50 Famous Cowgirl Names for Baby Girls

50 Famous Cowgirl Names for Baby Girls

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Western names with an outdoorsy feel are what comes to mind when we think of a cowgirl name. These names never go out of style and are popular, not just in the USA but also in other parts of the world. Western names are fun, sound good, and have depth and meaning as well. They could be conventionally feminine or gender-neutral, but either way, here are some of the famous cowgirl names. Selecting the right name for your younger one would be quite a challenging task, as your kid will carry it as their identity. Here are some of the cowgirl names that you can choose to name your baby girl.

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Cool Cowgirl Baby Names With Meanings

1. Abby

Abby is short for the name Abigail. Used in many countries and more popular in the USA, Abigail is a variation of the Hebrew name Avigail, which means “a father’s joy”.

2. Arizona

Although it is a state in the USA, Arizona has roots in the Native American culture. The name means “place of little spring”, and it’s a quite popular cowgirl name.

3. Autumn

Autumn is a name of Latin origin, and it means “season of fall”.

4. Bailey

Bailey is a name of Old English origin, and it means, “berry clearing or bailiff”.

5. Belle

Belle is a delicate cowgirl name for a baby girl. The name has French origins, and it means “lovely one”.

6. Beatrice

With origins in the Latin language, Beatrice is the Italian variant of the name Beatrix. The name means “she who makes happy”.

7. Blossom

Blossom is a popular Western name. It is of Latin origin, and it means “flower or bloom”.

8. Bonnie

Bonnie is a beautiful cowgirl name of Scottish origins, and coincidentally it means “attractive, pretty”.

9. Cassidy

Cassidy is a name that is derived from an Irish surname, which means “clever” or “curly-haired”.

10. Charlie

Although Charlie is a unisex name, it is perfect for a strong-willed cowgirl. The name means “free man” and has English origins.

11. Dakota

Dakota originates from the Siouan word Dakota, and it means “partner” or “friend” and has gained popularity over the years as a western name.

12. Dallas

The popular Dallas is a big city in the state of Texas. However, Dallas is also a popular western name, which means “from the valley”.

13. Ella

Ella is short for either Eleanor or Ellen. It has different meanings in different languages, but in English, it means “light” or “beautiful woman”.

14. Etta

Like Ella, Etta is a well-known western name. The name has a French origin, and means “keeper of the hearth”.

15. Fay

Fay, also spelt Faye, is a name of English origin and means “fairy”.

16. Florence

Florence has Latin origins and comes from the word Florens, meaning “blossoming”.

17. Genevieve

Through the last few decades, Genevieve has increased in popularity. It has Germanic roots, and it means “leader of the tribe”.

18. Georgia

Georgia is the name of a state, a country and the perfect name for a baby girl, which means, “farmer or worker of the earth”.

19. Harriet

A popular name in the 80s and 90s, this name is a variation of Henrietta and has Germanic origins. It means “ruler of the house”.

20. Heather

Heather has a Middle English origin and is taken from the flowering plant with the same name.

21. Holly

This name has Old English origins and refers to “the evergreen holly trees”.

22. Ida

Ida is a name with German roots, and the name means “labour”.

24. Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a name of Hebrew origin and means “one who supplants”.

23. Jessie

It is the feminine version of the name Jesse, and this popular name means “gift”.

24. Justine

With origins in the Latin language, Justine is a popular cowgirl name. The name means “fair, rightful”.

25. Katelyn

Katelyn is a variant of the name Caitlin, which means “chaste, pure”.

26. Kendall

Kendall is a name of Celtic origin, and it means “from the bright valley”.

27. Lady

Lady is the counterpart of the word gentleman and originates from the English language. It means “woman of high manners”.

29. Layla

The origins of this lie in the Arabic language, Layla is a popular cowgirl name that means “woman of the night”.

30. Lilibeth

Lilibeth is the perfect cowgirl name and is a variant of the name Elizabeth meaning “promise of God”.

31. Maddie

Maddie is short for Madeline, and the name has Hebrew origins meaning “woman from Magdala”.

32. Marybeth

A combination of two names, Marybeth is a popular cowgirl name that means “star of the sea”.

33. Montana

Montana originates from the Spanish word montaña, which means “mountain”.

34. Nevada

Made famous by the state in the USA, Nevada is one of the cowgirl names from the Wild West, which has Spanish origins and means “covered in snow”.

35. Oakley

It comes from an Old English word, meaning “wood” and “clearing”.

36. Patty

Patty is a shortened version of the name Martha, which has Aramaic origins and means “lady of the house”.

37. Pauline

Pauline is a variant of the name Paula and is one of the most popular country-western girl names. It means “tiny, petite”.

38. Reese

Reese has Welsh origins and means “ardour”.

39. Rhonda

Rhonda is a name of Welsh origins. It means “woman with great lance, spear”.

40. Rihanna

Although the name has Arabic origins, the meaning of the name is a bit unclear. Some suggestions include the meaning “sweet basil”.

41. Savannah

Savvanah comes from the Spanish language and means “grassland without trees”.

42. Sierra

Sierra is a name of Spanish origin, and it means “a mountain range”.

43. Susanna

It is an English derivative of the Hebrew name Shoshan, which means “lily”.

44. Shenandoah

The name Shenandoah has a Native American origin. The name means “beautiful daughter of the stars”.

45. Tallulah

Another name of Native American origins, Tallulah means “leaping water”.

46. Tammy

Tammy can be short for a variety of names including Thomasina, Tamsin, or Tamara. Its origin is either Hebrew or Greek, and the name means “palm tree” or “twin”.

47. Veronica

Veronica is a popular name of Latin origin. It means “she who brings victory”.

48. Victoria

The feminine version of the name Victor, Victoria has Latin origins, and it means “woman of victory”.

49. Willa

A name of German origin, this one means “resolute protection”.

50. Wynonna

Wynnona is of Sioux, Native American origin which means “firstborn daughter”.

Cowgirl names are quirky and cool. For your tight ropin’, straight shootin’, fast ridin’ tot, these western baby girl names are well-fitting. Many of these names may be vintage, but they are never going out of fashion. Be sure to choose the right name since your baby girl will have to live with it for the rest of her life.

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