Olivia Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Olivia Name Meaning and Origin

Olivia is a very feminine name loved by parents since olden times. Because of this aspect, you may hesitate to pick this name for your little angel. However, there are ample reasons for you not to hesitate to name your baby girl Olivia.

Here, we have compiled a thorough analysis of the name, including its meaning and origin. The extensive list of similar names will also provide you with alternatives for your little girl’s unique but classic name.

What Does Olivia Mean?

Olivia is a Latin name that means ‘olive tree.’ It is the female equivalent of the boy’s name Oliver. The term ‘olive’ comes from ‘olives’ or ‘olive trees.’ Among women in the United States, Olivia is often used as a first or middle name. The meaning of Olivia in Greek is ‘serenity of the olive tree,’ which translates as ‘peace of the olive tree.’


Olivia has biblical, Spanish, and Italian roots. In Greek, Olivia means ‘tranquillity of the olive tree’ while the olive tree symbolizes ‘peace‘ in theology. Owing to usage since olden times, such as in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” and even the mention of a little girl in the Bible, this name is a favorite among religious Christians and literature nerds alike.




  • O-Li-Vi-Uh
  • Aw-Li-Vee-Ah


3 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Different cultures and traditions tend to use other spellings for Olivia, providing you with many options for naming your baby girl with equally meaningful names across different cultures, religions, and traditions. Here are some Olivia name variations to inspire you:

Name Origin
Olyvia English
Alyvia English
Lyvia English
Livia English, Latin
Livie Latin
Olive Irish
Olivie Latin
Octavia Latin
Eliana Hebrew
Lavinia Latin

How Popular Is the Name Olivia?

Olivia is a popular baby girl name in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. According to the SSA, the name has been consistently in the top 10 names preferred by Americans since 2001.

Olivia’s popularity reached the highest rank in 2019, continuing onto 2020, being the #1 most preferred name by Americans. Global and national Google search trends can provide better insight for a more thorough analysis of Olivia’s baby name ranking.

Interest in Olivia – Worldwide

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The worldwide popularity trend for Olivia has been consistently over the mark of 30 over the entire last decade. While it reached the popularity of 100 once in January 2021 and almost reached the same in June 2021, the average popularity of the name has been moderate with sudden bursts of popularity.

Interest in Olivia – US

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Search trends have been slightly more positive in the US, with the trendline crossing the popularity scale of 50 multiple times. However, similar to the global trend, the name was the most popular in the US in January 2021, implying that most of the worldwide search was generated from the US.

The popularity of the name Olivia

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Olivia – Worldwide

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Ireland has been the most significant contributor in generating search interest for the name globally for the last decade. This is followed by the UK, US, Norway, and Argentina, implying that while it is a Christian name, it is preferred by English-speaking nations the most.

Search trends of Olivia – US

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The name Olivia can be observed to be pretty popular across the US as well. While Rhode Island placed the highest interest in the name, it is followed by Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Minnesota, which round up the Top 5 US sub-regions.

Middle Names That Go With Olivia

Middle names add a sense of gravity and elegance to any name – however, this is only when the middle name suits the first name. Here are a few suitable double names with Olivia that is a beautiful fit for any little girl:

Janette Kathleen
Catherine Elizabeth
Isabelle Jacqueline
Josephine Felicity
Cate Cassidy

Famous People Named Olivia

The popularity of a name increases exponentially when celebrities and characters with the name become popular. Here is a list of some famous celebrities named Olivia:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Olivia Wilde TV/Movie Actress; Director
Olivia Frances Culpo Miss USA; Miss Universe 2012
Olivia Goldsmith American author
Olivia Mary de Havilland British-American actress
Olivia Smart Spanish Ice Dancer
Olivia Benson Character in ‘Law & Order’
Olivia Pope Character in ‘Scandal’
Olivia Castle Character in ‘Final Destination’
Olivia Dunham Character in ‘Fringe’
Olivia Munn American Actress; Activist
Olivia Holt American Teen Actress
Olivia Colman English Actress

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Olivia have many similar-sounding names that you may want to use. This is since your kid’s first, middle, and family names need to sound cohesive. Ideas for other names for Olivia include:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Ovidia Wilson
Oleanna Johnson
Venetia Williams
Vivica Jones
Letitia Brown
Ilaria Davis
Vida Miller
Violetta Smith
Olympia Andrews

Names That Sound Like Olivia

Names that rhyme with Olivia can act as a suitable base for naming her sister. It can also help you to choose unique alternatives for your little girl. Some suggestions for similar-sounding names include:

Amelia Ophelia
Sophia Olive
Isabella Allegra
Odessa Acadia
Pippa Opal

Sibling Names Related to Olivia

Suitable sibling names help you to ensure that all your kids have similar names that complement each other. With the help of this list given below, you can choose suitable sister names for Olivia and get options to choose appropriate brother names for your girl. Some suggestions for sibling names that go with Olivia include:

Sister Names For Olivia Brother Names For Olivia
Isla Tatum
Maren Teagan
Tess Piper
Reese Aspen
Willow Ethan
Cora Liam
Nora Gavin
Juliet Simon
Sienna Max
Jolie Isaac

Nicknames for Olivia

While the more formal Olivia is suitable for use on formal occasions and in front of others, you may want to call your girl more affectionately in private settings and show your affection. Here is a list of suggestions for nicknames for your little girl Olivia:

Ol Oli
Oly Olly
Ole Ollie
Livia Vee
Viv Livs

Olivia is a fantastic baby girl name choice because it evokes diverse emotions and meanings across ethnicities and cultures. With the help of this guide, you can know more about why Olivia is perfect for your baby and what other alternatives you can use for a modern and unique touch.


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