100 Sweet Baby Names That Mean Happy Or Joy

100 Sweet Baby Names That Mean Happy Or Joy

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Happiness is probably the best feeling which is with us throughout this incredible journey of parenting. Right from the day you know that you’re pregnant to the day your baby is born, and even after that, it’s this overwhelming feeling of happiness that keeps you going. Again, speaking of happiness and joy, it’s the same we wish for our kids too! A cute baby name that means happy or joy is probably the best gift you can give to your baby. So, here is a list of top 100 baby names that mean being happy and feeling joy!

Names For Baby Girl Meaning Happy or Joy

Read on to follow the classic baby girl names that mean happy or joy!

1. Abigail

A charming ancient name meaning ‘my father is joyful!’ According to the old testament, Abigail was the name of David’s wife, who was renowned for her wisdom and prophetic powers!

2. Aleeza

It is a Jewish baby girl name with a distinct romantic charm! Aleeza or Aliza means ‘joyful.’

3. Ada

An adorable German name meaning ‘happy.’ It’s the variant of the names Etta, or Eda which was introduced in the 18th century.

4. Allegra

A feminine version of the Italian adjective Allegro which means ‘happy and jaunty.’

5. Alaia

A rare, unique and classic name meaning ‘joyful and happy!’

6. Beatrice

Shakesperean fans would just love this name! Beatrice means ‘she who brings happiness.’

7. Blythe

A unique and exotic name meaning ‘cheerful, happy, and carefree.’

8. Bliss

‘Cheer, joy, and extreme happiness’ is what Bliss is all about! Isn’t it the perfect name?

9. Caia

Caia is a pretty and unique name meaning ‘to rejoice.’ It was the name of the Roman Goddess of women and fire!

10. Carol

Just like Christmas carols, Carol means ‘song of happiness.’ It was quite popular during the 19th century but uncommon these days!

11. Caroline

A classic feminine Italian name meaning ‘strong and joyful.’ A nickname of carol or cara would go well with Caroline!

12. Dita

Dita means ‘happy and prosperous.’ The name is also common in Albanian speaking people! In the Albanian language, it means ‘day.’

13. Duscha

An exotic Russian name meaning ‘happy!’ A more popular variant of the name Sascha, Duscha is a stylish and charming name for your daughter!

14. Edith

A cute diminutive of the name Meredith, Edith means ‘happy warfare.’

15. Eda

A short and sweet name meaning ‘wealthy and happy’ something you’ll always wish for your daughter!

16. Farrah

A cute Arabic name that means ‘happiness or joy.’ It’s quite common in Arabic, American and Asian countries!

17. Felicity

One of the most trending names all over the world, Felicity means ‘fortunate and happy!’

18. Falisha

One of the most harmonious and sweetest variants of the name Felicia, it means ’happy and fortunate.’

19. Freyda

A cool Yiddish origin name meaning ‘joy.’

20. Gale

Gale is a name well suited for girls with a cheerful and boisterous nature! It means ‘jovial or pleasant.’ Gale was derived from the French name Gail or Abigail!

21. Gweneth

A cute Welsh baby name that means ‘fair and blessed,’ something that you would always hope and pray for your baby!

22. Geila

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘joy of the Lord!’ Another beautiful variant of the name is Gila!

23. Helga

Helga is a German or Scandinavian origin name which means ‘prosperous and successful’ something that leads to happiness!

24. Hillary

Hillary means ‘happy and cheerful!’ A famous bearer of the name is Hillary Clinton wife of Bill Clinton.

25. Halona

A Native American name that’s pretty uncommon these days. It means ‘happy fortune.’

26. Ilaria

A unique and stylish variant of the name Hillary! It means ‘happiness!’

27. Jovie

It is a sweet English name that’s short and slightly uncommon!

28. Joyce

Another refreshing variant of the happy and joyous names Joyce was once quite famous all over! One of the well-known personalities of the name is the author Brenda Joyce!

29. Jubilee

The name itself is a shoutout to happiness and joy! Jubilee is a beautiful name perfect for your daughter.

30. Jovonna

Jovonna is a Slavic origin name that means ‘happy, blessed or god is gracious.’ Jovonna is a variation of the name Jovie.

31. Keiko

A cute and short Japanese name meaning ‘happy child.’

32. Lykke

A trendy Danish-Scandinavian name that means ‘happiness and good fortune.’ It is pronounced as ‘Lou-Keh.’

33. Laticia

Happy girl names are the best gift a parent can give to their daughters! Laticia is an English baby girl name that means ‘joyful, and happy.’ Another cute variant of the name is Letitia.

34. Leda

A Greek mythological name meaning ‘happy.’ Leda was the name of the mother of Helen of Troy, who was known for her beauty and wisdom!

35. Letitia

It is a cute feminine name that’s exclusive and melodious! Letitia means joy! If you like playing with the alphabets, go for Letizia!

36. Luana

If panache and the exotic name is your style then go for it! Luana is an exotic Hawaiin name meaning ‘happy!’

37. Merry

Any girl with such a cute name is bound to find happiness wherever she goes!

38. Maeve

Make sure you get the pronunciation right, it’s spelt as ‘may-ve.’ A cute Irish name that means ‘cause of great joy.’

39. Mabbina

Mabbina is an ancient Irish name meaning ‘happiness.’

40. Makenna

Makenna is an exotic African origin name that means ‘a person with a happy and cheerful personality.’ Makenna is a unisex name and was once quite popular in the Hawaiin island of Maui

41. Nara

There’s something super cool about the Japanese names! Nara is a Japanese origin name that means ‘happy.’

42. Naomi

A delicate and melodious feminine name which means cheerful and pleasant.’

43. Ronia

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘joyous child.’ Other variants of this name include Ronya, Ronja, and Roniya.

44. Rowena

Latin names have a distinct charm and aura, don’t you agree? Rowena is a beautiful Latin name which means happy or joyful.

45. Rafa

Do you remember the name, Raphael? Well, it might seem that Rafa is a diminutive of the name Raphael. It means ‘happiness and prosperity.’

46. Rena

If you are looking for a happy name with the beauty of melody attached to it, then this name is perfect for your daughter! Rena is a Hebrew name meaning ‘joyous melody.’

47. Seelay

A slightly unconventional name but perfect if you’re looking for something rare and unique. It means happiness, something that’s hard to find these days!

48. Trixie

A sassy and stylish name that essentially means ‘one who brings joy and happiness.’ Trixie can be a nickname of the name Beatrix.

49. Winnifred

An ancient English name meaning ‘happiness or joy.’ This name is simply one of the favourite classic names of all times!

50. Yuki

A unisex name, Yuki is a Japanese name which means ‘happiness or snow.’ Yuki is a cute name which can either be combined with another name to make it unique!

Names For Baby Boy Meaning Happy Or Joy

Names For Baby Boy Meaning Happy Or Joy

Happy boy names are very much in trend these days. Here we have 50 boy names that mean joy!

1. Ash

It is a fun unisex boy name that means happy! It’s originally a Hebrew name which is a diminutive of many names like Asher, Ashley, etc.

2. Ancel

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘happy.’

3. Arnan

A trendy Hebrew origin name which means ‘joyful.’

4. Asher

A Jewish origin name meaning ‘happy or fortunate.’ Asher was the name of one of the sons of Jacob according to the Bible.

5. Anit

A trendy name that’s quite unpopular these days! It means ‘joyful unending.’ Isn’t it a unique name with a beautiful meaning?

6. Bennet

A Christian baby boy name meaning ‘blessed or lucky.’ A baby who is named Benett will never be short of his share of blessings and luck!

7. Bahjat

An Arabic origin name, Bahjat is slightly unconventional these days! It means happiness perfectly suitable for your little bundle of joy!

8. Cayo

A simple classic name which is originated from Spain, meaning ‘rejoice.’ A perfect name if you are looking for a unique name with style and splendour!

9. Caius

An adorable and appealing name which would be loved by traditional parents!

10. Denish

This name might remind you of the popular series Dennis the menace! Denish is a trendy English name that means ‘happy or joyful.’

11. Eden

Eden is an ancient Hebrew name that means ‘delight.’ Eden is the masculine version of the feminine name Edith. Another variant of the name is Aidan!

12. Edwyn

A German baby name meaning ‘happy friend.’ A cute nickname of Eddie or Ed would go well with Edwyn!

13. Felix

A Latin name which is quite popular in European countries. It means ‘happy or lucky.’ The name Felix is believed to have a lucky omen and was also the name borne by many saints!

14. Fane

If you want a happy and cheerful disposition for your son, then this name would suit him best! It means ‘happy and joyous.’

15. Festus

A classic Latin name that’s quite uncommon these days! Another famous bearer of the name is the third president of Botswana, Festus Mogae.

16. Feliciano

A stylish Italian version of the name Felix, Feliciano means ‘happy or fortunate.’

17. Faegan

An English baby name which means ‘joyful.’

18. Gil

A cute Hebrew name meaning ‘happiness.’ The pronunciation of the name is ‘zheel.’

19. Gae

A short and cute happy-go-lucky name which means ‘gay, cheerful, and blithe!’

20. Gale

A classic Irish name which means ‘happy and cheerful.’ Gale is also the male version of the name Abigail.

21. Gaius

An ancient Latin name which means ‘to rejoice.’

22. Gili

Gili is a cheerful Hebrew name meaning ‘my joy.’ It is pronounced as ‘gee-lee.’

23. Isaac

One of the most popular English name that means ‘laughter and joy.’

24. Ike

A famous three-letter name that means ‘one who brings laughter.’

25. Jay

An English baby name starting with J is quite rare! Jay means ‘to rejoice.’

26. Jevin

Jevin is someone who is ‘joyful and brave.’

27. Joy

This particular three-letter name will never lose its charm! Joy, as the name suggests, is a happy and cheerful name that doesn’t even need a nickname!

28. Keyes

The Hebrew version of Caius, Keyes means ‘to rejoice.’

29. Macario

A cute Spanish origin name meaning ‘happy and blessed.’ Another variant of the name is Makarios.

30. Noam

Noam is a new Jewish name that means ‘delight or joy.’

31. Nario

Mario and Nario sound rhythmic and musical, Nario is an Italian origin name meaning ‘cheerful and happy.’

32. Oron

A friendly joyful name meaning ‘happy.’

33. Raine

Raine is a common unisex name that has Hebrew origin!

34. Ron

A short and cute name that means ‘joy.’

35. Ronelle

A typical Welsh origin name that means ‘joy of the lord.’ It’s a unique and sweet name if you are looking for one!

36. Selig

A typical Jewish name meaning ‘happy or fortunate.’ Selig is a Yiddish word and quite a unique name for boys!

37. Saeed

A Turkish-Arabic name which means ‘happy.’ Saeed is also the masculine version of the name Saida.

38. Simcha

A cute Hebrew name that means ‘joy.’ Simcha is a common name amongst Ashkenazic Jews which was previously used for girls, but now it’s also used for boys!

39. Tate

A cute name that means ‘glad or cheerful.’ Tate is sometimes even used for girl babies but looks cute on boys! The pronunciation of the name is ta-te.

40. Tarub

Arabic names are quite popular these days! Tarub is an Arabic origin name meaning ‘happy.’

41. Toshan

It is an Indian origin name that means satisfaction. It’s a unisex name that would suit a boy or a girl equally. It’s a common name amongst the Sikh and Hindu religion people in India!

42. Ullas

A traditional Indian origin name meaning ‘light or joyful.’ Ullas is quite a popular name in the Hindu religion.

43. Vuyo

A classic Xhosa name meaning ‘happiness.’ Vuyo is one such name which does not even need a nickname!

44. Vidor

A Hungarian origin name, Vidor is a name preferred by parents looking for a unique name for their son! It means ‘happy or joyful.’ A famous bearer of the name is King Vidor, an American director who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a director with the longest career!

45. Winston

A famous English name meaning ‘joy stone.’ This name became popular during the Second World War because of the renowned personality Winston Churchill!

46. Whelan

IF you are looking for a cheerful and appealing name that’s unique and not popular, then this one is for you! Whelan is an Irish name that means ‘happiness.’

47. Wynstan

A classic alternative of the name Winston, meaning ‘joy stone.’ Wynstan is not as popular as it’s an original name though!

48. Yuki

A classic Japanese name that means ‘happy or snow.’ It’s a unisex name and suits both girls and boys!

49. Zahal

Names starting with ‘z’ are quite rare to find! A Hebrew origin name, Zahal means ‘joy.’

50. Zorion

A common Basque name that means ‘happiness!’

51. Zelig

A more accessible and stylish version of the name Selig, Zelig is quite famous all across the globe! The name Zelig means ‘blessed or happy.’

We would like to congratulate you on life’s biggest blessing – your baby! The journey to parenthood is incredible and overwhelming! But once the baby pops out, all you want to do is find a suitable name for your little gem! It can get tough at times, but we are sure you’ll be able to manage! We hope that all the above names are to your liking and you find one that’s just perfect for your baby! We wish you all the best for the same!

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