Top 50 Three Letter Girl Names & Their Meanings

3 Letter Names for Girls & Their Meanings

A name doesn’t have to be lengthy to sound majestic. A short and simple name sounds cute and is easy to pronounce. Many people today are considering names that are short and sweet. If you’re parents (or to-be-parents) to a little girl and are looking for some cute short names for her, we have got you covered. We bring you a list of 3-letter baby girl names that are lovely. These names are simply timeless and have wonderful meanings. Without further ado, check out this list and select a unique name for your little angel.

Cute Three-Letter Baby Girl Names

Good things come in small packages, which is what this female name 3 letters list is about. You will find this list to have all the trending names which sound cute and have lovely history and meaning.

1. Abi

This is a shorter version of Abigail and has a Hebrew origin. Abi means ‘father’s delight’ or ‘the joy of a father’. Abi would really be a wonderful name for your little girl, after all, your little princess is going to be her dad’s pride and joy!

2. Ada

Ada is a cute name of German origin. This name means ‘noble’ or ‘kind’.

3. Aja

This name of Sanskrit origin has a powerful meaning. The meaning of this name is ‘to drive’ or ‘to propel’.

4. Ali

This name is a short version of the names Alison or Alexandra. In Arabic, it means ‘elevated’ or ‘sublime’ This name also means ‘champion’.

5. Amy

Amy is a Latin name which means ‘beloved’ in English. This name is very popular in Ireland.

6. Ani

Ani is a girl’s name of Hawaiian origin, which means ‘beautiful’. It’s a charming name that your little girl would surely love on growing up.

7. Ann

This name is derived from the Latin name Anna which is borrowed from the name Hannah of Hebrew origin. This name means ‘grace’.

8. Ari

This is a unisex name and for a girl, it could be a nickname for Arianna or Ariel. This name means ‘superior’ and ‘very holy’ in Greek, and ‘lion of God’ in Hebrew.

9. Ash

It is a shortened form of Ashley. It is an English name and means ‘tree meadow’ or ‘remnants of fire’. This name has a sophisticated ring to it and sounds lovely.

10. Ava

Ava is a Latin name which means ‘bird’. It can also be considered as a variation of Eve or Eva. This name has a cute meaning and your little one is going to love this name on growing up.

11. Aya

Another form of name ‘Aai’ which has a Japanese origin, this name means ‘sign’.

12. Bay

It is a Latin name by origin and means ‘berry’. It also has links to Dutch, French, and English names where it refers to someone with chestnut-coloured hair.

13. Baz

This name is a shortened form of either Sebastian or Basil. In Greek, this name means ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’.

14. Bea

A short form of the name Beatrice, this name is of Latin origin and means ‘the one who brings happiness’.

15. Dea

The name Dea is of Latin origin and means ‘Goddess’. This is one baby girl name with three letters that is becoming very popular.

16. Esi

It is one of the unique names for a girl and has African origin. It means ‘born on Sunday’. Though this name is of African origin, it is popular all over the world.

17. Eva

Eva is a name of Hebrew origin which means ‘life’. This is a simple, classic Hebrew name which has gained a lot of popularity in past decades.

18. Eve

This name means ‘bird’ in Hebrew. Eve also means ‘life’ and ‘lively’.

19. Fay

A name of English origin which means ‘fairy’. Your little girl will love this name.

20. Flo

Flora was a Roman Goddess of flowers and Flo is a short form of the same. Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring who enjoyed eternal youth.

21. Gia

The name Gia is of Italian origin and it means ‘God’s gracious gift’. This name is a short form of Gianna. Gia is a cute name and sounds wonderful too, doesn’t it?

22. Ida

The name Ida comes from the German word ‘Id’ which means ‘labour’. Ida means ‘the industrious one’.  Ida would be a great name for your smart little girl.

23. Ina

This name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word which means home. Your little girl is your home in many ways.

24. Iva

An English name that is derived from Ivana and means ‘A decorative climbing plant’.

25. Ivy

This name of Greek origin means ‘faithfulness’. This is a solid name with a wonderful meaning. It would be perfect for your strong girl.

26. Joy

This one is an old name but definitely popular. It means ‘happiness’. It’s a variation of the name Joyce, which is of Latin origin.

27. Kai

If you want a name that is connected to nature, then this name would be a perfect choice. This is a stylish Hawaiian name which means ‘sea’.

28. Kim

Kim is a short form of English name Kimberly which means ‘from the royal meadow’ and is also the name of a place. A cute name for your cute girl.

29. Lee

This gorgeous unisex name is strong yet gentle and great for girls. It’s of English origin and means ‘pasture’ or ‘meadow’.

30. Lis

The name Lis comes from the Scandinavian name ‘Elisabeth’ which means ‘dedicated to God’.

31. Liv

Liv is a diminutive form of the Norwegian name Olivia which means ‘protection’.

32. Mae

It has a Roman origin and comes from Maia who was the Roman spring goddess. It also means the month ‘May’.

33. Meg

This name of English origin means ‘pearl’. A name with a personality, this would be a good fit for your baby girl. It is a short form of Margretha.

34. Mya

Mya is a name of Greek origin and means ‘great’ in Greek. However, this name is also considered a short form of the English name Maria which means ‘shapely’. It could also be taken as an alternate spelling for the name Maya which means ‘water’ in Spanish and Greek and ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit. The name is quite meaningful and would be perfect for your little girl.

35. Nya

A unique name from Africa, this means ‘tenacious’. Your girl with this name would grow up to be one strong woman.

36. Ora

This name is of Latin origin and means ‘prayer’.

37. Pam

This sweet name is a shortened form of English name Pamela and means ‘honey’. Your sweet girl would like this name.

38. Pia

This has Latin origin and means ‘from mount Olympus’.

39. Rey

The traditional name Ray is for a boy and means ‘a ray of sunshine’ and the feminine version Rey means ‘like a breath of fresh air’. It has a Spanish origin.

40. Ria

A spin-off on Spanish name Maria, this means ‘shapely’.

41. Ros

This name is of German origin and is a short form of Rosalind which means ‘a beautiful rose’. A perfect name for your little flower.

42. Rue

This pretty little name has many origins. In Greek, it is a herb and in French, it means ‘street’. It could also be taken as a short form of Ruth.

43. Sky

Nature lovers would love this beautiful name which has a vastness in it. It is an American name and stands for the literal meaning of this name.

44. Tea

Pronounced as tay-a, it is a name of Greek origin and means ‘goddess’. This name has a feminine sound and its meaning will make your girl proud when she knows it.

45. Tia

This name is Spanish and means ‘aunt’.

46. Uma

A beautiful Indian name, it is the name of goddess Parvati. Its meaning in Sanskrit is ‘splendour’. A splendid name indeed.

47. Val

Valerie is a name of French origin and Val is short of that. It means all good things like ‘health’ or ‘strength’. An auspicious name for your girl.

48. Yen

This cute name is Vietnamese in origin and means ‘quiet’. A serene name for your baby girl.

49. Zen

A spiritual name which means ‘gift of Zeus’ and has a Greek origin. It is a cool and unique name that is gaining popularity these days.

50. Zoe

Your zesty girl full of life surely deserves this Greek name which means ‘life’ itself.

Good 3 Letter Girl Names

 1. Ana

Ana is a girl’s name of Spanish origin and derives from baby girls’ names like Anne and Hannah. It means ‘favoured grace’. 

2. Cat

Cat is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It means ‘pure’ and ‘simple’. 

3. Dot

Dot is a girl’s name and a variant of the Greek name Dorothy. It means ‘the gift of God’.

4. Ema

Ema has Spanish and German roots. It means ‘universal’ or ‘whole’.

5. Gem

Gem is a girl’s name of Latin origin, and it means ‘precious stone’ or ‘jewel’. 

6. Imi 

Imi is a unique name for girls and has Greenlandic origin. It means ‘water’. 

7. Isa

The name Isa is a lovely gender-neutral name of German and Persian origin. It means ‘strong-willed’. 

8. Jem

Jem has Hebrew roots and is a delightful gender-neutral name meaning ‘precious’, ‘peaceful’ or ‘dove’.

9. Lia

Lia is a girl’s name of Italian origin and means ‘relaxed’, ‘weary’ or ‘gentle’. 

10. Mia

The name Mia originated from Maria, rooted in the Hebrew name Miryam. It means ‘bright’ or ‘friendly’.

Rare 3 Letter Names for Girls

1. Bex

Bex has Hebrew roots and is the short form of the name Rebecca. It means ‘captivating’ or ‘a snare’.

2. Daw

Daw is a unique and mystical female name of Thai origin which means ‘stars’.

3. Deb

Deb is a girl’s name and a derivative of the Hebrew name Deborah. It means ‘bee’.

4. Ife

Another rare name for girls, Ife has African and Yoruban origin. It means ‘love’. 

5. Jan

Jan is a rare gender-neutral name of Dutch origin and means ‘God is gracious’.

6. Kay

Kay is a unique and trendy female name of Greek origin that means ‘rejoice’.

7. Lan

Lan is a modern yet unique female name of Vietnamese and Chinese origin. It means ‘orchid flower’.

8. Noa

This rare feminine name is often confused with its ark-building counterpart and the biblical name ‘Noah,’ meaning ‘repose’. However, Noa is a Hebrew name that means ‘motion’.

9. Rae

The name Rae comes from the Scottish and English borderlands. It was given as a name to a person who was ‘timid’ or ‘shy’. This name has Old Hebrew roots.

10. Sia

Sia is a lovely name for girls and has Norse origin. It means ‘victory’.

Classic 3-Letter Names for Girl Babies

1. Era

Having Hebrew roots, Era means ‘cool wind’ or ‘air’.

2. Jen

Jen is the short form of the popular name Jennifer, the Cornish word for Guinevere. It is derived from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, and means ‘white’ or ‘fair’.

3. Liz

Liz is a female name of Hebrew origin and means ‘God’s promise’. It is also the short form for popular names like Elizabeth, Alyssa etc. 

4. Lyn

Lyn is a cute gender-neutral name have Spanish and Portuguese origins. It means ‘pretty’. 

5. May

May is a girl’s name of English origin and means ‘the fifth month’; it was named after the Roman Earth Goddess.

6. Pat

Pat is a complete winner if you are looking for a cute gender-neutral name for your baby. Pat is derived from the Latin word Patricius and means ‘patrician’ or ‘nobleman’.

7. Peg

Peg is a girl’s name of Greek and English origin, derived from the name ‘Peggy’. It means ‘pearl’.

8. Sue

Sue is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin and has a lovely floral meaning that is ‘lily’.

9. Viv

Viv is a girl’s name of Latin origin that means ‘lively’.

Badass  3 Letter Names for Girls

1. Ara

Ara is a cute and trendy gender-neutral name of Arabic and Armenian origin and means ‘king’.

2. Aza

Aza is a cute and elegant feminine name having Arabic origin that means ‘comfort’.

3. Lou

Lou is a chic gender-neutral name of French and Old German origin. It means ‘famous warrior’.

4. Lux

Lux is a refreshing gender-neutral baby name have Latin origins. It means ‘light’.

5. Max

Max is a simple and short three-letter name of Latin origin. It is derived from the classic name Maximilian which means ‘greatest’.

6. Nia

Nia is a stylish female name of Welsh origin, and it means ‘bright’. 

7. Kat

This cute Greek girl’s name is derived from Katherine or Catherine, which means ‘pure’.

8. Kya

Kya is a unique female name of American origin, and it is the feminine form of Kai. It means ‘diamond in the sky’.

9. Mac

Mac has Scottish and Irish Gaelic roots. It is an Anglo-Norman prefix meaning ‘son’.

We hope you found the name that resonates with you and will make your girl stand out in a crowd.

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