153 Boy & Girl Names That Mean "Happy or Joy"

153 Boy & Girl Names That Mean “Happy or Joy”

Joy, happiness, and extreme pleasure are some of the emotions we feel after receiving news of the arrival of a baby in the house. Right from the day of pregnancy to the day your baby is born, and even after that, this overwhelming feeling of happiness keeps you going. Those tiny hands, cute little fingers and toes, and how can we forget magnificent eyes that draw everyone in, remind us of positivity and only the best things in life. The baby’s arrival begins a happy and prosperous journey for parents. So, why not name babies with names that mean ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’? A cute baby name that indicates happiness or joy will probably be the best gift you can give your baby. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, we have a handpicked list of top boy and girl baby names that mean happiness and joy that you can take inspiration from! 

Names for Baby Girl Meaning Happy or Joy 

The innocence, beauty, and vivaciousness of little girls are infectious. That’s why we recommend you name your little one from this lot of names that mean joyful. Plus, happy girl names are all the trend these days. Here we have the top girl names that mean joy! 

1. Abigail

A charming ancient name meaning ‘my father is joyful!’ According to the Old Testament, Abigail was the name of David’s wife, renowned for her wisdom and prophetic powers!

2. Ada

An adorable German name meaning ‘happy.’ It’s a variant of the characters Etta or Eda, which was introduced in the 18th century.

3. Aida

This beautiful Arabic name means ‘happy.’

4. Aine

Pronounced ‘Awn-ya’, this traditional Irish name is borrowed from the Celtic goddess of Prosperity and Summer and translates to ‘happiness and success.’

5. Alaia

A rare, unique, and classy name meaning ‘joyful and happy.’

6. Aleeza

It is a Jewish baby girl name with a distinct romantic charm! Aleeza or Aliza means ‘joyful.’

7. Allegra

A feminine version of the Italian adjective Allegro, which means ‘happy and jaunty.’

8. Beatrice

Shakespearean fans would love this name! Beatrice means ‘she who brings happiness.’

9. Beatrix

Beatrix is a popular female name of Latin origin. In Dutch, this beautiful name means ‘blessed’ and ‘she who brings happiness.’

10. Beeja

An Indian name of Hindi origin, this name stands for ‘new beginnings’ and ‘happiness.’

11. Bliss

‘Cheer, joy, and extreme happiness’ is what Bliss is all about! Isn’t it the perfect name?

12. Blythe

A unique and exotic name meaning ‘cheerful, happy, and carefree.’

13. Caia

Caia is a pretty and unique name meaning ‘to rejoice.’ It was the name of the Roman Goddess of Women and Fire.

14. Carol

Like Christmas carols, the name Carol means ‘song of happiness.’ It was quite popular during the 19th century but uncommon these days!

15. Caroline

A classic feminine Italian name meaning ‘strong and joyful.’ The nicknames Carol or Cara are often used for Caroline.

16. Chara

This name is as mystical as its meaning. Chara is the name of a constellation of stars that represents hunting dogs and is said to be the most likely host to extraterrestrial life! The name is of Spanish and Greek origin and means ‘joy.’

17. Delicia

Dating back to the Roman Empire, this name of Latin origin stands for ‘delight’ and is an older version of the name Alicia.

18. Delilah

Delilah is an elegant name of Hebrew origin with several meanings, including ‘delight’ and ‘temptress.’

19. Dilshad

Pronounced as DihL-SHAA-D, this worldly name means ‘joyous’ and happy heart.’

20. Dita

Dita means ‘happy and prosperous.’ The name is also common among Albanian-speaking people, for whom the name means ‘day.’

21. Duscha

An exotic Russian name meaning ‘happy’. A quirkier variant of Sascha, Duscha is a contemporary and charming name for your daughter.

22. Eda

A short and sweet name meaning ‘wealthy and happy’ – something you’ll always wish for your daughter!

23. Edith

A cute diminutive of Meredith, Edith means ‘happy warfare.’

24. Edna

Edna is a feminine name of the Hebrew origin. It means ‘pleasure’ and ‘delightful’.

25. Elza

Not to be confused with Elsa or Eliza, this name has Hebrew roots and means ‘God is my joy.’

26. Euroa

Taken from the indigenous Australian Ngurelban people, this magical name is Anglicised and means ‘joyful.’

27. Falisha

One of Felicia’s most harmonious and sweet variants, it means’ happy and fortunate.’

28. Farrah

An endearing Arabic name that means ‘happiness or joy.’ It’s quite common in Arabic, American, and Asian countries!

29. Felicia

Felicia is a name of Latin origin and has been borrowed from the name Felicity, which translates to ‘fortunate,’ ‘lucky,’ and ‘happy.’

30. Felicity

One of the trendiest names globally, Felicity means ‘fortunate and happy.’

31. Freyda

Also spelled Freida, this is a cool name of Yiddish origin meaning ‘joy.’

32. Geila

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘joy of the Lord!’ Another elegant variant of the name is Gila.

33. Giaconda

Also spelled Gioconda, this Italian name translates to ‘happy one’ and ‘light-hearted woman.’ It has a fascinating history behind it. Mona Lisa was married to a man named Giocondo and was given the moniker La Gioconda. The mysterious smile Mona Lisa is famous for has led to the name referencing happiness.

34. Gweneth

A cute Welsh baby name that means ‘fair and blessed,’ reflective of your affection for your bundle of joy.

35. Gwenyth

An alternative spelling to Gweneth, Gwenyth is a Welsh name meaning ‘happiness’ and ‘blessing’. Winnie is a nickname often used for this name.

36. Halona

It is a Native American name that’s rarely used these days. It means ‘happy fortune.’

37. Hana

A versatile name with various meanings and origins, translated into English, means ‘happiness.’ In Polish, it is the short version of Johana or Johanna, modified to Hanae in Japanese, which denotes a flower, ‘glow’ or ‘shine’ in Hawaiian, and a version of the Biblical name, Hannah.

38. Hani

A charming multicultural name of Hawaiian origin that means ‘joyful.’

39. Helga

Helga is a German or Scandinavian name which means ‘prosperous and successful’, leading to happiness for all doting parents.

40. Hillary

Hillary means ‘happy and cheerful.’ A famous bearer of the name is Hillary Clinton, the wife of Bill Clinton.

41. Ilaria

A unique and sophisticated variant of the name Hillary! It means ‘happiness.’ 

42. Joie

Joie is the French spelling of the English word ‘joy’ and is the perfect name for your bubbly baby!

43. Jovie

It is a sweet English name that’s as jovial as it sounds!

44. Jovonna

Jovonna is a Slavic origin name that means ‘happy,’ blessed,’ or ‘God is gracious.’ Jovonna is a variation of the name Jovie.

45. Joyce

Another refreshing addition to the list of happy and joyous names, Joyce was once quite famous all over. Celebrated author and poet Joyce Carol Thomas shares this moniker.

46. Jubilee

The name itself is a shoutout to happiness and joy! Jubilee is a beautiful name, perfect for your precious daughter.

47. Kalea

For all the precious flowers out there, this charming name of Hawaiian origin stands for ‘filled with joy’ and ‘happiness.’

48. Keiko

A cute and short Japanese name meaning ‘happy child.’

49. Kiki

Kiki is a quirky French name with an added pinch of Bohemian style. The name is a perfect suitor for today’s generation and means ‘double (the) happiness.’ 

50. Laticia

Happy girl names are the best gift a parent can give their daughters! Laticia is an English baby girl name that means ‘joyful and happy.’ Another adorable variant of the name is Letitia.

51. Leda

A Greek mythological name meaning ‘happy.’ Leda was the name of the mother of Helen of Troy, who was known for her beauty and wisdom!

52. Leta

The modern version of the Greek mythological name Leda, Leta is a short and wholesome name meaning ‘joyful’ and ‘glad.’

53. Letitia

It is a cute feminine name that’s exclusive and melodious! Letitia means joy. If you like playing with alphabets, you can customise it as Letizia!

54. Luana

If panache and quirk are your style, Luana is the perfect name to mirror it! Luana is an exotic Hawaiin name meaning ‘happy.’

55. Lykke

A trendy Danish-Scandinavian name that means ‘happiness and good fortune.’ It is pronounced as ‘Lou-Keh.’

56. Mabbina

Mabbina is an ancient Irish name meaning’ happiness.’

57. Maeve

Make sure you get the pronunciation right; it’s pronounced ‘may-ve.’ A lovely Irish name that translates to ‘the cause of great joy.’

58. Makenna

Makenna is an exotic African name that means ‘a person with a happy and cheerful personality.’ Makenna is a unisex name and was once quite popular on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

59. Marnie

This adorable name of Hebrew origin is usually a shortened form of Marnina and denotes ‘to rejoice.’

60. Merry

Any girl with such a delightful name is bound to find happiness wherever she goes!

61. Naomi

A delicate and melodious feminine name which means ‘cheerful and pleasant.’

62. Nara

There’s something quite alluring about Japanese names. Nara is one such name that means ‘happy.’

63. Nayo

Nayo is a name made for your ray of sunshine. This cute name is of African origin and stands for ‘She is our joy.’

64. Phylicia

Phylica is a stylised version of the name Felicia and is of Greek origin. It means ‘happy’ and ‘fortunate.’

65. Rafa

A gender-neutral diminutive of Raphael, which stands for ‘happiness and prosperity.’

66. Rena

If you are looking for a happy name that is also melodic, then this name is perfect for your baby girl! Rena is a Hebrew name meaning ‘joyous melody.’

67. Ronia

A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘joyous child.’ Other variants of this name include Ronya, Ronja, and Roniya.

68. Rowena

Latin names have a distinct charm and aura, don’t you agree? Rowena is a divine Latin name which means happy.

69. Seelay

It is a slightly unconventional name but remarkable nonetheless – especially if you want something rare and unique. It means happiness, something we can find in the smallest of things!

70. Trixie

A sassy and snazzy name that means ‘one who brings joy and happiness.’ Trixie can be used as a nickname of the name Beatrix.

71. Winifred

A timeless name of Old English origin, Winifred means ‘peace’ and ‘joy.’

72. Winnifred

An ancient English alternative of the name Winifred, meaning ‘happiness or joy.’ You can’t go wrong with this classic name!

73. Yuki

A gender-neutral name, Yuki is Japanese and means ‘happiness or snow.’ Yuki is a darling name which can be combined with another name to make it even more authentic!

Names for Baby Boy Meaning Happy or Joy

Names For Baby Boy Meaning Happy Or Joy

We haven’t forgotten about the dashing young boys! Here’s a list of traditional and modern baby boy names that mean happy!

1. Alan

Popular globally, Alan is the perfect Irish name for your handsome boy. It stands for ‘cheerful’ in Gaelic.

2. Ancel

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘happy.’

3. Anit

It’s a trendy name that’s quite unpopular these days! It means ‘unending joy.’ It is a jovial name for your little one.

4. Anschel

Anschel is a modified version of the Hebrew name Ancel. It is a charming boy’s name that means ‘happy’.

5. Arnan

A trendy Hebrew origin name which means ‘joyful.’

6. Ash

It is a fun gender-neutral boy name that means happy! It is of Hebrew origin and is used as a diminutive for many names like Asher, Ashley, Ashton, etc.

7. Asher

With Jewish roots, this name means ‘happy or fortunate.’ According to the Bible, Asher was the name of one of Jacob’s sons.

8. Bahjat

An Arabic-origin name, Bahjat, is less conventional these days! It means happiness and is perfectly suitable for your little ball of energy!

9. Bayo

Bayo is a light and reassuring name of African origin. It means ‘to find joy’ or ‘bringing joy.’

10. Bennett

A Christian baby boy name, meaning ‘blessed or lucky.’ A baby named Benett will never be short on his share of blessings and luck!

11. Caius

An adorable and appealing name that means ‘to rejoice’, this name would be loved by traditional parents!

12. Cayo

A traditional baby boy name from Spain meaning ‘rejoice.’ The perfect name if you are looking for something with style and splendour!

13. Denish

This name might remind you of the popular series Dennis the Menace! Denish is a trendy English modulation of the name that means ‘happy or joyful.’

14. Eden

Eden is an ancient Hebrew name that means ‘delight.’ It is the masculine version of the feminine name Edith. Another variant of the name is Aidan.

15. Edwin

The elegant name Edwin comes from the German name Edwyn, which means ‘happy friend.’

16. Edwyn

Edwyn is refashioned from the name Edwin. A cute nickname like Eddie or Ed would suit an Edwyn!

17. Faegan

An English baby name which means ‘joyful.’

18. Fane

If you want your son’s jovial and cheerful disposition, this name was tailor-made for him! It means ‘happy and joyous.’

19. Feliciano

A contemporary Italian version of the name Felix, Feliciano means ‘happy or fortunate.’

20. Felix

A Latin name which is quite popular in European countries. It means ‘happy or lucky.’ The name Felix is believed to be a lucky charm and was also borne by many saints!

21. Festus

As the name suggests, Felix stands for ‘festive.’ It is a conventional Latin name that’s used less often lately. A famous bearer of the name is the third president of Botswana, Festus Mogae.

22. Gae

A handsome and happy-go-lucky name which means ‘gay, cheerful, and blithe!’

23. Gaius

An ancient Latin name which means ‘to rejoice.’

 24. Gwyneth

Gwyneth is derived from the word gwynaeth, which means “happiness.” 

 25. Gil

A Hebrew name meaning’ happiness.’ The pronunciation of the name Gil is ‘Zheel.’

26. Gili

Gili is a cheerful Hebrew name meaning ‘my joy.’ It is pronounced as ‘gee-lee.’

27. Helier

A unique name only a few have heard of or used much, Helier is of Latin origin and means ‘happy and cheerful.’

28. Ike

A famous three-letter name that means ‘one who brings laughter.’

29. Issac

One of the most popular English names amongst parents that means ‘laughter and joy.’

30. Jay

An English baby name is short but memorable! Jay means ‘to rejoice.’

31. Jevin

The name Jevin refers to someone who is ‘joyful and brave.’

32. Joy

This three-letter, gender-neutral name will never lose its charm! As the name suggests, Joy is a happy and cheerful name that doesn’t even need a nickname!

33. Keyes

In the Hebrew version of Caius, Keyes means ‘to rejoice.’

34. Macario

A charming Spanish origin name meaning ‘happy and blessed.’ Another variant of the name is Makarios.

35. Maddox

Maddox has been a popular choice in the recent past and is a quirky name. It means ‘joy’ and ‘fortunate’. 

36. Marnin

Marnin is a friendly name of Hebrew origin. This name means ‘one who creates joy.’ It can also be shortened to give the cute nickname Marn.

37. Naim

Naim is of African, Arabic and Hebrew origin and is a dashing name that stands for ‘happy,’ ‘pleasant,’ and ‘joyous.’ It is pronounced ‘na-eem.’

38. Naom

The masculine counterpart of Naomi, Naom, is a modern Jewish name meaning ‘joy’ and ‘delight.’

39. Nario

Nario sounds rhythmic and musical (and rhymes with Mario, if you have a twin!). It is an Italian origin name meaning ‘cheerful and happy.’

40. Noam

Noam is a modern Jewish name that means ‘delight or joy.’

41. Onni

An exotic name of the Finnish origin, Onni means ‘happiness’ and ‘good luck.’

42. Oron

A short name that packs a punch! Oron is a friendly and joyful name meaning ‘happy.’

43. Raine

Raine is an unconventional gender-neutral name that has its roots in Hebrew.

44. Revel

Another gender-neutral American name, Revel, means to ‘rejoice’ and ‘celebrate.’

45. Ron

A succinct, impactful name, Ron stands for ‘joy.’

46. Ronel

An eccentric name of the Welsh origin, Ronel means ‘God’s joy’.

47. Ronelle

A typical Welsh origin name that means ‘joy of the lord.’ It’s a unique and sweet name if you are looking for one!

48. Ronli

Ronli is a wonderful name to celebrate your precious little one. It is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘joy is mine.’

49. Saeed

A Turkish-Arabic name which means ‘happy.’ Saeed is also the masculine version of the name Saida.

 50. Selig

A typical Jewish name meaning ‘happy or fortunate.’ Selig is a Yiddish word and quite a unique name for boys!

51. Shreyash

Shreyash is a common name amongst the Indian community worldwide and stands for ‘prosperity’ and ‘happiness.’

52. Simcha

A cute Hebrew name that means ‘joy.’ Simcha is a common name amongst Ashkenazic Jews. It was previously used for girls but has become more gender-neutral in the modern world.

53. Tate

It is an offbeat name that means ‘glad or cheerful.’ Tate is sometimes used for girl babies as well! The pronunciation of the name is ‘tayt.’

54. Tarub

Arabic names are pretty popular nowadays amongst young parents. Tarub is an Arabic origin name meaning ‘happy.’

55. Toshan

Toshan is a name of Indian origin that means ‘satisfaction.’ It’s a unisex name that suits a boy or a girl equally. It’s a common name amongst the Sikh and Hindu community in India.

56. Ullas

A traditional Indian name meaning ‘light or joyful.’ Ullas is a popular name amongst those who practice Hinduism.

57. Vidor

Vidor is a Hungarian name preferred by parents looking for a unique name for their son! It means ‘happy or joyful.’ A famous bearer of the name is King Vidor, an American film director listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a director with the longest career!

58. Vuyo

A classic Xhosa name meaning ‘happiness.’ The name Vuyo is perfect, as it does not need a nickname!

59. Whelan

If you are looking for a cheerful and appealing name that’s rare and unique, this one is for you! Whelan is an Irish name that means ‘happiness.’

60. Winston

A famous English name meaning ‘joy stone.’ This name became popular during the Second World War because of the renowned personality Winston Churchill!

61. Wynstan

A classic alternative of the name Winston, meaning ‘joy stone.’ Wynstan is less popular than its original counterpart.

62. Yudel

Another name inspired from an old Hebrew word meaning ‘jubilant.’ Yudel rolls off the tongue easily and is a contemporary choice for your munchkin!

63. Zahal

Names starting with ‘z’ are pretty rare to find! A Hebrew origin name, Zahal, means ‘joy.’

64. Zorion

A common yet suave Basque name that means ‘happiness!’

65. Zelig

A more accessible and stylish version of the name Selig, Zelig is becoming more favoured across the globe! The name Zelig means ‘blessed or happy.’

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Happy or Joy 

With the changing times, naming rules for babies have become more flexible, fun and unconventional – irrespective of your babies’ gender. Here’s a list of gender-neutral names that mean happy or joy for your bundle of joy. 

1. Aija

A modern version of the name Ayesha, this is an Indian origin name that stands for ‘melody’ and ‘joy.’

2. Cai

An interchangeable nabe of Welsh and Latin origin, this name translates to ‘rejoice’ or ‘happy’. It’s a fun Boho name that works for both boys and girls!

3. Felicio

A gender-neutral name for Felicio is a modification of the name Felicia. It is of Latin origin and stands for ‘happy,’ ‘fortunate,’ and ‘lucky.’

4. Gaille

For your smiling angel, this stylised version of the name Gail or Gale is perfect! It means ‘cheerful’ and ‘happy.’

5. Gayle

You might have guessed already, but this is another gender-neutral version of Gale/Gail. Of English origin, Gayle translates to ‘joy’ or ‘cheer.’

6. Helge

Something you all wish for your tiny tots, Helge is a fluid name with the meanings, ‘blessed,’ ‘holy,’ and ‘happy.’

7. Hilaire

The French form of the name Hilary or Hillary. It has been taken from the Latin word ‘hilarius’, which stands for ‘merry’ or ‘happy.’

8. Hilary

There are no surprises here; this is a gender-neutral baby name meaning ‘happiness or joy.’ It is of Latin origin.

9. Jacey

Jacey is a unisex name of American origin. It is said to have been derived from the Latin word Gaius, which means ‘happiness’. An alternative association is the Greek word Jace, which means ‘healer.’

10. Kiko

A flashy and gender-neutral substitute for the name Kiki, it is tailor-made to describe your adorable little one and stands for ‘rejoicing child’ and ‘hope’.

11. McKay

An eccentric name for your one-of-a-kind newborn, McKay is a name with Scottish roots that translates to ‘happy’ and ‘rejoicing’.

12. Sunny

The name is just as bright and dazzling as it sounds! The name sunny has been borrowed from the natural phenomenon and is of English origin.

13. Tait

Tait is a unisex modification of the name Tate. It is of Norse origin and means ‘cheerful.’

14. Wealthy

For all the future successful superstars out there, this is a no-brainer! The name Wealthy works as a good luck charm and refers to ‘blessings’ and ‘joy.’

15. Xinyi

This name is befitting for all the cute and cuddly babies out there! Of Chinese origin, Xinyi stands for ‘glad, joyous,’ ‘happy,’ and ‘harmony.’


1. What is the Significance of Choosing a Name That Means Happy or Joy for your Baby?

Your baby’s name is eternal and will indirectly reflect their life, character, and presence. You want to ensure that every time you call out your precious little one’s name, it evokes a sense of fulfilment, excitement, and contentment within you. Often, the name you choose for your child can also influence the perception of others, and hearing a happy or joyous name will garner a positive outlook from family, friends, and children alike.

2. What Should You Consider While Choosing a Baby Name That Means Happy or Joy?

When choosing a name for your munchkin that means happy or joy, there are a few things to consider. What significance do your culture, beliefs, and experiences play in your life? How would you like your baby’s name to reflect those values? Do you want to go with traditional names or prefer something contemporary? Would you like a name with easy nicknames or without one? Above all these questions, considering how much the meanings of all these names matter to you is essential.

As we wrap up our list, we congratulate you on life’s biggest blessing – your baby! The journey to parenthood is incredible and overwhelming! But once your baby enters this world, all you want to do is find a suitable name for your little gem. It can get tricky sometimes, but we are sure you’ll pick one that best represents your little munchkin. We hope this list of names has inspired you and that you find one perfect for your baby!

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