Top 100 Boy & Girl Names That Mean Fire

100 Names That Means Fire For Baby Boy And Girl

Trying to find a baby name inspired by fire is an interesting challenge. Naming your child with a name meaning fire could bring about a person who has the passion for things and would definitely make a difference in the world in a great way. The name itself will have power and shine in it, so your baby will surely be the flame of change.

Here is a list of baby names meaning fire. So, get ready to heat things up. The names are full of spunk. These names would make your baby very proud once they hit teenage years and grow up. Fire is an enigmatic element of nature, and your baby will be enigmatic, too, if named after this element. In some families, it is a tradition to name boys with names meaning fire.

Popular Fire Names For Boys

Boys are these little firecrackers which grow up to be feisty and passionate in life. So, choosing fire names for boys is an ideal thing to do when expecting a baby boy. Check out the list below and ease the process of choosing a name for your little one which means fire. The names are from varied origins and languages. They are cool and stylish too to suit the modern era.

Name Meaning
Aarush A name of Indian origin, this means “first rays of Sun”. When you wake up in the morning, your boy would certainly feel like it.
Admani A Sanskrit word which means “flames” or “burning fire”. A scintillating name for your sweet boy.
Agni This word has Sanskrit origins and it means “fire”. A hot name for the little cutie you have.
Agnideep A name of Indian origin, this means “Inflamed”. It has a regal touch to it which would go well with your royal child.
Agnivo This is a name of Indian origin with an international flair. It means “blaze of fire” and is perfect for your boy with lots of spark.
Aidan This word has Gaelic origins and means “Fire”. The Celtic God of the sun was called Aodh and Aidan is a pet name for the same.
Amarkeeri A Hindi name of Indian origin, it signifies “eternal flame”. The fire in your son’s heart will never die if he dons this name.
Anwar A name associated with fire which means “luminous” or “the one who dazzles”. It has Aarbic origins and is a befitting name for your dazzling boy.
Aodh This has Gaelic origin which means “fire”. This has an aristocratic feel to it and will sound dapper when you call your boy with this name.
Apollo In Greek mythology, this was the name of God Sun. A name which suits Leo boys really well but a great name for any sun sign.
Ardere The name is of Latin origin, and it means ‘to burn’.
Barak A name of Hebrew origin, it means “lightning”. It has biblical reference too as Barak was an ancient ruler from Israel.
Baskara This name has Indonesian origin and it means “Sun”. Your son is the sun in your life for sure.
Blaise The name is a spin on French word Blaise. Its homonym blaze is what this name denotes.
Blaze The name is of Latin origin and means ‘fire’. 
Brando An Italian name by origin, it means “fiery”. It has a macho touch to it and your son would love to be called by this name once he grows up.
Brantley It was used as a surname earlier in Old German but now this name has caught up as first name.
Brenton This is an English name and means “place near burnt land”. A very catchy 2 syllable name to give your son.
Citrabanu A name of Indian origin, it means “magnificent fire”. A gorgeous name for a baby boy which is very unique too.
Cole A name of English origin it means “coal black”. This name has depth in it and was also the name of King Cole, a British king.
Cyrus This means “Sun” in Persian language. It is a very popular name in Iran and also has international appeal.
Egan This has Irish origin with a sweet meaning, “little fire”. It sounds really smart and has a cool ring to it.
Elio The name is of Italian, Spanish, and Latin origins. It comes from the name Aelius and means ‘the sun’.
The name is of Manx origin and means ‘fair Lugh’. The name is derived from the Isle of Man’s pagan sun god, Lugh. 
Flint When you strike 2 stones you get flickers and that’s what this name means. A name with English origin, this sounds rough and tough and apt for your baby boy.
Haco The name is of Celtic origin, and it means ‘flame’. 
The name is of Spanish and Galician name originating from the Roman family name Egnatius. It means ‘born from the fire’. 
Ignatius It is a Latin name which means “fiery one”. This sounds very saintly and grave, a befitting name for your son.
Joash This is a biblical name with Hebrew origin which means “fire of Yahweh”. It has a spunky feel and very popular name these days.
Keahi This has Hawaiian origin and used widely as a name for baby boy. It means “flames”.
Langa This name originated in Nguni and means “Sun”. It is unique name which will make your child stand apart in a crowd.
Maccoy The name is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and it means ‘son of Hugh’. 
Mishal This is an Arabic name which means “torch bearer”. This has beautiful connotation with a lot of depth in it.
Mogotsi A name of Sesotho origin, its meaning is “builder of fire”.
Nuri The name is of Arabic origin, and it means ‘my fire’. 
Pele This name would inevitably remind everyone of the famous football player Pele. It is a Hawaiian name which stands for the “Goddess of fire”.
Phoenix An immensely popular and trending name it stands for the mythical bird that arose after being burnt down by fire. It has Greek origin and stands for immortality. A very powerful name to give to your son.
Prometheus In Greek culture, Prometheus is one of the Titans who is the god of fire. 
Titus It comes from Latin word “Titos” which means “to burn”. Your son with this name would have a burning desire for knowledge in life.
Tyson The name is of Old French origin and means Fire.
Popular Baby Girl Names Which Mean Fire
We have here a list of fire names for girls, which are trending and have strong traditional connections as well.

Popular Fire Names For Girls

We have here a list of fire names for girls, which are trending and have strong traditional connections as well.


Name Meaning
Aalish This name has Persian origins and it means “flame”. A sonorous name for your beautiful girl.
Adara A name of Hebrew origin this means “fire”. This melodious name is perfect for your girl. It was also a character in “Belgariad”.
Agnimitra An ancient Sanskrit word, it is the feminine form of Agni which means “friend of fire”. What a adorable meaning of a name which sounds grand.
Aithne The name is of Celtic origin, and it means ‘fire’. 
Aine This name has Celtic origins and means “fire” or “joy”. A lovely name to call your lovely girl.
Akosua The name denotes someone who was born on a sunday. 
Anala A name Indian by origin and means “fiery”. An apt name to give your feisty little girl.
Aonani This means “beautiful light”. A captivating name of Hawaiian origin, would suit your baby immensely.
Azar A Persian name which means either “scarlet” or “fire”. This name has beauty and passion both.
Bridget The name is an Irish name which is derived from a Gaelic noun. It represents the strength and vigour of fire.
The name is a modified version of the name Bridget. It, too, represents the strength and vigour of fire. 
Calida A Latin name by origin, it denotes “heated” or “fiery”. Your strong-willed girl would grow to love this powerful name.
Cinderella “A little ash girl” is what this pretty name means in French. This is also a famous fairy-tale character.
Conley A unisex name which goes well with both boys and girls. It has Gaelic origin and means “purifying fire”.
Cyra The meaning of the name is ‘Sun’ or ‘born in the light’.
Damini An Indian origin name, this means “Lightning”. Your little powerhouse is nothing short of lightning, so this is one befitting name.
Edana A name of Gaelic origin, it means “tiny flame”. It is a very sweet and charming name for your adorable baby.
Eilidh The beautiful name is of Scottish origin, which means ‘radiant one’. 
Electra A sparkling Greek name which means “the fiery Sun”. It oozes charisma and appeal.
Ember A name of English origin it has a beautiful connotation “the smoldering remains when fire extinguishes”. A glowing name indeed.
Enya This has Celtic origin and means “tiny fire”.  Full of sweetness, this is a fun name to give your baby girl.
Fiamma The name is of French origin and is a shorter version of the name Fiammetta. It means ‘little fiery one’. 
Fiammetta A French name which is rather unique name for fire.
Helia The name is of Greek origin and translates to ‘the sun’. It is used to describe people who have an irresistible aura. 
Hestia This has Greek origins and the goddess of chastity and hearth was called by this name.
Hotaru This one of the sweetest names associated with fire and has Japanese origin. It means “lightning bug” or “firefly”.
Idalia The name is of Greek origin, and it means ‘behold the sun’. 
Ignacia A name of Latin or Spanish origin it means “firebrand”. Perfect name for a girl with strong determinations.
Kalama A gorgeous name from Hawaiian origin, it means “torch of flame”. A name which sounds and means beautiful.
Kalinda This beautiful name is of Indian origin, and it means ‘the sun’. 
This unique name is of Hawaiian origin, and it means ‘flames’. 
Kiran A Sanskrit name by origin, it means “ray of light”. Your little girl is indeed that in your life.
Lebone This name has come from Africa and means “Light”. A wonderful and befitting name for your little girl.
Lesedi A Tswana name from Africa, it means “Light”. An apt name for your delightful girl.
Mckenna This name is usually used as a surname and means ‘son of Kenneth’. 
Mirri The name is gender-neutral in origin, and it means ‘the Sun’. 
Nomalanga An impressive name from Africa, it means “Sunny”. Your girl would definitely have a sunny disposition with this name.
Nuri A soft sounding name of Hebrew origin, this means “fire of the lord”.
Nuria This beautiful name is of Arabic origin, and it means ‘luminous’.
This unique name is of Latin origin and represents the Sun. 
Seraphina One of the names meaning fire spirit, this has Hebrew origins and means “fiery”. A passionate name with a lilt to it.
Shula This is an Arabic name which means “flame”. It is a delicate name for the delicate darling of yours.
Soleil This means “Sun” in French. Your beaming daughter is indeed like the bright Sun to you.
Sunniva The name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and mans ‘Gift of the Sun’. 
Tana This beautiful name is of American origin and means ‘fire’.
Udia This is a Hebrew name and means “Jehobah’s fire”. A very unique and sweet name for a baby girl.
Udipti The name is primarily of Hindu-Indian origin and means ‘fire’. 
Ugnė The name is of Lithuanian origin and is very popular in Lithuania. It means ‘fire’. 
Vesta The Roman Goddess of the hearth was called Vesta and this is a beautiful name for a baby girl.
Vulcan Vulcan is the name of the Roman god of fire.

Popular Gender Neutral Names Which Mean Fire

Below is a list of gender-neutral list of names for babies, which mean fire that you can choose from! 

Brand  The name is of Old Norse and Old English origin. It means ‘fiery torch’.
Hayden  Hayden is of Old English and German roots. The name means ‘fire’ but can also mean ‘of the hay fields’.
Keegan  The name is of Irish origin and means ‘son of fire’. 
Reese  This popular name is an anglicised spelling of the Welsh name Rhys. It means ‘ardent of fiery’. 
Solaris  This unique name is of Latin origin, and it means ‘of the Sun’. 
Tanwen  This beautiful name is of Welsh origin and means ‘holy fire’. 
Uri  This name is of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘my flame’. 
Ash  This short and simple name is derived from the Hebrew title Asher. It means ‘ash tree’. 
Pheonix The name comes from the name of a mythological bird from Greek. It means ‘to rise from ashes’. 
Liekki This name is very rare and means ‘flame’. 

This list of fire-themed names has been compiled by considering international names of different origins. We hope you loved rummaging through it and found the one which struck a chord with you.

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