Alexander Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Alexander Name Meaning and Origin

Derived from the Greek name Alexandros, Alexander means ‘defending men.’ According to Greek legend, the first Alexander was Paris, who was bestowed the nickname Alexander by shepherds as he had defended their flock of sheep from robbers. Alexander the Great or Alexander III was the ancient king of the Greek kingdom of Macedonia.

What Does Alexander Mean?

The meaning of Alexander refers to a ‘warrior,’ ‘protector of mankind,’ or ‘defender of man.’ In Greek, it means “battle-prowess,” attributing to the ability to withstand or push back an enemy battle line. The Greek Goddess Hera was honored with the name and means “one who comes to save warriors.” Alexander takes the form of Alex, Alexa, Alexandria, or Alexandra as a girl’s name.


Alexander is a common DutchEnglishGermanHungarian, and Slavic name of Old Greek origin. It is the Latin form of the Greek name Aléxandros, composed of the elements Aléxein, meaning “to defend” or “ward off,” and Aner, meaning “man.” The name’s Gaelic form is Alasdair that has been Anglicizedto Alexander as a common forename in Scotland. It is one of the many cognate names from other languages that have been absorbed in North America after the immigration of many Scottish-Irish families. Adopted in Hebrew, the name Alexander is also found throughout the New Testament, with at least twenty Christian saints, including a patriarch of Alexandria, three Russian emperors, and eight popes with the name Alexander.




  • ah-lek-zan-der
  • al-ig-zan-der (English)
  • a-leh-KSAN-du (German)
  • a-lehk-SAHN-der (Dutch)
  • a-lehk-SAN-dehr (Swedish)
  • A-lehk-san-tehr (Icelandic)
  • AW-lehk-sawn-dehr (Hungarian)
  • A-lehk-san-dehr (Slovak)


4 syllables


9 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Different name variations are alternate spellings of the name Alexander depending on the country where it is widely used. Here are some of the cultural and linguistic forms of Alexander name variations and other spellings for Alexander:

Name Origin
Aleksander Czech/Polish
Alexandre French/Hungarian
Alexandros Greek
Alsander Irish
Alessandro Italian
Aleksandr Russian
Alasdair Gaelic
Alejandro Spanish
Alexei Russian
Alastair Scottish

How Popular Is the Name Alexander?

After the legendary hero and warrior of the 4th century BCE, the fame of the name Alexander spread in the post-Classical era throughout Europe. It is of particular prominence to Scotland, where it is still considered to be a royal name. The name has consistently scored high in the Top Baby Boys’ Names in the U.S. and the U.K. Remaining as one of the top 250 names in the U.S. since 1900, Alexander’s popularity has never really waned. It emerged into the top 100 names in 1977 and steadily climbed up the ranking chart until 2009. Between 2008 to 2015, Alexander’s baby name ranking remained in the top 10 names till 2020 as per the Social Security Administration data.

Interest in Alexander – Worldwide

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Interest in the name Alexander has been showing consistent popularity of over 60 for the last ten years, reaching 100 in July 2020. The lowest level of popularity was recorded at 61 on June 2017, July 2017, and March 2021.

Interest in Alexander – U.S.

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As per the search trends, interest in Alexander registered a search popularity index of over 40 for the last ten years, reaching 100 in July 2020. It generated the lowest interest, at 40, on August 2017, March 2020, and April 2020.

The popularity of the name Alexander


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Alexander – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Alexander show mostly in Austria in the last ten years. Sweden, Germany, Australia, and Norway follow to complete the top 5 countries. As a classic Christian name, Alexander can be a reason for its popularity in Austria, as parents still look for historical names of great significance.

Search trends of Alexander – U.S.

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Alabama is the sub-region in the U.S. where the most searches for the name Alexander have been recorded the highest over the last ten years. Search trends show cities like North Carolina, District of Columbia, New York, Pennsylvania have the most interest, rounding up the top five positions.

Middle Names That Go With Alexander

Middle names balance with the first name and make it sound more appealing. Here are some of the best double names with Alexander that fit perfectly and live up to it most beautifully:

Leonardo Antonio
Jeremiah Sebastian
Nathaniel Demetrius
Valentino Luciano
Odysseus Tiberius
Emmanuel Aurelius
Jack John
Kane Levi
Luke Leo
Hugh Grey
George Carter

Famous People Named Alexander

Nothing gives your baby name choice credibility like having one of the rich and famous using it too. Here are some of the most famous celebrities named Alexander:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor
Alexander Skarsgård Swedish Actor
Alexander McQueen British Fashion Designer
Alexander Ovechkin Russian Hockey Player
Alexander the Great Macedonian Conqueror
Alexander I and II Russian Emperors
Alexander King of Greece
Alexander I III, Kings of Scotland
Alexander King of Yugoslavia
Alexander Hamilton Revolutionary War general
Alexander Calder American Sculptor
Alexander William Gaskarth American Pop singer
Alexander von Humboldt German Biographer
Alexander Fleming Biologist
Alexander Edwards Music Producer
Alexander Albon Race Car Driver
Alexander Zverev Jr.  Tennis Player
Alexander Wang Fashion Designer
Alexander Ludwig Movie Actor
Alexander Stewart Pop Singer

Similar Names & Last Names

Similar sounding baby names like Alexander exude an equal amount of attention as the first name. Also, family names for Alexander that sound similar have originated in Scotland, where the Scottish Gaelic MacAlasdair has been Anglicized. Here are some of the other names for Alexander that can be as powerful as the name itself:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Andrew Wilson
Anthony Martin
Nathaniel Brown
Theodore Johnson
William Taylor
Lennox Page
Felix Devon
Maxmillan Christopher
Alec David
Maddox Bryce
Cadence Charles

Names That Sound Like Alexander

Names that rhyme with Alexander are as charming and posh as the classic name. Here are some names that have the same traditional and timeless appeal as Alexander:

Alaric Albert
Albin Aldan
Aleron Alfie
Alexavier Alfonso
Alfred Alvin
Andrew Arthur
Adam Richard
Benjamin Nicholas
Matthew Maximilian
Joshua Christian
Zachary Ferdinand

Sibling Names Related to Alexander

It would help if you chose sibling names to strike a balance of coordination. Thus, when you name your boy Alexander, you already need to have a repository of sister names and brother names for Alexander handy in preparation for the potential future offspring. Here are some of the sensible sibling names that go with Alexander:

Sister Names for Alexander Brother Names for Alexander
Isabella Christopher
Grace Abigail
Alyssa Abel
Olivia August
Cecilia Arlo
Anna Austin
Catherine Asher
Emilia Axel
Marina Atlas
Juliana Arian
Evelina Anderson

Nicknames for Alexander

A strong and dependable nickname that is a shortened version of the first name helps to make the name and the person bearing the name more lovable and adorable. Here are some of the best nicknames for the name Alexander:

Al Alec
Ally Andy
Dex Lex
Sasha Xander
Xan Zane
Ace Lexi
Aleck Ale
Alexito Alexis
Axx Lexam
T-Rex Lynx
Sander A-Bell
Al-choo Lexman

Associated with the qualities of ‘bravery’ and ‘courage,’ Alexander is a masculine name that rose in popularity in the Middle Ages and became a favorite among parents for decades. The name continues to be used around the world, and if you choose this name for your boy, you will be raising a boy of high morals and courage reflected in the name.


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