Top 70 Girl Names Starting With 'Ray'

70 Girl Names Starting With ‘Ray’

Naming your baby is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. Your name is something that you carry on for the rest of your life. You will most likely go through hundreds of lists of baby names before choosing the perfect one for your little one. Baby girl names starting with ‘Ray’ were quite popular in the early 1990s. However, their popularity dipped for a while. In 2017, there were 3 baby names starting with ‘Ray’ that had featured in the list of top 1000 baby girl names. In this post, we have collated 70 baby girl names that begin with ‘Ray’ for those who like the sound of it and are searching for a cool name for their baby girl!

Girl Names That Start With ‘Ray’

Girl Names That Start With 'Ray'

Below mentioned are the top 70 girl names that have the prefix ‘Ray’!

1. Ray

This is a cute Hebrew origin name that can also be used as a shortened version of Rachel! It means ‘a well-advised protector’.

2. Raya

A Hebrew origin name that sounds adorable on little girls, Raya means ‘friend!’

3. Rayana

It is a traditional Indian origin name that means ‘rain’ or ‘rainbow’.

4. Rayan

Rayan is a unisex name that comes from Arabic origin. It means ‘watered’ or ‘luxurious’ and is pronounced as ‘Rayyan.’ According to the Islamic tradition, Rayan is the name of the gates of heaven which can be entered only by the observers of the Ramadan fast on the Day of Resurrection.

5. Rayanna

A classic English cum American name that means ‘clever’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘graceful’.

6. Rayanne

An exotic combination of two names, Ray and Anne, Rayanne is an English origin name that means ‘God has shown favour.’

7. Rayba

Rayba is an Indian origin name which means ‘just’ or ‘god’s name.’

8. Raychael

This cute name is pronounced ‘Ray-chel’. It has a Hebrew origin and it means ‘ewe’, or ‘female sheep’. It is also another variant of the name Rachel.

9. Raychelle

A trendy derivative of the name Rachel, Raychelle is a Hebrew origin name that is pronounced as ‘REY-K-EHL.’

10. Raye

A derivative of the name Raymond, Raye has a German origin, and it means ‘wise protector.’

11. Rayelle

A Hebrew origin name, Rayelle means ‘light of God’ or ‘Ray of sunshine.’ It can be a cute nickname for the names ‘Elle’ or ‘Ray’, too!

12. Rayette

It is a Hebrew cum Latin origin name that means ‘queen’.

13. Rayen

A slightly unconventional name for baby girls, Rayen means ‘flower’. It is a very popular name in Chile and the Netherlands

14. Raygan

A modish derivative of the name Regan, Raygan is a Celtic origin name that means ‘wealth’ or ‘ray of sun.’

15. Rayhana

It is a very common name of Arabic origin. It means ‘fragrant’.

16. Rayka

Rayka is a Persian/Iranian origin name, which means ‘nice’, ‘desired’ or ‘beloved’. Rayka is a unisex name, but we feel that it’s more suitable for girls!

17. Raykah

An exotic Spanish origin name that means ‘unique’ and ‘beautiful woman.’

18. Rayona

A Hebrew origin name that has a rich Arabic flair to it, Rayona means ‘well advised.’

19. Rayma

A trendy name for young girls, Rayma means ‘a peace-loving queen’. It is quite popular in Indian and Arabic countries

20. Raylene

A name with an exotic flair, Raylene has a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘queen’. Don’t you think it has a bit of royalty attached to it?

21. Raynetta

This is a Latin origin name that’s quite unheard of. It means ‘queen’.

22. Raynesha

This is another cute German cum Hebrew origin name that means ‘well-advised protector’. Rayne and Esha are perfect nicknames for this name!

23. Rayzel

This name sounds similar to the beautiful long-haired princess ‘Rapunzel’, doesn’t it? Rayzel is a Yiddish origin name that’s a variant of the name Raisa, and it means ‘rose.’

24. Raylee

It is a sweet and short name with an American origin. It means ‘princess’ or ‘daughter of God’. A classic nickname of Ray or Lee would suit well with the name!

25. Rayleigh

A stylish variation of the name Raylee, Rayleigh means ‘the one who dwells near the rye field’.

26. Raylina

A Hebrew cum Latin origin name, Raylina means ‘queen’.

27. Raymona

It is a cute feminine Spanish origin name that means ‘protector of the counsel’.

28. Raymonde

It is an exotic German origin name that means ‘mighty protection’ or ‘counsel’.

29. Rayna

The name has Scandinavian and Israeli origins. It means ‘counsel’ or ‘song’.

30. Raynisha

A classic contemporary name with German and Hebrew origins, Raynisha means ‘well-advised protector’.

31. Raysa

A short and cute name like Raysa sounds adorable for little girls! Make sure you pronounce it as RAY-sa. The name means ‘rose.’

32. Raysha

It has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘a young gazelle’.

33. Rayvan

The name has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘luxuriant’ or ‘plentiful’.

34. Rayvenne

This English origin name means ‘raven’.

35. Rayvin

This name has an American origin, and it means ‘gift’.

36. Rayya

This name means ‘a fragrant breeze’.

37. Rayvon

It is an English origin name that means ‘raven’. A classic variation of the name Rayvon, Rayvonne means Raven- a blackbird. Rayvone is a unisex name.

38. Raylynn

Raylynn is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘peacekeeper and defender.’

39. Rayza

This is a classic Arabic origin name that means ‘adaptable’, ‘easy-going’ or ‘rose’.

40. Raybelle

An exotic French origin name that means ‘sweet and beautiful.’ A cute nickname of Ray or belle would sound perfect with this one.

41. Rayzi

There’s something unique about Greek names and they will surely pique your interest! Rayzi is one such name. It is a Greek origin name that means ‘easy-going’ or ‘rose’.

42. Rayzil

This name has Yiddish and German origins ad is an extension of the name Rayzi. It means ‘adaptable’, ‘easy-going’ or ‘rose’.

43. Rayze

With a distinct flair to its pronunciation, Rayze is a super cute name for girls! It means ‘rose’.

44. Rayvanna

Rayvanna is a Hindu origin name meaning ‘a kind person.’

45. Raylea

It is a beautiful name with Hebrew origin. It means ‘well-advised protector’.

46. Rayly

A variant of the popular name Riley, Rayly stands for ‘valiant’, ‘courageous’, or ‘lively’.

47. Raynbow

A beautiful French variation of Rainbow, this name means ‘a beautiful rainbow’ or ‘a multi-coloured arc of light’. A variant of the name Raynbow, Raynebow also means ‘rainbow.’

48. Rayla

A unique name, Rayla means ‘child of the sunshine.’

49. Rayne

A beautiful name with an even beautiful meaning, Rayne means ‘pure’ or ‘queen’.

50. Raykha

An Indian origin name, meaning ‘a fine line.’

51. Rayane 

The name is of Urdu origin and means ‘paradise gate’.

52. Rayann

The name is of Muslim origin and means ‘its the door of heaven that opens in the month of Ramadan’.

53. Rayvn

The name is gender-neutral in nature and represents a blackbird.

54. Rayetta

The name is a variant of the name Rae. It refers to a timid or shy person.

55. Rayleen

The name is of English origin and means ‘wise guardian’.

56. Raychel

The name is a variant of the Hebrew name Rachel. It means ‘female sheep’.

57. Raylen

The name means ‘protecting hands’.

58. Raylie

The name represents a ray of sunshine. 

59. Raylin

The name is a variant of Raelynn or Rachel and means ”sweet and tolerant’.

60. Raylyn

The name is of Old German origin and means ‘wise protector’.

61. Raylyynn

The name is of Old German origin and means ‘wise protector of the lake’.

62. Raynebow

The name means ‘rainbow’ and is a beautiful name for your little one. 

63. Raynebowe

This name too means ‘rainbow’ and is a beautiful name for your little girl.

64. Raynell

The name means ‘deciding warrior’ or ‘strong counsellor’.

65. Raynelle

The name means ‘deciding warrior’ or ‘queen’.

66. Raynette

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘song of the Lord’.

67. Rayonna

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘gift from the Gods’

68. Raysah

The name means ‘representing a young gazelle’.

69. Rayshell

The name is a variation of the name Rachel and means ‘ewe’.

70. Rayshelle

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘ewe’.

Names with the word ‘Ray’ are unique and meaningful. With so many pretty names out there, it might be a little confusing as to which one to choose. Keep looking patiently and you’ll know when you find the perfect name for your little girl!

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