100 Adventurous And Outdoorsy Names for Boys and Girls

100 Adventurous And Outdoorsy Names for Boys and Girls

“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.” – Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

Life is an adventurous journey. Explore something new each day. If you are bitten by wanderlust, and you want to pass on the same to your little voyager, what’s better than starting with a name that oozes adventure.

Outdoorsy and Adventurous Baby Boy Names

Imagine your little boy running on grass, splashing the puddles, climbing the trees, soiling the clothes and not be bothered about it. You have a little Mr. Curious who loves to explore. Ensure that you find him names that mean explorer. He will live up to his namesake.

1. Aaron

Aaron means ‘high mountain’. Your little adventurer will conquer great heights. The name will keep him inspired.

2. Ace

Ace is the ‘winner’. The name reeks of an adventurer’s soul who loves to take the risk and let things play out. The short name is power-packed with the winner’s spirit.

3. Arawn

This is a popular name rooted in Welsh mythology. It means very beautiful. 

4. Archer

Archer has Anglo-Saxon origins. It means ‘bowman’. Your boy will be outdoorsy and fun-loving. Give your little one a cute nickname – Archie.

5. Ash

Ash is short for Ashley or Ashton or Asher. The name is inspired by the ‘Ash tree’. Your little tree climber will love outdoors.

6. Bear

Who can forget Bear Grylls? The daring adventurer who explores the world with the bare minimum. The name means ‘strong as a bear’. Your little one will be ready for any adventure.

7. Bertrand

Bertrand Piccard was an adventurer who flew around the world in a balloon. The name means ‘magnificent crow’. Your little Berty will accomplish great things and achieve great heights.

8. Cedar

Cedar sounds very outdoorsy. The gender-neutral name evokes a sense of adventure and is a unique choice.

9. Christopher

Christopher is the saint of travelers. The name with Greek origins means ‘bearer of Christ’. One day your little one will discover something great like his namesake Christopher Columbus.

10. Cliff

Cliff conjures the image of a mountaineer who captures the rocky terrains and is well balanced. Outdoorsy and cute, it is a perfect name for your little monkey.

11. Cyler

Little Cyler will inspire and lead. He will be in control of everything. The action-oriented little man will be energetic, strong-willed and courageous.

12. Darcy

Jane Austen bought mysterious Mr. Darcy to life in Pride and Prejudice. Your handsome, aristocratic boy will wander off the country roads in style.

13. Dirk

Dirk is short of Derek. It means ‘people’s ruler’ Perfect name for your little adventurer who will rule the hearts.

14. Don

Don means ‘proud chief’. Your little gangster will be an inspiration for adventurers.

15. Ed

Ed is short for Edward. It means ‘wealthy’. The short name is free-spirited and noble.

16. Edmund

Edmund Hillary conquered Everest in the first attempt. The name with English origins means ‘fortunate protector’.

17. Emin

Emin is the name of German origin. It is a tribute to Emin Pasha – the greatest adventurer of the Ottoman Empire.

18. Everest

Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. The little boy with this name is destined to be an adventurer. It means ‘courageous like a boar’.

19. Flint

Flint is gaining popularity. The lovable character from the animated movie ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatball’ is free-spirited, tough and grounded to Earth.

20. Forest

Forest conjures the image of deep woods, tall pines, and undiscovered treasures. Everything that an adventurer is looking for.

21. Gael

This is an ancient Welsh and Scottish name that means ‘joyful’. It also has English roots. 

22. Garvan

This is a significant Irish name that means ‘rough little one’.

23. Garvey

Garvey is a boy’s name of Irish and Gaelic origin. It means ‘rough peace’.

24. Giacomo

This popular Italian name from medieval folklore means ‘supplanter’.

25. Harry

Harry – The British royal name means ‘estate ruler’. He is also the famous wizard whose unlimited adventures are the talk of the town.

26. Henry

Henry is another royal name. It means ‘estate ruler’. Hudson River and bay are named after the famous English explorer – Henry Hudson.

27. Huck

Huckleberry Finn needs no introduction. Huck is a casual and cool, yet strong and endearing choice of name for your little boy.

28. Indiana

Adventures of Indiana Jones are legendary. The name with Latin origins means ‘divine’. Call him Indy for short.

29. Jett

Jett is all about speed and power. The kind of traits needed for an adventurer.

30. Kyle

Kyle is derived from the Gaelic word ‘caol’, loosely translated to ‘handsome’. This vagabond will steal your heart with panache.

31. Larkin

Kyle is derived from the Gaelic word ‘caol’, loosely translated to ‘handsome’. This vagabond will steal your heart with panache.

32. Luke

Luke is a biblical name. In modern times, he is a Jedi warrior with an edge. Luke Skywalker is the ultimate adventurer from the Star Wars series.

33. Marco

The Venetian merchant Marco Polo’s journey is legendary. It is inspired by Mark. The name with Spanish and Italian origins means ‘warlike’.

34. Maverick

Maverick means ‘independent’. This one will be free, fun and wild. All these are traits of an adventurer.

35. Nemo

Nemo brings a cute clownfish to mind, but behold, we have Capt. Nemo from ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea’ as an inspiration for your voyager.

36. Panahasi

This is a unique name of Egyptian origin that means ‘the barbarian’.

37. Ramsey

This is a gender neutral name, often taken up as surname. Ramsey has English roots and means ‘low lying land’.

38. Ranulph

This name has Danish, Norwegian and Swedish origin and it means ‘a wide wolf’. It also has an ancient Germanic significance. 

39. Rowdon

This is a habitational masculine name from Yorkshire. It means ‘from the hills’.

40. Sassacus

This popular boy name is of native American roots that means ‘A wild man’.

41. Sawyer

Sawyer means ‘one who chops wood’. Tom Sawyer lead a life full of adventures. Perfect name for your little one to take inspiration from.

42. Silvestre

This interesting name has Spanish and Portuguese origin that means ‘wild and rustic’.

43. Sverre

Sverre, a Nordic name that dates back to the Old Norse Sverrir, means ‘wild, or spinning’. It is also a common Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese language. In Sweden and Denmark it osnakso used as a surname.

44. Sylvan

Sylvan is an uncommon choice of name. He is the Roman ‘God of the forest’. Strong, old-timey and outdoorsy.

45. Terach

This is a popular baby boy name having Hebrew roots. It means  ‘baby goat’ or ‘silly’.

46. Tohopka

It is a native American name means ‘a wild beast’

47. Tom

Tom Avery was the youngest Briton to reach the South Pole on foot. It is a classic name and means ‘twin’.

48. West

West sounds cool and outdoorsy, perfect for the adventurous and brave spirit. The direction of the wild west which attracted cowboys.

49. Wilder

What’s more adventurous than giving your child a wild name. Adding an extra ‘er’ makes it elegant, and yet remain bohemian.

50. Woody

Woody is straight from the woods. The purest form of outdoors, a perfect place for adventure.

Outdoorsy and Adventurous Baby Girl Names

Let your little girl explore the woods, dive into the ocean or take over the skies in a hot air balloon. She is born to travel the world and live life on her terms. Choose a name to kindle the spirit of an adventurer in her. Find here some adventurous girl names for your daughter.


1. Agrippina

This name has ancient Greek and Roman roots. It means ‘born feet-first’.

2. Alexandrine

Alexandrine is the ‘defender of mankind’. Alexandrine Tinne, the Dutch explorer was the first woman to go across the Sahara Desert. Call her Alexa or Alex for short.

3. Alice

Alice means ‘noble’. Little Alice went down the rabbit hole and had a lifetime of adventures in the wonderland.

4. Amber

Amber has a kind of natural and rustic feel to it. From golden sunrays to lush fields of grains, it evokes an earthy feel. Perfect name for your gift from heaven.

5. Amelia

Amelia means ‘hardworking’. Pay tribute to Amelia Earhart – the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by naming your little explorer after her.

6. Annie

This name has hebrew roots and it means ‘god’s gift’.

7. Artemis

Artemis is a popular name having Greek roots, which means ‘twin of Apollo’. As per Greek mythology, Artemis was known to be the Goddess of hunting, chastity and the moon. 

8. Artio

This name has Swiss and Galo-Roman origin, and it means ‘the bear Goddess’.

9. Averil

Averil is a name of English origin that means wild boar.

10. Aspen

Aspen is a stylish and unique name. It draws inspiration from the ‘graceful tree’ with heart-shaped leaves. Aspen is also a trendy Colorado ski resort. The name evokes a sense of adventure and daring.

11. Athena

Athena is the ‘Greek goddess of war, craft, and wisdom’. The adventure begins the day you pay tribute to the great goddess by naming your little girl after her.

12. Aurora

Aurora is the magical ‘polar lights’. Aurora is also the ‘Roman Goddess of dawn’. Get ready for dawn to dusk adventures with the little ball of energy.

13. Averil

Averil is a name of English origin that means wild boar. 

14. Beatrix

Beatrix is derived from the Latin name Viator and means ‘voyager’. Call your little one Trixie at home.

15. Bessie

This is a popular English name that means ‘my God is plenty and abundant’.

16. Brooke

Brooke is a name with English origin and means ‘small stream’. A great name for little adventurer who will carver her path.

17. Cybele

This is a very significant name dating back to ancient Greek mythology. It means ‘The great mother of all God’s’.

18. Delia

Delia has Greek origins and is inspired by the ‘Delos island’. Delia Akeley carried out expeditions to Africa to study the ethnography of reclusive tribes. Back in those days, women would think twice before stepping out of the home.

19. Everette

Everett means ‘brave as a wild boar’. It is a gender-neutral name. Add an ‘e’ at the end for a feminine touch.

20. Fauve

Fauve is a popular French female name which means ‘wild and uninhibited’. It is a name rooted in the clan of Fauvists, who were artists who painted with vibrant colors.

21. Fia

This name has Irish and Portuguese origin that means ‘wild’ or ‘weaver’.

22. Fawn

Fawn is a ‘young deer’, a woodland dweller who is always looking for an adventure in the woods.

23. Finn

Mark Twain inspired this name with Huckleberry Finn. The trendy name is good for boys and girls. In Irish mythology, Finn defended Ireland against the Norse invaders. If you prefer a more feminine touch, twist it to Fiona, and that sounds like a warrior princess who does not need a prince to rescue her from the castle.

24. Freya

Freya is the ‘Norse Goddess of Love and fertility. Freya Stark was the first European woman to fight racism in Iran. She also traveled through the Arabian desert, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Such an inspiration for your little girl.

25. Hermione

Who can forget the little Ms? Know-it -all from the pen of J K Rowling? She is ever ready for an adventure. The brilliant little witch will grow up to be intelligent and loyal, and of course always ready for exploring the unexplored.

26. Hester

Hester means ‘myrtle leaf’ or ‘star’. A British woman with the same name pulled off some serious adventure. She traveled to Egypt and Athens in men’s attire.

27. Hollis

Hollis means the ‘dweller of the holly tree’. The gender-neutral name is free-spirited and adventurous.

28. Iris

Iris can be as delicate as a flower or as flamboyant as the ‘Greek goddess of the rainbow’. Your little girl will chase the pot of gold at the end of the colorful bow and find it for sure.

29. Isabella

Isabella means ‘devoted to God’. Isabella Bird became a household name with her expeditions to China, Morocco, and Korea. She was the first woman to be accepted in the prestigious Royal Geographical Society.

30. Jane

Jane means ‘God is gracious’. Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist and an adventurer made sure that no Jane is ever called Plain Jane.

31. Journey

Life is a journey. Your little voyager is all set for a life of exploration. This comes under the list names that mean wanderer.

32. Kai

Kai has roots in many cultures. The exotic name means ‘sea’ in Hawaii, ‘willow’ in Navajo, ‘forgiveness’ in Japan and ‘food’ in Maori. This funky and cool name will evoke wanderlust in your baby.

33. Lara

In Mythology, Lara is a beautiful nymph. In movies, Lara Croft is a Tomb Raider and adventurer. True to the meaning of her name ‘famous’.

34. Louis

Louise means a ‘renowned fighter’. The popular name is perfect for your wandering princess.

35. Lyra

Lyra is the name of a constellation that contains the star ‘Vega’. Little miss dreamer will shine far and bright.

36. Mae

Mae is like May. The short name is the perfect choice for your cute wanderer.

37. Maren

Maren means ‘star of the sea’. She will find her way out of any storm. If you would like to add a twist, try Mary or Marina.

38. Marlow

Marlow is a gender-neutral name and means ‘driftwood’. Catch your little one before she is off for another adventure.

39. Matilda

The vintage name Matilda has a pretty tough meaning, ‘battle-mighty’. There are over half a dozen fun nicknames Tilly, Tilda, or Mattie. Your sweet adventurer will conquer your heart.

40. Nellie

Nellie means the ‘shining light’. She will shine bright just like her name. Nellie Bly – an inspirational journalist took a trip around the world.

41. Osa

Osa is a cute, sweet and short name and means ‘godlike’.

42. Prairie

Inspired by ‘The Little House on the Prairie’, the name sounds cute and yet someone who is free-spirited.

43. River

A River carves her path. Your little one will explore the world and that too with her terms.

44. Summer

Named after the hottest season, your little one will love outdoors.

45. Valentina

Valentina means ‘healthy’. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to reach into space.

Choose a name with great meaning. Your child will imbibe the qualities and traits of their name.

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