130 Unique Short Boy Names With Meanings

130 Unique Short Boy Names & Their Meanings

A name is the first individual identity. This is presented when we are born into this world. So, it is essential that the name connects with the parents. We present you with the best of short Indian boy names. All you have to do is make a choice.


Time changes trends. What is in trend today will not be in trend tomorrow. The trend of names for children shifts the same way. These days the trend is to have short names. But to find the origin and know the meaning is difficult. Short boy names are hard to find. Here is a list of beautiful short and sweet baby boy names that are trending the nation. These names have origins in various cultures with unique and loveable meanings. We hope you find your baby boy’s name.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind before you pick a name.

  • Choose a name that you and your spouse connect with
  • Read the name along with the last name to confirm it rings well together
  • Always read the meaning and understand how it is pronounced
  • Go something that would be globally easy to pronounce; something short and sweet.
  • Do not settle for anything that does not stay back in your heart.

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Short Baby Boy Names

Short Baby Boy NamesDo remember that the origins are given in the brackets. You may also find different origins and different meanings for one name. Sometimes different names with similar meanings also can be found. The various permutations and combinations will help you decide a name that is flexible with numerology, star and preferred phonetic sound.

Name Origin Meaning
Aaqil Arabic Intelligent
Aaron Hebrew Meaning ‘elevated’, enlightened
Aarya Hindu Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga
Aayu Indian Span of life
Abel Hebrew Meaning of Abel is ‘son of breath’
Adam Hebrew Generic meaning of Adam is ‘man’,Hebrew word ‘adama’, and means ‘birth
Adi Sanskrit The absolute beginning, unparalleled, Embellished, Jewel, The First.
Ahan Sanskrit Richest of all, Glorious Morning, Essence of time.
Alex Greek It is a short form of Alexander means ‘man warrior’
Alfie English Meaning ‘sage’ or ‘wise’
Ali Hebrew Sublime, lofty, high, tall, excellent, noble
Alif Arabic The Arabic Alphabet’s first letter.
Amay Sanskrit Lord Ganesh, The one who is not cunning, Free of deceit.
Ansh Sanskrit A Portion, a part of your body, inch, a precious bit of something.
Ario Spanish Fierce, intimidatingly courageous.
Ark American, Hebrew The sun, lightening, fire, hymn, sage
Arka Sanskrit Lightning, The Sun, Praised, First rays of Sun.
Arnav Sanskrit The ocean, stream or wave.
Arth Sanskrit Meaning, Synonym.
Arz Arabic Mountain, (Sufism) As requested, To present.
Atvi Indian, Ukrainian Energy
Aum Sanskrit Sacred sound, the first sound that created the universe.
Avi Indian, Hebrew The sun and air
Axel Hebrew Father of peace
Badri Indian Lord Vishnu, bright night
Bali Sanskrit Soldier, devotee of Lord Ram
Bansi indian Flute
Bhav indian Lord Shiva, sentiment, real
Bhishma Sanskrit One who has taken a terrible vow, son of Santanu by Ganga in Mahabharat
Brij indian Place of Lord Krishna, strength
Bryan Celtic The one who is Noble, Of High Order.
Budh Sanskrit The enlightened one.
Cole Scottish The one who is Dark-Hued, Victorious.
Dev Sanskrit God, The Supreme, Divine.
Dru French Masculine, Male like.
Eisa Arabic Jesus, Son of God.
Elan French Energy, elegance, panache.
Eli Hebrew High, Literally means “My Lord”, The Noble One.
Euon Scottish Literally means “Born of the tree”.
Evan Welsh Gracious. Rock. (Gaelic) Young Warrier.
Gaja Sanskrit Lord Ganesh, Elephant like, Powerful.
Gati Sanskrit Beats of rhythm, speed, progress.
Gavi Hebrew Literally means “God is my power”.
Guru Sanskrit Teacher, Master, The one who shows the path.
Gyan Sanskrit Knowledge, Advice, Wisdom.
Hara Sanskrit Lord Shiva, The destroyer of evil.
Hari Sanskrit Lord Vishnu, Lion.
Ishaan Sanskrit Lord Shiv’s third eye, the destroyer of evil.
Ivan Russian Literally means – “Gift of God”, Soldier.
Jace Hebrew Literally means – “Almighty is salvation”
Japa Sanskrit Chanting in spirituality, continuous chanting of God’s name, verbally immersed in spirituality or thought of God.
Jay Latin Rejoice. Hail.
Kabir Arabic The name of a Mystic Poet, The great.
Kal Finnish The one who is Strong or has mighty strength.
Kapali Sanskrit Lord Shiva, The one who makes everything worthy.
Kent English Meaning ‘high or coastal land’
Khairi African Kingly.
Kush Sanskrit Rama’s son, sacred grass.
Lagan Sanskrit Love, attachment, affection.
Lee Chinese Lee means ‘meadow’
Luv Sanskrit Rama’s son, sacred particle.
Mahir Arabic Skillful, expertise, courageous.
Manan Sanskrit Deep thought, intellect.
Manu Sanskrit First man, father of all men.
Meraki Greek Creativity born from the soul. Doing work or something with your soul.
Mitr Sanskrit (Sanskrit) The one who is a Friend, Partner.
Mika American Wise little raccoon
Moe Japanese (Japanese) Blossoms, blooms, sprouts.
Moksh Sanskrit Liberation from worldliness, Absolute freedom.
Nakula Sanskrit The most handsome. Brother of Lord Rama.
Naman Sanskrit Salutations to God, Bowing before elders, teachers and Almighty.
Nanda Sanskrit The one who is full of Joy, to be happy.
Nasim Arabic Fresh, breeze.
Neil Irish Champion, Heroic.
Neo Greek New. Gift
Nik Greek The Almighty, The Greatest, The Divine.
Nilay Sanskrit Lord Vishnu,The one who is twilight coloured, Dark Hued.
Nirvan Sanskrit In a state of Bliss, freed from worldliness, Liberation.
Ojas Sanskrit Positive Energy, Lustrous, Brilliant, Physical Strength.
Pahi Sanskrit A single petal of a flower.
Paul  Latin Meaning ‘humble’
Pranay Sanskrit Love, Strong affection, Intense liking.
Peter Greek Rock, stone
Qalb Arabic The heart, the cause, Thinking from the heart.
Raees Arabic The one who is Wealthy, Chieftain, Richest of all.
Rafi Arabic Nobility, Of high standard
Raif Arabic Merciful,Gentle
Raj Sanskrit King
Ram Sanskrit The incarnation of Lord Vishnu: Lord Ram, A pleasant person.
Rana Sanskrit The absolute King, The supreme leader.
Ransh Indian Aparajit, another name of Ram
Raul French Versatile
Rey Spanish The King.
Rig Sanskrit A Vedic text, Praise, Shine.
Rio Spanish The one who is a River.
Rishon Hebrew First
Roy Norman The one who is a King.
Rudra Sanskrit The almighty (in Shaivism).
Ruh Arabic The spirit, The immortal inner self, the Soul.
Ryan Irish A Little King, Illustrous, A King’s Descendent.
Samar Sanskrit Commander of A battlefield, The one who leads others
Sarvin Sanskrit Great Archer, God of Love.
Shaan Hebrew Peace. Pride.
Shad Arabic without worry, happiness, Filled with joy.
Shaurya Sanskrit Heroism, Power
Shawn Irish Gift of God, Gracious God.
Shlok Sanskrit Vedic chant, song, listen.
Sidha Sanskrit Faultless. Perfection.
Skanda Sanskrit Lord Shiva’s Firstborn- Karthikeya or Subramanian, Composition. (Buddism) The five aggregates that complete a being.
Sparsh Sanskrit Touch, A touch of love.
Taha Arabic Sacred secret, A secret safeguarded by God.
Tali Sanskrit Rising, Progressing.
Tej Sanskrit Brightness, Lusture that lures all.
Ullas Sanskrit One who is full of Joy, happiness.
Umang Sanskrit Joy, Enthusiasm.
Vahid Persian Unique, Individual.
Vajra Sanskrit Jewel, precious.
Vana Sanskrit Clever, Brilliance of mind.
Vansh Sanskrit Lineage, Descendant.
Ved Sanskrit Sacred Awareness, Sacred scriptures.
Veer Sanskrit Brave, Courageous.
Vihaan Sanskrit The absolute, the dawn, first ray of the Sun
Yadu Sanskrit Krishna, Cowherd.
Yaju Sanskrit Vedic text, Knowledge.
Yati Sanskrit Aesthetic, devout, A King.
Zach Hebrew Literally means “Remembered by God”.
Zahir Arabic Visible, The one who is impossible to be unnoticed, Dawn
Zane Hebrew God is gracious
Zeus Greek Highest of Gods, Shine
Zed Hebrew The Lord is righteous

“What’s in a name?” said Shakespeare. “It is everything”, is today’s answer. It is the identity to which our children will respond and react; a gift that remains with them for life; a word that they will hear multiple times every single day. Hope you have found the perfect name for your precious.

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