100 Best & Popular Nicknames for John

100 Cute Nicknames for John

The part of the allure of a particular name is how you can shorten it to form nicknames. The world is full of nicknames that represent the language of love. Borne by countless kings, popes, presidents, and other notable figures, John has managed to remain tall and proud for over 400 years across civilizations. Common nicknames for John have managed to remain relevant down the ages and add the right complement to its resolute strength and character.

Meaning and Origin of John

A classic masculine name like John with biblical origins appears in its Hebrew form in the Old Testament. John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Jordan River. The apostle John is considered the author of the fourth gospel and Revelation. Its original Hebrew form Yohanan meant “graced by God” or ‘Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor.’ Derived from Ioannes in Greek, Johannes in Late Latin, to finally John in English, one can find numerous forms of John in different languages.

Nicknames for John

Whether cheesy or crazy, you should pick funny nicknames for John considering your child’s personality. Here are some befitting nicknames for John that may honor the name and amuse your little one at the same.

  1. Bender
  2. Bon Jovi
  3. Bonne
  4. Chumbo
  5. Con
  6. Cousin John
  7. Dawn
  8. Die-hard
  9. Don
  10. Drawn
  11. Duke
  12. Fawn
  13. Gianni
  14. Gino
  15. Giovanni
  16. Gnawny
  17. Jabhead
  18. Jack
  19. Jack Daniels
  20. Jacko
  21. Jhon
  22. Jiggle Wiggle
  23. Joanna
  24. John Cena
  25. Johnica
  26. Johnie
  27. Jojo
  28. Jon
  29. Jonty
  30. Junk
  31. Jack Sparrow
  32. Jackie
  33. Jax
  34. Jimbo
  35. Jobbernowl
  36. Jock
  37. John Phillips
  38. Johnifa
  39. Johnny
  40. Jon Bon Jovi
  41. Jon Jon
  42. Juan
  43. Jack At A Pinch
  44. Jackie/Jacky
  45. Jackin
  46. Jacky
  47. Jerry
  48. Jo
  49. Jocko
  50. John-John
  51. Johnny Bravo
  52. Joinker
  53. Jona
  54. Juggernaut
  55. J Star
  56. Jay
  57. Jewey
  58. Jiffy
  59. Jim
  60. Joe
  61. Joey
  62. John Keats
  63. John Wick
  64. Johnie/Johnnie/Johnny
  65. Johnny Rockets
  66. Johpan
  67. Jonny Jackpot
  68. Jono
  69. Jabberwocky
  70. James
  71. Jan
  72. Jelly Bean
  73. JFK
  74. Jigglypuff
  75. Jo Jo
  76. Johaganny
  77. John Carter
  78. John-Boy
  79. Johnny Casino
  80. Johntron
  81. Jonte
  82. Joy
  83. Lil John-Li
  84. LJ/Lil John
  85. Little John
  86. Legend
  87. Lawn
  88. Long John Silver
  89. Mini-John
  90. McJargon
  91. McClane
  92. Nom Nom
  93. OJ
  94. Papa John
  95. Piss Place
  96. Rambo
  97. Red John
  98. Ron
  99. Sean
  100. Yawn

The Popularity of The Name John

The popularity of the name John spread among all classes of society in England from the 13th to the 20th century.  It was in the 1st position from 1900 to 1923 in the US while remaining in the top five for another 50 years, until it dropped to #6 in 1973. After occupying the #1 spot among the top 10 names for boys through 1986 and staying in the top 20 until 2009, John settled at 27th position in the ranking list of United States as per the 2020 statistics. Around 8180 boys were named John, representing 0.447 percent of total male births. However, in 2021, with the number of births reaching 18893, the name John reached the height of its popularity in 2001, representing 0.914 percent of total male births.


Famous Celebrities with the Name John

Borne by various actors, singers, religious leaders, politicians, and fictional characters throughout history, here are some celebrities who have glorified this name in their own ways:

Name Who He Is
John Adams 6th U.S President
John Denver Folk and Country Singer
John Goodman Actor
John Legend Singer, Songwriter
John Lennon English Rock Musician
John Malkovich Actor
John D. Rockefeller Business Tycoon
John Travolta Actor
John Milton English Poet
John F Kennedy 35th U.S President

Variations of John

There are innumerable variants of the name John that are used in the English-speaking world. Here are some variations of John that can sound appealing in their own ways:

Gianni Italian
Ivan Russian
Jan Dutch
Jean French
Juan Spanish

Nicknames are an unusual way to express your love for your children. Unique nicknames for John can set you apart from other people with the same name. So, weigh the options carefully before picking this calling card.

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