40 Unique Sci-Fi and Fantasy Names for Girl Babies

40 Unique Sci-Fi and Fantasy Names for Girl Babies

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Sci-fi and fantasy names come straight from the movies. But what if we tell you to think outside the box and dig deeper? If you’re looking for names that exude a sense of mystery, awe, magic, and charm, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up a list of unique fantasy girl names that will truly get heads turning soon.

Cool Sci-Fi and Fantasy Baby Girl Names

If you’re searching for creative or innovative sci-fi girl names, then be sure to go through our list below. Sci-fi names give your daughter a timeless appeal and often have a futuristic feeling to them.

Name Meaning
Alia Alia is a telepathic character who is an assassin in Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune.’
Alura A fictional character who is the Kryptonian daughter of In-Zee and the mother of Supergirl. Its meaning is ‘godlike advisor.’
Anastasia Anastasia is an Officer Crew Specialist in Battlestar Galactica, one of the most famous American science fiction television series.
Aeryn A female Sebacean character who appears in the TV series Farscape.
Athena Athena appears in Battlestar Galactica who served as both a bridge officer and a pilot in the series.
Axton Axton means ‘sword stone’ and although a bit masculine, it’s also given to baby girls due to its modern and fresh vibes. It’s also the name of the lead character and hero in Borderlands 2.
Beverly Beverly Crusher is a fictional character who appears in Star Trek where after the Arvada III disaster, she became a doctor in the series.
Barbarella A young woman who travels from planet to planet in search of various adventures, based off the French science fiction comic book by the same name.
Clara A fictional character who appears in Doctor Who, she served as a companion to the alien time traveller ‘the Doctor.’
Callidora Callidora is a minor character in the children’s fantasy series Harry Potter.
Caulifla Caulifla is a female super saiyan who appears in the sci-fi martial arts anime series Dragon Ball Super. It is a name of Japanese origin.
Dasha A unique and futuristic name for a baby girl. Dasha is also Masha’s cousin from the Masha and Bear series.
Diana An Amazonian-Olympian warrior who plays the role of Wonder Woman in the DC Cinematic Universe.
Elise A non-player character (NPC) who handles raid battle requests in Brave Frontier Global. The meaning of Elise is ‘God is my oath.’
Eretria Eretria is the predominant character in The Shannara Chronicles. She reveals her compassionate side through the course of the novel.
Echo Echo is a character’s name in the Sci-fi series Dollhouse. It’s a rare name that’s fun, cool, and unique.
Ezri Another jewel from the Star Trek series, she is a  character who serves as a counselor onboard the Bajoran space station ‘Deep Space Nine.’
Elora Elora is a gifted child who was born with a specific mark. She is the tertartagonist of Willow.
Ender Originally, a boy’s character in Ender’s Game who’s destined to be a great military tactician, it also makes for a cute name for a baby girl.
Eilonwy Princess Eilonwy is a fictional character from The Chronicles of Prydain. The name is also of Welsh origin and translates to ‘deer’ or ‘stag.’
Era Era refers to a long period of history that was distinct or notable. The name is used in many fantasy-based games as well.
Eowyn The character Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings was a proud and beautiful shieldmaiden of Rohan, and was one of the much-loved characters of the trilogy.
Flora The meaning of the name is ‘flower’ in Latin. Flora refers to one of the founding members of the Winx Club.
Inara Inara Serra is a sci-fi character from the motion picture TV series Firefly.
Iris According to its Greek origins, Iris refers to ‘rainbow.’ It also refers to news reporter Iris West from the CW Sci-fi series, ‘The Flash.’
Luna Luna Lovegood was a delightful character in the Harry Potter series, with a distinct fashion sense.
Leta Leta means ‘glad, joyful’ and is of Latin origin. It also refers to Leta Lestrange in the Harry Potter series who was known for being a female pure-blood witch.
Katniss Katniss is the protagonist of the most popular Hunger games series. The shortened version of this name ‘Kat’ would make for a sweet nickname for your little one.
Kara Kara refers to Kara Danvers who plays Supergirl. The meaning of Kara is ‘beloved one’ or ‘dearest.’
Mazarine Mazarine Ford played as Alison in the movie Reflector (2016).  The name is of French origin and refers to the deep blue colour.
Nerys Nerys is of Welsch origin and means ‘uncertain.’ It also refers to the fictional character Kira Nerys in the Star Trek series.
Nyx Nyx was the Greek goddess of the night. It also refers to the comic book series NYX which features homeless teenage mutants with unique powers.
Octavia Actress Octavia Spencer played a chilling role in ‘Ma’. The meaning of Octavia is ‘eighth’ and it served as a clan name for Roman emperors during Victorian times
Seraphine A French origin name that means ‘burning ones’. Seraphine also refers to the Dryad quest giver in Darkshore from the World of Warcraft.
Seren Seren means ‘star’ and indirectly references Serena van der Woodsen from the Gossip Girl novel series.
Sarah Sarah refers to Sarah Lance who is the captain of the wave rider in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.
Ruatha Ruatha comes from the Dragon riders of Pern Series and is of Irish-Scottish origin. It means ‘red.’
Sylvia Sylvia is of Latin origin and refers to the mythological Forest God. Sylvia is a major character in the Sci-Fi movie ‘The Truman show.’
Tallulah It’s a great movie series on its own and the meaning of Tallulah is ‘leaping water.’
Zephyra Zephyra means ‘strong wind’ and also references the action-comedy series Zephyr (2016)
Zyla An uncommon yet futuristic name for baby girls. It has a modern vibe to it and also refers to a Blood Elf Havoc Demon Hunter from World of Warcraft.

You will find some of these names appearing in many TV series, sci-fi films, and even fantasy novels. And there’s a good reason why – because they’re unique and appealing.

Now that you know these unique sci-fi names, we wish you luck in naming your baby. With one of these names, your daughter will surely stand out.

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