Top 130 Arabic Boy Names WIth Meanings

130 Unique Arabic Baby Names for Boys

Arabic baby boy names are adorable and unique! Besides centuries-old history, male Arabic names rank high in elegance, sophistication, and rich culture. Arab boy names not only originated from the holy Quran but also travelled thousands of kilometres and took inspiration from Persian and Indian culture. We understand that out of millions of names, choosing one name for your little bundle of joy can be quite overwhelming. So, to make your task less daunting, we have quoted 130 Arabic baby boy names, which are currently trending all across the globe! Each name is beautiful and has a deep meaning attached to it, which will ensure to build a favourable quality in your child. So, choose your pick from this list of nice Arabic boy names.

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Popular Arabic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

So, here we present the most trending and popular Arabic baby boy names which you may consider for your son!

1. Abbas

A strong and powerful name that is perfect for baby boys! Abbas is a Persian origin name which means ‘lion.’

2. Abdul

Abdul is a highly common Arabic name meaning ‘servant of God’.

3. Adnan

Adnan is another common Islamic name. The meaning of this name is ‘pioneer’.

4. Ali

We are simply obsessed with this super trendy and cute Arabic name for boys! Quite a popular name amongst the Muslim community, Ali means ‘champion’ or ‘elevated.’ A simple three-letter name with a beautiful meaning is something hard to find!

5. Abeer

Abeer is an ancient Arabic origin name, which can also be spelled as Abir. It means ‘fragrance of the rose’.

6. Abdullah

Probably one of the most popular modern Arabic men names is Abdullah! It means ‘servant of Allah or God’s slave.’ The nickname of Abdu would go well with Abdullah. A famous bearer of the name was Islamic mystic Muhammed’s father also known as Abdullah!

7. Aaftab

Aaftab is a very popular name in Middle Eastern countries. It means sunlight or Sun.

8. Aaadil

One of the cutest names in Arabic for boys, Aadil means ‘high in moral and virtuous’ or ‘righteous.’

9. Amir

Naming your son after a legendary actor is pretty exciting, isn’t it? Amir is a Muslim name which means ‘a prince who is born to give orders or a born leader.’

10. Ahmed

One of the very popular Arabic names, Ahmed means ‘the one who constantly thanks God or the one who is highly praised.’ A cute name with a beautiful meaning.

11. Babr

Again a Persian origin name, Babr can also be spelled as Babar, Baber, or Babur. An ancient Arabic name which means ‘tiger.’ Babr is an ancient name and was also the name of the first Mughal emperor of the sixteenth century!

12. Bahjat

Bahjat is a unique Arabic name meaning ‘happiness’.

13. Bakri

This sweet and wonderful-sounding name of Arabic origin refers to ‘early worker’.

14. Cairo

A modern Arabic origin name that has a style and swag attached to it! Cairo has multiple meanings in Arab it means ‘victorious’ and it’s also the name of the capital city of Egypt.

15. Cyrus

Cyrus is an ancient Persian origin name which is also associated with the Greek form of the name Kyros which means ‘king.’ In Arabic Cyrus means ‘sun.’ Cyrus was the name borne by many kings of Persia!

16. Chirag

Chirag is an adorable name for boys which means ‘lamp’ or ‘lamp light guide.’ The origin of the name Chirag is not clear but it is highly popular among Arabs, Iranians, and Indians.

17. Camil

A trendy Arabic name which means ‘he who is perfect or complete!

18. Dalil

One of the most beautiful and new Arabic baby boy names, Dalil means ‘a guide’ or ‘mentor.’

19. Daniyal

A cute and stylish Arabic origin name for boys! Daniyal means ‘handsome boy.’ A perfect name for your little one!

20. Daler

Daler is a famous Muslim origin name which means ‘brave’ or ‘valiant.’ Daler is also common amongst the Punjabi population in India.

21. Deen

Deen in Arabic stands for ‘religion’.

22. Ehsan

Ehsan is a vibrant and cool name with a very beautiful meaning. It means ‘perfection’ or ‘excellence’.

23. Ejaz

One of the sweetest Arabic names for baby boys, Ejaz means ‘astonishment’ or ‘filled with miracles.’ A baby is truly a miracle in his parents’ life, so why not name him after this beautiful thought!

24. Ehsaan

A slightly unique and rare name which means ‘one who is kind’ or ‘one who believes in unity.’

25. Elyas

A perfect name for parents looking for a trendy, unique and short name with a beautiful meaning! Elyas means ‘Lord is my God’ it is also the biblical name for Elijah in the Islamic religion.

26. Emaan

If you want your son to stand apart from the crowd then this name is just perfect for him! Emaan stands for ‘victorious,’ ‘pious,’ or ‘a person devoted to God.’

27. Farooq

A highly popular ancient Arabic origin name meaning ‘he who knows the difference between right or wrong.’ The other variants of the name include Farouk, Faruqi, Farook, or Farouq.

28. Fahad

Who wouldn’t want to name their son on something that relates to strength, power, and agility? Fahad is an Arabic origin name which means ‘leopard’ or ‘panther.’ The lucky number for a person with this name is 8.

29. Faizal

A very popular name in Arab countries, Faizal means ‘judge’ or ‘the one who judges.’ The other similar variants of this name are Faizi, Faisal, and Faizel.

30. Faidh

An adorable short Arabic name for baby boys, Faidh means ‘superabundance’ or ‘favour.’

31. Fateh

A beautiful Arabic origin name means ‘conqueror.’ Fateh is pretty popular amongst Muslim families in Arab speaking countries. A well-known bearer of the name is the renowned singer Rahat-Fateh Ali Khan.

32. Feroz

Feroz is a popular Persian origin baby name which means ‘lucky.’

33. Fikri

Fikri is a popular name, common in many Persian nations and in Turkey. The name stands for ‘intelligent’.

34. Galib

Derived from the ancient Arabic origin name Ghalib, Galib stands for ‘conqueror.’ Galib was also the name of a famous poet.

35. Gamil

Gamil is a classic Arabic origin name which means ‘good looking’ or ‘stunning.’ Gamil was derived from the Arabic name ‘Jamil’ which means beautiful or radiant.

36. Ghaffar

Ghaffar is a common name amongst Muslim families which means ‘the worker of a person who forgives and forgets others iniquities’ or ‘most forgiving’, or ‘merciful.’

37. Ghassan

For a change from the usual Arabic boy’s names, you can try Ghassan. This unique one means ‘handsome’ and ‘youthful’.

38. Haafiz

Haafiz is an Arabic origin name which means ‘guardian’ or ‘keeper.’ Other variants of the name are Hafeez, or Hafiz.

39. Haamid

A common Muslim name means ‘loving associated with a God,’ ‘praising’ or ‘one who offers approval.’

40. Haatim

This name possesses all the qualities you would want to inculcate in your son. Haatim means ‘determined,’ ‘strong-minded,’ and ‘decisive by nature.’

41. Habib

A cute and popular Arabic name for boys, Habib means ‘beloved’ or ‘sweetheart.’ Another variant of this name is Habeeb.

42. Haider

The charm and aura of this name are simply unparalleled. Haider is an ancient Arabic origin name which means ‘as brave as a lion.’ Definitely worth a thought as this name is something that’s beautiful and powerful!

43. Hussain

Hussain is a popular Arabic or Egyptian origin name which means ‘good looking,’ ‘handsome,’ or ‘beautiful.’ The other variant of this name is Hussein.

44. Hussein

Hussein is originated from the Arabic word ‘hasuna’, which stands for ‘beautiful’ or ‘good’. It is also used by people who are religious, as the name belongs to the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, who is a revered figure among Muslims.

45. Ibrahim

Ibrahim is another excellent choice of a name suitable for young boys! Ibrahim is a variant of the name Ebrahim and it means ‘father of many nations.’

46. Idris

Looking for a unique and uncommon Arabic name for your son? Then look no further as Idris is a charming and unique name which means ‘lord of studious.’

47. Imam

Imam is a popular Muslim name which means ‘leader’ or ‘chief.’

48. Imran

Parents always wish or their children to prosper in their life! Imran also means the same ‘property,’

49. Iyaan

Iyaan is an Arabic origin name that’s not so common these days. It means ‘an era,’ time,’ or ‘epoch.’

50. Iyad

Iyad is a short and pleasant name meaning ‘support’. If you want your child to be kind and humble to people growing up, try this short name for your son.

51. Ismail

Ismail is an old Arabic origin name which means ‘God will hear.’ Other similar names include Ishmael, Isaiah, and Isaac.

52. Iltutmish

Iltutmish is a Turkish origin name which is quite rare these days. It means ‘gift of God,’ just like your son! Iltutmish was also the name of the first Muslim sovereign who ruled from Delhi.

53. Jabbar

Just like the heaviness of the name, the meaning of the name is also ‘powerful.’ Jabbar is also one of the 99 names of Allah.

54. Jafar

Jafar is an adorable Muslim name which means ‘stream.’ Jafar was also the name of the brother of Ali, the fourth caliph.

55. Ja’far

Ja’far is a classy yet to-the-trend Arabic boy’s name. So, it’s no wonder that people are still using it. The name means ‘small stream’ or ‘creek’.

56. Jahmil

Your son is probably the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you, won’t you agree? Jahmil is a Muslim origin name which means ‘a beautiful or handsome man.’

57. Jalaal

A glorious name means ‘glory of the faith.’ Jalaal was also the name of the epic ruler Akbar, Jalaal-Ud-Din-Mohammed. The name will ensure the glory of your son.

58. Junaid

A classic Arabic origin name apt for baby boys! Junaid means ‘soldier’ or ‘warrior,’ the qualities of which you’ll always want your son to possess.

59. Kabir

Kabir is one of the most popular names amongst the Muslim community and for the good! However common it is, the name will never lose its charm. Kabir means ‘great.’

60. Kadir

A cute and elegant name, Kadir means ‘ray of light,’ shoot of grass,’ or ‘green spring.’ Kadir is a trendy variant of the name Qadir.

61. Kaidan

Your son will be your companion for life! Kaidan is a classic Arabic origin name which means ‘companion.’

62. Kaliph

A classic name which means ‘Islamic leader’ or ‘the title of the successors of Mohammed. Another variant of the name is Kaleph.

63. Khaled

Khaled is an everlasting and classy name of Arabic origin, which is not just popular in Arab nations but all over the world. The impressive name stands for ‘immortal’ in Arabic and ‘heaven’ in English.

64. Lahan

Looking for a unique and trendy name for your little bundle of joy? Then Lahan is the perfect one for you, it’s cute, trendy and unique. The meaning of Lahan is all the more alluring, it means ‘little bright headed one.’

65. Latif

A cute Islamic origin name which means ‘gentle’ and ‘kind.’

66. Laziz

Laziz is a modern variant of the name Lazeez. In Arabic, the meaning of Laziz is ‘one who is pleasant.’

67. Louay

What do you name a boy who is strong and protective? Louay! This unique and stylish name itself suggests greatness and would be ideal for your little son.

68. Mahdi

The name is chic and has the potential to grow more popular. It means ‘well-guided’.

69. Mohammed

Some names are simply evergreen, and Mohammed is one such name! An Arabic origin name, Mohammed means ‘gigantic,’ ‘greater than anything,’ or ‘vastness.’

70. Mehfooz

Mehfooz or Mahfooz is a cute Islamic name which means protected or guarded.

71. Mabood

Your baby boy is simply the most adorable thing in this world! Mabood means ‘worshipped,’ or ‘adored.’

72. Mahboob

A beautiful name that is slightly out of fashion these days. It means ‘beloved’ or ‘an endearment for your sweetheart.’

73. Maheer

Maheer is a Muslim name which means ‘brave,’ ‘bold,’ and ‘courageous.’ All the qualities you would want your sone to possess!

74. Mahmood

It’s a shame that this name is not as common as it used to be in the olden days! Mahmood stands for ‘the praised one,’ or ‘someone who is worthy of reverence.’ Variants of the name include Mehmoed, Mehmood or Mahmoud.

75. Nasir

A cute and short Muslim name which means ‘one who gives victory.’ A famous bearer of the name is the South Indian actor Prem Nasir.

76. Naadim

Naadim is an uncommon Arabic origin name which means a person who is remorseful or repentant.

77. Nabeel

An uncommon name with deep meaning! Nabeel means ‘a person who is gifted with the quality elevation of mind and exaltation of character.’

78. Naem

Your son’s happiness is what you always wish for! Naem means ‘a happy person or a joyous person,’ something your son will always be.

79. Naseem

This commonly found Arabic name means ‘breeze’. If your little one is a chill-kinda guy, like a less-fussy baby, then this name will be apt for him.

80. Nasser

Nasser is also a commonly found name meaning ‘victorious’.

81. Odai

Where was this cute and Instagram-worthy name hiding? Odai has a voguish vibe, and it means ‘sunrise’.

82. Omar

A classic Arabic name that has its own charm and aura, Omar means ‘a fluent orator or powerful.’

83. Omair

Knowledge is power! What’s better than naming your son after this noble thought? Omair is a Muslim name which means ‘a person who has brilliant and perfect knowledge.’

84. Othman

If you are looking for a strong masculine name, look no further than Othman. The name means ‘wise’ or ‘powerful’. So, whether you are looking for a strong mind or a strong body, this name could be a perfect pick.

85. Parwez

Parwez is an authentic Arabic name which means ‘a successful man who is a king.’

86. Qaabil

Names starting with Q are pretty rare, unique and charming! Qaabil means ‘an acceptor or approver of something.’

87. Qadir

Qadir is a modern and worldly popular Arabic name with beautiful meanings: ‘powerful’ and ‘capable’. Let us increase your choices with its many variants, such as Qader, Kader, and Kadir.

88. Qahir

Qaahir is a person who conquers and wins lands for his people!

89. Qadim

Old is gold! Qadim is an old Arabic name which means ‘something that’s ancient and very very old.’

90. Qalam

Slightly unconventional for a name, Qalam means pen. In olden days Qalam was a pen made of dried reefs that were used for Islamic Calligraphy.

91. Qasim

Kindness and sharing are two values you would want your son to possess. Qasim means the one who divided his goods amongst others.

92. Rahim

A beautiful name with an even better meaning. Rahim means the one who is kind, compassionate and merciful

93. Rafeeq

Rafeeq means ‘a kind person.’

94. Rashid

Rashid is a common Muslim name which means a person who is mature enough.

95. Rasheed

Also spelt as Rashid, the classy name means ‘rightly-guided’ and ‘judicious’.

96. Rahat

Rahat is an uncommon Muslim name for baby boys which means ‘rest’ or ‘repose.’

97. Rayan

This name fits well with both genders but sounds masculine to the ears. While in Arabic, Rayan means ‘luxuriant’ or ‘plentiful’, in Bengali, it means ‘soft touch’.

98. Saidh

If you are okay with a name that’s unisex then you must go for this charming Arabic origin name Saidh. Saidh means happy!

99. Samir

Samir or Sameer has become quite common in recent years not just amongst Muslim families but other religions as well. Samir means a charming companion or a person who is loyal and jovial.

100. Sadiq

A pretty common name in Arabic speaking countries, Sadiq means someone who is honest and trustworthy.

101. Salman

Many people like to name their kids after a famous personality or legendary actor! Salman is an Arabic origin name which means safe or secure.

102. Saif

A famous bearer of this name is the actor Saif-Ali-Khan. Saif is a Muslim name which means sword.

103. Sahil

Sahil is a beautiful and evergreen name which means a guide or a bank of anything.

104. Shadi

This Arabic origin name means ‘singer’ or ‘enchanter’.

105. Suleiman

Who does not love the classy and bold name, Suleiman? The name is worldy popular and bears a lovely meaning, ‘man of peace’.

106. Tabbasum

A beautiful name that can be used by both boys and girls. Tabbasum means smile or happiness something your son brought to your life!

107. Tahaan

Tahaan is a classic Arabic origin name which means ‘merciful.’

108. Taher

Also spelt as Tahir or Tahyre, the name means ‘sacred’ or ‘virtuous’. It is taken from the Quran and also means ‘free from sin’.

109. Taheer

Taheer is a common Muslim name with Arabic origin, it means pure and unsullied.

110. Taimoor

Taimoor is a classic Arabic name for boys, it means ‘a powerful king or someone who is made of steel.’

111. Tajj

A name fit for royalty, Tajj means crown or authority!

112. Tawfiq

Tawfiq is a wonderful boy’s name and means ‘fortunate’ or ‘successful’. This name is an apt choice for parents who want their son to be successful in their lives.

113. Ubaid

A cute Muslim name for boys which means ‘faithful.’

114. Usman

Usman is a typical Arabic origin name which means ‘the chosen one.’

115. Vahid

Vahid is a trendy and slightly unconventional Arabic name which means ‘single or one.’

116. Wafi

Wafi is a humble name with a very humble meaning, ‘reliable’.

117. Waheed

If you are looking for a unique name with a unique meaning then this one is just the one for you! Waheed means exclusive or unique.

118. Waleed

Waleed is a cute Arabic name meaning ‘newborn’.

119. Wasim

A cute name with a beautiful meaning! Wasim stands for ‘a person who is handsome and honest.’

120. Yahya

Yahya is a divine Islamic name with a mention as Yahya ibn Zakariya in the Quran, meaning ‘son of Zakaria’. This gorgeous name stands for ‘God is gracious’.

121. Yamir

A beautiful Arabic origin name which means ‘the moon.’

122. Yakub

A classic Muslim name stands for the meaning ‘God will protect.’

123. Yousef

Yousef is the Arabic version of the biblical name Joseph. Another variant of the name is Yousuf.

124. Zain

Zain or Zayn is an Arabic name which has gained popularity in recent years, it means one who is beautiful.

125. Zaahid

A perfect name for parents looking for a spiritual name, Jaahid means ascetic or devotee of God!

126. Zaahir

A classic Arabic name derived from the name Zahara, Zaahir means radiant, bright or shining.

127. Zehaan

Zehaan is a unique and unconventional Muslim name which means super abundant, prosperous or rich.

128. Zaid

Zaid is an Islamic origin name which means to prosper.

129. Zakariah

Zakariah is a sophisticated Arabic name meaning ‘God has remembered’.

130. Zayn

We couldn’t pass the fact that we will not mention the British singer Zayn Malik. This stylish and uber-popular name means ‘beauty’.

We hope that this list helps you choose the perfect name for your little son!

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