Top 50 Car Names for Boys With Meanings

50 Most Astonishing Baby Boy Names Inspired by Cars

People love cars and who doesn’t love cute baby boy car names? If you’re a car lover and you’ve just got a baby arriving, maybe it would be a good idea to name them after your favourite models.

The problem is there are many cute names out there and matching the name’s uniqueness with your child’s initials and personality can be tough. Plus, when you find a name that not only suits your child but aligns with your interests too, it will make you jump in joy. So don’t worry, we’ve got that part figured out for you.

50 Cool Car Names for Baby Boys

Hunting for some of the best boy names after cars? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of unique guy car names that will make naming your baby boy even more worth it.

Name Meaning
Aston It’s named after the founder of Astin Marton and perfect for parents who look up to the creator as inspiration
Audi Audi literally translates to “Hear” and is based on the August Horche Automobilewerke GmbH company from 1909, which was changed to Audi after the court prompted the founder to change its name due to trademark infringement
Baron Based off a car from the 1930s, the classic Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. According to old English origins, the name refers to a rich male landowner. In Hebrew, the name translates to ‘Son of strength or vigour or potency’ and is given those of nobility.
Bentley Another classic car name for those who like to keep it simple. You can tweak it to ‘Bant’ if you want which translates to ‘Strength’
Chevy Chevy is short for Chevrolet. It’s based on the Swiss race car driver who overtook Ford due to his company’s tagline.
Datsun Datsun was based on a Japanese car company and the “sun” part is often tied to positive associations
Enzo The creator of the Ferrari model went by the name of Enzo
Herbie  A name that’s born out of love. It’s a German baby name and inspired by The Love Bug Herbie which appeared in many Disney films
Subaru Subaru is a Japanese name that refers to the Pleiades Star Cluster constellation from the car’s logo. It also translates to ‘Unite’ and is tied to Greek mythology.
Janson It’s based on the formula one car Jenson Button. You can also name your baby boy Button if you don’t prefer Jenson.
Rory A car that is based on the show “Roary the Racing Car”. The name ‘Rory’ translates to ‘Red King’
Ranger Ranger is a French baby boy name which means ‘outdoor guardian’. The model is actually a mini truck
Royce Royce instantly gives a luxury appeal to your baby boy and makes everyone think of the famed ‘Rolls Royce brand. Royce is a name of English origin and also means ‘the son of the king.’
Volvo Translates to “I Roll” in Latin. It’s one of the more cooler guy car names since it’s got a goth or funky vibe to it.
Holden Don’t confuse this with Holden Caulfield. There’s an Australian car brand that uses this name and it’s pretty famous
Romeo Maybe you’re thinking of Romeo from Shakespeare’s plays but the name comes from an Italian car manufacturing company
Morgan A name that’s tied to the classic line-up of British sports cars. The name suits both baby boys and girls well. When you derive this name from Germanic elements, it means ‘Magic’.
Carr Carr is the acronym of a famous auto mechanic. Ideal for boys who grow up to build their own cars someday
Dale The name of the two-time champion of the NASCAR Busch Grand National Series
Dayton A name that is based on the Dayton Electric cars which go back to the days between 1911 to 1915
Jazz Based on the Honda Jazz model which is a subcompact car that has impressive mileage
Mark It comes from the Lincoln Mark Series which are personal-luxury cars from the early 2000s.
Malcolm Malcolm refers to ‘The Disciple of Columbia’ which is name hailing from Scottish Origin. It’s also based on the 1914-15 Malcolm Jones model.
Pierce A charming baby boy name whose English origin is tied to the ‘Son of Piers’. Inspired by the Pierce-Arrow Moto Company from 1901 to 1938 as well.
Stu Stu is short for the Studebaker car model which is vintage from 1852.
Jimmy This name is based off the GM’s SUV car lineup which was discontinued. Variations of it like Jim and James are also used as male car names for babies.
Ryker Ryker is of German origin and means ‘Rich’. It’s a modified version of car-related boy names tied to Riker which is the Riker Electric Vehicle Company of 1902.
Nash An English origin baby boy name that means ‘by the Ash tree.’ it’s also based on the American automobile company that’s located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Owen It’s a traditional Welsch name that means ‘Noble’ or ‘Strong warrior’. Also inspired b the famous Owen Magnetic Motor Car Company.
Richard It’s the name of the 7-time Daytona 500 winner who goes by the title ‘King’ in NASCAR races.
Veyron Based on the Volkswagen Bugatti Veyron, the name also means ‘Great Man’ and is of Indian origin.
Stanley The Stanley Motor Carriage Company was famous back in the day and a huge manufacturer of steam-engine vehicles. The name translates to ‘near the stony clearing.’
Ross Ross is a steam car that was designed by Louis S. Ross. It’s also a family name that is of German origin and stands for The Horse.’ It has a Scottish descent to it and the other meaning is ‘Promontory.’
Fabia The name of a hatchback car model of the brand itself. In Italian, the meaning of Fabia is ‘bean farmer’.
Vin Stands for Vehicle Identification Number and is a name that translates to ‘conquering’
Axle The axle is a part of an automobile. You can name your child Axel too to make it sound good.
Jack A classic name for an automobile tool. It is also of English origin and the other meaning is ‘God is gracious’.
Infiniti A name that is tied to the famous ‘Toy Story’ movie.  It comes from the luxury line-up of Nissan cars as well.
Cleo A famous car model created by the French automaker Renault. Parents use a variation of the name for naming their babies which is Clio.
Porsche A fancy name for fancy babies. It gives off Hollywood vibes and is based off the sporty Porsche model.
Zephyr A vintage car model that was famous in the year 1935. The meaning of the name is ‘west wind’.
Cooper Mini Cooper is a car that’s a favourite in classics. Cooper is of English origin and stands for ‘Barrel maker’.
Jeremy A name of English origin that stands for ‘God will uplift’. It’s also inspired by Jeremy Clarkson who has authored several books on cars.
Allen Allen is a Celtic baby name and was originally the name of a saint. It was popular during the Middle ages and is also based on the Allen automobile from 1913.
Rover A name that is English origin, Rover is based on the luxury sport SUV. It’s a good name for kids who grow up to be powerful leaders in the future.
Martin Name of an Aston Martin luxury model.     It is of Old English origin and translates to ‘Warrior’.
Tesla Name of an American multinational corporation that was founded in 2003. They manufacture technologically intelligent automobiles.
Shelby A sports car with a Ford V8 engine. The name of is of English origin and its meaning is ‘Willow Farm’. It’s ideal for both baby boys and girls.
Lewis Lewis is of Germanic origin and translates to ‘famous battle’. It is inspired by the American brand The Lewis Automobile & The L.P.C. Motor Car Co.
Sebastian The meaning of Sebastian is ‘Venerable or revered’. It also represents Viola’s twin brother from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and is tied to Google’s driverless car Sebastian Thrun.

Your little lovebug has entered the world and now it’s time to name him. We get it and if you love cars (which you do since you’re reading this), going with a car-themed name is a sweet move.

Millions of people around the world name their babies after their favourite cars and it’s pretty common nowadays. Using our list will help you narrow down your choices and make picking a name a lot easier. Before you select a name or decide on one, think personality or character. You can even go by the colour and make of your favourite car and select a name based on that. Ideally, the perfect name for your baby will be the one that’s memorable, inspiring, and has personal meaning to your memories. Congratulations on your baby boy and happy naming!

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