Motherhood Is a Beautiful Journey to Enjoy and Embrace

Motherhood Is a Beautiful Journey to Enjoy and Embrace

Everything turns out to be just so different and beautiful from the first time you get the news of the pregnancy to delivery, from holding your child for the first time post-delivery to taking care of them as they grow. Being a mother is such a beautiful, loved, and respected phase in a woman’s life. From day one, the jobs assigned to you are not by force, but they naturally come from your heart, mind, and body. You realize taking care of the baby is of utmost importance while everything else can be postponed or avoided. As you spend more and more time with your newborn, the relationship between the baby and the mother gets stronger. Babies are just so cute and adorable; most mothers give up their career, freedom, and everything to nurture their children and see them grow. The journey of a mother is never-ending; they build their world around their kids. Women who choose to be full-time mothers should be proud of themselves as they choose motherhood over their life and freedom; be happy mothers!

Though their kids are the most important to every mother, all mothers should also focus on taking care of themselves. It is always important to take time out and keep themselves satisfied and joyful. If they are happy, they can keep everyone around them happy too. In reality, we always give our health and happiness the least priority as mothers; however, it should be otherwise. I personally realized this a long time back. If we do not take care of ourselves, we will stay irritated and exhausted, and one very fine day, this exhaustion will burst out as an anxiety attack.

Many of us turn obese after delivery. I turned obese too and started accepting it as an imperative result of motherhood. We do not spend time for ourselves, but that is not the right thing to do. It is easy to put on weight, but shedding weight and being healthy is a challenging task. To all new mothers, always be positive, start your day with some yoga and meditation, and focus on your food and sleep. Maintaining a healthy regime and being mentally positive will help in energizing your inner beauty.

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