100 Best & Popular Nicknames For Robert

100 Cute Nicknames for Robert

Nicknames come in all sounds and forms and are used instead of original names. They come into play along with a child’s birth. You may give a formal first name on the occasion of a naming ceremony. At the same time, its casual pet forms get sweeter and cuter depending on the situation, as per your discretion. They get better with age and become unique terms of endearment. Common nicknames for Robert have been used for ages in their own creative forms and compliment your baby boy.

Meaning and Origin of Robert

A classic name like Robert has been commonly used as a boy name in Europe since the 13th century. This ancient Germanic given name is a combination of Proto-Germanic HrÅ  þi- “fame” and Berhta- “bright” forming HrÅ  þiberhtaz. The Normans introduced Hrodebert in England in the middle ages after one widely used it in Continental Europe in its Old French form Robert and Old English cognate forms. The meaning of the name Robert is “bright Fame, glory, honour, and renown.”

Nicknames for Robert

At most times, funny nicknames for Robert are picked by abbreviating the name or picking sounds found in the name and other rhyming sounds. Here are some nicknames of Robert that sound less formal, more approachable and easy to remember.

  1. Be-Boy
  2. Beto
  3. Bob Marley
  4. Bobbi
  5. Bobby
  6. Bobie
  7. Boob
  8. Bubba
  9. Bert
  10. Billy Bob
  11. Bob The Builder
  12. Bobbie
  13. Bobel Head
  14. Bobo
  15. Booby
  16. Bertie
  17. Bob
  18. Bobbert
  19. Bobbit
  20. Bobert
  21. Bobolink
  22. Boris
  23. Dob
  24. Dobbie
  25. Dobbin
  26. Dobby
  27. Hob
  28. Hobs
  29. Hopcyn
  30. Hrodebert
  31. King Robert
  32. Klobert
  33. Le Robert
  34. Nob
  35. Obert
  36. Rab
  37. Raby
  38. Reboot
  39. Ricky-Bobby
  40. Ro
  41. Robban
  42. Robbercik
  43. Robby
  44. Robere
  45. Robertine
  46. Roberto
  47. Robeson
  48. Robin
  49. Robobo
  50. Robus
  51. Rocky
  52. Roibeard
  53. Ro-Ro
  54. Rovertos
  55. Rudebert
  56. Ruppretta
  57. Rabbie
  58. Raibeart
  59. Rhobbie
  60. Riobard
  61. Rob
  62. Robbe
  63. Robbie
  64. Robby bobby
  65. Roberta
  66. Robertinho
  67. Robertsan
  68. Robhy
  69. Robina
  70. Robrecht
  71. Robyn
  72. Rodbeart
  73. Roopertti
  74. Rotbtyht
  75. Rubert
  76. Rudebet
  77. Ruprette
  78. Rabbit
  79. Raivo
  80. Rhobert
  81. Rip
  82. Robb
  83. Robber
  84. Robbies
  85. Robby the Nobby
  86. Robertina
  87. Robertino
  88. Robertus
  89. Robi
  90. Robinet
  91. Robster
  92. Robynne
  93. Roe
  94. Ropke
  95. Rotebert
  96. Ruby
  97. Rupert
  98. Scmobert
  99. Sponge BOB
  100. Trebor

Popularity of The Name Robert

The name Robert has been popular in English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Scots, Danish, and Icelandic languages. It can be used as a Polish, Irish, Finnish, Romanian, Estonian, and French first name. The number of boys named Robert was 4349, representing 0.237% of total male births in 2020 within the US. The popularity of the name Robert started from the 54th position in 2010 and then steadily climbed up to the 80th position in 2020 over the past 10 years.


Famous Celebrities With The Name Robert

The name Robert has been borne by many kings, dukes, rulers and noblemen in France, Germany, Scotland and England. Here are some distinguished personalities who have popularized this name and will appeal to the new age parents.

Name Who He Is
Robert Bourdon American musician
Robert De Niro American actor, director, and producer
Robert Fico Prime Minister of Slovakia (2012 to 2018)
Robert Pattinson British actor
Robert Plant Musician
Robert F. Kennedy American politician
Robert Downey Jr. American actor
Robert Halford English singer and songwriter
Robert Taylor American actor
Robert of Bulgaria Tsar of the Kingdom of Bulgaria (1894–1943)

Variations of Robert

The alternative of Robert is Robrecht in Old Dutch, whereas Hrodebert in Old High German, while the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish form is Roberto. Thus, it became popularly used in several Germanic languages used by different cultures around the world. Here are some variations of Robert:

Robbert (Dutch) Robban (Swedish)
Robere (Old French) Robertas (Lithuanian)
Roberto (Italian) Rhobert (Welsh)
Betinho (Portuguese) Raibeart (Scottish)
Riobard (Irish) Rupert (Dutch)

Nicknames help strengthen the special bond and help to bring out the special character, physical or behavioural traits of a child. Traditional or trendy, unique nicknames for Robert need to be chosen based upon their ease of pronunciation, spellings and cultural background so that your kids would be proud to be called so when they grow up.

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