150+ Unique & Cute Baby Girl Nicknames

150+ Best Nicknames for a Baby Girl

Sometimes, parents pick a name with the plan of calling their little angels with a shortened version, or a nickname. Some parents even pick the nickname first before deciding on an official name. Nicknames have been around for ages and sweet nicknames can indicate a special kind of relationship.

The best way to pick a beautiful nickname is by choosing something you love! It could be anything right from your favorite chocolate, dessert to even something that sounds adorably funny! If you are looking for the perfect nickname for your newborn, then you will need to go through a lot of options!

Awesome Baby Nicknames for Girls

Here are some unique baby girl nicknames for your little angel. Check out this list and you could use these ideas to find a name that is the perfect mix of fresh and charming.

Cute and Unique Nicknames

  1. Abby

2. Addie

3. Aggie

4. Anya

5. Bee

6. Belle

7. Bess

8. Bonnie

9. Chelle

10. Cleo

11. Coco

12. Daisy

13. Dixie

14. Dolly

15. Ella

16. Elsie

17. Emme

18. Evie

19. Fifi

20. Flo

21. Frankie

22. Frosty

23. Gigi

24. Gracie

25. Hattie

26. Izzy

27. Jazz

28. Jenny

29. Jo

30. Josie

31. Katie

32. Kiki

33. Kit

34. Kitty

35. Laney

36. Mich

37. Nicki

38. Patti

39. Posy

40. Romy

41. Rosie

42. Roxy

43. Sadie

44. Shelby

45. Suki

46. Tori

47. Trish

48. Vicki

49. Zoey

50. Zuzu

Chocolate Themed Nicknames

  1. Almond Joy

2. Butterfinger

3. Dove

4. Goo Goo

5. Goober

6. Goody Bar

7. Hershey

8. Jellie Belly

9. Kit Kat

10. Pudding

Love Themed Nicknames

Love Themed Nicknames for Baby Girl

  1. Big Love

2. Bitty Love

3. Little Love

4. Love Bud

5. Lovey

6. Lovey Dovey

7. Lovey Tickles

8. Luvski

9. Luvvy Wuvvy

10. Pretty Love

Flowers and Garden Themed Nicknames

  1. Bluebell

2. Daffodil

3. Dahlia

4. Lavender

5. Pansy

6. Poppy

7. Primrose

8. Rose

9. Rosebud

10. Tulip

Animal Themed Nicknames

  1. Beary Boo

2. Caterpillar

3. Gecko

4. Goose

5. Hunny Bear

6. Hunny Bunny

7. Piggy

8. Pookie Bear

9. Possum

10. Waterbug

Candy Themed Nicknames

Candy Themed Nicknames for Baby Girl

  1. Carmelita

2. Dum Dum

3. Gumball

4. Jelly Bean

5. Laffy Taffy

6. Lollipop

7. Marshmallow

8. Milk Dud

9. Tiffy Taffy

10. Tutti Frutti

Cake/Bakery Themed Nicknames

  1. Blondie

2. Blueberry Pie

3. Butter Tart

4. Cinnamon

5. Cookie

6. Muffin Butt

7. Pancake

8. Pumpkin Pie

9. Shortcake

10. Sweet Eclair

Angel Themed Nicknames

  1. Angel

2. Angel Baby

3. Angel Wing

4. Angelita

5. Cherubie

6. Divine

7. Goddess

8. Misty May

9. Pearli

10. Sirena

Funny Nicknames for Baby Girls

  1. Boodlyboopikins

2. Cuddly Boop

3. Cuddly Duddly

4. Dilly Dolly

5. Fillity Tuna

6. Filly Billy

7. Milly

8. Pippy

9. Snackems

10. Snibbles

11. Snookie

12. Snuggly Bear

13. Swizzly Sue Thompkins

14. Tilly

15. Tippy Tappy

Beautiful Baby Girl Nicknames With Meanings

1. Becca

The meaning of this name is “servant of God” and it has a Hebrew origin. Another variation of the name is Becky.

2. Bree

This name is the Anglicized variant of “Brighe”, an Irish name meaning “Strength, power, virtue, and vigor”. It could be a nickname for any name that has the syllable “bree” in it.

3. Cammie

This beautiful name has a Latin origin and the meaning of the name is “helper to the priest”. The alternative form of the name is “Camilla”.

4. Cathy

Cathy is a French name meaning “clear” or “pure”. The name has a Latin origin and is a form of the Latin name “Kathrina”.

5. Dee

A unique name for your little one, the meaning of the name is “goddess” or “sacred”. The name has a Celtic origin.

6. Delia

This cool nickname has a Greek origin and the meaning of the name is “born on the island of Delos”. Delia is a charming option for your little one.

7. Edie

The short form of Edith, the name has an Old English origin and it means “rich in war”.

8. Eliza

This fancy nickname is a wonderful option for your little one. The name means “pledged to God” and it has a Hebrew origin.

9. Ellie

With a Hebrew origin, the meaning of the name is “God is my candle” or “God is my light”. It is a very beautiful nickname for your little one.

10. Fritzie

With an Old German origin, the name means “peaceful ruler”. This is a powerful and strong nickname for your little baby.

11. Gwen

The meaning of the name is “holy, white” and it has a Welsh origin. Another variant of the name is “Gwenno”.

12. Lettie

Derived from the French name Leticia, the meaning of the name is “one of brings joy”. This is a nice and short nickname

13. Lilly

The name is derived from the Greek word “louloudi”, which means “flower”. The flower lily symbolizes “rebirth”, “pure” or “passion”.

14. Maggie

This classy sounding modern nickname has an English origin and the meaning of the name is “pearl”. It could be a short form for the name “Margaret”.

15. Molly

Molly has an Irish origin and the meaning of the name is “star of the sea”. The name could be used as a short form for the name “Mary”.

16. Nessa

The name has a Russian, Scottish, and Scandinavian origin and it means “promontory, headlands”. This attractive name could be used as a short form for Anastasia, Vanessa, or Agnes.

17. Sandy

Sandy is a wonderful Greek name for your little one and it means “protector of mankind” or “defender of men”.

18. Tess

Tess has an English origin and it means “to harvest”. Tess has a lot more strength, style, and substance with a nice relaxed image.

19. Trixie

With a nice Latin origin, the meaning of this girl’s name is “she who brings happiness”. It could be the short form for Beatrix.

20. Vinnie

The Latin baby name is another wonderful option for your little one. The meaning of the name is “conqueror”.

When the baby still hasn’t arrived yet or is very little, then you will probably need to pick a beautiful nickname. This collection of beautiful and uncommon nicknames for girls is sure to help you find a charming one for your little princess!

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