150 Muslim Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

There are many wonderful Muslim names for boys and girls. In this article, we have compiled 150 Muslim names for boys. If you have recently given birth to a baby boy and are looking for Muslim names for him, then select one from our list.

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Unique Islamic Baby Boy Names

Having several names to pick from can make it tough to find a unique name for your baby. Listed below are several options, whether you are looking for a name with panache or uncommon boy names that have swag:

Askary Army or soldier.
Azamat A proud man; it also means grandeur.
Alyan Great; high; and one who climbs upwards.
Bahat Flawless, pure, and spotless.
Basili Courageous.
Baqer A man of knowledge.
Einas To be at peace.
Fardan The one who is unique.
Fatihi Conqueror.
Fuzail Praiseworthy and generous.
Ghuraib Gold or silver.
Habrur It means living in luxury or blessed.
Hanan Gracious and compassion.
Harees Keen, willing, and desirous.
Hibr Ink, scholar, or a virtuous man.
Idris A prophet and a fiery leader.
Ilhan To say something with eloquence and to read beautifully.
Iqdam Courageousness.
Israr Determination, resolve, and, firmness.
Iyad Support and a powerful person.
Jazeel Fabulous, tremendous, and great.
Kamil Whole and complete.
Kashaaf Finder or the discoverer.
Khateeb Speaker.
Lazim In demand or sought after.
Maatuq One who is free.
Maaz An Arabic name meaning shelter or refuge.
Mirzai Content, satisfied, and one who gains the approval and satisfaction of others.
Muyassir One who makes something easy or possible.
Nahyan One who prevents or discourages others from doing bad things or one who has reached the heights of wisdom.
Natiq Articulate and clear and apparent.
Oraibi Keen, perceptive, intelligent, and, one who has vision.
Owaib One who repents.
Parsa Pious and virtuous.
Qamar The moon and bright and radiant like the moon.
Qudair Judgement.
Rafan Graceful.
Rayan One who is satisfied.
Sawlat Influential or commanding.
Shaharyar A king.
Tabish Warmth or brilliance.
Turhan Of mercy.
Umran Prosperity.
Uzair The name of a Prophet.
Wajih Noble and eminent
Yazed To grow or increase.
Yaqeen Faith and belief.
Zafar Triumph or victory.
Zarrar A great Muslim warrior.
Zubair A wise and intelligent person.

Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names

If you are in search of modern Muslim names for your baby boy, check the list below.

Abbas Stern; lion.
Adnan Paradise.
Azam One who is the greatest of all.
Basheer One who brings good news; a bearer of good tidings.
Basil One who is fearless and brave. A variant of this name is Baseel.
Basim Smiling.
Dawood One who is a beloved friend.
Dilbar Lover.
Eijaz Miracle.
Farhan Cheerful, Joyful, or happy.
Faraz Divine.
Fawad Heart.
Ghalib A person who wins a competition or fight.
Ghazi A fighter or a warrior.
Hafeez Protector. A variant of this name is Haffaz.
Hamid The one who deserves praise.
Hashim Destroyer of evil. A variant of this name is Hashaam.
Hussain Handsome.
Ihsan Benevolence, kindness, and generosity.
Irshad Order or guidance.
Izhar Express.
Jamil Handsome.
Javed Immortal.
Kabir The great.
Kaizer An emperor.
Kasim Lovely.
Latif Variety.
Mahir Skilful.
Mahtab Moon.
Murad Desire.
Nadeem Friend.
Nadir Precious.
Nafees Pure.
Rafeeq A kind friend.
Rayhan Fragrance.
Riaz Practise.
Rizwan A messenger of good news.
Sameer A pleasant companion.
Shadab Fresh.
Sharif A gentleman.
Shaukat Richness.
Sohail Moonlight.
Tahir Holy.
Tariq Morning star.
Tuhin Snow.
Umar Life; age.
Waseem Handsome.
Yasir Wealthy.
Zaheer Supporter.
Zain Good light.

Popular Islamic Baby Boy Names

Some names that have become popular Muslim baby boy names lately are listed below:

Aidan Intelligent.
Amam Protection.
Anzar An angle of paradise.
Aymaan Lucky.
Bashar A bearer of good tidings.
Behzad Caring and honest.
Danish Intelligent.
Dayyan A mighty ruler.
Dinar Grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
Ehsas Feel.
Faiz Prosperous or successful.
Fardeen Incomparable.
Faseeh Eloquent.
Gauhar Precious stone.
Gulzar Garden.
Hadi A guide.
Haider Lion.
Himayat Support.
Ibaad Worshiper.
Ilahi Divine.
Isam Protector.
Jafri A yellow flower.
Jazib Attractive.
Junaid A warrior whose strength equals that of an army.
Kaysan Wise.
Khurram Delightful.
Moin Spring fountain.
Munaf Exalted.
Nabil Noble.
Noor Light of Allah.
Ozhan Thrower.
Parvez Peace.
Pir Wise man.
Qutub Tall.
Qazi Judge.
Rauf Kind and merciful.
Raza Handsome.
Raees Rich.
Saahil Guide, support.
Saif Sword.
Shaan Pride.
Tameez Manners.
Talib Student.
Wajeeh Commanding personality.
Wasif Virtuous man.
Wali Guardian.
Zahi Bright.
Zafer Victorious.
Zeeshan Of high standards.
Zimar Reputation.

Tips for Choosing a Meaningful Muslim Name for Your Baby Boy

In traditional Muslim families, babies are given a name on the seventh day of their birth. Many Muslims choose Arabic names for their babies. Here is what you should keep in mind while choosing a name for your baby.

  • Opt for a boy’s name that has the prefix ‘Abd’ to indicate servitude to god.
  • Choose a name after Prophets and righteous men.
  • The name you choose should not promote vanity and pompousness.
  • Avoid choosing names that bear connotation to bad omens or names that belong to immoral people.

It is important for Muslims to take into consideration the restrictions and suggestions made by eminent scholars before they pick a name for their child.

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