in the world. It also reminds you of why jeeps were invented- to face the elements and brave them. The name has a strong ebb to it.


The place where lions dwell, Savana or Savanaah was adopted and tweaked by General Motors. But the name is increasingly popular and you could choose the variant that you like.


The Shelby Mustang was named by Carroll Shelby who lent his name to it. He was driven by its unabashed thirst for speed and holds a special place in history.


Toyota popularised the name and is an inspiring vibe to it.


Originating from Spanish and meaning a mountain range, the pretty name “Sierra” was a legal tussle between Dutton and Ford.


Making waves across the globe for its unconventional mechanism, the brand is turning heads because of its catchy name too. The origin traces back to Thessaly, a Salvi name that is very popular.


A regal name, the Crown Victoria model Ford signified the end of an era. With a body-on-frame, the American Sedan became very popular with the police.


A vintage classic that was introduced in 1935, it means “west wind”. Sadly, the car does not see the road anymore but the name has stuck on. It is a beautiful name for a girl.

Culture, traditions and other aspects influence the christening of a child all over the world. But if you are one who takes the unconventional path, then pick one of these car names for your girls to wear it with pride.

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