Top 100 Strong and Powerful Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings

100 Strong and Powerful Last Names or Surnames

“What’s in a name” – The famous line from the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare imply that naming things is not that important. But it does not stand true in all cases. To have a strong and powerful name for yourself is a chance to stand out in a crowd of common people. Strong last names tell a lot about your belonging, and they should invoke a sense of pride. Here is a list of surnames meaning powerful and strong.

Last Names That Mean Strong

We have curated a list of strong last names that mean “strong.”

1. Adkins

The English origin name means “strong” or “made of oak.”

2. Aliz

It is inspired by the name of American boxer Muhammad Ali. The name finds its origins in Arabic and means “champion”.

3. Arison

The Albanian surname means “son of gold” or “powerful” or “strong.”

4. Armstrong

As the name suggests, it means “strong-arm” in Middle English. Few famous personalities with this surname are Neil Armstrong, Louis Armstrong, and Lance Armstrong.

5. Arne

The Dutch origin surname means “strong like an eagle or ruler.”

6. Bal

The Sanskrit origin surname translates to ‘strength or power.’

7. Bardin

The German origin strong surname means “battle-axe.”

8. Bernard

The German-originated surname roughly translates to “strong like a bear.”

9. Bharadwaj

The Sanskrit Origin word that refers to descendants of Sage Bharadwaj or means’ one who has strength and agility.’

10. Cadieux

The French surname means “little fighter.”

11. Dufort

The French originated name that means “stronghold.”

12. Ekon

The Nigerian-originated surname means “strength.”

13. Eros

The surname originated in Hungary and means “strong.”

14. Ethan

The Hebrew originated the surname means “strong.”

15. Fermi

The Italian-originated surname means “strong.”

16. Fortier

This French surname roughly means “one who guards the fort.” Therefore, translating to someone strong.

17. Fortin

The French originated surname means “strong.”

18. Gagliardi  

The Italian originated word means “robust or strong.”

19. Gauthier 

The French surname means “army ruler,” who is a strong person.

20. Gavi

The Hebrew name means “God is my strength.”

21. Hamza

The Arabic-originated surname means “strong” as it refers to a lion.

22. Hassan

This Arabic surname means “strong, handsome man,” and it is a very common last name. 

23. Imala

A Native American originated name that means “strong-minded.”

24. Kratos

The Greek origin surname means “powerful”.

25. Kwan

The Korean origin name Kwan means “strong.”

26. Ortiz

The name has origins in Latina, and it means “strong.”

27. Ricard

The French-originated word means strength.

28. Stark

Inspired by Tony Stark’s character, the name has origins in Anglo-Saxon, and it means “strong”.

29. Strong

The name can explain itself, and it has an Anglo-Saxon origin.

30. Willard

The name Willard is of German origin. It means “strong-willed.”

Last Names That Mean Powerful 

These last names mean “powerful” in different languages.

1. Abbott

The surname finds its origins in Old French. It is derived from the word abet, which means “priest,” but it also means “power” in Greek and Latin.

2. Alarie

The French-originated word means “all power.”

3. Ansaldo

The German surname means “God’s power”. It is a combination of two words, ans and wald.

4. Arnold

The name is very common and has origins in English and German. It signifies “eagle power.”

5. Aziz

The Arabic origin name means “powerful, respected, beloved.”

6. Brígh

The Irish-originated surname means “power.”

7. Chinweike

The name has Igbo origin, i.e., from a Nigerian ethnic group. It means “God’s power.”

8. Decebal

The name has a Roman origin, and it means “powerful.” It was first adopted by the successful Roman emperor of Dacia, Diurpaneus.

9. Ewald

Made by combining two German words Ewa and wald, the word means “powerful law.” It also has Scandinavia origins.

10. Grimwald

The surname has German origins from the words grim and wald, which mean “mask” and “power”, respectively.

11. Gunvald

The German and Norwegian originated surname means “power”.

12. Jabbar

The Arabic word is used to refer to the Almighty and means “powerful”.

13. Kallikrates

The Ancient Greek originated word means “beautiful power.”

14. K’awiil

The Mayan origin name refers to the God of lightning and means “powerful”.

15. Kudret

The Turkish surname generally refers to mother nature, which means “something powerful”. It has Persian origins. 

16. Landry

It is a French name but has origins in Germany. It means “powerful ruler.”

17. Li

The Chinese origin surname has different meanings, “reason, logic,” “black, dawn,” “power, capability, influence,” or “beautiful.”

18. Managold

The German surname refers to a “high power.”

19. Oswald

The German surname means “power of God.”

20. Pancratius

The Greek surname is derived from the word pankrates, which means “all-powerful.” The early Byzantine Christians also used it as a title for Christ.

21. Qadir

The Arabic surname means “powerful”.

22. Qiang

Qiang is a common Chinese last name, especially found in overseas Chinese communities. It means “powerful.”

23. Quyen

The  Vietnamese surname means “powerful” and is similar to the Chinese surname Quan.

24. Reign

The English and Latin origin surname means “powerful ruler.”

25. Robillard

The German origin word is a combination of two words, both with powerful meanings.

26. Sakchai

This name means “powerful victory” in Thai.

27. Shahrivar

It means “desirable power.” The name belongs to Persian mythology.

28. Simba

The surname is derived from the Shona origin from Zimbabwe, and it means “powerful.”

29. Somsak

The Thai origin name means “worthy power.”

30. Ulrich

Composed of Old German elements odal and ric, this name means “fortune and power.”

100 Strong and Powerful Last Names or Surnames
Strong and Powerful Sounding Last Names 

The last names given below have a powerful background and are inspired by strong personalities all over the world.

1. Addams

The English-Scottish origin surname means “son of Adam.”

2. Andrews

The Greek origin surname means “manly” and is inspired by Julie Andrews, the singer and actress. 

3. Beckham

The surname has an English origin, which means “From the Beck Homestead,” and the famous soccer player David Beckham makes it a strong surname.

4. Caesar

We all know about Julius Caesar, the first Roman emperor. The name is inspired by him, which means “powerful emporer”.

5. Churchill

Inspired by the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the name is a habitational name from Devon, Somerset, Oxfordshire, and Worcestershire. 

6. Clooney

The name has Irish origins from the word cluana, which means “quick-witted.” It is inspired by American actor and political activist George Clooney.

7. Connor

The Irish origin surname means “lover of the wolves or hounds.” 

8. Curie

Inspired by Madame Curie, the Polish-born French physicist, this surname finds its origins in the Old French word éscuerie.

9. Einstein

Inspired by the famous scientist “Albert Einstein,” this surname has origins in Germany, and it means “stoneworker.”

10. Frank

The surname has English, Dutch, and German origins and means “generous.” Anne Frank was a powerful individual who took us to the cruel world of Nazis. 

11. Gandhi

Inspired by the Indian freedom fighter, this surname means “perfume seller,” and has Sanskrit origins. 

12. Gutenberg

The German surname is inspired by Johann Gutenberg and it refers to someone noble. 

13. Hawking

This surname has an English origin, and it means “falcon.” Stephen Hawking makes it a powerful name.

14. Hunt

The English and Irish origin surname is an occupational one that relates to the act of hunting.

15. King

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and Stephen King, the surname comes of Old English origin and it means “tribal leader.”

16. Kirk

The Scottish origin surname means “church” and is inspired by Captain Kirk.

17. Mandela

The Jewish surname means “almond.” Nelson Mandela is the inspiration. 

18. Nightingale

Inspired by British nurse Florence Nightingale, the surname has English origin and means “beautiful voice like the bird Nightingale.”

19. Potter

The Harry Potter-inspired surname has origins in English, German, and Dutch origin languages. It is an occupational surname that refers to a maker of storage vessels.

20. Teresa

The Green and Italian originated surname means “the reaper” and is famous because of Mother Teresa.

100 Strong and Powerful Last Names or SurnamesMost Powerful and Strong Last Names or Surnames  

The following last names are the richest and most powerful surnames in the entire world. 

1. Armani

The Italian surname comes from the luxury clothing brand Armani after its founder Giorgio Armani, and it means “free.”

2. Augustus

The surname has its origins in the ancient Roman empire, and it means ‘venerable.’

3. Boss

Also the surname of the founder of a luxury clothing line, Hugo Boss. It has its origins in French.

4. Bulgari

Origins from Greece, the luxury Italian brand Bvlgari derives its name from the family name Bulgari. Bulgari is a Turkish String instrument.

5. Chanel

The old French surname means “a canal,” which is again one of the most iconic brands ever established by Coco Chanel.

6. Dell

The English originated surname of Michael Dell is a name for one of the largest technology corporations in the world, and it means “a delta or valley filled with trees.”

7. Ferrari

The Italian surname is an occupational blacksmith surname, which is the name of a luxury sports cars brand started by Enzo Ferrari in 1947.

8. Gucci

The Italian surname brand is a producer of highly coveted luxury products founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921.

9. Heineken

The German surname is a name for a popular beer brand of dutch origin founded by Gerard Heineken. The word means “Son of little Hein.”

10. Jackson

The Hebrew surname taken by legendary musician Michael Jackson means “God’s grace.”

11. Lincoln

Unknown to no one, the English surname comes from the president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

12. Morgan

The Old English surname is a big name in the world of banking and finance because of J.P. Morgan, the greatest banker.

13. Oppenheimer

The German surname is associated with J. Robert Oppenheimer, who invented the atomic bomb.

14. Pulitzer

The Polish surname is famous because of the Pulitzer Prize, established by Joseph Pulitzer. It is given for exceptional work in literature and journalism. 

15. Roosevelts

The Dutch origin surname was taken by two US presidents, and the word means “of the roses.”

16. Swarovski

The Austrian surname is known as the designerjewelleryy brand founded by Daniel Swarovski.

17. Tiffany

The luxury jewels brand founded by Chares Tiffany has Greek origin, and it means “Manifestation of God.”

18. Tudor

The present Queen of England is a descendant of the once flourishing House of Tudor.

19. Versace

The luxury clothing brand founded by Gianni Versace has Latin origins.

20. Winfrey

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has the Old English surname, which means “Peaceful friend.” 

Powerful last names are a good way to tell the world that your courage is incomparable to anyone. Basically, these names run the world.

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