100 Powerful and Strong Baby Boy Names with Meanings

100 Powerful and Strong Baby Boy Names with Meanings

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Naming your child is not an easy decision. A child’s name stays with him for the rest of his life and you surely don’t want him to name him something that he won’t like when he grows up. So, before you choose a name out of the blue, take some time to do thorough research and select the perfect name for your little boy. To help you out, we also have a collection of strong and powerful names for boys. Read to know.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Strong or Powerful

Here are some unique baby boy names that mean strong, mighty or courageous. Go ahead and select one name for your little bundle of joy.

Name Meaning
Aavir Courage and valour
Abadhyay Filled with strength and power from God
Ahab One who is pure and fights against injustices and evil
Ajas Blessed with great strength and purity
Ajay One who cannot be defeated or conquered
Amav Mighty and invincible
Andrew Manly, masculine, warrior
Ansal Mighty and one who has strong shoulders
Ashmi As tough and immovable as a rock or boulder
Ashwa Powerful, majestic, and swift as a horse
Asvath Strong, name of lord vishnu
Aswin Knowledge, powerful, spear friend
Avadh Strong and invincible
Babber Brave, Strong
Balavan One who possesses great strength and fortitude
Baldev Godlike in power, strong
Bali Brave and powerful
Bheema The mighty one; one who is massive in size
Bhisham Strong
Bhrish Intensely powerful and mighty
Bipul Abundance and powerful
Brian Strong, honourable, strength
Daarun Strong
Dahatr Strong and a great warrior
Daivat The one whose might and fortunes are entwined with each other
Dhiren One who is tough and true to his word in the face of danger
Dhridh A person who perseveres through all odds the world throws at him
Ekana Lord Vishnu / Shiva, strong
Fahdi As strong as a panther
Faridun Three times as tough as anyone else
Haider A brave person; lion
Hardeep Strong enough to spread the light of God
Himith Possesses strength and humility in equal measure
Hrikin Born with power and glory that outshines everyone else
Imran A person who is blessed with both strength and prosperity in life
Indratan One who is as strong as Lord Indra
Irya Immeasurable strength and power
Ishir As strong and swift as Agni, the God of fire
Jadhav Yadava, a powerful warrior
Jaiveer Courageous and victorious
Jasmir Great and powerful
Jegan Boasts of great strength and the grace to use it well
Jehfill A person who is tougher than any rival
Jyayas The greatest and most powerful of all
Karthik Bestowed with courage and might by God
Karvira Strong armed
Katriv Whose strength is only exceeded by his wisdom
Kedar Powerful, a pilgrimage at Himalayas, mountain Lord
Kultar One who protects his family with great strength and bravery
Kundir Big, strong, and powerful
Leander As courageous and mighty as a lion
Lohesh Unbreakable and tougher than iron and steel
Mahabala One who is superior in strength compared to others
Mahiman Strength which is akin to miracles
Makeen Blessed with a tough will and fortitude
Mallan Strong, wise, and virtuous
Manas Brilliant, human being, and desire
Manosh One with immense willpower and strength
Manuel A person who walks with grace and has blessings of God
Manwant A strong-hearted person
Mateen Immovable in his might and willpower
Melbin Strong heart, kind
Mikin Strength in the face of adversity
Munahid A healthy and strong person with the blessings of Allah
Neev Strong foundation
Nikith A person who can influence the world with his prowess and leadership
Nithin Chosen by God to lead others to salvation
Ojasin Mighty and great among men
Ojasvi A person who shows great strength and vigour
Ojiyas Strong-willed and has a commanding presence
Parv Tougher and mightier than anybody
Porush Courageous and strong
Prabal One who displays fierceness, strength, and valour in battle
Prathap A person characterised by bravery, majesty, and dignity
Pushta Strong
Qadir Mighty and filled with wisdom
Qawi A person who shines with the power and grace of Allah
Rineeth With strength and victory that glows like the sun
Rishul As mighty as a burning inferno
Ritheesh Strongest, lord krishna
Ronit Joyful, majestic, and strong
Rosthan Blessed with beauty and strength
Sabith Strong and established in the world
Sadeet Strong-willed and diligent
Sahasya A person who rules the world with his might and prowess
Sahavan Immense power and courage
Sahit As mighty as Lord Shiva himself
Salith Powerful and unmoving against the forces of evil
Samardh Majestic and strong
Sanveer One who stands his ground with great bravery
Shakra Vast amounts of strength
Sham Strong person, lord krishna
Shaqeel Tough and resilient against all odds
Shijay Strong and powerful person
Siddharth Strong, lord buddha, love
Soval Great and robust
Subaahu Blessed with mighty arms
Svojas Strong and powerful like Lord Ganesha
Takshil An unyielding force of will and character
Tanvay As resilient and bright as gold
Tanveer Blessed with wisdom and strength
Tapeesh As mighty and radiant as the sun
Taraz Powerful and blessed by the grace of God
Tasheel Immeasurable might
Tej Bright, lustrous, a strong ray of sun
Udhbal Strongest of all beings
Uksit Strong, of full growth
Umedh A strong one
Uthal Great and formidable against his foes
Vajra As tough and unbreakable as a diamond
Vajrabahu Person with mighty and unyielding arms
Veeransh Great courage and strength
Veerbhanu The mightiest of all
Vikram Strong, brave, and victorious
Viran Strong hero
Viru Brave, Strong
Vrishabh Excellent, bull, and manly
Wasiq Tough, resilient, and confident in himself
Yajwin Religious
Zubair Rooted and mighty like the Tree of Heaven

The names in this article are all great examples of short baby boy names that mean strong. Some of these names are common, while others are rare, but we are sure that these names will help you find the best name for your child.

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