Eloise Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Eloise Name Meaning and Origin

The popularity of the name Eloise was observed in the 1880s. The name gradually rose into popularity and was the most widely used in 1921. After this period, the name gradually started to lose its fame. The name completely disappeared after 1965. This did not do justice to the name despite the name’s unique meaning and pronunciation. However, the name started gaining popularity from 2010 onwards with a steady increase in the name rank. 

What Does Eloise Mean? 

Learning the meaning of a name makes it significantly easier for parents to select a name for their child. By knowing the meaning of Eloise, parents can finalize their decision. The meaning of this name is “healthy” and “wide” in French. It also means “intelligent” and “smart” in French. The name translates to “famous warrior” in German. Therefore, this name has a distinctive meaning, making it a wise name choice. 


The origin of the name Eloise is French and Old English. The name is derived from the name “Heloise.” This name is further taken from the German name Helewidis where “heil” means “healthy,” and “wid” means “wide.”




  • El-lo-ies
  • Ell-oo-es


3 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

You can find distinctive variations of a name across the globe. The name variations denote its significance across different cultures. Likewise, other spellings for Eloise also refer to the cultural trend in various countries. Therefore, some of the Eloise name variations are:

Name Origin
Elouise German
Elois French
Spanish and Italian
French and German
Elsie Scottish
Elisa Hebrew
Elisae French
Heloísa Portuguese
Ancient Germanic
Héloïse French

How Popular Is the Name Eloise? 

The popularity of the name Eloise skyrocketed during the 1900s. However, as per the Eloise popularity index, the lack of the name’s use was evident over the years. Data collected from Social Security Administration proves strong evidence in this case since the name entered the top 1000 names list in 2008. The name ranked 999 in 2008, followed by 915 in 2009. The name experienced a massive leap in 2010 by ranking 527.

As per the Eloise baby name ranking, the name entered the top 500 list in 2011 by 449. The name significantly started to rise in the girl’s name list from this period. According to SSA data, the popularity of the name can be observed in 2015 where the name ranked 254, followed by 208 in 2016. The name entered the top 200 list in 2017, where it ranked 190. Eloise ranked 167 in 2018, 149 in 2019, and 138 in 2020. This indicates the popularity surge of the name, indicating its increasing use.

Interest in Eloise – Worldwide

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Across the world, the name Eloise has been mostly stagnant over the last ten years. The name has maintained a rank of over 20 and has reached the peak point in January 2021. 

Interest in Eloise – the US

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The interest in the name Eloise has fluctuated in the last ten years. The name has maintained a rank of over 30 in the US. It has experienced sudden spikes in popularity over the years. The name’s popularity grew in December 2015 and 2017and 2020.

Popularity of the Name Eloise 

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched

Search Trends of Eloise – Worldwide

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The top five countries with the highest search trends for Eloise are South Africa, Réunion, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom. These five countries have the highest rate globally, indicating the use of the name. 

Search Trends of Eloise – the US

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The search trend for the name Eloise is the highest in Michigan, South Carolina, New York, Connecticut, and Minnesota in the US. These names are significantly used in these cities, indicating their high popularity. 

Middle Names That Go With Eloise 

Middle names often provide an ode to ancestors or famous personalities. Due to this, choosing a proper middle name should be done carefully. We have made this task easier for you by identifying some of the suitable double names with Eloise:

Clementine Bethany
Lillith Natalia
Faye Colette
Aurelia Skye
Tatiana Magnolia
Rachel Violet
Margot Phoebe
Opal Josephine
Noelle Mabel
Lauren Wren

Famous People Named Eloise

Famous celebrities named Eloise have a significant impact on the popularity of the name. This list comprises of some of the celebrities with the same name:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Eloise Broady American model and actress
Eloise Laws American singer
Eloise Baza
President of the Guam Chamber of Commerce
Eloise Wellings Australian long-distance runner
Eloise Klein Healy American poet
Eloise Lewis
1st Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Eloise McGraw American children’s writer
Eloise Southby-Halbish
Former Australian netball player and sports commentator
Eloise Hawking Character on the TV series Lost
Eloise Joni Richards
Daughter of American actress Denise Richards

Similar Names & Last Names 

A name has numerous cultural references and variations. It signifies the core value of the name across different cultures. Similarly, baby names like Eloise also have name variations spelled differently. Hence, some of the other names for Eloise followed by the family names for Eloise are:

Similar Baby Names
Suitable Family Names
Valentina Dobrev
Chea Clark
Saige Quinn
Afeni White
Aila Lorenz
Val Moore
Matilda Lopez
Audrey Sanderson
Valery Young
Wanda Adams

Names That Sound Like Eloise 

You can find a wide variety of names that rhyme with the chosen name. These names can be used as nicknames or for naming your other children as well. Some of the names that rhyme with Eloise are:

Layla Leila
Liza Krisa
Annalise Krista
Agnes Annese
Amelia Anastasia

Sibling Names Related to Eloise

No doubt, selecting your children’s names is difficult when you want them to be perfect. Extensive research and understanding the name’s meaning can prove worthwhile in this case. Choosing sibling names that go with Eloise should be done in the same manner. However, to ease your worries, we have listed down some of the popular sister names for Eloise and brother names for Eloise:

Sister Names for Eloise
Brother Names for Eloise
Scarlett Tobias
Coraline Nate
Daphne Richard
Flora Thomas
Sabrina Sam
Lucy Dean
Ruby Jonah
Lola Otis
Penelope Mark
Imogen Fletcher

Nicknames for Eloise

Pet names or nicknames are usually given to us by our loved ones. It can be our parents or best friends. Due to this, these names are near and dear to our hearts. Therefore, some of the quirky nicknames for Eloise are:

Elo Eli
Ella Ell
Lou Louis
Isa Louie
Izzy Loi

The rapid popularity of the name suggests parents’ inclination towards unique names for their children. Due to this, this name has gone up in the baby name rank list. At this rate, the name will enter the top 100 girl names list in the future. Therefore, this name is a great choice for your little ray of hope. 


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Eloise Name Interest Across The World: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2011-01-01%202021-11-26&q=Eloise

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