80 Royal Names For Boys and Girls

What’s in a name? Everything. It’s the first thing people ask when they meet you and it becomes an integral component of your identity. Names have value, especially those symbolizing power and royalty. As a parent it’s your job to name your child such that it becomes their definition for the rest of their lives and brings in self confidence and success.

Now that you need to name your baby, choose from this list of baby names that mean royalty with names that span from the classic to the contemporary.

Royal Baby Boy Names

Here are some royal names for baby boy to choose from:

Name Meaning
Amar Amar is a popular one syllable Rajput name which means Immortal.
Archie One of the most popular names in Europe. Archie means brave, bold or genuine.
Adrian Meaning ‘Man of Adria’, Adrian is a royal English name from the 20th century.
Arthur Traditionally royal name in the 17th and 18th century which is being revived lately.
Ahan One who is the nature of time, first ray of light, morning glory, sunrise.
Aaron Exhalted high, light bringer, lofty, enlightened, powerful mountain.
Brice Family name of the famous Scottish King Robert.
Bhairon It’s an original, refined, rich baby name that means ‘Fear inducing’.
Eshanth An alternate name for the Hindu deity ‘Lord Vishnu’.
Christopher Christopher is a royal name from the 13th century.
Gaurav Classic royal baby boy name meaning ‘pride, honour and respect’.
Caspar One of the three wise men in the new testament, the treasurer.
Jaswant Means Victorious or Worthy of praise. Popular form Maharaja Jaswant Singh.
Karan Rajput name meaning ‘Ear’. Old warrior name from ancient India.
Lakshay Strong name which means ‘Aim, goal or destination’.
Jai Common royal name in the Rajputs
Harry Harry is one of the most popular names in royal families and even fictional characters.
Harish A spiritual name honouring the Hindu deity ‘Lord Shiva’.
Pratap Meaning ‘Bravery’, it’s a classic Indian royal boy baby name.
Raman Meaning ‘wise protector’ it’s an enigmatic name for a prince.
David Popular royal name from the 18th century.
Alex Short for Alexander meaning the defender of humankind.
James A royal name with biblical roots in the name Jabcob.
Ratan Meaning jewel, it’s one of the glorious royal baby boy names.
Rana Means to gaze or look, royal name denoting a monarch.
Richard Meaning ‘dominant ruler’, was a popular name among the kings in 15th and 16th century.
Rawal Royal name for rulers in western Indian states meaning ‘King’.
Ravindra Grandeur name for boys meaning ‘the sun lord’.
Uday Uday means to rise or ‘the rising’, a popular name for Indian boys.
Tarun A slick Rajput name which means to ‘gain’.
Vaibhav Meaning ‘ethical, moral and righteous’. One of the names of Hindu deity Vishnu.
Vikram Meaning ‘fearless, or the wise one’. Traditional Indian name of Rajput origin.
John Hebrew name meaning ‘God is gracious’ and a common royal name.
Louis Meaning ‘renowned warrior’, it’s a royal boy’s name of French and German origin.
Nick Short for Nicholas. It’s a greek name form the goddess of victory Nick.
Thomas Meaning ‘twin’ it’s a royal name with an Aramaic origin.
Yogesh Meaning the ‘god of yoga’, a unique Indian boy name with spiritual significance.
Rajeev Popular Rajput name meaning ‘achiever or blue lotus’.
Lionel Comes from the Arthurian legend, a majestic name in royalty.
Madan Indian boy name meaning unique, exotic and ‘god of love’

Royal Baby Girl Names

Here are some beautiful royal baby girl names to pick from:

Names Meaning
Amala Sanskrit word meaning ‘clean and pure’. Endearing name for a girl.
Anjali Meaning ‘an offering or gift with both hands’. It’s a popular name associated with royalty.
Adela Royal name originating from Adela or Normandy. It means ‘serene’ or ‘Noble’.
Alice Meaning ‘of a noble kind’. Royal name derived from Princess of Hesse.
Anne Hebrew name which means ‘grace’ or ‘favour’ and a common royal favourite.
Aarna Another name for the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and good fortune ‘Lakshmi’.
Aditi Sanskrit word meaning boundless and freedom. Also the Hindu goddess of sky and fertility.
Amara Meaning ‘eternal’ and ‘Immortal’, it’s a common name among Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs.
Catherine Royal English name with French origins meaning ‘clear’ or ‘pure’.
Caroline An Italian name meaning ‘strong’, Caroline is popular among royal families.
Christina Meaning ‘follower of Christ’, It’s a royal name of Greek origin.
Charu Indian name meaning ‘beautiful, graceful and pure in the spiritual sense’.
Diana Meaning ‘heavenly, divine’, Diana is the roman goddess of hunting, women and childbirth.
Eesha Eesha is of Islamic origin and means ‘alive’ or ‘life’.
Ekta Meaning ‘unity’, it’s a feminine royal name for young girls.
Fiona It is one of the royal princess baby names of Irish and Scottish origin meaning ‘fair, white’.
Grace Royal female name with latin origins meaning ‘God’s favour’.
Helen Greek name for royalty which means ‘light’.
Kate Derived from the Spanish ‘Katharina’, it means ‘pure’.
Karuna Meaning ‘compassion’. It’s a feminine Indian name.
Shanthi Indian name with a deep cultural significance meaning ‘peace’
Manisha Manisha is the Hindu goddess of the mind symbolizing intelligence.
Isabella Spanish version of Elizabeth. It means ‘devoted to god’.
Jane Feminine version of John, it means ‘jehovah has been gracious’.
Lucia Lucia is of Italian origin meaning ‘graceful light’.
Neha A popular elegant name which means ‘rain or eyes’
Riya A lovely name with a delicate ring to it, meaning ‘singer’.
Sapna A beautiful feminine Indian name meaning ‘dream’
Karishma Indian name meaning ‘miracle’
Marie Meaning ‘sea of bitterness’, it’s a name borne by many royalty
Matilda Meaning ‘strength or might’, it’s a Latin name for royalty with German origins as well
Mia Meaning ‘wished for child’, ‘rebellion’ and ‘bitterness’, sporty royalty name.
Veda Translates to ‘knowledge’, it’s derived out of the sacred Hindu texts.
Saniya Saniya or Sania is an Indian name meaning ‘pearl’.
Mina Popular name around the world meaning ‘precious blue stone’.
Noor Noor has Arabic origins meaning ‘light’.
Roopa Indian name meaning ‘blessed with beauty’.
Sophia Meaning ‘wisdom’, Sophia is a sophisticated name for royalty.
Zara Zara is Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter’s name. It means ‘beautiful’.
Isla Royal name of Scottish rulers, pronounced as “Eye-la”, it means ‘Island’.

These are some of the classiest royal baby names from different cultures around the world. Each name has a deep meaning making the person unique.

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