Top 130 French Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

130 French Last Names or Surnames

Surnames are like bridges that connect a family’s past to the present. First-name trends may come and go, but last names are forever. Surnames in France originated from occupations, locations, and personal names. Read on to find a curated list of 130 French last names or surnames. The current surnames from France not only solely from the country but also took inspiration from other old languages and their cultures. 

130 French Last Names or Family Names With Meanings

The following traditional and classic old French surnames with their meanings can inspire you to select the perfect surname for your family or get ready for the naming ceremony for your baby.

In 1474, under a decree passed by the king of France, all changes to last names had to be first approved by him. This made it easier to trace family history, as all name changes were recorded. Due to colonization, French surnames can be found in English-speaking countries, and have influenced African and Arabic surnames, too. Their phonetic spelling and pronunciation change depending on the local culture and language. Most common French last names have a Germanic origin, as there was frequent migration between France and Germany.

In France, the father’s name forms patronymic surnames, while the mother’s name forms matronymic surnames. These surnames are derived directly from the parent’s given name. Others can be based on the particular occupation of an individual or can be geographical or descriptive in nature. This comprehensive list of the most common French surnames to rich French last names is quite appealing and can help you trace back the lines of your family history.

1. Abadie

Abadie derives from the word ‘abadia’ which means ‘abbey’ or ‘family chapel’. It was made famous by the Spanish economist Alberto Abadie.

2. Abreo

This French surname is a variant of the word abreu, and it means ‘a wise counsellor’. This family name belongs to the ancient house of Normandy that came into use via the Countship of Évreux, France.

3. Alarie

This French surname is reflex of the Visigothic personal name Alaric, and means ‘all-powerful’.

4. Allard

This old French surname has Germanic origin, and means ‘noble’.

5. Anouilh

Derived from the word anull that is the Catalan language dominantly used in southern France, Anouilh means ‘slow worm’.

6. Archambeau

This unique-sounding French last name means ‘bold’ or ‘daring’.

7. Aubert

Aubert means ‘noble-bright’ and originates from the Old German compound word Aedelbeort.

8. Auch

This occupational surname refers to someone ‘who minds cattle at night.’ The second origin is as a habitational name that comes from the southern French town of Auch.

9. Auclair

Auclair is a common French surname meaning ‘clear’.

10. Badeaux

A derivative of the word Badar, this surname comes from the Occitan word badau, meaning ‘gullible’. It can also mean ‘to gape’ or ‘to be open-mouthed’.

11. Bain

Bain is an occupational surname that is derived from a Middle English word bains. It refers to ‘an attendant at a public bathhouse’ or simply ‘bath’ in Old French.

12. Barbier

Derived from Anglo-Norman French, this occupational surname means ‘barber’.

13. Basset

Derived from Old French, Basset is an occupational surname that means ‘low’ or ‘short’. It refers to a person of humble origins, or a short person.

14. Baudelaire

This smooth-sounding French surname refers to ‘small sword’ or ‘dagger’.

15. Beaufort

Pronounced as Bow-four, the surname means ‘fair fortress’ or ‘beautiful’.

16. Beaumont

This distinguished geographical surname means ‘beautiful hill’.

17. Bois

Pronounced as Bwah, the name refers to ‘bush’ or ‘shrub’.

18. Boucher

Pronounced as Boo-shay, Boucher is an occupational surname referring to a ‘butcher’.

19. Cadieux

Cadieux is an ancient surname that is derived from the word cad and refers to a ‘little fighter’.

20. Carbonneau

Derived from the Latin word Carbo, this surname means ‘carbon’ or charcoal’. People with dark hair or a swarthy complexion are mostly the bearers of this name.

21. Cartier

This Anglo-Norman French word has an aboriginal origin. This occupational surname means ‘a person who worked as a transporter of goods.’

22. Castillon

Pronounced as Kaast-ih-yohn, the name stands for ‘castle’. Probably for people living in castles? A good thought, but we are not so sure.

23. Cellier

This last name means ‘a cellar’ or ‘a storeroom’. Cellier is pronounced as Sell-yer.

24. Chapelle

This topographic surname denotes ‘a person who lives by a shrine’. In Old French, it means ‘chapel’.

25. Chapdelaine

Pronounced as Chaep-dih-lane, this French last name means ‘cape’ or ‘hood’.

26. Chevrolet

This French surname was first found in Normandy and refers to a ‘goat herder’. It originates from a region in the Lot department of France.

27. DeRose

More common in Italy, DeRose is applicable for ‘a person with a rosy complexion’.

28. Desjardins

This ancient surname is a topographic name or a habitational name that refers to ‘from the marsh’. It can also be the plural of jardin ‘garden’ in French.

29. De Villiers

Derived from the name of the tendril vrilles, this occupational surname refers to ‘a person who planted or worked on vrilles’.

30. Du Bellay

One among the best royal French last names, Du Bellay belongs to the French noble family who lived in the historic Anjou region in the 12th century.

31. Dubois

The French surname Dubois is not only popular in France but in the US as well. It means ‘forest’.

32. Dupont

This French habitational surname is quite popular and means ‘of the bridge’ or ‘a person living near a bridge’.

33. Durand

This word from Old French or Norman origin means ‘enduring’.

34. Edouard

This French surname is similar to the English surname Edwards from Olde English and means ‘a prosperous guardian’.

35. Escoffier

Edwards originated from Old English pre-7th century era and refers to ‘prosperity guard’.

36. Farrow

This occupational surname from the word ferror that refers to ‘an iron worker’.

37. Faucher

Derived from Olde French word fauche, this occupational surname means ‘ mower’ or ‘scythe’.

38. Fontaine

This Old French topographical surname is a derivative of classical Latin word ‘fons’ and means ‘well’ or ‘fountain’.

39. Forester

Originating from the French word foret, this surname means ‘forest’. It can be an occupational surname referring to ‘the keeper of the king’s forest.’

40. Fortin

Derived from the French word Fort, this surname means ‘strong’ or ‘the dweller at the small fort’.

41. Fraise

This topographic surname refers to someone who lived by an ash tree or lived by ash wood. It is a variant of Old French fresne.

42. Frossard

Derived from the Old French word froisser, this surname means ‘to break’ or ‘shatter’.

43. Gagneux

Derived from the old French word gagnier, Ganeux means ‘to farm’ or ‘cultivate’. Renaud Gagneux was a notable French composer.

44. Garcon

This word might refer to a servant or ‘boy’ in French.

45. Garnier

Garnier is a modern version of the Old French words gerner or gernier. This occupational surname means ‘storehouse for corn’ or ‘keeper of granary’.

46. Gauthier

Gauthier means ‘an army ruler’. This surname is often given to lumbermen. Originating from the Old French gault and Gaelic gaut, that means “forest.” It contains Germanic elements wald which means “to govern,”.

47. Gay

Derived from a nickname given to a person who is light-hearted and joyful, Gay in Old French is gai which means ‘full of joy’.

48. Gouin

Derived from the word gwen, Gouin means ‘light’ or ‘fair’. This surname originates from the Breton Celtic language in the pre-French or Gaelic conquest of Brittany.

49. Guillaume

Originating from the popular Norman name William, this surname means ‘protection’ or ‘strength’.

50. Heroux

This surname is derived from the German personal name Hariwulf: Hari means ‘army’ and wulf means ‘wolf’.

51. Houde

Derived from a village in Haute-Loire, this surname comes from Auvergne that lies in South France. Derived from the French personal name Oudet, which comes from the Germanic name ode or aud which means ‘wealth’.

52. Hubert

Hubert is a pleasant French surname meaning ‘heart’.

53. Jacques

Jacques is a popular name which is used both as a surname and as a first name. The meaning of this name is ‘the one who follows’.

54. Janvier

Janvier means ‘January’ and means a person who was born or baptized in January.

55. Joubert

Joubert is formed by a combination of a tribe called Gaut and berth which means ‘bright’ or ‘famous’. A variant form of Jaubert, Joubert originates from the central west and centre south regions of France.

56. Jourdain

A variant of Jordan, this surname means ‘one who descends’. It is a personal name that is given to one who was baptized with the holy water from River Jordan.

57. Kaplan

Kaplan is derived from the Old Norman French word Caplain. It means ‘charity priest’ who was endowed to sing Mass daily on behalf of the souls of the dead.

58. Lacroix

Lacroix in French means ‘the cross’.

59. Laflamme

This occupational surname refers to a torchbearer. La in French means ‘the’ and flamme means ‘fire’.

60. Lambert

Pronounced as LAM-bərt, this common French surname stands for ‘land’.

61. Lane

This occupational surname means ‘wool’ or ‘someone who does trading with wool’.  The Gaelic Irish surnames, “O’Laighin’ took an Anglicized form to form the surname Lane.

62. Langlais

Langlais is a habitational French surname given to people who moved to live in France from England. The name basically means ‘The Englishmen’.

63. La Rue

This cool and funky last name means ‘of the street’.

64. Laurel

Laurel in French means ‘laurel’.

65. Lavigne

Vi(g)ne means ‘vineyard’ in Old French and can refer to the topographical name for someone who lived near a vineyard.

66. Lavoie

Lavoie is a situational French surname given to those who live near a road. This is because voie in French means ‘road’.

67. Le Beau

Beau means ‘fair’ ‘handsome’ and ‘lovely’ in Old French. Anita Le Beau is a famous Canadian filmmaker.

68. Lefevre

This occupational surname means ‘craftsman’ or ‘ironsmith’ in Old French. It is a variant of Lefevre, Lefebure or Lefeuvre.

69. Leroy

Roy means ‘king’ in Old French and is common in northern France.

70. Marchand

Derived from Marchand, this occupational surname means ‘merchant’ or ‘someone who bought and sold goods’ in Old French.

71. Martin

Derived from Mars, the Roman God of War and fertility, Martin belonged to the name of the tribe of Mairtine. Its root Mar means ‘gleam’.

72. Matthieu

Originating from the Latin word Mattaeus, which in turn is derived from the Greek word Matthaios, Matthieu means ‘gift of the Lord’.

73. Meunier

Meunier is an occupational name for miller.

74. Monet

Monet is a variant of the name Simon and means ‘to be heard’.Monet is most common in the Rhône-Alpes region of the French Alps.

75. Montagne

This aristocratic-vibed French surname means ‘mountain’.

76. Moreau

Originally a nickname for someone with a dark complexion More means ‘dark-skinned’ person.

77. Moulin

Moulin is derived from the Latin word Molina. It is commonly refers to the occupational name for a miller or mill worker.

78. Noyer

Noyer is a French last name meaning ‘walnut’.

79. Ozanne

Originating from the female name Osanna, Ozanne means ‘save now’ or ‘save pray’.

80. Page

Originating from the Greek word paidion, Page is an occupational surname for a ‘little boy’.

81. Palomer

This French surname basically originated from the Latin word “palumbes” which means pigeon. The name eventually led to Palomer in French, which means ‘pigeon keeper’.

82. Paquet

This French last name means ‘bundle of kindling’.

83. Pascal

Derived from the Latin word Pascha, Pascal is a patronymic or a hereditary surname. It is a Hebrew name for ‘Passover’.

84. Périgord

Périgord is a habitational French last name used for people who came from the Périgord region of France.

85. Picard

Originating from Picard of Northern France, this surname can be a habitual name for a person living in Picard.

86. Plantier

Derived from the word plentive meaning ‘planter of wines’, this surname could also be a topographic name for ‘an area with plants’ or ‘shrubbery’.

87. Plourde

Derived from Palourde, this surname means ‘a variety of shelfish’.

88. Rayne

Derived from the German word Ragin or from the Old French “reine”   this surname means ‘advice’ or ‘counsel’.

89. Renaud

This French surname means ‘rule’.

90. Reason

Derived from the old French word raison, this surname means ‘intellectual faculty’.

91. Remy

Remy is a medieval personal name that is represented by the Latin name Remihius meaning ‘rower’ or ‘oarsman’ and Remedius that means ‘cure’.

92. Richard

This classic name is derived from the word which means powerful and hard meaning ‘brave’ or ‘strong’.

93. Richelieu

Richelieu in French stands for ‘wealthy place’.

94. Riviere

In Old French, this surname means ‘river’ or ‘shore’. It is also a topographic name for someone who lived by the bank of the river.

95. Robida

This surname was first used in Auvergne, which is a place in ancient France.

96. Roche

In Old French Roche means ‘rocky outcrop’. This topographic surname refers to a person who resides near hills.

97. Rodier

The surname Rodier originates from the Latin word ‘rota’, which means ‘wheel’. The name is used for wheelwrights or people who live near a water wheel.

98. Sartre

Derived from the Latin word sartor, Satre is a French occupational surname for someone who sews clothes or ‘tailor’.

99. Sauveterre

Originating from the French word sauve, this surname means ‘safe’ and terre means land.

100. Segal

This occupational surname is derived from the Latin word secale which means ‘rye’ or ‘grower or seller of rye’.

101. Serres

Derived from the word serre, this surname means ‘ridge’ or ‘chain of hills’. It could also be a habitational name for places near southern and eastern France.

102. Simon

Derived from the historical origin, Simon may have been derived from the Hebrew shim’on and means ‘to listen’.

103. Soulier

Originating from the old French word soule, Soulier means ‘platform’. This is also an occupational surname for a shoemaker.

104. Tasse

Derived from the Old French word tasse that means ‘purse’ or ‘bag’, it could be an occupational name for ‘a maker of purses’.

105. Tavernier

Tavernier is a well-known French last name referring to an innkeeper.

106. Thibaut

Derived from the Old French name Theobald, Thibaut means ‘brave’ or ‘bold’.

107. Toussaint

This French surname of baptismal origin can be traced to the French term ‘toussaint’ or All Saints Day.

108. Travers

Derived from the French word traverser, Travers means ‘to cross’. It is also used for a person who lives near a bridge or a ford.

109. Tremblay

This plural form of tremble means ‘aspen’. It could be a topographic name for a person living near a group of Aspen trees.

110. Trottier

Derived from the old French word trotter, Trottier is an occupational surname and means ‘walk fast’.

111. Vachon

Derived from the Latin word vache, Vachon means ‘cow’. It can also be an occupational surname for a person who was a cowherd.

112. Vaillancourt

A variant of the word valencourt, this surname means a ‘low-lying farm’.

113. Vaillant

Derived from the Old French word vaillant, this surname means ‘brave’ or ‘sturdy’.

114. Valade

Originating from Occitan, a language in Southern France, Valade means ‘valley’.

115. Vannier

Derived from the French word vanier, Vannier refers to someone who does winnowing.

116. Varne

Verne means ‘alder’ in French.

117. Varon

Derived from Old German name Waro which originates from Wara meaning ‘protection’.

118. Vautour

Derived from Old French name Voltor, Vautour means ‘vulture’.

119. Vaux

This habitational surname belongs to various places in northern France. Derived from Old French plural of val that means ‘valley’.

120. Vernier

Vernier is a French last name meaning ‘near the alder tree’.

121. Vigneau

Though Vigneau refers to a vineyard in French, the surname is used to represent the owner.

122. Vinet

Derived from the Old French word viner, Vinet means ‘to make wine’.

123. Visage

This French surname means ‘face’. It may have been used as a nickname for someone with a beautiful or remarkable face.

124. Voclian

Voclian comes from Old French and means ‘the wealthy one’.

125. Voland

Derived from the Old French word voler, Voland means ‘to fly’ or ‘agile’. It has an Americanized spelling of Norwegian Våland.

126. Wack

Derived from Old Flemish word wacque, Wack is a measure of weight. Its initial use was found in Silesia and can refer to an official responsible for weighing.

127. Webster

This occupational surname of Norman French origin refers to a person who weaves.

128. Yolande

This medieval French name is a form of the name Violante which is a derivative of Latin viola or ‘violet’. It could possibly be of Germanic origin.

129. Yotte

A variant of Ayotte, this surname means ‘small hedge’ or ‘small woody plot of land’ in Old French.

130. Zabelle

This surname is a variation of ‘beautiful’, as it has the French word ‘belle’ in it.

French last names are intriguing and stylish. Whether you’re an author looking to name a character in your novel, or just a regular person looking for a name for your alter-ego, this list would help in choosing the best surnames that would add a dash of a special suave and elegance to your personality.

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