Top 20 Valentines Names For Boys and Girls

Top 20 Valentines Names for Boys and Girls

A name acts as a symbolic contract between society and the individual. It differentiates your child from others. Thus, most parents fret over living upto this important milestone before a naming ceremony. Parents usually select a name based on its uniqueness and beautiful meaning after innumerable suggestions from family and friends based on religious affiliation, family tradition, popular culture, or cultural heritage.

If you firmly believe that love empowers the mind, thoughts and enlightens life by filling it with positive energy, these names representing Valentine’s Day can be the greatest inspiration for choosing one for your baby.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year by lovers around the world. This name originates in the Italian language and means ‘healthy’ and ‘strong.’ It also marks the tragic execution of St. Valentine by the Roman emperor Claudius. St. Valentine was the patron saint of lovers.

Hence, whether your baby is born on Valentine’s Day, or you are expecting your baby’s delivery date to be in February, or you believe this day to be special, some unique Valentines baby names upholding this theme of love and affection can shape your child’s personality and even destiny. Here is a list of Valentine-related names inspired by this sweet, romantic, and pleasant tradition that will help you choose one for your baby girl or boy.

Girl Names Inspired by Valentine’s Day

Read on to pick one from this list of the perfect Valentine Girl Names with suitable meanings that reinforce the power of love.

1. Annabel

This name of Scottish origin originates from Hebrew Hanna, meaning ‘grace.’ Derived from Amabel in Old French, it means ‘loving.’

2. Bella

This name of French origin means ‘beautiful.’ This name comes from the medieval personal name meaning ‘lovely.’

3. Cordelia

This name of Latin origin means “heart.” It means ‘Jewel of the Sea’ in Welsh.

4. Dove

This name of American origin comes from Old English ‘Dufe’ and refers to the “bird of peace and love.”

5. Freya

This classic and stunning name refers to the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. It also means ‘noblewoman.’ Freyja, Freja, Frøya, and Frida are variant forms.

6. Juliet

This name of Latin and French origin means ‘youthful or sky father”. This name has been made famous by the heroine and star-crossed lover of the Shakespearean play “Romeo and Juliet.”

7. Milada

An unusual spin on Mila and Milena, this name of Slavic origin means ‘young love,’ ‘favor,’ or ‘gracious.’

8. Suki

This name of Japanese origin means “beloved” ‘to like.’

9. Venice

This name of Italian origin refers to one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is derived from the ancient Veneti people who inhabited the region in 10th-century BC.

10. Venus

This name of Greek origin refers to the Roman Goddess of Love. It is also the second planet from the sun that shines the brightest among the five planets known to ancient astronomers.


Boy Names Inspired by Valentine’s Day

In case you’re looking for a Valentine Boy Name with a suitable meaning; here is a comprehensive list to help you to choose for your little champ:

1. Agapius

This name of Greek origin means “love or affection.” He was a saint of the Catholic Church and a Christian martyr of Caesarea in AD 306.

2. Cupid

This name of Latin origin means ‘desire.’ It is the name of the Roman god of love, the son of Venus, who is considered truly romantic.

3. David

This classic, historical name with biblical roots comes from the Hebrew name Dawid, meaning “beloved.” He was an important character in the Old Testament and the second king of Israel.

4. Erasmus

This name of Greek origin means ‘beloved’ or ‘desired.’ The Dutch philosopher of the Renaissance period was named Erasmus, and Saint Erasmus was a 4th-century martyr who is the patron saint of sailors.

5. Habib

This Arabic origin name is used by both the Jewish and Muslim communities and means “loved one” or ‘beloved.’ Its variant Habibullah is an epithet of Mohammad and means ‘beloved of Allah.’

6. Jed

Derived from Hebrew, this short form of Jedidiah is a macho and cool name for a boy that means “beloved of God.”

7. Kamon

This name of Thai origin means “heart” or ‘mind.’

8. Lorenzo

This Italian and Spanish name means someone “From Laurentum” or “Laurelle.” In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Lorenzo is the epitome of a Shakespearean Italian romantic.

9. Romeo

This Italian name originates from the Late Latin Romaeus, which means “pilgrim to Rome.” He is the main character of the famous Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet.

10. Valentino

This male name of Italian or Spanish form of Latin Valentinus means ‘Strength’ or ‘Health.’ It is called Valentino in Italian, Valentine in English and French, and Valentin and Valentina in Spanish. St Valentine was the famous patron saint of love and happy marriages.

Valentine’s Day’s historical and religious significance can never be underestimated for lovers, young and old. Those romantic at heart can find pride in selecting a subtle love-filled name for their little bundle of joy that will make them most adorable to people around wherever they go.

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