Top 85 Names That Mean Rainbow for Boys & Girls

85 Rainbow Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Some babies have a tough journey until their birth. The beautiful calm after a physical and emotional storm is a relief and feels like a colourful rainbow after the dark clouds have cleared up! Those babies are also rightly referred to as ‘rainbow babies’. If your infant is a rainbow baby and you’re looking for a powerful name for him/her, here is a list to choose from. In this article, we will not only focus on the names that directly mean rainbow but also look at the aspects we usually relate rainbows with – hope, light, blessings, miracles, joy, life, gratitude, etc.

35 Rainbow Baby Names for Girls With Meanings

These names are delightful and perfect for the little souls who have filled the life of several couples with the colours of hope and love. Here are some popular names for the girl child that are inspired by the rainbow.

Names Meaning Hope or Ray of Light

  1. Asha: This name has dual meanings as ‘hope’ in Sanskrit and ‘life’ in Swahili.
  2. Alina: Alina is a beautiful Greek name which means ‘light’.
  3. Evelyn: This is a Hebrew name which means ‘wished-for child’. If you’ve ever wished upon a rainbow, you’ll know how beautifully relevant this name is.
  4. Nadia: This name originates from Nadezhda, a Slavic word which meaning ‘hope’.
  5. Helena: This one has a Greek origin, and it means ‘shining bright’.

Names Meaning Blessings or Miracle

  1. Ayah: This name means ‘miracle’, and has an Arabic origin. It also means ‘sign from God’.
  2. Anjali: Anjali is a Sanskrit name which means ‘gift’.
  3. Gwyneth: This name has a Welsh origin and means ‘blessed’.
  4. Karishma: This name has an Indian origin, and it means ‘miracle’.
  5. Mirai: This name means ‘miracle’ has origins in Basque and perfect for a rainbow girl.

Names Meaning Precious or Beloved

  1. Amy: This one is a French name, and it means ‘beloved’ or ‘dearly loved’.
  2. Alaine: This name also has a French origin, and it means ‘precious’. It is a derivative of Alana.
  3. Mia: Mia means ‘beloved’ in Danish, and in Italian, it means ‘mine’.
  4. Nina: Nina is an English baby name meaning ‘priceless’ or ‘grace’.
  5. Priya: It is an Indian name with Sanskrit origin that means ‘beloved’.

Names Meaning Joy

  1. Abigail: Abigail is a Hebrew baby name which means ‘gives joy’.
  2. Alisa: A Hebrew name which means ‘great happiness’.
  3. Beatrice: This name has an Italian origin, and it means ‘she who brings joy’.
  4. Joie: The name has a French origin, and it means ‘joy’.
  5. Maeve: This name has an Irish origin. It means ‘great joy’.

Names Meaning Power and Life

  1. Avita: This name has Spanish origins, and it means ‘Life’.
  2. Bree: This name means ‘power’ or ‘strength’, and has Irish origins.
  3. Evie: Evie has Hebrew origins and means ‘life’ or ‘lively’.
  4. Matilda: The name Matilda has German origins and means ‘power’ or ‘might’.
  5. Trudy: This one is a powerful name with German origins. It means ‘universal strength’.

Names Meaning Grateful

  1. Hannie: Hannie has German origins and means ‘thankful’ or ‘merciful’.
  2. Thana: This name has an Islamic origin and means ‘thankfulness’.
  3. Mako: Mako is a Japanese name which means ‘grateful woman’.
  4. Jendayi: This is an African name which means ‘thankful’.
  5. Aissa: It is an African girl name which means ‘grateful’.

Other Rainbow Girl Names

  1. Aveline: Name with a French origin meaning ‘desired’ or ‘beautiful bird’.
  2. Annabella: Annabelle is a beautiful baby girl whose name combines the Latin word ‘Anna’ and the French word ‘Belle’. It means ‘favoured grace’. 
  3. Bridget: Bridget has Gaelic and Irish roots. It is a feminine name derived from the classical word brígh, which means ‘power or strength’. Another meaning of this name is ‘the exalted one’.
  4. Coral: Coral is a baby girl’s name that has Latin origins. It means ‘sea growth’. A coral is a gorgeous landscape growing underwater with vibrant splashes of colorful fish and reefs. 
  5. Iris: This is one of the most popular girl names that mean ‘rainbow’. It has a Greek origin.
  6. Iridiana: This is another one with Greek origins that means ‘a rainbow’.
  7. Felicity: Felicity is a beautiful baby girl name having English roots. It means ‘happiness’. It is also derived from the classical Latin Felicitas, which means ‘luck and good fortune’.
  8. Evangeline: This is a beautiful rainbow baby name meaning ‘the messenger of good news’.
  9. Eleanor: This name has Hebrew roots. It means ‘God is my light’.
  10. Phoebe: Phoebe is a Greek origin name that means ‘radiant and bright’. It also refers to the famous Greek Sun God – Phoebus and Apollo. 

35 Rainbow Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

Your rainbow baby boy deserves a name as colourful and bright as a rainbow. Choose one from the list below and give a start to a hopeful and lovely life.

Names Meaning Hope or Ray of Light

  1. Amal: This name has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘hope’.
  2. Ambert: This one is a name with a German origin. It means ‘bright’ or ‘shining light’.
  3. Saul: This is a Hebrew name with Biblical origins that means ‘prayed for’.
  4. Kiran: This is a name of Indian origin. It means ‘ray of light’.
  5. Meyer: This name has Jewish origins, and it means ‘the bright one’.

Names Meaning Blessings or Miracle

  1. Bennet: Originating from the Latin name Benedictus, the name means ‘blessed’.
  2. Asher: Asher is a name with a Hebrew origin which means ‘blessed’ or ‘fortunate’.
  3. Aaron: This name has an English origin which means ‘miraculous’.
  4. Sachi: Sachi is a name with Japanese origin, and it means ‘miracle’.
  5. Winifred: This one is a name with Welsh origin, and it means ‘blessed peacemaking’.

Names Meaning Precious or Beloved

  1. Anmol: Anmol is a Hindi name of Indian origin which means ‘precious’ or ‘priceless’.
  2. Abrik: Abrik is a Hindu boy name which means ‘precious like gold’.
  3. Aziz: Having Arabic origins, this name means ‘beloved’.
  4. Chellan: It is a baby boy name of Hindu origin, and it means ‘precious’.
  5. Darrell: Darrell was a popular beach boy name in the 1960s. It means ‘beloved’.

Names Meaning Joy

  1. Cayo: Cayo has Spanish origins. It means ‘rejoice’.
  2. Issac: This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘laughter’ or ‘joy’.
  3. Felix: Felix has Latin origins and means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’.
  4. Gil: This name has Hebrew origins and means ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.
  5. Zorion: This futuristic-sounding name has Portuguese origins. It means ‘happiness’ or ‘happy’.

Names Meaning Power and Life

  1. Aadi: This name of Indian origin means ‘first’ or ‘beginning’, or ‘the first source of life’.
  2. Amar: Amar is a name of Indian origin. It means ‘long life’.
  3. Bernard: This name has German origins and means ‘strong as a bear’.
  4. Oscar: Oscar has English origins and means ‘diving strength’, ‘God spear’, or ‘champion warrior’.
  5. Remo: Remo is an English boy name which means ‘strength’.

Names Meaning Grateful

  1. Hammood: This is an Arabic name which means ‘grateful’ or ‘thankful’.
  2. Haamid: This name has African origins and means ‘grateful’.
  3. Reiko: Reiko is a Japanese boy name which means ‘grateful’.
  4. Timo: Timo is a rainbow-themed boy name that has both German and Finnish origins. It means honouring God by being grateful for His blessings.
  5. Yadon: Yadon has Hebrew origins and means ‘thankful’.

Other Rainbow Boy Names

  1. Cyan: Cyan is a beautiful baby boy name having English origins. It means ‘greenish blue in color’.
  2. Walken: This is a popular Greek boy name that means ‘rainbow’.
  3. Keshet: Keshet is a unique baby boy name meaning ‘the rainbow’. This name is also reminiscent of the Persian word Kismet, which means ‘rainbow’.
  4. Ralph: Originating from the Hebrew name Raphael, it means ‘God has healed’.
  5. Nathaniel: Nathaniel is a Greek version of the Hebrew name Netan’el. It means ‘Gift of God’.
  6. Phelipe: Phelipe is a Spanish word and is the variant of Philip, derived from the common Greek adjective Philippos. It means ‘A friend of horses’.
  7. Lucien: This one is a French name which means ‘light’.
  8. Rory: Rory is a baby boy name having Gaelic roots. It is the anglicised version of the Irish word Ruairí Or Ruaidhrí. It is also derived from the Scottish word Ruairidh. It means ‘the red king’. 
  9. Tumaini: Tumaini is a popular baby boy name with Swahili origins and means ‘hope’.
  10. Walken: This popular Greek boy’s name means ‘rainbow’.

Gender Neutral Baby Names Inspired By Rainbow

  1. Atlas

Atlas is a beautiful unisex name rooted in Greek mythology. It means ‘to carry’. Atlas was the name of a mythical Greek God who carried the whole world’s weight on his shoulders.

2. Joie

Joie is a unique gender-neutral name having French roots. It means ‘joy.’ This sweet and short name is derived from the popular French name Joséphine, which means ‘Jehovah increases.’

3. Jesse

Jesse has English and Dutch roots. This name is derived from the original Hebrew word Yishai which means ‘God’s gift’ or ‘The King.’

4. Mirai

Mirai is a sweet Japanese name which means ‘The future.’ This gender-neutral name comes from the Sino-Japanese vocabulary. 

5. Shay

Shay is a short and sweet gender-neutral name having Gaelic roots. It means ‘fortunate’ or ‘admirable’.


This list has some of the most unique and powerful baby names for rainbow boys and girls. We hope your search for a perfect rainbow baby name ends here. A beautiful name is the most precious gift you can give your little bundle of joy.

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