Top Fifty Five 8-Letter Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top Fifty Five 8-letter Names for Boys and Girls

The next step in your kid’s path is to pick a name that’s new, sweet and easy and has a profound significance simultaneously for your boy. 8 letter baby names sound majestic and classical, which is why many parents nowadays prefer long names rather than short and cute names. The following top names list among the top 1000 baby names in the US and are sorted by popularity. Below are the top 55 8 letter first names for baby boys and girls.

Popular 8-Letter Boy Names With Meaning

Read the below thirty 8 letter cool names with their meanings for your baby boy.

1. Abdullah

The name Abdullah is the name of a child of Arabic descent meaning “servant of Allah”.

2. Abhishek

A popular Indian name which represents a ceremonious holy bath given to a deity.

3. Benjamin

The boy’s name “Benjamin” means “son of the right hand” and the name has a Hebrew origin.

4. Bernardo

A mostly used English name in United Stated means “bear”.

5. Chileshe

A trendy 8 letter baby boy names which mean “trustworthy”.

6. Clarence

From the surname and place name of Clare, which means “bright or transparent”. The famous bearers of this are George, the duke of Clarence, the king’s brother Edward IV and King Richard III.

7. Dominick

The name Dominick is the name of a child of Latin descent, meaning “belonging to the Lord”.

8. Emmanuel

The name Emmanuel is the name of a child from Hebrew origin meaning “God is with us”.

9. Fernando

The name Fernando is a boy’s name derived from the Spanish word, which means “bold voyager”.

10. Fidencio

A Latin name being used worldwide for many years now, this name means “trusting or fearless”.

11. Franklin

The name Franklin is the name of a boy from English origin, meaning “free landholder”.

12. Geoffrey

The name is Godfried and derives from English. Geoffrey’s definition is: “peace of God”.

13. Giovanny

The name Giovanni is the name of a child of Italian descent, meaning “God is gracious”.

14. Harrison

The name Harrison is the name of the boy, English, Aboriginal, meaning “son of Harry”.

15. Jonathan

Jonathan is a boy’s name of Hebrew descent that means “gift of Jehovah”.

16. Jermaine

This the name of a boy of French descent and means “from Germany”

17. Kendrick

The name Kendrick is the name of a boy who is of Scottish descent, English meaning “king, champion”.

18. Lawrence

The name of the boy means ‘from Laurentium,’ and has a Latin origin.

19. Leonardo

The name comes from the Spanish language as a form of Leonhard. Leonardo’s definition is: “lion, hard”.

20. Marcello

Marcello word is a form of the Italian language. “young warrior” is what Marcello means.

21. Michaela

This name is generally for boys and can be changed to Michela, Michaela, Michelle, and Michaelle. The Hebrew name Michael means “Who is like God?” It can be shortened in English, such as Mike, Mickey and Mick.

22. Mitchell

The name Mitchell is the name of a baby boy derives from English descent that means “who is like God”.

23. Narendra

Narendra is a boy name means an Indra shape that comes from Hindi. Narendra’s definition is “Indra’s Man”.

24. Nicholas

The name Nicholas is the Greek boy’s name which means “people of victory”.

25. Reginald

The name Reginald is an English name which means “counsel power”.

26. Theodore

The name Theodore means “gift of God” and originated from Greek descent.

27. Vladimir

The name comes from the Slovakian language, and Vladimir is a variant of Wladimir. The name means “of great power”.

28. Yaroslav

The name is a Jarožaw variant which derives from the Russian language. “Bright fame” is the definition of Yaroslav.

29. Zaccaria

This name comes from the Hebrew language and is a Zcharyan shape. Zaccaria’s definition is “The Lord recalled”.

30. Zeddicus

A unique name with the last letter of the alphabet.  A nickname for Zeddicus is “Zedd”. The name means “ambitious”.

Popular 8-letter Girl Names With Meaning
Popular 8-letter Girl Names With Meaning

Below are the popular girl names with 8 letters along with their meanings:

1. Adelaide

The name Adelaide is the name of a girl of German descent meaning “noble, nobility”.

2. Angelina

Angelina is derived from Spanish, Italian, Greek origin meaning “angel”.

3. Braelynn

Braelynn is now achieving the highest degree of success. Unlike Braylin and Braylyn, Braelynn’s gives the word a Scottish look, making it look somewhat less imaginative and more solid. The name means “mountainous lake”.

4. Cataleya

The name Cataleya is the popular name of the girl, meaning “Cattley’s flower”.

5. Caroline

Caroline word is of French origin name meaning “free man”.

6. Daniella

The name Danielle is the name of a girl of Hebrew background meaning “God is my judge”.

7. Estrella

A Spanish originated word means a ‘rising star’.

8. Fernanda

A word derived from Italian, Spanish and Portuguese origin means “bold voyager”.

9. Gracelyn

Gracelyn is a trendy girl’s name of English origin and means “graceful”.

10. Gabriela

The name Gabriela is a graceful Spanish, Italian origin word which means “God is my strength”.

11. Isabella

The name Isabella is of Hebrew origin. It means “devoted to the Lord”.

12. Jacintha

The word Jacintha is of Dutch origin and is widely used in English speaking countries. The name’s meaning is “hyacinth”.

13. Jennifer

Jennifer is one of the most exquisite names to ever sound. It means “white waves”.

14. Kanishka

Kanishka is of Indian descent, a Hindu name. In Sanskrit, its sense is “gold”.

15. Ladeidra

The word Ladeidra originates from America. The uncommon name means “melancholy”.

16. Madelina

The word Madelina has its roots in French and its sense is “Magdala’s woman or tower.”

17. Magnolia

Magnolia is a flower moniker. It’s the name of a flowering shrub.

18. Narcissa

The name of Narcissa is of Greek origin. It is the feminine form of Narcisse, which comes from a glamorous Greek youth means “daffodil”.

19. Penelope

Penelope is one of the classic names meaning “true picture”.

20. Savannah

The word Savannah means “flat tropical grassland” and is the name of a girl of Spanish descent.

21. Treasure

The name Treasure is the name of a girl of Latin origin meaning “highly valued possession”.

22. Veronica

The name Veronica is holy and powerful. Veronica’s definition is “weaver”.

23. Vivienne

The beautiful word Vivienne is the name of a girl of French descent meaning “life”.

24. Virginia

The word Virginia is the name of a baby girl of Latin origin meaning “virginal, pure”.

25. Waveline

Waveline is a special feminine infant name that was first used in the United States.  The name’s definition is “loyal”, “miracle” or “watchman”.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on becoming parents. Choose a name that would be as enterprising as an adult while your child is a child. We have listed some of the selected beautiful and graceful name with their origin and meaning for boys and girls. These names are popular and can be used by all religion across the country. So wish you all the best for selecting the best names. Happy Parenting.

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