Top 155 City Names for Boys and Girls & Their Meanings

155 Cool City Names for Boys and Girls

Are you looking for a unique name for your baby boy or baby girl? A new trend is rising, where parents increasingly use names of cities and places for their children. There are so many places and towns which are used by people to name their kids. But obviously, picking such a suitable name might seem a bit confusing, which is where this list can help. There are a lot of cool city names for girls and city names for boys, which you might want to pick for your lovely child. Here is a list of 155 such names of cities and places from where you can shortlist pretty names for your child. Read the following article to find what suits and interests you in the best manner.

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Cities and Places

Take a look at some unique place names for a girl child which you might want to pick for your newborn. We hope you find a suitable name for your little girl from these beautiful names:

1. Abilene

Abilene is a place in Texas which can be a unique choice of a name for your baby girl. The meaning of this name is ‘a land of meadows’.

2. Adana

A quaint city in southern Turkey, Adana is undoubtedly a wonderful name that complements the city well and can look good on your chubby bubby. By the way, the name Adana means ‘earth’.

3. Adelaide

Adelaide is a place in Australia, and this name means ‘nobility’.

4. Alabama

This name draws from the Texan city in the US, and means ‘someone who gathers vegetation’.

5. Alberta

Alberta sounds like a sweet name which means ‘bright and noble’. Canada has a place that goes by the name of Alberta.

6. Alexandria

Talking about a list of place names for girl babies, Alexandria is a name you simply cannot miss. The place is in Egypt, and the meaning of the name is ‘someone who defends’.

7. Andorra

Andorra is in the Pyrenees, and it means ‘courageous’.

8. Aurora

Aurora is located in Norway, and it refers to the ‘Roman sunrise Goddess’.

9. Austin

Austin is the shortened variant of the name ‘Augustine’. The meaning of this name is ‘respected and venerable’.

10. Berlin

Berlin is the captial city of Germany. It is named after a West Slavic word which stands for ‘a river rake’ or ‘swamp’. However, it is hard to find any resemblance between the meaning and this beautiful city.

11. Bethany

Bethany is a sweet girl’s name of Hebrew origin which basically means ‘a house of figs’. Bethany is also a Biblical city just outside Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

12. Brittany

Brittany is a region in western France. The meaning of the name Britanny is ‘someone who belongs to Brittany’.

13. Brooklyn

Brooklyn sounds like a pretty name for your baby girl. It means ‘one who lives near the brook’.

14. Campbell

Campbell is a beautiful seaside spot, perfect for holidays. The name stands for ‘crooked mouth’ in Scottish.

15. Carmel

Carmel has a Biblical reference in the Old Testament as a mountain in Israel. The name is preferred mostly by Catholics and means ‘garden’ in Hebrew.

16. Catalina

Catalina is a photogenic island off the coast of Southern California, dotted by the perfect scenery.

17. Cali

This Colombian city name is also used as a girl’s name. Short and cute, Cali would grace your baby girl well.

18. Charlotte

Charlotte is a place in America. The meaning of this name is ‘a woman who is free’.

19. Chelsea

 Chelsea means ‘a chalk wharf’. The place which goes by the name of Chelsea is in England.

20. Claire

The meaning of this name is ‘someone bright and clear, or famous’.

21. Dakota

This name has to be a mandatory inclusion in the list of city names for girls. The meaning of this name is ‘a friend’.

22. Delphi

Delphi has an airy and jaunty feel with loads of cuteness, and it would look great on your baby girl. Delphi is also the name of an old-world town in Greece.

23. Dominica

Dominica is a Caribbean place, and this name means ‘devoted to the lord’.

24. Edina

Edina is a beautiful small city in Minnesota, United States and a perfect weekend getaway.

25. Elizabeth

Though the name has Biblical references, Elizabeth City in North Carolina, lying on the banks of the Pasquotank River, is a coastal town with an exquisite southern charm.

26. Eugene

Eugene is a quaint town in Oregon, great for its outdoors and art. The name has a classic feel to it and certainly works well for girls.

27. Florence

Florence is a magnificent Italian town. The meaning of Florence as a name is ‘a blossoming flower’.

28. Geneva

Geneva is a rarely used and uncommon name for a girl. The meaning of this name in German is ‘a juniper tree’.

29. Havana

This capital city of Cuba has everything you can ask for in a city, from Spanish colonial architecture to fine street music. If you are looking for a jazzy or jaunty name for your little girl, then the name Havana will suit her just fine!

30. Helena

Helena is a mythological name based on the mortal daughter of Ze us, who was named Helen.

31. Jordan

An Arab nation situated on the banks of the Jordan River has its own share of ancient history. If you want an eccentric and unique name for your little girl, Jordan could be a good fit.

32. Juno

Juno is a place in Ireland. The meaning of this name is ‘the Goddess of the land’.

33. Kaya

The name Kaya refers to someone who is ‘well beyond her age’.

34. Kendall

Kendall is a place in England, and the name means ‘the royal valley of Kent’.

35. Kerry

Kerry is a place in Ireland, and the name conveys a meaning ‘dusky’ or ‘dark’.

36. Kimberly

Kimberly is a classy name which means ‘from the wood of the royal forest’.

37. Lindsay

Lindsay is also an excellent choice of a name for your baby. It means ‘from the island of the lime tree’.

38. Logan

Logan is a popular name used in the US and France for both girls and boys. The Scottish name means ‘a little hollow’.

39. London

The meaning of this name is ‘fierce’. It conveys a sense of boldness and class.

40. Lorraine

Lorraine is sort of an ultra-feminine name which refers to ‘the kingdom of Lothar’.

41. Lourdes

Lourdes is a French name which means ‘a little pilgrim’.

42. Lydia

The meaning of this name is ‘someone who hails from Lydia (in Greece)’.

43. Madeline

This name means ‘someone who hails from the place of Magdala’.

44. Madison

Madison refers to ‘someone whose guardian is Matthew’.

45. Marina

Marina is in coastal California. The meaning of Marina is ‘belonging to the sea’.

46. Montana

Montana, as a name, is used to referring to ‘mountains’.

47. Miami

If your little girl boasts spirited and peppy nature, Miami is the perfect name for your child after the lively city.

48. Paris

Paris is also a bold and beautiful name which you can pick for your baby girl.

49. Phoenix

Are we talking about the mythical bird or the sprawling metropolitan city in Arizona which is known for its style and vibrancy? Whatever it is, naming your girl Phoenix will certainly induce her with a friendly nature.

50. Regina

The meaning of Regina is ‘a queen’.

51. Rio

Rio is a fun name which means ‘river’.

52. Rome

The capital city of Italy, Rome, is on everyone’s holiday list because of its impressive historical structures and fine food. Rome as a girl’s name is widely popular among the English and French.

53. Rosario

Rosario is one of the largest cities in Argentina and the birthplace of the football legend Lionel Messi. It is a popular girl’s name mostly used in Spanish-speaking countries. The name means ‘rosary’ and would be an ideal choice for parents looking for a traditional name for their daughters.

54. Roseau

Incredibly elegant and fancy, Roseau is the house favourite among girl names inspired by cities. Roseau is the capital city of Dominica, and the name is believed to be originated from the word ‘red’.

55. Savannah

Savannah, as a name, is used to referring to ‘vast open grasslands’.

56. Selma

The city of Selma has its fair share of historical battles and stands today as a symbol of strength. If you want to give your little girl a strong and bold name, Selma is an ideal option. The name is possibly derived from the Arabic word Selim which means ‘peace’.

57. Shannon

Shannon, as a name means ‘one who possesses wisdom’.

58. Sicily

Sicily is a quintessentially elegant name that is beginning to become popular after Italy’s peppy Mediterranean island name, Sicily. You can opt for this name if your little girl has a charm similar to this attractive holiday spot.

59. Sierra

Sierra is used to referring to ‘a mountain range’.

60. Skye

Skye is an elegant name which derives from the Scottish Isle of Skye.

61. Sydney

The name Sydney derives from the name of ‘St. Denis’.

62. Valencia

The meaning of Valencia is ‘valiant/ brave’.

63. Vegas

The term ‘Vegas’ refers to ‘meadows’, and sounds like a beautiful name for a girl.

64. Verona

Verona is a breathtaking city in Italy, and the name is also used to refer to someone from that place.

65. Victoria

The meaning of this name is ‘the Victory Goddess’.

66. Vienna

Vienna means ‘someone who is from Wine Country’.

67. Virginia

Virginia means ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’.

68. Xanthi

If you are looking for something very extraordinary and rare, try Xanthi. Xanthi is the name of a Greek city which stands for ‘yellow’ or ‘golden’.

69. Zaire

Zaire is a stylish name that has got quite a flair to it. The name comes from Portugal and refers to a river that shallows other rivers.

70. Zaria

This beatific name means ‘the brightest and purest maiden’.

Baby Boy Names Inspired By Cities and Places

Baby Boy Names Inspired by Cities and Places

Have a look at some super cool place names for boys which you might want to pick for your cute baby boy:

1. Albany

Albany is undoubtedly an impressive name for boys with confidence in it. While Albany is the capital city of the New York State with banking and arts avenues, the name also has references in Shakespeare’s King Lear as the Duke Of Albany.

2. Alden

The name has an Anglo- Saxon origin, and it refers to the meaning ‘an old wise friend’.

3. Afton

Afton is a unique and less heard-of name suitable for boys. It is also a city name in Minnesota.

4. Aspen

This name comes from mountainous trees which have heart-shaped leaves. The meaning of this name is ‘trembling of the leaves by the slight winds’.

5. Bailey

Bailey is a Texan city which means ‘ballif’.

6. Bay

The name is cute and all the way trendy! Bay City is a Michigan city which means ‘berries’.

7. Boston

It is the name of one of the oldest cities in America. The usage of this name for baby boys is somewhat uncommon and new, but come to think of it the name can sound cool.

8. Bronx

This name is of a borough in New York. The name sounds contemporary and hipster and might be a cool choice of name for your baby boy.

9. Cairo

Cairo is a popular baby name used for both boys and girls. This outstanding capital city of Egypt is known to host one of the world’s seven wonders. So, any reason not to choose it goes out of the way.

10. Camden

There are several cities across the world which have this name. The meaning of this name is ‘a winding or enclosed valley’.

11. Carson

This name is of a Scottish origin and is used to refer to ‘someone who lives in swampy regions’.

12. Chester

Chester is a well-known boy’s name taken from the English city Chester which is an art and culture hotspot.

13. Chandler

If you have watched Friends, then you need no introduction! Apart from this famous human name, Chandler is also an Arizonian city.

14. Cody

Cody is a name with Irish and English origin. The name is also of a city in America’s Wyoming.

15. Columbus

It is the Latin version of the name ‘Colombo’. The meaning of this name is ‘a dove’.

16. Cruz

Cruz is a cool and voguish baby name also used as a surname. The city sharing the name Cruz is Santa Cruz, known for its fancy coastal appeal and lively vibes.

17. Dallas

Before it was given to an American city, Dallas was an English and Scottish surname, meaning ‘meadow dwelling’. The name Dallas has been used as a given boy’s name since 1880, as far as the first baby name data was tracked in the United States.

18. Dayton

Dayton is a handsome masculine name of British origin which means ‘ditch settlement’. The name comes from the Old English words Distone and Deighton and is popular across England. Presently, it is a city in Ohio.

19. Denver

This one is a mandatory inclusion in the list of baby names inspired by places around the world. The meaning of this word as a name is ‘a green valley’.

20. Devon

The name of this English town is said to have Celtic roots. To mean, the name refers to ‘someone who is from the place, Devonshire’.

21. Diego

Diego is ta name of Spanish origins. The meaning of the name is ‘someone who supplants’.

22. Dublin

Dublin is a handsome city and the capital of the Republic of Ireland. If you are a history and art buff, Dublin will be a stylish name for your baby boy, just like the city.

23. Easton

Easton is a casual and fun-loving name that would suit boys perfectly. It is also the name of a city in Pennsylvania.

24. Eden

The name Eden means ‘paradise’ or ‘delight’. The name draws its origin from the Biblical reference to the Garden of Eden.

25. Essex

Essex is a name from the Shakespearean era and is still in high popular usage in the English language.

26. Ferrara

If you have a liking for fine art and architecture, this Italian Renaissance city-state named Ferrara would certainly be inspiring for your child.

27. Francisco

This is the name of Spanish or Portuguese origins. The meaning of this name is ‘someone or something which has freedom and liberty’.

28. Frederick

Frederick Maryland is synonymous with impressive mountain views and reminiscence of Civil War history. The city’s name is also a common boy’s name, which means ‘peace’.

29. Hamilton

This name is highly popular in Scottish and has been serving as a male name since most part of the 19th century. The capital of Bermuda is also called Hamilton.

30. Hudson

Hudson is a famous part of New York and has English origins as a word. The meaning of this name is ‘one whose guardian is the Hudd’.

31. Iona

Iona is another beautiful option in the list of boy names after places. The name takes on from a Scottish island on the west coast that goes by the same name. The meaning of this name is ‘blessed’.

32. Jackson

The name draws from the capital city of Mississippi in the US. The meaning of the name is ‘graciousness of God’.

33. Kelby

The name Kelby has Gaelic origins and is used to refer to ‘a place which lies beside a fountain’. This is a bright and rare name choice for your baby boy.

34. Kingston

This is the name of a place in Australia. The meaning of this name is ‘someone who belongs to the place of a king’.

35. Kobe

Kobe is a Japanese city and a popular name for boys. Some of the famous celebrities bearing this name include American professional basketball players Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bufkin.

36. Kyle

It is an unconventional name for your baby boy. The name refers to ‘a straight or narrow channel’.

37. Laramie

Laramie is a French name which comes from a town in Wyoming. The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘a canopy of leafy boughs’.

38. Laredo

The name Laredo has Spanish origins and is a unique name choice for baby boys.

39. Lawrence

Lawrence is a common boy’s name derived from the ancient city of Laurentum, which means ‘from Laurentum’.

40. Leland

Leland has roots in old English language and means ‘a fallow land’.

41. Leoben

Leoben is an Austrian city and is also an increasingly popular name used mainly for boys.

42. Leon

Leon is a popular and preferred choice of parents looking for a handsome name for their child. It is also the name of a Spanish city famous for its fresco-laden Basilicas and art hubs. So, if you are an art buff, you know this is an ideal choice.

43. Lincoln

This is an old school name which is really trendy in places like Canada and Australia. The meaning of this name is ‘a lake or a settlement’.

44. Lucca

Lucca is a beautiful name for a boy and has Italian origins. The meaning of this name is ‘light’.

45. Macon

Macon is a French city. When used as a boy’s name LogaMacon means ‘marsh dweller’.

46. Marquis

This name is common in French and Afro- American communities, which refers to the titular ranking between duke and earl.

47. Mason

The meaning of Mason is ‘someone who works on stones’ or ‘someone who creates’. This is also a simple and decent pick of a baby name for your little boy.

48. Melbourne

In its literal terms, Melbourne means ‘someone who is from the mill stream’. The name also belongs to the capital city of Victoria state in Australia.

49. Milan

Do we see a true fashionista in the making? The global capital of fashion and design, Milan is known worldwide. However, the name stands for ‘grace’ and ‘favour’.

50. Mitchell

A historical city in the south of Dakota goes by the name of Mitchell. This name is favoured for boys in America and means ‘a gift from God’.

51. Nador

This name can be taken as a shortened variant of ‘Ferdinand’, and its meaning is ‘someone who loves adventures as well as peace’.

52. Orlando

Orlando is the Italianized version of the name ‘Roland’. The meaning of this name is ‘a famous land’. It is a city in Florida too.

53. Osaka

Osaka is a popular choice among city names for boys if you wish to inspire your child with adventure and the outdoors. The Japanese city is well-known for its street food, architecture, and nightlife.

54. Paxton

Paxton refers to ‘a person who hails from a peaceful town’. The name Paxton is of a city in Illinois.

55. Peyton

Peyton is a popular boy’s name, commonly used in the United States and its neighbours. Some popular celebrities bearing this name include American actor and American former football quarterback Payton Manning.

56. Quincey

One of the unique picks among boy names inspired by places would be this particular name. The name is derived from Roman clan origins, and means ‘someone who belongs to the place which is owned by the fifth son’.

57. Raleigh

Raleigh is a city in North Carolina and can be used as an albeit uncommon name for a baby. The meaning of this name is ‘a clear meadow’.

58. Ross

The name Ross denotes a person who hails from the city Ross which is a place in Texas and in California too. The name also means ‘headland or peninsula’.

59. Salvador

Salvador is an impressive name for boys and is inspired by the capital of the Central American country El Salvador. The name, however, means ‘saviour’.

60. Santiago

This is a Spanish name which is derived from the name of St. Jones. The name has a vintage feel and meaning attached to it, which makes it a good option for your baby.

61. Sebastian

Sebastian is another common boy’s name highly popular among Europeans. Sebastian is also the name of a city in Puerto Rico.

62. Shiloh

The name Shiloh means ‘someone to whom something belongs’. Shiloh is also a Biblical city which is located in Samaria.

63. Taylor

Talking about unique city names for babies, this can be an interesting pick for your child. The name takes after the city Taylor in Michigan. The meaning of this name is ‘eternal beauty’.

64. Trenton

The meaning of the name Trenton is ‘ a flooded place’, and this is the name of a city in New Jersey. This name is somewhat a popular name for boys in contemporary times.

65. Troy

Troy is known as a legendary city in ancient Greece. The meaning of this name in the Irish language is ‘a soldier’.

66. Warren

The literal meaning of the name Warren is ‘a maze of rabbit burrows which are interconnected’. This name is common for places in the US and in France too.

67. Washington

Next option popular among city baby names is Washington. The meaning of this name is ‘someone who is from a group of intelligent people’.

68. Wellington

Wellington is a great choice if you are looking for an impressive name for your little one. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, with a smooth, airy feel to it.

69. Wyatt

Wyatt is a name of English and French heritage. The meaning of this name is ‘a warrior who is tough in war’.

70. York

The name has Celtic origins and is the name of a city in Northern England. The meaning of the name York is ‘of a yew tree’.

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired By Cities and Places with Meanings

Gender-neutral names are names that fit well for both boys and girls. So, here are some popular gender-neutral names inspired by cities and places with their meanings:

1. Adari

Adari is a unique-sounding name that appeals to both boys and girls. Adari is also the name of a town in India.

2. Addison

If you wish for a name with a southern charm, this name might be a nice option, as Addison is the name of a Texan town.

3. Bali

Who can not know this tropical holiday hotspot? Bali is a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘strength’.

4. Bristol

Famed for its football club and friendly vibes, Bristol is worth remembering, just like its name. The name has a high gender-neutral appeal and means ‘meeting place by the bridge’.

5. Bryce

Do we see an adventure junkie in the making? We can roll with this one! Bryce Canyon City is a marvellous town in Utah known for Bryce Canyon National Park (now you’ll get the junkie part). It is also a unisex name of Scottish origin, meaning ‘speckled’.

6. Casablanca

Mostly found as a surname and a quintessential Moroccan city, Casablanca is a cool option for boys.

7. Corby

Corby is a gender-neutral name of English origin and has cool vibes. Corby is also the name of a quaint town in England.

8. Denali

Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America and is also a popular place baby name for boys and girls.

9. Houston

Houston is a fancy baby name synonymous to the traits of the stylish metropolis in Texas – Houston. The city is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and brims with food, nightlife, and art options.

10. Jersey

This American city could be an ideal choice of name for your baby boy or girl and means ‘grassy island’.

11. Kensington

Kensington is synonymous with high-end neighbourhoods and Victorian buildings. If you are looking for something stately or grand name for your child, Kensington is a bright choice.

12. Memphis

If you are a fan of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music, then you will love the name Memphis for your child, as this city is known as the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

13. Salem

Salem is a unique choice as a baby name. Salem is a city in Tamil Nadu, the capital city of Oregon, and a historic city in Massachusetts known for witch trials.

14. Texas

Texas is a cool place name for boys and girls, derived from the United States state.

15. Windsor

Windsor is a cool baby name for boys and girls but sounds more masculine to the ears. It is the name of a Canadian city in Ontario.

One of the first jobs of a parent is to bless their child with a name. As names are something which a person carries throughout their lifetime (and even beyond), this job of a parent has a lot of importance too. One of the important factors which aid in having a good first impression is having an impactful name. The article above was an attempt to introduce you to some really cool baby names which are inspired by places or cities for you to consider. The task of picking a name might seem a bit tough, given its long term effects, but we really hope that this article helped you in a positive way in that direction. Take this task of name picking as a journey for you and your family, and make the most out of it. We wish you all the strength for a happy and amazing parenting experience!

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