Top 100 African Boy Names With Meanings

100 African Names for Boys & Their Meanings

Africa is a land of many ethnic groups, tribes, and races, and so are the African names for boys and girls. In African culture, special attention is given to the naming ritual of babies to give meaning to the lives of newborns. Several different African cultures have inspired black baby boy names. The strong baby boy names can be taken from different communities and regions like South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Swahili, etc. While many consider the time or day a baby is born and the families’ faith, others look for the order of the child’s birth or the ancestory. Our name stays with us for our entire lives and even after that. Therefore, we will help you with finding cute names for your baby boy by giving you plenty of options to choose from. We have handpicked some of the famous, trending, and most meaningful African male names for you to choose from.

Popular & Unique African Baby Boy Names With Meanings

The African names are mostly short and contain a deep meaning in them. The West African boy names are known for their strong identity and hence, are chosen by many people. We give you 100 different names from different African communities and cultures to make it easier. Naming your little one is a daunting task, but the below-given powerful African boy names will help you find the best name for your kid.

1. Aamadu

Amadu originated from the Arabic name Ahmad and means “praiseworthy”.

2. Abasi

It is the name of Swahili origin. Its meaning is “stern”. This name signifies the strength of a male.

3. Abebe

It is a name that has its roots in the Ethiopian culture. It is a popular name in African regions and its meaning is “flower”.

4. Abidemi

Abidemi is a unique Yoruba boy’s name which means “born during father’s absence”. The name is usually given to boys when a child’s father is away from the family when the child is born.

5. Abrafo

This beautiful Ghanaian name is very rare and unique. Its meaning is “warrior”. The name carries a lot of energy and hype.

6. Adama

It is a Gambian variant of the name Adam. It is a unisexual name that means “a beautiful child”.

7. Adan

It is a Nigerian name with meaning “a huge bat”.

8. Addo

This name has its origin in the Ghana culture. It refers to the king of the road.

9. Adisa

It is a Ghana name that is popular in the African folks. It refers to the one who teaches others. It has a guiding essence of God in it and renders positivity to the name-bearer.

10. Adrian

This name is generally used for someone noble. Its meaning is “high-class man”. This name is popular in the central Madagascar tribes.

11. Adwin

It is a famous Ghana name that is popular among the folks. It refers to an artist or someone who thinks deeply. It is a name associated with intellect.

12. Afram

It is the name of a river that flows in the Ashanti region of Ghana. It is a perfect name for your cute little boy.

13. Azizi

This beautiful name has its origin in the Swahili and Kiswahili culture. It means “the precious one”.

14. Babatunde

This name is very popular as it refers to the phrase “Father has returned”. The kids who resemble their grandfather are given this name.

15. Badru

This name is given to the one who is born on the full night as its meaning says so. It has its origin in the Swahili language.

16. Badu

It is an African name that means “the tenth child”.

17. Beluchi

The Ibo people of Nigeria used mostly this name. Its meaning is “provided God approves”.

18. Berhane

Berhane is a renowned African name of Amharic origin. It stands for “my light”.

19. Bobo

This is a very trendy name coming from the tribal communities of Ghana. Its meaning is “born on Tuesday”. In the African language, its meaning is “humble”.

20. Bwana

This is the name of Kiswahili origin that means “gentleman”. It is a very catchy name with a crisp touch to it.

21. Cali

Cali is a popular East African name for boys, which means “sublime” or “lofty”.

22. Camara

It is a West African boy name, which means “teacher”. This name is enlightened by the intelligent vibes and has a positivity associated with it.

23. Cardiraxman

Cardiraxman is a variant of the Arabic name Abd Al-Rahman. The name grew popular in Somalia, and it means “servant of the merciful”.

24. Chaka

It is a very catchy name that means a king. It is a very popular name in the Ghana tribal communities.

25. Chege

It is a Kenyan name that means “vigorous”.

26. Chicha

This funky name is both cute and sweet. Its meaning is also very cute. It refers to someone you love.

27. Chinua

It is a Nigerian name for boys that means “blessing of the Almighty”. This name is perfect for your little boy who is nothing less than a blessing in your life.

28. Dalmar

It is a Somalian name. Its meaning is “versatile”.

29. Dakarai

Dakarai belongs to the Shona ethnic group, primarily living in Zimbabwe. The meaning of the name is “rejoice”.

30. Dawit

Dawit is an Amharic name which originated from the name David. This is a religious and common name around Africa.

31. Domelvo

It is a cute name popular in the Ghana community. Its meaning is “do not take others for the value of their face”.

32. Dzigbode

This is also a Ghana name, which means “patience”.

33. Ebrima

Ebrima is a West African name for boys, which means “feather of many”.

34. Edet

The meaning of this Nigerian name is “born on a market day”.

35. Efe

Ebrima is a West African name for boys, which means “feather of many”.

36. Effiom

It is a very rare name of Nigerian origin that means “crocodile”. This name is significant in power.

37. Elimu

It is a Kiswahili word with meaning “knowledge”. The kids with this name are generally very smart and sharp.

38. Erasto

This name is particularly popular in Eastern Africa. It means “a man of peace”.

39. Ezeji

It is a very different name in both its spelling and prevalence. Its meaning is “the king of yams”.

40. Faraji

Faraji is a Swahili name which stands for “consolation”.

41. Fela

It is a short name that means “warlike”. It is an African name that can be used for both a girl and a boy.

42. Fodjour

The meaning of Fodjour is the fourth child of the family.

43. Fynn

It is a variant of the famous Ghanaian name Offin, which was derived from the name of the Offin River.

44. Gabra

This is a very distinctive name that means “an offering”. It has a beautiful spiritual touch in it.

45. Getachew

This name can be shortened to be called Getty or Get. It is an Amharic name for a baby boy and its meaning is “master”.

46. Ghedi

This name has its roots in the Somali culture. It refers to a traveler.

47. Gogo

It is a very trendy name. The rhyming sequence of this name makes it very catchy. This is a South African name with meaning “like a grandfather”.

48. Gudina

Gudina is an Orono name that means “growth” and “advancement”.

49. Hagos

This name has a dynamic vibe associated with it. Its meaning is “happiness” and it is sure to bring joy and happiness to your little one’s life.

50. Haji

Haji refers to someone who is born during the period of Hajj. It is the name of Swahili origin.

51. Hakim

This smart name has its roots in the African Muslim culture. The meaning of Hakim is a doctor. This name has a healing touch in it that will make all your sadness go away when you take this name.

52. Hanisi

It is a very charming name for your little prince. Its meaning is “a person born on Thursday”.

53. Hondo

If you are looking for a name that is very easy to call and pronounce, Hondo is the best name for your boy. Its meaning is war. This name has huge popularity in Zimbabwe.

54. Idi

It is a very short name that is very easy to spell. It is born out of Swahili and Muslim culture. Idi is referred to someone who is born on the festive occasion of Eid.

55. Idir

Idir is a Tamazight name which means “alive”.

56. Ifa

Ifa is an Oromo name which stands for “light”.

57. Iniko

Never heard of this name? This is a unique name, which is very rare in the African tribes. It is a Nigerian name that can be used for both a baby girl and a baby boy.

58. Jafari

It is a very beautiful name in the Swahili culture. Its meaning is “creek”.

59. Jaja

Jaja is a Nigerian male name, which means “God’s gift”. What can be a perfect name for your little one who is himself a gift for you?

60. Jawara

Jawara is a famous name in Senegal and Gambia regions. This name means “one who loves peace”.

61. Jimiyu

It is a Kenyan male name. It is the name given to someone who is born during the dry season.

62. Jomo

This funky name is originally from Kenya. Jomo means “a farmer”. It is a cute and short name that can be easily remembered.

63. Juma

Juma is someone born on Friday. It is a cool name having its roots in Swahili.

64. Jumaane

Jumaane is a popular name which comes from Swahili. It means “born on a Tuesday”.

65. Kabaka

It is a famous Uganda name. This name was very loved in the royal tribes of Uganda. Its meaning is “king”.

66. Kabelo

Kabelo belongs to the Sotho ethnic group. It means “given”.

67. Kagiso

Kagiso means “peace” in Tswana.

68. Kamau

If you are looking for a strong and powerful name for your little prince, then look no further. Kamau is a Kikuyu name, meaning “quiet warrior”.

69. Kato

This cute name is from Uganda. It is a very catchy name with meaning “the second-born twin”.

70. Keita

This name is originated in the West African region. It has seen exponential growth in its popularity among the African communities. Its meaning is “one who worships”.

71. Kenyatta

This is a very musical name from East Africa. It renders the pure music vibes to the name-bearer and the ones who take his name. Kenyatta means “a musician”.

72. Kifle

This name is inspired by a phrase famous in Tigrinya. The meaning of Kifle is “my share, my due”. It is a very manly name for your little Superman.

73. Lanre

This Yoruba name is a well-known name that means “wealth is my fortune”.

74. Lekan

Lekan means “my wealth is increased” in Yoruba. Many people with the name Olamilekan use the Lekan as a nickname for their little boy.

75. Lema

It means “developed” in the Amharic language. The beauty of this name is that it carries such a deep meaning in such a small name.

76. Lusala

This name was originated in Kenya. It has a cute meaning. It refers to “whipping”.

77. Madalitso

The Chewa name Madalitso means “blessings”.

78. Mahamadou

Mahamadou is a popular African boy’s name which is the form of Muhammad. The name is very much popular in French-influenced western Africa and is mostly chosen by Islamic parents who want to stay rooted to their heritage.

79. Nnamdi

Nnamdi stands for “my father is alive” in Igbo.

80. Nnamdi

Nnamdi stands for “my father is alive” in Igbo.

81. Nyasore

This is a Kenyan male name, which refers to someone petite and thin. It is a different name and has a lot of appeal in it.

82. Obi

Obi is an Igbo name which means “heart”.

83. Okoro

Okoro means “man” in Urhobo.

84. Othieno

If your baby boy was born at night, this is an apt name for him. This is because of the meaning of the word “Othieno” which refers to the one who is born at night.

85. Panya

This name is hugely attractive and unique. Its meaning is “mouse” and it is such a cute name for your little bundle of joy.

86. Roble

Is your boy a monsoon baby? We give you the best name for him, which is Roble. Roble refers to the one who is born during the rainy season. What can be a better name for your shower of happiness?

87. Sekani

Sekani is a rare African boy’s name that means “laugh” in Tumbuka.

88. Selassie

This name has various spelling variants like Selassy or Selassie. It is a male name of Amharic origin. It means “trinity”.

89. Simba

It is the most loved and popular name in the whole world. There have been films made on Simba. The literal meaning of Simba is “a lion”.

90. Tafari

Tafari is an Amharic name which means “he who inspires”.

91. Teferi

This name carries dignity and pride in it. The meaning of Teferi is the one who is powerful and is feared by rivals.

92. Tewodros

It is the African variant of a Greek-born word. Its meaning is “Gift of God”.

93. Uchechi

This name can be shortened to Uchi. It is a very cute baby boy’s name and its meaning is “God’s will”.

94. Uzoma

Uzoma is a cute name of Nigerian origin and means “one born during a journey”.

95. Wangombe

This is a cute name that can be shortened to be called Wang. It refers to a person who owns several cows. It has its roots in Kenya.

96. Warui

This Kenyan name is stylish and has a cool vibe. The meaning of this name is “one who comes from the river”.

97. Xolani

It is a South African name that means “live in peace”. It is used interchangeably with Xola, which has the same meaning.

98. Yaw

Yaw is a Ghanaian name which means “one who is born on a Thursday”.

99. Yohance

It is a name that was originated in Western Africa. This unique name has a beautiful meaning as well. It means “God’s gift”.

100. Zola

This is a perfect name that connects you to the surreal silence of nature. The meaning of Zola is peace and calmness. It is a perfect name to inculcate a calm personality in your little one.

Getting the basic essence of the African culture in the name of your kid is beautiful. The African names carry simplicity in them and are very appealing. Your baby boy should be proud of his name and you must spend time on naming him. The name should be such that it gives a boost to the personality of your kid and make him a better person. A name is a person’s identity; therefore, select the best name for your prince to help him in growing into a great individual.

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