60 American Names For Boys & Their Meanings

The United States of America has always influenced the way we think and do certain things. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone says that the USA has had an impact on his/her child’s name. Over the years, the USA has introduced many interesting names. Though some of these names have a Latin or English background, they are known as classic names from the United States.

So, if you are looking for strong American boy names, this article is ideal for you. Here is a list of cute, classic and interesting American names to choose from.

Unique and Popular American Baby Boy Names

1. Adam

Adam is the oldest name in the world! In the year 1960, it became a famous cowboy name. Even today, the name is famous and is used by millions of parents around the world. The name means “man”.

2. Andrew

The name Andrew is highly appealing and is a true classic. This is an English name, which means “manly” or “brave”.

3. Anthony

Anthony is a renowned American name. However, it was derived from “Antoni”, which is a Roman name. The name means “highly praiseworthy”.

4. Arthur

Anyone who is in awe of war and history would know that Arthur signifies the knights in a kingdom. This English name translates to “courageous and noble”.

5. Asher

Wouldn’t it be great to hold a baby boy in your arms? Asher would be the most suitable name for your little man, as it means “happy and blessed”.

6. Brandon

Indeed, this is one of the cutest names you can give your baby boy. Brandon means “broom or weed-covered hill”.

7. Benjamin

For generations, parents have named their baby boys “Benjamin”. Maybe this is because the name carries so much significance in the Bible. This name translates to “a favourite son”.

8. Charles

Do you wish your baby boy all the freedom in this world? Do you want him to experience all ups and downs through amazing experiences? If yes, name him Charles. This name means “free man”.

9. Christian

Another interesting yet popular name would be Christian. As suggested by the name, it means “follower of Christ”.

10. Daniel

Daniel is a much-used classic name in America. It means “God” or “judge”.

11. David

The talk about classic names will be incomplete without “David”. The name translates to “beloved”.

12. Eric

If you are hunting for classic and cute names from America for your baby boy, the list will be incomplete without Eric. Eric translates to “everlasting ruler”.

13. Ethan

Every parent would want their baby boy to be strong and blissful all the time. And, that is why you should choose a wise name for your son. Pick Ethan, which translates to “enduring and strong”.

14. Frank

Some believe that the name Frank has a warm and elderly emotion attached to it! After all, many of us would have a grandpa named Frank. This name topped the list of classic names from the 1880s to the 1930s. The name frank means “free one” or “Frenchman”.

15. Fred

Fred is the modern version of Frederick. It means “peace ruler”.

16. George

Just like Fred, the name George was also becoming famous. This is also a mighty name for your baby boy. George means “farmer” or “tiller of soil”.

17. Graham

The name means “gravelled homestead”. Well, if you are looking for an uncommon American name for your baby boy, Graham would be a perfect choice.

18. Henry

Henry is a repeated name in English and American history. Henry translates to “home ruler”.

19. Harry

Another name that means “home ruler” would be Harry. It is a stylish name to choose for your little one.

20. Issac

This name is spelled in multiple ways. One, it can be written as “Issac”. Two, it can also be written as “Isaac”. The choice is left to you! The name means “he will laugh”.

21. Isaiah

If you are looking for a powerful name from the Bible, Isaiah is what you need. Isaiah is a Biblical name that means “God is salvation”.

22. James

Sometimes, the classic names are always interesting and easy to choose from. Who could say no to “James”? This is an English name that translates to “supplanter”.

23. Jonathan

You will find the name Jonathan in the Old Testament of the Bible. Till the late 1950s, the name was used by most American parents. The name means “to give”.

24. Julian

Julian is quite a famous name in America. However, the name has a Greek origin. And, it means “downy bearded”.

25. Jack

Do you want to give your baby boy a cute name? If yes, Jack is a great choice. Jack translates to “God is gracious”.

26. Keith

Though this name hails from the woods of Scotland, it is famous in America. It is a cute name for any baby boy. The name means “wood”.

27. Ken

This is a rare name for boys. The name Ken means “healthy, strong and handsome”. Can you find a better name with a finer meaning for your baby?

28. Louis

Since Kate and William of English royalty named their third child Louis, the name became extremely famous. Louis means “famous warrior”.

29. Leo

Do you want to name your child after a star sign? The name translates to “lion” or “brave people”.

30. Mike

For generations, people have named their baby boys Michael and then cut it short to Mike. Mike means “gift from God”.

31. Max

When you want a short but cute name for your baby boy, “Max” is a perfect choice. Max translates to “greatest”.

32. Nathan

If you have been watching “One Tree Hill”, you will be aware of this fancy name. This is a Native American boy name. Nathan means “He gave”.

33. Noah

Ready to rest your quest for Native American boy names? If yes, pick Noah. Noah is a renowned Biblical name which means “to rest”.

34. Oliver

There is so much significance behind this name, which is repeated in the Bible. The name Oliver means “the olive tree”, which indirectly means “dignity and beauty”.

35. Olin

Olin is an uncommon but cute name for baby boys. There are so many meanings for this rare pick. However, the most common meanings would be “a quake”, “to inherit” or “movement”.

36. Paul

Another Bible name for you to choose from would be “Paul”. This American name translates to “small”.

37. Patrick

For centuries, the name Patrick has been used by parents. This can be attributed to its noble meaning. Patrick means “nobleman”.

38. Quinn

Quinn is a Native American name for baby boys. The name translates to “counsel”.

39. Que

Looking for another different name for your baby boy? There are so many classic American names to look for. And Que is one such name. It means “rock or cliff”.

40. Ryan

Isn’t your baby boy a small prince? Name him Ryan which means “little king”.

41. Robert

With so many Hollywood actors with this name, it means nothing but “bright fame”.

42. Richard

For generations, Richard was a name chosen for the kings. This means “rich, hardy, brave, powerful, and king”.

43. Sean

The talk about cute American names with a classic touch will be incomplete without Sean. This name means “God is gracious”.

44. Stephen

Looking for a name that would crown your son? If yes, pick Stephen, which means “crown”.

45. Shane

Looking for another name that means “God is gracious”? If yes, consider yourself lucky. Shane is a modern name which means the same.

46. Timothy

If you are giving thanks to God for your handsome baby boy, you should pick a name that reflects your mind. Choose Timothy, which means “honouring God”.

47. Thomas

Are you blessed with two baby boys? If yes, name one Thomas, which means “twin”.

48. Theodore

This classic name means “gift of God”.

49. Ula

Indeed, having a baby boy is a blessing from God. This is why you should name him Ula, which means “wealthy”.

50. Uriel

Uriel means “God is my light”. This is a rare and lovely pick for your baby boy.

51. Valentino

Valentino translates to “brave”.

52. Val

Another uncommon American name for a baby boy would be Val. Val means “strong”.

53. William

This is a famous name that translates to “A willing protector”.

54. Will

Some consider Will as the shorter version of William. Nevertheless, Will has a unique meaning. It means “desiring peace”.

55. Xena

Xena means “welcoming and hospitable”.

56. Xavier

Xavier is widely used from the collection of native American Boy names. It translates to “new house or bright”.

57. Yale

This is a beautiful name, probably a name for those who are keen on education! Yale means “fertile upland”.

58. Yoel

Once again, here is a name that shows your love and thanks to God. Yoel means “God prevails or Lord is God”.

59. Zak

The list of cute names will be incomplete without Zak. However, Zak has a deep meaning, which is “God remembers”.

60. Zaki

A classic name that is also unique is Zaki. And, this name translates to “bright and pure”.

Undeniably, you have so many beautiful, cute names to choose from. Some of these names are famous in the USA, but they have histories that spread across Roman, Greek and Latin kingdoms. Choosing a name for your baby boy is not an easy task. But, with the right meaning and desire in mind, you will be able to make a great choice!

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