50 Bird Names for Girls & Their Meanings

Parents always dream for their child to fly in the bright blue sky, with respect and success as their wings. Bird names are recently very much in trend, as they sound sweet and unique. People remember someone with a catchy name for a longer period. Therefore, to help you pick out a name, we have provided you with the 50 most beautiful bird-inspired baby names.

Cute Girl Names That Mean Bird

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Take a look at the top trending 50 unique names for girls that mean bird:

Names Meaning
Teal Teal is a classic, uncommon American name known as a popular bluish-green colour. The colour actually comes from the duck.
Ava A widely popular and classic name owing to its charming feminine feel! Ava will always be in fashion no matter what is the situation. It’s originated from the Latin word Avis, meaning ‘bird.’
Aya An increasingly popular feminine name comes from Hebrew and Japanese. It translates as colourful or bird so will be a good choice for your girl.
Deryn This name comes from the translation of the Welsh word ‘aderyn.’ Deryn does not specify any particular species. It stands for all the lovely chirping birds.
Rhea Apart from being a flowing stream in Greek mythology, it is also a name of a bird. The name is pretty and rare; thus, it can be a perfect choice for your child.
Phoebe In Greek mythology, Phoebe is a moon goddess which means ‘bright.’ In America, there is a bird with the same name too.
Raven Raven has become a quite popular name nowadays with the introduction of pop culture. A common yet a diligent name.
Tori Tori is a special name with a royal class. It is often considered a nickname for regal Victoria. In Japanese, it means ‘bird.’
Birdie Birdie is a popular English name which signifies bird genus. People can find many well-known celebrates with this name
Mavis Mavis is an uncommon yet trendy name. This bird is known as the song thrush. The word was ‘mauvix.’
Merle Merlen is a classic and unique name, derived from Muriel via surname, but also an old French word for a blackbird.
Robyn A lovely name for girls which is the name of the bird Robyn. It is of German origin, which means ‘bright fame.’
Wren One of the most popular avian-inspired baby names, this was one of the top 1000 baby names in the list of  United States in 2013 and had jumped 300 spots in due course. It is of one of those Old English origins that usually refers to a kind of songbird.
Hula The native American name for ‘eagle.’–powerful and unique. A perfect name for your newborn
Fechine Fechine is an Irish baby name which is derived from the Gaelic word ‘fiach’, meaning ‘raven.’
Colm An Irish name meaning ‘dove.’ If you’re a fan of this bird species, Colm is a unique alternative of calling your daughter a name that’s inspired by it.
Evelyn Evelyn is of English origin and translates to ‘little bird’ in German.
Fana A simple, feminine, delicate name apt for young baby girls! It means ‘jungle’!
Phoenix This Greek name is known to live for a long period almost 1000 years and then it bursts into flames.
Larko Songbirds are probably one of the most popular species of birds to keep the baby names. In fact, Lark is also a name that refers to the Lark songbird.
Crane Crane is the name for the large birds. It means ‘to extend the neck’. Well, Cray sounds good as a nickname.
Sparrow An influential and cute baby girl name, which derived from a bird name.
Swift Here’s an active bird baby name. It is one of the fastest and swiftly flying bird.
Byrd Byrd is a straightforward name which means, Bird. This is a perfect name for the beautiful daughters.
Gull The inspiration for this name comes from a seagull. The origin of Gull is Celtic and moreover it means to be a ‘long-winged swimming birds.
Chelidon Chelidon, is the Greek name, which is a type of bird, swallow. Chelidon who used to be a loving sister to Philomela, we can find this information in Greek mythology.
Corvus Corvus, is basically a Latin word which means ‘crow’ and can also be used as a baby name.
Bran This is a Celtic name which means crow. If you want to have a short form of this name as Branok, you can even do so.
 Callum This gorgeous baby name meaning is ‘dove’. Columba is known as Callum in its Scottish form and it has turned out to be a huge hit in England, Scotland, and as well as in Ireland.
Sephora Sephora which is a Hebrew name literally translates itself as a ‘bird’. It is a sweet and soft version of the name ‘Tzipora’, who seemed to be the wife of Moses.
Luscinia A Latin name translated as ‘nightingale’ is Luscinia. Goddess Minera is the goddess of war, art, wisdom, commerce and schools in Rome. Thus, this name is quite a powerful one.
Laraline It has been derived from Latin word which signifies a Gull.
Derora The Hebrew masculine name Dror means sparrow and the feminine form of it is Derora.
Circe It comes to the mid of many people that Circe was a sorceress who got himself tangled with Odysseus on his wanderings. But Circe mainly comes from the Greek Kirke – which most probably meant bird.
Kestrel An uncommon name which resembles a type of falcon.
Swan A common and classy name which comes from a swan bird which is looked as a reputed bird.
Gannet A traditional name which means goose, a German origin and in modern days its spelt as Janet.
Manu Manu is a Polynesian baby name, meaning ‘bird of the night’. It’s also a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘man’.
Nesta The name Agnes, symbolizes the intricate nests made by the birds. Nesta is just another word to describe it.
Nester Nestor had been a wise ruler. He was a Greek legend and helped the Greeks in winning the Trojan War. Moreover, it also symbolizes the birds’ nest.
Culver The name Culver means a ‘dove’ that is a sign of peace. It is a variation of word for Columba.
Faulkner A short, sweet, and exotic American baby name that means a ‘falcon trainer’. A name mostly common in the American soil.
Vireo A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, Vireo is a beautiful green bird that sings outstanding songs.
Shahaf Shahaf is one of those lovely sounding Hebrew names which means ‘seagull’.
Jonah Jonah is a popular Hebrew name, meaning ‘dove’. It is associated with the Abrahamic prophet who was swallowed by a large fish
Jemima Here’s another dove baby name for you. In the Old Testament, Jemima was the name of one of the Job daughters.
Usoa Usoa is a Basque name, meaning ‘dove’. A common a classic name
Jaee  Jay is a very commonly used names for boys, though it’s spelling variation Jae suits a girl more, especially in the middle.
Zippora Zippora is a Hebrew word which means ‘bird’.
Gwylan Gwylan is a Welsh name, meaning ‘seagull’.

The name that a parent gives provides the child with an identity which she carries throughout her life. As parents, it’s a duty for us to select a suitable, trendy, and beautiful name for our child so we hope these girl names after birds helps you pick just such a name for your little one. We wish you a happy parenting life ahead.

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