Top 100 Hanuman Names for Baby Boy & Their Meanings

100 Lord Hanuman Names for Baby Boy

‘What’s in a name?’ said Shakespeare. But then Shakespeare wasn’t a devout Hindu who would like to give his or her son hanuman names for baby boy with the hope that he would live up to that name. The name is the first identity of a person. A person’s name tells a lot about the kind of person he or she may be. And choosing the right name is by no means an easy task. You certainly don’t want to give your child a name that will embarrass him when he grows up and even make him a laughing stock or make him want to change his name when he comes of age.

In Hinduism, naming a baby is based on the baby’s sun sign or Raashi and the name beginning with the alphabet associated with that sun sign. But generally, the parents choose not to use these names suggested by the Pundit Ji carrying out the Naamkaran or the naming ceremony and, give their children names that they want to. These days, the parents are on the lookout for unusual and yet meaningful names that find an extension to their culture, tradition and, religion as well.

And what would be better than a name associated with one of the gods? Almost all Hindu gods have more than one name and, each name with a different deep meaning. One of the most loved Gods is Hanuman, a central character in the Ramayana, and there are various names of Hanuman with respect to his many extraordinary qualities, feats, and deeds. Some of these names, he shares with the other gods also.

Hanuman, the Monkey God, son of Kesari and Anjana Devi, born with the blessings of Vayu, the Wind God, is an epitome of many virtues. His dedication, devotion, and loyalty to Lord Rama are well known. The many other virtues he represents are power, courage, hope, knowledge, intellect, compassion, wisdom, bravery, fearlessness, perseverance, selflessness, humility, humour and many more. Every name of this loved deity symbolises one of the virtues possessed by him. It is believed that chanting his name will keep away all forms of evil.

You will be surprised to know that Lord Hanuman has more than a thousand names. Many of these are long, difficult to spell and pronounce. We have selected for you names that are short and easy, have a nice sound and are easy to call out. Here is Hanuman name list with God Hanuman names. 

So below is a table with fifty Hanuman Ji names to choose from and each name explaining its meaning.

Names of Hanuman for Boys

1. Aanjaya

Unconquerable, Unbeatable

2. Abhyant


3. Ajesh


4. Akshhantre

Slayer of Aksha, the 16-year-old, youngest son of Ravana

5. Amit Vikram

One whose valour is boundless and immeasurable

6. Anil

Breeze, purest, wind, god of wind

7. Anjaneya

The son of Anjana ( the name of his mother )

8. Atulit

One who has no comparison

9. Aanil


10. Akaravarudra

The 11th avatar of Lord Shiva

11. Amitavikram

One with unbound valour

12. Anantakaya

Boundless, eternal, infinite 

13. Anilsuta

Son of the wind

14. Arjunadvaja

One with the shining banner

15. Bajrang

One with a steel-like frame

16. Bajrangbali

Strength of a diamond

17. Bajrangi

A fighter that fights for the sake of good

18. Bhaktvatsal

The protector of his devotees, one who loves all his devotees

19. Bhavishya Chaturana

One who is aware of the future

20. Chaturbhuj

The four-armed one

21. Chiranjeevi

Immortal, an eternal being. Lord Hanuman is considered to be immortal.

22. Danta


23. Deenbandhav

Protector and defender of the downtrodden

24. Dheera

The one with unflinching courage

25. Dhyananjaneya

In a meditative mood

26. Deenabandhav

Friend of the poor

27. Deenabandhave

Defender of the oppressed

28. Eeraj


29. Gadaa

Weapon of lord hanuman

30. Gunsagar

Ocean of virtues

31. Gyansagar

Ocean of knowledge

32. Hanumant

A variant of the name Hanuman, the one with a prominent or disfigured jaw

33. Hanavanta

A name for Lord Hanuman

34. Hanuman

The divine monkey-god

35. Hanumandiye

Written or composed by Lord Hanuman

36. Hanumanth

A name for Lord Hanuman

37. Hanumat

A name for Lord Hanuman 

38. Iraj


39. Iraputra

The wind-son

40. Janisut

A name for Lord Hanuman

41. Jitendriyay

One who has conquered the senses

42. Kalanabha

Controller of time

43. Kapih

Chief of monkeys

44. Kapindra

King of monkeys

45. Karagrahavimoktre

One who frees from imprisonment 

46. Kesarisuta

Son of Kesari

47. Kumarabrahmacharin

Youthful bachelor

48. Kalanabh

One who can control and organise time

49. Kamarupin

One who can change forms at will. Hanuman could change the shape of his body from an enlarged one to a tiny one.

50. Kanchanabh

One with shining golden hued body

51. Kapeeshwar

This name means “Lord of monkeys”

52. Loakpuajya

Worshipped by the universe

53. Mahadhyuta

One who has a radiating appearance

54. Mahatapsi

The great saint and meditator

55. Mahatejas

The most radiant one

56. Manojvaya

Powerful, swift and strong like the wind

57. Maruti

Son of Marut, the Wind God

58. Mahakaya


59. Mahatapase

Great meditator

60. Manojavaya

Speed like wind

61. Marutatmaja

Adored like gems

62. Pavanputra

Son of wind

63. Phalgun Sakha

Hanuman finds a place in Mahabharata also, where he meets the Pandavas and befriends Arjuna

64. Pingaksha

One with yellow-brown eyes

65. Prabhave

Popular Lord, eminent, brilliant, majestic

66. Pragyaya

Scholar or the one with wisdom

67. Prasannatmane

Always cheerful

68. Pratapvate

Well known for gallantry or heroism

69. Ramdutya

The messenger of Lord Rama

70. Rameshtha

Devoted to Lord Rama

71. Ratnakundalaya

Wearing Gem-Studded Earrings

72. Ritam

Sacred action, beautiful

73. Rudransha

A part of Shiva

74. Rudraya

Born of Lord Shiva.

75. Ramabhakta

Devoted to Lord Rama

76. Sanjeevananagahatre

The bearer of the Sanjeevini mount

77. Sarvaduhkhahara

Reliever of all agonies

78. Sarvalolkacharine

Wanderer of all places

79. Sarvamayavibhanjana

Destroyer of all illusions 

80. Sarvarogahara

Reliever of all ailments 

81. Shanta


82. Shoora

A mighty and valiant warrior 

83. Sameertanuj

Son of the Wind God

84. Sanju

Triumphant , similar to Sanjay

85. Sarvamantra

Possessor of all hymns and mantras

86. Shantaya

Calm and composed

87. Shoora or Shaurya

The one who is fearless, mighty, brave

88. Sphatikabha

Crystal clear

89. Suchaye

Chaste, virtuous, pure, innocent

90. Surarchita

One who is worshipped by the heavenly bodies

91. Tejas

Most radiant

92. Vagdheeksha

Lord of Spokespersons

93. Vagmine

Spokesperson, a great speaker

94. Vajrakaye

The one with unbeatable hard metal like body

95. Vatatmaj

Son of wind

96. Vayunandan

The son of Vayu or the Wind God

97. Vijitendriya

One who has mastered all senses, ie Kaam or eroticism, anger, Maya or materialism etc.

98. Vajranakha

Strong nailed

99. Vardhimainakapujita

Worshipped by Mynaka

100. Yogine

Yogi or Saint

Thus, there are many names to choose from, for the baby boys whose parents wish to name them after Lord Hanuman. The choice ranges from familiar and considered old-fashioned names to unique and rarely heard of names. The choice is yours. Jai Hanuman.

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