Top 10 Pumpkin Crafts & Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kids

10 Amazing Pumpkin Crafts And Activities For Toddlers, Preschoolers And Kids

Keeping the toddler or preschooler busy is the most difficult task for a parent or a teacher. Kids constantly need things to do, and at the same time, they should learn too. To achieve both the things, the activity has to involve the kids and let them have fun too. If the activity is dull or the kids don’t have any fun doing it, he/she will lose interest immediately. So, it is best to involve activities like painting, sticking, etc.

Kids of any age, from toddlers to preschoolers, love to make things. It also encourages them to think and use their motor skills. All kids like a pumpkin with its vibrant colour and beautiful shape. During autumn or Halloween, most kids try to make things resembling the pumpkin, for example, the famous Jack-O-Lantern. Pumpkins are perfect for super cute craft ideas for kids of any age group. Making pumpkin art or crafts can help kids develop their creativity. And, the best part is that the kids love it!

Interesting Pumpkin Craft Activities for Toddlers

Pumpkin crafts for toddlers or pumpkin activities for toddlers are simple to make. One can use fresh pumpkins, some paper and paint, and let the toddler use his/her creativity to make fun pumpkin crafts. The objective is to train toddlers to learn painting and co-ordination. The activities given below are easy to follow, too. However, remember that toddlers can’t do complicated activities like cutting or drawing, so the adults must be involved.

1. Pumpkin Stamp

A pumpkin stamp made from potato is perfect for making a pumpkin painting. An adult (parent or teacher) needs to cut the potato stamp. Then, the kids can make their painting using the stamp and colours of their choice. The adult does need to guide the little one a bit.

What you will need

  • Potato – 1 medium-sized
  • White sheet – 1 A4 sheet
  • Orange paint
  • Green sketch pen – 1
  • Black sketch pen – 1
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Paper plate – 1

How to Do

  • Cut the potato in an oval shape for the kid.
  • Scoop out a bit for the nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Pour some orange paint in a plate for the child to use.
  • Let the child dip the potato stamp in orange paint and stamp the white paper to create patterns and designs.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • When the paint dries, draw eyes, mouth and nose on each pumpkin with a black sketch pen.
  • Draw stalks and leaves with the green sketch pen.
  • If the kid wants to tick some glitter, they can apply some glue on the pumpkin shapes, and sprinkle glitter on the. Leave the sheet to dry.
  • The cute pumpkin painting is ready.

2. Sparkly Pumpkin

As the pumpkin season arrives, get a fresh pumpkin and let your toddler paint and decorate the way he/she wants it. This is a perfect activity for kids to learn painting and sticking. The activity is completely safe for toddlers as there is no use of scissors or cutters, but adult supervision is mandatory.

What you will need

  • Small Pumpkins – any number
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Sequins
  • Paint – preferably orange but can be any colour
  • Brush – 1, thick/broad
  • Black marker – 1, broad tip
  • Googly eyes (optional) – as many pairs as the number of pumpkins.

How to Do

  • Take a small pumpkin and let the toddler paint it with their favourite colour with the help of the broad brush.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • If required, ask the kid to apply a second coat and let it dry again.
  • Follow these steps for all the pumpkins.
  • When the paint dries thoroughly, apply glue at some spots on the pumpkin. Don’t apply on the entire pumpkin as then the colour would hide.
  • You can also let the kid apply the glue as per their choice.
  • When the glue is still wet, let the kid paste the sequins on the pumpkin.
  • Then sprinkle some glitter on top of it.
  • Draw the eyes, mouth and nose of the pumpkin with the black marker.
  • You can also paste the googly eyes on the pumpkin to make it more dramatic.
  • Now place the beautiful pumpkin at the door or mantelpiece for everyone to admire the kid’s creativity.

3. Pumpkin Art

Painting a pumpkin is a beautiful and fun activity for toddlers. They can play as much as they like with colours without getting dirty. Adults can help them in this activity, too. When the pumpkin is dry, stick the colourful pumpkin on the wall for everyone to admire your baby’s creativity.

What you will need

  • Red washable paint
  • Yellow washable paint
  • Black marker – 1
  • Green marker – 1
  • Zip-lock plastic storage bag or a freezer bag – 1, large-sized
  • A white sheet – 1, A4 size sheet

How to Do

  • Take a printout of pumpkin on the A4 sheet, or draw a pumpkin shape on it. Ensure the pumpkin is big.
  • Use the black marker to outline the pumpkin.
  • Cut the pumpkin shape for the kid.
  • Insert the pumpkin cutout in the zip-lock bag.
  • Then, let the kid squirt red and orange paint in the bag in large quantity.
  • Seal the bag and let them play around with the bag.
  • Let them press the bag to mix the colours and get them on the pumpkin.
  • When they finish, take the bag away.
  • Remove the pumpkin sheet from the bag and let it dry.
  • If needed, draw the outline and inside lines again with the black marker.
  • Colour the stalk with a green marker.
  • You can display this pumpkin art on the desk, refrigerator or stick a string and hang it on the wall.

Awesome Pumpkin Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers and Kids

Pumpkin crafts for kids or pumpkin crafts for preschoolers are simple to make yet involve more steps than those for the toddlers. A preschooler kid understands instructions and can be trusted with paper scissors, so the crafts involve making shapes, cutting paper, drawing and painting. You preschooler will enjoy making beautiful and vibrant paper pumpkin craft to show to their friends and family. The crafts are perfect to showcase in the home also, to decorate the kid’s room or for gifting.

Here are a few pumpkin activities you can choose for your little one:

1. Paper Jack-O-Lantern

Let the kid make the classic Jack-O-Lantern in his/her style. The activity involves drawing, cutting and decorating. The kid learns to stick various shapes and use their creativity to make the popular Halloween craft.

What You Will Need

  • Orange paper – 1, large size
  • Black Sketch pen/marker –
  • Black paper – 1
  • Pencil – 1
  • Glue
  • Paper scissors
  • Googly eyes (optional)

How to Do

  • The kid can draw the pumpkin shape on the orange sheet with a pencil. Make sure the pumpkin is big in size.
  • Make an outline of the pumpkin with a black marker or a sketch pen.
  • Let the kid cut the pumpkin shape with the scissors. If the kid is small or doing it for the first time, help him/her cut it. Also, ensure they use paper scissors, not the adult one.
  • Then ask them to draw small triangles on the black paper to use as teeth of the pumpkin.
  • Then let them cut these triangles.
  • Ask the kid to draw 3 round shapes on the black paper.
  • Let the kid cut the round shapes for the eyes and nose of the pumpkin.
  • Outline/mark eyes, nose and the mouth on the pumpkin cutout.
  • Ask the kid to apply glue on the pumpkin shape.
  • Paste the black triangle pieces as zig-zag teeth or mouth on the pumpkin shape.
  • Paste the eyes and nose on the pumpkin.
  • The kid can paste the googly eyes on top of the black paper eyes to make it more attractive.
  • The paper Jack-O-Lantern is ready.

2. Pumpkin String

Ask the kid to make this beautiful pumpkin string for his/her room or doorway. The pumpkin string involves creativity and includes lots of cutting, folding and sticking. It is a fantastic activity to keep your child busy and make him/her learn to manage different things together.

What you will need

  • Orange scrapbook paper – 4 to 5
  • Glue
  • Green ribbon – 1 metre
  • Paper scissors
  • Green paper – 1 A4 size
  • Twine – thick

How to Do

  • Ask the kid to draw same-sized squares on the orange sheets. The kid can divide the sheet and then make these.
  • Then, ask the kid to cut the scrapbook paper square pieces.
  • Ask the kid to flip and fold the square paper making a strip with many folds, just like a fan. Follow the same procedure for all the squares.
  • Then take a single folded paper, fold it at the centre, and stick the edges touching each other with some glue. Let the glue dry.
  • Similarly, fold and stick all the folded squares.
  • The shape will be like a folded one-fourth circle or a Chinese hand fan.
  • Now stick the edge of one folded paper to another to make a half-round pumpkin shape.
  • Similarly make half-round shapes from all folded squares.
  • Stick one half-round shapes to another with some glue to make a complete round pumpkin.
  • You will have 4 to 5 similar pumpkin shapes now.
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Now, take a small portion of the green ribbon, almost of 3 to 4 inches, and stick it at the back of pumpkin shape to make a loop.
  • Ask your little one to draw some leaves on the green paper and cut them through the outline.
  • Then, ask him/her to stick it on the top of the pumpkins (two leaves  per pumpkin).
  • Make sure the leaves are near the ribbon.
  • Let the glue dry. Now the kid can draw eyes and mouths with the black marker.
  • Your pumpkins are now ready.
  • Ask the kid to stick the pumpkins on the twine at regular intervals to make the pumpkin string.
  • Hang the beautiful pumpkin string at the door for everyone to see.

3. Stained Glass Pumpkins

Let the kid make these beautiful pumpkin shapes from coffee filters to display on windows or the cabinets. These are perfect for decorating the home on Halloween and easy to make too.

What You Will Need

  • Coffee filters – 8 to 10 number
  • Coloured Markers – Orange, Green, Black and Brown.
  • Glue
  • Paper Scissors
  • Green ribbon – about 1 metre
  • Straw – 2 to 3 in number
  • Spray bottle
  • Water

How to Do

  • Take a coffee filter and ask the kid to colour it orange.
  • The kid can colour the coffee filters in different patterns as well – solid, polka dots, or stripes. But, ask them to use lots of colour as the excess colour will be washed out later.
  • Ensure each pattern is made in pairs, so you have two-of-a-kind filters to form the front and the back.
  • Let the kid pour water in the spray bottle.
  • Then ask your kid to spray the coloured coffee filters lightly with water.
  • Ensure he/she just dampens the filters with water, not soak them.
  • Then ask your child to put the coffee filters in a tray, separately.
  • The coffee filters will bleed out excess colour and water.
  • After the water comes out, transfer them to a separate tray or plate to dry. Let them dry completely.
  • The kid can then colour the straws in brown colour to make the stalk of the pumpkin.
  • Ask the kid to cut the straw in about 2-inch sizes.
  • Then, stick a piece of straw at the back of a coffee filter with the help of glue.
  • Then, stick another coffee filter with the same design on it.
  • Follow the two steps above for the rest of the filters.
  • Ask the child to cut the green ribbon in the shape of pumpkin leaves and stick them on the pumpkin shapes.
  • The child can draw eyes, nose and mouth with a black marker on the pumpkin on both sides to complete the pumpkin.
  • The pumpkin is perfect for window decoration as both sides are the same. So they decorate the room and window together.
  • Stick this pumpkin on the window to complete the Halloween decorations.

4. Pumpkin Name Puzzle

As your preschooler now has to learn alphabets and their name too, this pumpkin name puzzle is the best way to make the kid learn their name and make it a beautiful craft also.

What You Will Need

  • Orange construction paper/sheet paper – 1
  • Glue
  • Paper Scissors
  • Sketch pen – black, green and brown
  • White construction paper – 1, large size

How to Do

  • Draw a big pumpkin shape on the orange sheet of construction paper.
  • Outline the pumpkin with a black marker.
  • Cut the paper pumpkin shape with paper scissors.
  • Cut the pumpkin in as many horizontal pieces as the number of alphabets of the kid’s name.
  • Apply glue on the backside of each pumpkin piece and stick the pieces on the white construction paper. Make sure the pieces are pasted in a pumpkin shape only.
  • Write a single alphabet from their name on a single orange piece of pumpkin.
  • Draw the stalk of the pumpkin with a brown marker, and leaves with a green marker.
  • The Pumpkin name puzzle is ready to display in their room.

5. Pumpkin Face Door hangers

Welcome Halloween with these cute pumpkin door hangers.

What You Will Need

  • Orange sheet – 1, Large
  • Green ribbon – 1 metre
  • Black ribbon/self-adhesive tape (optional)
  • Black pom-pom – 4 to 5 numbers
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes

How to Do

  • Draw a pumpkin on the orange sheet.
  • Cut the pumpkin shape with the paper scissors.
  • Then to make the border of the pumpkin, paste the black ribbon or self-adhesive tape on the border of the shape. The outline can also be made with a black marker.
  • Apply glue to the place where the pumpkin has eyes. Paste the googly eyes.
  • Draw a nose with the black marker.
  • Attach the green ribbon in a loop on the top of the pumpkin with the help of glue to make the hanger.
  • At the bottom of the pumpkin, attach pom-pom with glue to complete the door hanger.

6. Sock Pumpkin Face

Let the kid make this beautiful and unique pumpkin with his own hands.

What you will need

  • Orange sock – 1
  • Rice or beans – 1 to 1.5 cups
  • Rubber Band – 1
  • Googly eyes – large. a pair
  • Stick – 1, 2-inch in length
  • Black and Green felt – 1 sheet each.
  • Fabric glue

How to do

  • Take the orange sock and turn it inside out.
  • Fill it half with beans or rice. Make a round ball-like or pumpkin shape.
  • Take the stick and put it in the centre of the open sock to make a stem.
  • Now, secure it with a rubber band around the sock and the stick.
  • Pull the sock down, around the part filled with rice or beans, and secure it with another rubber band.
  • Take the green felt and cut out leaves from it. Paste them on the top with the help of some fabric glue.
  • Paste the googly eyes in the centre of the pumpkin.
  • Cut out a mouth, and a nose from the black felt paper and stick them with fabric glue.
  • The pumpkin face is ready.

7. Pumpkin Pencil Clay Toppers

Cute pencil holder with cute pumpkin pencil topper is a great addition to your kid’s stationery. What’s more? You child can make it at home; it can be a perfect craft to keep him busy over the weekend.

What You Will Need

  • Orange and green multi-surface paint
  • Pencils – 5 to 8
  • Floral dry foam cylinders
  • Small tree branch
  • Black marker – 1
  • Air drying clay

How to do

  • Take the air drying clay and make 1 inch balls.
  • Then, very carefully, insert a pencil in each ball to make the topper.
  • Take a small piece of a tree branch and insert in the top of a clay ball to make the stalk.
  • Let it dry for a few hours, or overnight till the clay dries completely.
  • Then remove the pencil and paint the balls in orange paint.
  • Let the paint dry and then add another coat of paint to get a perfect colour.
  • Paint the pencils with green colour. Add another coat if needed.
  • Then, take the black marker and draw Jack-O-Lantern faces on the clay balls.
  • Paint the foam floral cylinders and let them dry completely. If required, apply a second coat.
  • Now, using a pencil, create homes in the foam cylinder. This becomes your pencil holder.
  • Put the pumpkin toppers on the pencils and store them in the pencil holder.

Pumpkin crafts and pumpkin activities are perfect for kids, whether for preschoolers or toddlers. They are easy to make and look beautiful with orange and green colours. Making these crafts also teaches kids to focus and improves their motor skills. Moreover, these crafts are good options for decoration, which your kid is sure to love!

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