Xander Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Xander Name Meaning and Origin

The name Xander is a unique and innovative name that stands out in the crowd. The name has a powerful meaning. Despite that, the name didn’t gain much popularity in the 1800s or 1900s. The name started gaining popularity in 2000, indicating parents’ inclination towards choosing a unique name for their little boy. 

What Does Xander Mean?

The meaning of a name is crucial when selecting the name for your child. The meaning of Xander is “defender of man” or “defending man.” The name is a diminutive of the name Alexander that has a Latin variation- Alexandros. Therefore, the meaning of this name comes from the Greek word, “aléxein” meaning “to defend,” and “andros,” meaning “men.”


The origin of the name Xander is rooted in Greek and is a shorter form of the name Alexander. The name’s pronunciation is the same as Zander’s and can be used as an alternative spelling. 




  • Zan-derr
  • Zann-der


2 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

There are numerous other spellings for Xander that denotes the cultural significance of the name worldwide. The name’s trend can be identified regarding the name variations in different religions and nationalities. Therefore, some Xander name variations are:

Name Origin
Alakesander Latin
Aleksandre Georgian
Alesandro Italian
Aleksandar Croatian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Macedonian
Aleck Greek
Aleksandr Ukrainian
Alexandre French, Galician, and Portuguese 
Aleksandras Lithuanian
Aleksanteri Finnish
Eskender Amharic

How Popular Is the Name Xander? 

The name Xander has been rising in popularity in the recent decade. As per the Xander popularity index, the name entered the name charts ten years ago and has solidified its position. Data from Social Security Administration indicates the name entered the top 1000 baby names list in 2000. The name ranked 929 in 2000, followed by 755 in 2001 and 544 in 2002. The name experienced a surge in popularity in 2003 when it jumped to 234. This indicates the significant usage of the name. 

The SSA data suggests that the name Xander will be used more and more in the upcoming decade. The Xander baby name ranking reached 280 in 2006, 268 in 2008, and 245 in 2009. Although it experienced a minor setback in 2010 by ranking 254, it quickly gained popularity in 2011 by ranking 205. The name once again experienced a slight decline in 2013, where it ranked 220 and 211 in 2014. 

The name ranked 201 in 2016, after which it entered the top 200 names list. The name ranked 164 in 2017, followed by 171 in 2018. The popularity of the name faced a slight decline in 2019, where it ranked 169, followed by 187 in 2020. The name has remained consistent in the top 200 names list from 2017; therefore, it has adequate scope for rising in popularity in the near future. 

Interest in Xander – Worldwide

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The popularity of the name Xander has been significantly low in the last decade. This shows that Xander is not a popular name across the world. Despite a low rank, the name reached its full potential in January 2017 and started rising from December 2016. Although the name has experienced a decline in popularity, its use has increased compared to before 2016. 

Interest in Xander – the US

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The interest in the name Xander in the US has experienced a stagnant growth followed by a steady increase. The name ranked the highest in January 2017, after which its popularity declined. However, the name peaked again in May 2017, April 2019, followed by April 2021.

Popularity of the Name Xander 

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched 

Search Trends of Xander – Worldwide

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The search trends of the name Xander are the highest in Aruba, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, and India. The trend suggests significant interest in the name over the last decade.

Search Trends of Xander – the US

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Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut are the top five cities with the highest search trends for the name Xander. As per this data, these names have been the most popular in the US for over ten years. 

Middle Names That Go With Xander 

Middle names play an integral role since it helps in completing your child’s name. It can be considered as important as your child’s first or last name. Therefore, some of the popular double names with Xander are:

Sebastian Daniel
Archer Michael
Edward Jayden
Luke Edmund
Summer James
Isaac Allen
Robert Kai
Joseph Lucas
Angel Henry
Lincoln Anthony

Famous People Named Xander 

The influence of famous people can be felt all over the world. From clothes to accessories to names, the impact of celebrities cannot be denied. Similarly, the name Xander and its trend have been impacted by such influence. Hence, some of the popular personalities named Xander are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Xander Venema Dutch singer-songwriter
Xander Rawlins British singer-songwriter
Xander Bennett Australian screenwriter and author
Xander Marro Puppet-maker and projectionist
Xander Berkeley American actor
Xander Parish English ballet dancer
Xander de Buisonjé Dutch singer
Xander Houtkoop Dutch professional footballer
Xander Mobus American voice actor
Xander Schauffele American professional golfer

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby names like Xander have multiple variations. Although the spelling might be different, the meaning of the name may resonate the same or similar meaning as the name Xander. Therefore, some of the other names for Xander as well as family names for Xander are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Raymond Moore
Edmundo Robinson
Troy Fitzgerald
Ray Mitchell
Albern Cook
Lewis Nelson
Sigmund Howard
Batair Scott
Einar Morales
Patton Ramirez

Names That Sound Like Xander 

You can find various names that sound similar to the chosen name. These names can be presented as alternatives to Xander. Therefore, this list consists of the names that rhyme with Xander:

Carter Hunter
Asher Parker
River Reiner
Rander Sawyer
Ryker Cooper
Piper Christopher

Sibling Names Related to Xander 

Finding suitable names for all your children is a complex task. When choosing sibling names that go with Xander, you have to evaluate if the name suits your children perfectly along with the other names. To reduce this hassle, this list comprises some of the most suitable sister names for Xander along with brother names for Xander:

Sister Names For Xander Brother Names For Xander
Juliett Felix
Olivia Oliver
May Milo
Sophia Mateo
Laila Logan
Rose Noah
Beatrice Levi
Clary William
Everett Ethan
Alice Andrew

Nicknames for Xander 

Nicknames are usually given to us lovely by closed ones. This makes pet names a significant part of our lives. Some of the unique nicknames for Xander are: 

Xan Xanxan
Xeno Xana
Ander Anderson
Andee Andy
Xo Xona
Zane Zee

The name Xander has been steadily increasing in the baby names popularity rank in the last decade. Although the name has received a slight setback, it can rise in the name list. With great meaning, this name proves to be an excellent voice for your child.


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