50 Mixed Race Baby Boy & Girl Names

Popular 50 Biracial Names for Boys and Girls

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Biracial babies are known for their unique appearance and heritage of two different cultures. Giving them a meaningful name that reflects their mixed heritage and values will bring out their personality. Here is a mixed-race baby names list with 25 biracial girl names with meanings and 25 mixed-race baby boy names list with meanings. This will help parents choose a beautiful and meaningful biracial name for their cherished baby.

25 Biracial Girl Names With Meanings

The below list contains 25 biracial baby girl names, considering their origin, meaning and uniqueness.

1. Alina

This pretty name is of Slavic and Arabic origin means ‘bright and beautiful’. It has diminutive forms such as Lina and Lena, which are also popular across cultures. It is one of the unique biracial girl names.

2. Arya

It is an Indo-Iranian name of Sanskrit origin, which means ‘noble’. It got recognition all over the world because of a popular TV series. It is one of the most popular biracial baby girl names.

3. Carina

This Italian origin name means ‘dear one’. Its Russian variation’ Karina’ is popular with Hispanic-American people.

4. Daisy

This classic flower name is of English origin, meaning ‘day eye’.

5. Eliana

This name is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘my God has answered’. A widely multi-cultural choice, Eliana is used in Israel, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Italy.

6. Farrah

This Arabic name means ‘Joy’. This name is familiar in Arabic and English speaking countries, making it one of the unique biracial girl names.

7. Gianna

This Italian name means ‘the Lord is gracious’. Its diminutive forms, Gia and Gigi, have become popular in recent years.

8. Hana

This pleasant name originates in Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and Korean languages. It means ‘grace’, ‘joy’ or ‘flower’. It is a variation of Johanna and Hannah.

9. Irene

This name is of Greek origin, meaning ‘peace’. It has a history of usage in multiple cultures.

10. Jasmine

This is derived from the Persian word Yasamin, meaning ‘gift from God’. It has seen many variations with alternate spellings.

11. Kiara

This name has roots in Italian, Irish, Australian, and Korean cultures. It means ‘light’ or ‘the first ray of sun’. This musical name is one of the unique biracial girl names.

12. Lucia

This Italian and Spanish origin word means light’. It is a feminine form of Lucius.

13. Maya

It is derived from Hebrew, Greek, and Sanskrit, meaning ‘illusion’. This name is slowly rising to the top in the mixed-race baby names list.

14. Meera

This name has its roots in Sanskrit, meaning ‘prosperous.’ This enchanting name is quite popular across multi-cultures.

15. Naomi

This sweet word is of Hebrew and Japanese origins. It means ‘pleasant’ or ‘beautiful’.

16. Nadia

This melodic word is of Arabic and Russian origin, meaning ‘tender’ or ‘hope’. It is a variation of the word Nadya. It is one of the unique biracial girl names that is slowly peaking in popularity.

17. Nina

This name originates in Russia and America, meaning ‘little girl’ or ‘fire’.

18. Reina

This name originates in Spanish, Yiddish, and Japanese, meaning ‘queen’ or ‘wise’.

19. Sophia

This Greek word means ‘wisdom’. In multi-ethnicities, many variations of this name are very popular. This is one of the most common biracial baby girl names.

20. Sahara

This Arabic word means ‘desert’. This evocative word makes your baby stand out in the crowd.

21. Sasha

It is the Russian and Ukrainian diminutive of Aleksandr. It is of Russian origin, meaning ‘defending men.’

22. Talia

This name is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘dew from God’. In Australia, there is a place by this name.

23. Vera

This Russian name means ‘faith’. In Albanian, it means ‘summer.’

24. Yulia

It is a Russian version of the familiar name Julia, meaning ‘youth’. The usage of the letter Y gives a unique twist to the original version.

25. Zoya

It is a Russian and Greek variation of the wildly popular name Zoe. It means ‘life’.

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25 Mixed Race Baby Boy Names List and Their Meanings

Here is a list of 25 biracial baby boy names with their meaning and multi-ethnic origins.

1. Andrew

This Greek name means ‘strong and manly’. Variations of the name, such as Andre, Andrei and Anders, are used across different cultures.

2. Asa

This cute Biblical name is of Hebrew and Japanese origin, meaning ‘healer’ or ‘born in the morning.’ It falls into the list of unique biracial boy names.

3. Carlos

This Spanish variation of Charles means ‘free man’. The diminutives and variations of this name are popular in multi-ethnicities.

4. Dante

This Italian name is the Latin diminutive of Durant, meaning ‘enduring’. It is quite popular in the Italian-American community.

5. Diego

This name is of Spanish origin, meaning ‘supplanter.’ It is also considered a shorter version of Santiago and the Spanish variation of James.

6. Eric

This name is of Norse origin, meaning ‘eternal ruler’. The variations Erik, Eryk, etc make this name familiar in many cultures.

7. Elias

It is a Greek variation of the Hebrew word Elijah, meaning ‘Yahweh is God’. The variation of this name, Ilyes, is popular in North Africa and France countries.

8. Fabian

It is derivative from the Roman word Fabianus, meaning ‘bean grower’.  The variation, Fabiano, is famous in Italian Boy names.

9. Ivan

This is a Russian origin name, meaning ‘God is gracious’. The numerous variations of this name are popular in many cultures.

10. Kaiden

It is a derivative of the name Caden. It means ’round’ or ‘barrel’.  In many cultures, the nickname Kai is picked as a first name.

11. Kenzo

This Japanese word means ‘strong and healthy’. Its diminutive version, Ken, is a common name among many cultures. The exotic sound of this name makes it one of the unique biracial boy names.

12. Luca

This name is the Italian and Romanian variation of Lucas, meaning ‘man from Lucania.’ Its original name and all its variations are always favourites in the mixed-race baby names list.

13. Louis

It is of German and French origin, meaning ‘renowned warrior.’ Many variations of this name are popular in multi-cultures.

14. Michael

It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘who is like a God?’ It is one of the most favourite biracial baby boy names.

15. Mateo

It is a Spanish variation of the name Matthew. It is of Latin origin and means ‘gift of God.’

16. Nicholas

It originated in Greek, meaning ‘people of victory.’ The diminutives and variations, Niklas, Niko, Klaus are very famous across multi-ethnicities.

17. Omar

This name has roots in Hebrew and Arabic, meaning ‘speaker’ or ‘eloquent.’

18. Peter

It is a derivative of the Greek word, Petros, meaning ‘stone.’ The other attractive versions, Piers and Pedro, are familiar across many cultures. This vintage name is one of the famous biracial baby boy names.

19. Ronin

It is a variant of the Irish name Ronan meaning ‘little seal.’ In Japanese, it means ‘masterless samurai.’

20. Samuel

This Hebrew name means ‘told by God’. This is one of the top favourites in biracial boy names.

21. Soren

This soft and exotic name is of Danish origin, meaning ‘stern.’ This name is becoming popular across multi-ethnicities in the U.S and is one of the unique biracial boy names.

22. Tobias

It is the Greek form of the Hebrew word Tobiah, meaning ‘God is good’.

23. Victor

It is a Latin-origin name meaning ‘conqueror’. The variation Viktor is popular in many Central and East European countries.

24. Xander

It is diminutive of the Greek name Alexander meaning ‘defending men’. A lot of parents from different ethnicities choosing this trendy name for their baby boys.

25. Zachary

This name is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘the Lord has remembered’. It is one of the trending biracial boy names.

Tips to Choose the Best Biracial Name for Your Baby

When picking a name, ask yourself these simple questions, so you won’t miss out on choosing the best possible biracial name for your precious baby.

1. How is it pronounced?

Make sure the name is pronounced correctly in all the languages spoken in the family. For example, in some languages, ‘J’ is pronounced like ‘H, ‘Z’, etc.  If you face such difficulties, try to find a variation of the same name which works in both languages.

2.  Did I get all the meanings?

A biracial name varies in its meaning based on the language it is spoken in. Make sure it has a lovely or acceptable meaning in all languages.

3.  Astrology – yes or no?

In some ethnicities, such as Indian, people strongly believe in astrology readings. In this case, astrology plays a major role in finalising the name.

4. Do I stick to the naming traditions of the family?

In some families, people follow the tradition of naming the child after the grandparents or other elderly members. In that case, you may not have much choice in picking the name.

All the biracial names mentioned above are unique, beautiful, and rich in their history. Go through the list and find a name that ties your darling baby to his cultural roots. After all, heritage is a huge part of who you are, and giving your baby a meaningful name will celebrate his mixed roots!

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