George Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

George Name Meaning and Origin

The name George was one of the most common names during the 1800s. This name was widely used among the previous generation. As a result, we can spot this name among our fathers and uncles. This name was the most popular in 1880, followed by 1898. The simplicity of the name is one of the reasons this name shot to fame during that period. However, in recent years, the name has experienced a steady decline in popularity.

What Does George Mean?

In the present generation, parents check the meaning of a name before naming their children most of the time. It helps in understanding the value of the name and its significance. The meaning of George is “farmer” or “earthworker.” The name’s meaning can be broken down into “ge,” meaning “earth,” and “eargon,” meaning “work.” Hence, this resulted in the meaning of the name. This name has been popularly used in many Shakespearean plays and was the name of many kings of England and Presidents. 


George originates from the Greek name “Georgios,” derived from the word “georgos.” This name is associated with British connotations and has been used in various plays and pastoral poetry. Hence, if you have a down-to-earth baby name, George is the answer for you. 




  • Jor-ge
  • Jor-jeh


2 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

You can find other spellings for George across different countries all over the world. It signifies the name trend in the world. This list comprises some of the George name variations are:

Name Origin
Gheorghe Romanian
Georgios Greek
Geordie English
Frisian and Dutch
György Hungarian
Jorja English
Georgiy Russian
Jurgis Lithuanian
German and Estonian
Gorka Basque

How Popular Is the Name George?

The name George was significantly prevalent in the 1800s, making it one of the most common names in the US. According to the George popularity index, the name has experienced a significant decline in recent years. As per the data Social Security Administration, the name George does not fall in the top 100 names list. However, it still maintains its position among the top 200 names. The name ranked 130 in 2000, 129 in 2001, followed by 131 in 2002. 

The name further declined in rank since it ranked 146 in 2004, 139 in 2005, 152 in 2006, and 148 in 2007. In this manner, the George baby name ranking fluctuated in the name rank. The name further fell from the top 150 list in 2009 by ranking 163 in 2009, 165 in 2010 and 2011, then 166 in 2012.  

The name George climbed back in the top 150 in 2014, where it ranked 135. The name experienced a slight increase in popularity from 2016, where it ranked 126, followed by 124 in 2017. The name even ranked 119 in 2019. However, it fell in 2020 by ranking in 2020. Therefore, the unpredictable use of the name is evident from the SSA data. This indicates that the name can climb back in the charts anytime in the future.

Interest in George – Worldwide

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In the world, the interest in the name George has remained almost consistent over the last ten years. It has maintained a rank over 35 and has experienced sudden spikes in popularity during December 2016, followed by June 2020. 

Interest in George – the US

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The interest in the name Geroge has maintained a rank over 25 in the US. The name has been consistent in the last decade. However, it has experienced a sudden increase in popularity in December 2016 and 2018, and June 2020 followed by a declining curve.

Popularity of the Name George


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of George – Worldwide

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In the last ten years, the search trend for Geroge has been in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, and the United States. These are the top five countries indicating the popularity of the name in these countries. 

Search Trends of George – the US

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The search trend for the name George is the highest in Utah, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Nevada, and Vermont. These cities have been the top five cities in the US with the highest rank for this name.

Middle Names That Go With George 

Choosing a proper middle name that goes with the first and last name is important. Due to this, parents need to consider carefully before selecting such a name for their child. Therefore, some of the double names with George are:

Anderson Callum
Finley Jameson
Brennan Alexander
Mason William
Sebastian Alan
Patrick Caiden
Alistair Roderick
Cameron Atticus
Raymond Linden
Maxwell Bruce

Famous People Named George

A name trend significantly varies due to the impact of celebrities across the world. This list includes some of the most popular personalities named George:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
George Clooney American actor, director, and filmmaker
George Foreman American former professional boxer
George Michael British singer-songwriter
George Ezra English singer-songwriter
George Harrison Beatles’ lead guitarist
George R. R. Martin American novelist
George Washington 1st President of the United States
George H. W Bush 41st President of the United States
George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States
George Weasley Character from Harry Potter

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby-names like George have multiple alternatives in respect to the name’s meaning. The names have different spellings with the same or similar meaning. Therefore, some of the other names for George as well as family names for George are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Jordi Wilson
Yuri Thomas
Egor Sanchez
Jory Clark
Yorick Rivera
Haris Campbell
Jorgen Cruz
Bartlett Robert
Bartholomew Stewart
Bartolomeus Morris

Names That Sound Like George

Rhyming or similar-sounding names provide numerous alternatives. Some of the names that rhyme with George are:

Fergo Hodge
Bridge Doge
Oliver Arthur
Mervin Lorde
Sturge Jeremy

Sibling Names Related to George

Choosing suitable sibling names for your children maintains a rhythm among all names. Similarly, selecting proper sibling names that go with George is important. This list presents popular and befitting sister names for George and brother names for George:

Sister Names for George Brother Names for George
Elise Toby
Grace Peter
Meredith Stephen
Annie Daniel
Louisa Ben
Bryony Edmund
Emma Joshua
Celia Nathaniel
Alice Hugh
Ingrid Tobias

Nicknames for George 

Nicknames are a substitute for proper names, often given by individuals close to us. Due to this, they stay with us for a long time. Some nicknames for the name George are: 

Geo Geor
Ge Gege
Eor Jor
Orange Jorjor
G-man Geezy
Jo Jojo
Gee Lil-G

The decreasing popularity of the name George has been observed in the last ten years. Despite the declining popularity, the name still exists in the top 200 name list. Therefore, the name has the potential to make a comeback in the future. This name is known for its simplicity and easy pronunciation. Due to this, it can be a great name for your child.


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