60 Attractive Names For Girls & Boys

60 Attractive Names For Girls & Boys

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Expecting mothers and fathers have a challenging task in hand- choosing the right name. Parents look for names that resonate with their personality and image, and that will help build their little one’s personality. A lot of parents want timeless and attractive baby names with a truly modern spirit.  Read on to find out some interesting and attractive baby names for boys and girls that could leave quite an impression on the minds of people.

Most Attractive Girl Names With Meaning

Picking and selecting baby names for girls is among one of the most exciting tasks for expecting parents. Mothers always want to pick attractive baby girl names that speak to the soul. Without much ado, let’s check out these girl names that are attractive and choose the ones that could be perfect for your darling princess.

1. Aaliyah

A gorgeous name, Aaliyah is an Arabic name that means “high and exalted”.

2. Alyssa

It is hard not to fall in love with this Greek and English name that means “noble one” and “rational”.

3. Anaïs

Unusual and exotic, this name is of a Hebrew origin and the French variant of the name Anne. It means “gracious” and “merciful”.

4. Belle

The name means “beautiful”, and a famous Disney princess also has this name. With a single syllable, this French name is derived from the name Isabella.

5. Brooklyn

Not just the name of a place in New York, it means “broken land”. Derived from the names Brooke and Lynn, this name is unique.

6. Carina

A name with different meanings in different languages, this beautiful name means “beloved” in Latin and Italian, and “pure” in Greek.

7. Cora

A sweet and innocent name, Cora is of Greek, American, and English origin. The name means “maiden”.

8. Dahlia

Meaning “dale”, the name is also the name of a flower, which is named after a Swedish botanist, A. Dahl.

9. Emily

A beautiful name for your little one, Emily comes from the German word “amal” meaning work, and it signifies “the industrious and hardworking one”.

10. Erin

A name of Irish origin, this one means “peace”. The name Erin is quite popular in Ireland and is derived from a place of the same name, and it means “green water”.

11. Eva

Simple, short, and sweet, this name is of Hebrew origin and means “life”.

12. Gianna

The name is of Italian origin and means “God is gracious”.

13. Hadley

An excellent name for a baby girl, it means “heather field or meadow”. The name is rare and is an Old English origin.

14. Ivy

Fabulous name that reminds you of the plant Ivy, which is a symbol of friendship. The name is of English origin and means “faithfulness”.

15. Khloe

The name is of Greek origin and means “green shoot on a plant”.It is a variation of the name Chloe, and in Greek mythology, this was one of the names of the goddess of agriculture.

16. Kristin

Popular in German and Scandinavian countries, the name is a variant of Christine. It means “believer of Christ” or the “anointed one”.

17. Lana

The name means “light” and is of Greek origin.

18. Layla

A name of Arabic origin, it means “night” or “dusk”. With just two syllables, the name is a sweet-sounding name.

19. Marianne

The name of a character from Jane Austen’s’s novel “Sense and Sensibility”, is a combination of the names Mary and Anne. It means “beloved” and “grace”.

20. Melania

A variation of the name “Melanie”, it means “black” or “dark” in Greek and Spanish.  It traces its origin to a Saint by the same name who freed people from slavery.

21. Mya

A gorgeous name, it has roots in different languages and has various meanings, including “great one”, “beloved”, “illusion”.

22. Nicolette

An extension of the name Nicole, the name means “victory of the people”. The name has a French flair to it and is ideal for people who are looking for names with French roots.

23. Nova

A beautiful Latin name, it is derived from supernova and means “new”.

24. Quinn

A unique name that has two syllables, it means “chief” or “wisdom” in Irish and is a unisex name, which sounds perfect for a girl and boy.

25. Rylee

A fabulous gender-neutral name, it means “valiant and courageous” or “rye clearing”. Highly inspirational, this name is of English and Irish origin.

26. Serenity

Of English, Latin, and American origin, this name means “peaceful disposition”. Slightly long, the name has a unique calmness attached to it.

27. Sienna

A name of English, Latin, and Italian origin, this one means “old or reddish-brown”. With three syllables, it is a wonderfully unique name for a girl.

28. Tiffany

If you consider your little one to be a precious jewel, then this name will give her the much-needed splendour. It is a name of Greek origin and means “appearance of God”.

29. Willow

The name is of English origin and means “intuitive and flexible”.

30. Zoey

An adorable name of Greek origin, it means “life”—an apt choice for your newborn.

Attractive Boy Names With Meaning

You don’t need to look any further if you’re in search of attractive names for boys. Read on to shortlist boy names that are attractive and striking in meaning.

1. Adonis

A gem from Greek mythology, it means “Lord”.

2. Aiden

Meaning “fiery”, this is a name of Irish and Gaelic origin. The name originates from the name of the Celtic god of sun and fire, Aodh.

3. Angelo

A sweet-sounding last name, it is also a great first name. It means “angel or messenger”.

4. Bain

One of the most attractive baby boy names, it brings the memory of the villain from “The Dark Knight”. It means “white or fair”.

5. Brendan

A name of Irish origin, the name is derived from the Gaelic name Breandan. It also has Welsh roots to it and means “prince” or “king”.

6. Caesar

Definitely an attractive name, this name means “long-haired”.

7. Daire

A rare and unique name that is of Irish origin, and it means “fruitful and fertile”.

8. Elon

The name is of Hebrew origin and is a Biblical name. It means “oak tree”.

9. Enrique

A Spanish version of the German name Heinrich, it means “powerful ruler of the home”.

10. Felipe

A variant of Phillip, this name is for a lover of animals. It means “friend of horses”.

11. Galan

This name is of a Greek origin. It means “tranquil” and is perfect for your little boy.

12. Hayden

A name of English origin, this name was originally a family name.  It means “heathen”, and the “y” in the middle of the name is what makes is sound different.

13. Irvin

Derived from Scottish roots, the name means “descendant of Eireamhon” or “friend”.

14. Jasper

A name of Dutch and Persian origin, where it is pronounced as “Yas-Per”, it has biblical references, and it means “treasurer”.

15. Kian

A name of Gaelic Irish origin, this name was originally spelt as Cian, and it means “ancient” and “wise”.

16. Laszlo

A Hungarian name with a royal heritage, this name means “glorious ruler”.

17. Maximus

A name of English, Latin and Scandinavian origin, it is an extension of the name Max. Maximus means “greatest”.

18. Micah

This name is of a Hebrew origin, and it means “one who is like God”.

19. Nathaniel

A name of Greek and Hebrew origin, it means “gift of God”.

20. Noah

Derived from the Bible, this popular name means “rest and repose”.

21. Orson

Meaning “bear cub”, the name has an English origin and is quite unique.

22. Rafael

A classic Latin name, it means “God has healed”.

23. Seymour

An English name, this one means “marshy land near the sea”.

24. Shawnel

Rare and unique, this name means “God is gracious”.

25. Tanner

An occupational name, this one means “leather tanner”.

26. Tristan

This is a name of Welsh origin, and it means “noise or to clatter”.

27. Tyler

Another occupational name of English and French origin, Tyler means “tile maker”.

28. Wilder

A name of English origin, the name means “hunter”.

29. Xander

A shortened version of the name Alexander, the name means “defender of the people”.

30. Zac

A short form of the name Zachariah, this name means “remembrance of God”.

Names uphold the power to shape a child’s self-esteem, identity, and it also influences their demeanour. Research has proven that names set some expectations and influence people. So choose a beautiful and unique name from the list to help your baby leave a strong impression.

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