80 Names That Mean Hunter or Huntress For Boys And Girls

80 Baby Names for Boys and Girls That Mean Hunter

Your love for hunting will reflect in your child’s name! Hunters usually appear in mythology, history stories, and fairy tales. Hunting requires special skills, and humans have been hunting since the time of their first existence. Today, many people get involved in hunting as their recreational sport. This practice requires intuition, strategy, precision, and then attack. If you have a craziness for hunting and want to show this in your baby’s name, check out top names that mean hunter for boys and girls that signify the same. Baby names inspired by hunting feel both cute and rugged. Here is a comprehensive list of hunter baby names with meanings. Have a try, shall we?

Names That Mean Hunter for Boys

Male hunter names are all the rage now, symbolising the strength and cunningness of a hunter. Here are some hunter names male for your little boy:

1. Actaeon

Actaeon has Green roots. In Greek mythology, the name refers to a hunter who was turned into a stag and later eaten by its own hounds when it saw goddess Artemis taking a bath.

2. Arawn

Arawn is the name of the Welsh God of hunting. This name is apt for your son. It sounds cool and, at the same time, very easy to pronounce.

3. Aristaeus

Aristaeus, who was the son of Apollo and Cyrene, was a renowned Greek God of hunters. He was also famous for discovering many relevant arts.

4. Artemas

It is one of the famous Greek mythological names meaning gods of the hunt. If you wish, you can shorten it a bit. It is among the popular mythical hunter names.

5. Canowicakte

It means a forest hunter. It is a bit difficult to pronounce and spell, but if you love the name, you can shorten it to Canoe for easy pronunciation.

Canowicakte - Baby Names That Mean Hunter For Boys And Girls

6. Cernunnos

It is the traditional name of the horned God of the hunter as depicted in Celtic mythology. It may sound a bit difficult but worth giving if you are passionate about hunting.

7. Chace

The name was respelled from the name Chase by Crawford, you can use it as a variation of the name Chase or think it as a combination of Chase and Ace.

8. Chase

Hunting is never complete without chasing. Therefore it makes an excellent addition in the list of hunter baby boy names. The meaning of chase is the hunt.

9. Chasen

Chasen, also a popular last name, is now given as the first name. Its essence is the same as Chase, and it follows a two-syllable name. Isn’t it an amazing hunter baby boy’s name?

10. Cocidius

The meaning of this name is “mythical hunter God”. It is one of the bold names and is perfect for sophisticated parents for their boys.

11. Fowler

It is a surname that was most commonly used for “wild bird hunters”. It makes a perfect name and is easy to pronounce.

12. Gahiji

The name Gahiji is very beautiful and evocative. It originated in the Rwanda language. Its meaning is a hunter and is less common. It can be a fantastic pick for your son.

13. Grosvenor

It means “a great hunter” and obtained as a surname from one of the members of the Norman-French Family. It has an upper-class vibe.

14. Hearne

It means mythical hunter. It is gaining popularity even outside the British and American cultures. It looks excellent with maximum surnames.

15. Holter

This sassy name, meaning hunter, is an ideal choice for those looking for a name starting with ‘hol-‘.

16. Hunt

It is a straightforward name and a little blunt. It was popular but now not as popular as Hunter. Hunt can be kept as a nickname.

17. Huntington

If you are looking for a proper name for your son’s birth certificate and future resumes, then this makes a fantastic name. Its meaning is hunter settlement and makes an apt baby boy name.

18. Huntley

The significance of this name is “hunter of the meadow”. It is renowned because of its alliance with Brinkley news partners. 

19. Jaecar

This Germanic name is a unique choice for people searching for the name hunter.

20. Khonvoum

Khonvoum is the name of the God of the hunt in Banbuti Pygmy. He holds a bow that is made from snakes. It is a very bold name but a bit difficult to pronounce.

21. Lelantos

The name of the son of Ceous and Phoebe is the God of air and hunters’ calibre for stalking prey. The name was obtained from the Greek words “length” that means escape unnoticed. It is a kind of biblical name.

22. Makya

This is a short but bold name which means “eagle hunter”. It is very popular among American communities. This is an amazing hunter baby boy’s name.

23. Nodens

Nodens is a Celtic God mostly associated with hunting. It is one of the highly accessible names among those searching for names meaning hunting.

Nodens - Names That Mean Hunter For Boys And Girls

24. Nyyrikki

It is the name of the God of cattle and hunting. It was his responsibility to supply small animals to hunters. It will make a mighty name for your son.

25. Odin

It is the name of Thor’s father. It appears in several forms, like the leader of the wild hunt. It was quite popular in Norway.

26. Opochtli

It sounds a bit difficult, but it signifies a definite meaning. It is the name of the fishing and hunting God in Aztec mythology. You can use it by shortening it.

27. Oringo

It’s an African name which means “he who loves hunting”. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an informal name meaning hunter.

28. Rigel

It’s a beautiful name of the blue star that shows the hunter’s left foot in the Orion constellation. If you are searching for an out-of-the-box name, then this is one of the best.

Names That Mean Hunter for Girls

Names That Mean Hunter for Girls

We have got you covered with female hunter names as well, and you will surely love these names that mean huntress. Here is the list of some of the fantastic hunter girl names for your little one:

1. Arnakuagsak

This unique and sassy name refers to the goddess who ensured that the hunters caught enough food to sustain themselves.

2. Artemis

It is the name of one of the crucial figures in Greek mythology. It’s the name of the Goddess of hunt, animals, and wilderness. She is Apollo’s twin sister. Its meaning is the Goddess of the hunt.

3. Atalanta

Atalanta is a virgin female hunter of Greek mythology. After her parents got disappointed because of her, she got upset, vowed on virginity and became a huntress.

4. Atlanta

It is the name of a virgin huntress. Her father wanted a son and was unhappy with her birth, so she left her on the mountaintop to die. She grew up in the wilderness, took the oath of being a virgin, and turned out to be a famous huntress.

5. Auryon

It is a recent American Huntress baby girl’s name. There is something aristocratic about this name.

6. Bendis

It is the name of the Thracian Goddess of hunt and moon. She was a huntress and was accompanied by maenads. It is an excellent name for your baby girl.

7. Brielle

It means “hunting grounds”. It sounds a bit modern, but a standalone name. It is a popular name in Mexico but nowadays used outside the community also.

8. Britomartis

It is the name of a Minoan mythology figure and is depicted as a goddess of hunting and mountains. It is a bold name for your baby girl.

9. Camilla

A royal name or a hunter name? Well, besides being associated with British royalty now, the name Camilla is associates as a tomboy character who adores hunting in the works of Shakespeare and Virgil.

10. Cyrene

Name of the daughter of Hypseus and was a powerful huntress. She even doesn’t get feared for wrestling with a lion. It is mostly used and will be a great hunter girl’s name for your brave little girl.

11. Dali

It is the name of the Goddess of hunt, Dali. It is very short and a sweet name for your baby girl.

12. Devana

Devana is the name of the Slavic goddess of the hunt and is mostly equal to the Roman goddess Diana. Meaning is brave and Maiden and is a mythical hunter name.

13. Diana

This is a very pleasing name and is linked with the Roman Goddess of the moon and hunt. It is a very popular name among girls.

14. Diane

It’s a variation of the name Diana, the Roman Goddess of Hunt and Moon. It sounds and feels nice and is very easy to spell and pronounce.

15. Fianna

If you don’t care much about the latest naming trends, you can choose this name, which means warrior or huntress.

Fianna - Baby Names That Mean Hunter For Boys And Girls

16. Flidais

It is the name of the Goddess of hunting, woodlands, and animals. It poses some similarities with the Roman Goddess Diana and the Greek Goddess Artemis. She is the Goddess of wild beasts. A terrific name for your little one.

17. Kacela

The meaning of this name is a hunter, and it makes an attractive choice for a baby name, meaning hunter.

18. Kainda

If you wish to keep your girl away from bad boys, then choose this name. It means the hunter’s daughter. It’s a sweet and feministic name.

19. Mielikki

Name of God of forest and hunt. She is a skilled healer who can quickly heal animal paws. It was derived from a Finnish word.

20. Neith

It is the name of the Egyptian Goddess of the hunt. It will make a unique name for your little girl. The meaning is “divine mother” and is a biblical name for the hunter.

21. Nerrivik

Nerrivik is the name of the sea mother and benefactor of fisherman and hunter. She provided food for the Inuit people. It is said that she married Storm God, who once did sea storm when Nerrivik’s loved ones were hunting.

22. Nujalik

In Inuit Mythology, Nujalik is the name of the Goddess of hunting in the land. It is one of the famous names used in Canada for baby girls. It sounds fierce.

23. Pakhet

Pakhet is the name of the Goddess of hunt and war. She is known for being a feline-headed woman who kills snakes with claws.

24. Sedna

Known as the mother of the sea. She is the Goddess of marine animals as well as sea hunting in the Inuit Mythology. It’s difficult to pronounce, but a famous name.

25. Skadi

It is the name of the Goddess in association with bow hunting. If you are fond of bowhunting, this name is perfect as a hunter girl’s name.

26. Winda

The meaning of this name is ‘hunter.’ It sounds very cool and easy to spell also. It is one of the top badass female hunter names.

27. Zarola

It is one of the most distinguished yet gorgeous names. 

28. Zambadi

The meaning of this unusual name is a hunter. If it sounds a bit different, then you have the option to shorten it to Zamb.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Hunter

If you don’t want to be biased and give your baby a name that has equal footing, then you’ll love to explore gender-neutral baby names meaning hunter. The names you read above were just the tip of the iceberg. These unisex baby names, associated with hunting, are certainly worth your time.

1. Alex

Alex is a cute and stylish name of Greek origin, meaning ‘hunter.’

2. Archer

Archer is a well-known English family name which is nowadays used as a forename. If your little one lovers playing with a bow and arrow, then this name will be perfect for them.

3. Aris

Aris is the short version of Aristaceus, the god of hunting and pottery. Get the ball rolling on Arish before some other eagle-eyed parent swoops in.

4. Asp

How about an Egyptian cobra name, which is infamous for hunting prey three times its size? Well, if you have a knack for rare and unusual names, then you’ll certainly adore Asp.

5. Bear

Untechnically speaking, bears are somewhat synonymous with hunting besides their adorable ears and paws. Featuring strength and courage, Bears are also known for stalking prey with finesse.

6. Betelgeuse

This is a rare Arabic name you probably won’t find in the western countries. This Arabic title means ‘hunter’s shoulder,’ representing Orion, a renowned hunter.

7. Caine

Caine, a version of Cain, associates with the biblical Book of Genesis as one of the sons of the first human beings on Earth, Adam and Eve. In Biblical Hebrew, it means ‘spear hunter.’

Caine - Baby Names That Mean Hunter For Boys And Girls

8. Caliber

From hunter vocabulary, we have Caliber, which is nothing but the size of a bullet, a common term among hunters.

9. Fisher

Fisher is a common English occupational surname representing people who fish (basically hunter in water, hehe!). The neutrality of this name makes it popular among both boys and girls.

10. Fletcher

Fletcher is a common Scottish family name referring to people who make arrows for hunting. Fletcher is a sassy name that can be used in modern times if you are looking for something unique.

11. Forager

Not exactly a hunter, Forager refers to a person who forages herbs, wood, nuts, and food in the forest.

12. Forest

Forest is evidently unavoidable when we think of hunting, isn’t it? This sassy and earthly name is perfect for boys and girls who love to be in nature.

13. Gauge

Another term from the ammunition vocabulary, Gauge, refers to the size of a shotgun barrel. Heads up: it is pronounced GAYJ.

14. Gwyn

Originating in Welsh mythology, Gwyn refers to a character who is the ‘leader of the hunt.’

15. Hawke

Marvel Hawkeye fans can gather here! Hawke is a stylish version of Hawk, a brilliant bird that helps hunters capture their prey. 

16. Herne

Herne is a beautiful baby name with loads of oomph to it! The name refers to a Celtic god associated with hunting. The name Herne also appeared in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.

17. Hunter

Then we have the literal name itself! Although you know, let us again tell you Hunter refers to a person who hunts.

18. Huntingden

An old-fashioned English family name meaning ‘from the hunter’s hill.’ The name exudes rustic and vintage vibes. If you are a fan of mountains and hunting cabins, this name will certainly interest you.

19. Lubdhaka

A very lesser-known name of Sanskrit origin, we have Lubdhanka. It refers to ‘hunter’ or ‘covetous,’ a cool and rare name for your little badass. 

20. Lynx

With a badass feel and smooth pronunciation, Lynx tops the chart in stylish hunter-baby names. This sassy name refers to a wild cat species that is known for its extraordinary prey skills and precision.

21. Nullah

An extraordinary name, Nullah, means ‘war club’ or ‘hunting stick.’ If you are looking for something that will highlight your child in the crowd, then this name is worth the try.

22. Oakley

Opposite to the badass air, Oakley exudes calm and composed vibes. It means ‘meadow of oak trees.’

23. Oceane

Boasting azure waters and fascinating marine life, Oceane is the French equivalent of the ocean. How is this related to hunting? Well, duh! It is a place for hunting in the waters for fish and a plethora of marine creatures.

24. Pager

Incredibly unique and stylish, Pager is a French family name associated with people who are talented marksmen in training aspiring to become knights.


1. Are There Cultural Considerations When Choosing a Hunter’s Name?

In some cultures, hunting has religious or spiritual significance. Names associated with hunting may be tied to deities, rituals, or ceremonies. Many indigenous and Native cultures have deep connections to hunting as a traditional way of life. If you are not a part of these communities, it’s essential to approach names associated with hunting in these cultures with great respect. Ensure that you understand and respect the religious context when choosing such names, and avoid appropriating or misusing names from these traditions.

2. Are There Famous or Legendary Personalities That Have Names With The Meaning ‘Hunter?’

Yes, there are famous personalities that bear the name hunter and the names that mean hunter. Some names are Hunter Biden (son the US President Joe Biden), Hunter Payton (TV actor), Hunter Hayes (popular American country music singer), Hunter Foster (American actor), Hunter Pence (Baseball player), Hunter Bishop (Baseball player), and more.

So, these are a few notable names of boys and girls, meaning hunter. Choose from among these and give a bold name to your baby!

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