How To Throw An Amazing Bowling Party For Children

How to Throw an Amazing Bowling Party for Kids

Do you want to throw a special party for your child’s birthday? Do you want to hold activities that your child’s friends and family can enjoy? The answer to this is an exciting bowling party. You can always choose where you want to throw the party and make relevant arrangements for your party cake, food, drinks, decorations, etc. Another important tip is to check the arrangement for shoes since that’s a vital factor in the bowling alley. It’s best to select a venue that has something for everyone attending the party. So that no one is bored and everyone enjoys the birthday bash.

Best Ideas for Kid’s Bowling Birthday Bash 

Let’s check out some innovative ideas about holding an amazing bowling birthday party. The creative ideas discussed below will cater to different aspects of the party, including invitations, decorations, cakes, food and drinks, party games and activities, dress code, party favors, etc. These tips and ideas will make your event worth remembering.

1. Self-made Invites

Once you are clear about the venue, you need to figure out bowling birthday party invitations. You can let your creativity flow while working out expressive ways to match the theme. You can ask your kid to draw bowling-related pictures, scan and print them on card stock, write the necessary details and send them out as invitations. You can create invitation cards in the shape of bowling balls by cutting out cardstock paper.

2. Bowling Pin Invites 

You can also get foam bowling pins or plastic toy bowling pins. You can write on them with a permanent marker or tie a tag around with the details of the invitation.

3. Bowling Pin Shaped Cookie Invites 

Another great invitation is to send out cookies in the shape of bowling pins. You can bake the cookies yourself, cutting them into shapes with the bowling pin-shaped cookie cutter, or you can buy them ready and send them out.

4. Streamers and Balloons for Decorations 

Now let’s talk about kids bowling party decorations. You can decorate the venue with colorful streamers and balloons, and you can draw three tiny circles on the balloons representing bowling balls. You can decorate with black balloons and tape around white adhesive labels.

5. Hanging Plastic Bowling Pins and Balls for Decoration 

You can also hang down plastic toy bowling pins from the ceiling with ribbons. You can also hang cut-outs in the shape of bowling balls and hang them from ceilings for extra charm.

6. Cheerful Background 

You can set up a cheerful background with the help of gorgeous wrapping papers to create this background. Now you can hand out fun props to your guests and let them pose for pictures.

7. Plastic Toy Bowling Sets for Decoration 

You can spread out plastic toy bowling sets on the tables. It’s always a good idea to put up some decorations at the entrance that will sign the entrance to your party.

8. Huge Round Ball for Decoration 

You can hand a huge round ball with pasted round stickers to represent the bowling theme. 

9. Party Plates, Tablecloth, and Napkins 

When it comes to bowling birthday party plates, you can go for plain solid color paper plates, preferably red or black or white. Now paste dot stickers on these plates to give them a bowling ambiance. You can also spread out Polka dot tablecloths and put bright-colored napkins on the table. You can also make your treat table attractive. A few dots of frosting can turn donuts, Ding Dongs, cake balls into bowling balls.

10. Birthday cake 

Once you have set the table, let’s talk about the bowling party birthday cake and the food and drinks. It’s a nice idea to serve a cake that resembles a bowling ball and two pins. You can also go for a rectangular cake, frosted brown, which resembles a bowling lane. You can frost the cake and decorate it with bowling pin-shaped cookies. Cupcakes are the best choice for parties thrown for kids. There’s no mess involved, and you can easily hand them out and distribute them among everyone. You can get cupcakes in the form of bowling pins or balls. You can also make a themed cake. Cover every bit with round candies.

11. Food and drinks 

You can decorate milk or soda bottles like bowling pins by masking red tape around a white bottle. You can complement this with bowling-themed straws and ice in the shape of bowling pins or bowling balls with three holes. You can serve cookies cut in the shape of bowling pins or bowling balls or bake pizzas and sandwiches in the shape of bowling pins. You can also give a bowling-themed twist to regular water bottles – simply print bowling-themed labels to stick around the bottles.

12. Fun Activity “awards Banquet” 

These parties are full of entertaining fun activities, and bowling party games for kids. Usually, the kids spend the first half at the bowling alley, and then there’s the cake cutting and later activities. You can hand out trinkets as prizes following the food. Certificates and prizes can be given for the highest score, lowest score, swiftest ball, slowest ball, most times in the gutter, or whatever other idea you can come up with.

13. Ideas for Bowling Birthday Games 

You can check out the ideas for bowling birthday games, such as:

  • Race Against the Ball
  • Strike
  • Bingo Bowling
  • Crazy Bowling
  • Truth or Dare Bowling
  • Spare, Spare, Strike
  • Homemade Bowling
  • Water Bowling

14. Guessing Game 

You can fill a glass jar with tiny bowling pins. Ask your guests to assume how many pins are there in the jar. The guest who can guess the number closest to the correct number wins a prize.

15. Photo Booth 

Set up an attractive photo booth and let all your guests get themselves clicked there.

16. Trophies As Party Favors 

You can send all the kids feeling like champions. You can get small plastic trophies and write on them with a gold marker or paste stickers of gold letters. You write as if each one is a winner. You can package these in a way that they are easy to carry. You can put them in a gift bag. You can also put a cellophane bag and tie it with an attractive gold thread.

17. Plastic Bowling Sets As Party Favors 

You can get plastic bowling sets for kids. Look for hollow bowling pins. You can slightly cut the neck of the bowling pins and fill them up with favors and candies. Now close them by putting a red tape representing the real bowling pin. You can also get wooden bowling pins that are white. The kids can sign their names on their respective pins with a sharper. These pins make nice souvenirs.

18. Bowling Favor Boxes, Favor Tubes 

You can get bowling favor boxes. You can also take sleek favor tubes with bright red gumballs or some other favorite treat.

19. Themed Treats, Filled Cute Bags 

You can serve themed treats to your guests. You can keep a stack of glass containers and fill them with sweets. Put out cute bags, and let your guests pick their favorites and fill their bags.

20. Bowling-themed T-shirts As Favors 

As your guests enter the party, hand them a bowling-themed T-shirt. They can put these on during the party. Once the party gets over, they can take home the t-shirts as favors.

Apart from such ideas, you can also set a dress code for the party for all guests. Confused about the outfit ideas? Let’s quickly touch on what to wear to a bowling birthday party for children:

  • When you are attending a bowling party, a good choice will be to slip on a pair of jeans, capris, or shorts. It’s good to avoid something a little too short as you have to keep bending throughout the game.
  • For the top wear, you can wear short sleeves or tank tops. You can also turn plain prewashed t-shirts into signature tees by ironing bowling-themed decals onto the shirt. You can put on a jumper or sweater if it’s cold outside; you can always take it off after getting in.
  • When you pick your shoes to attend a bowling party, choose slick shoes made of rubber and leather. These shoes will help you slide while you roll your ball, and they will make your movement easier. The sliding movement is important, and if you stick to the floor in place of sliding, there’s a chance of injury. So, take care of picking out the right shoes while stepping out for a bowling party.

These dress code elements will get you in the bowling mood and make the party a guaranteed hit among all the guests.

Now that you have checked out all the amazing ideas and details above, you can go ahead with all the preparation required and throw a thrilling bowling birthday party for your child. Get the most amazing birthday bowling party favors for all your guests and watch them reminiscing about the party for months to come!

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