Top 70 Scottish Baby Girl Names WIth Meanings

70 Popular Scottish Baby Names for Girls

Names are very important for every human being as it gives us an identity. These days, names after flowers and nature are very much in trend. The first gift given by a parent to their child is her name. The care, love, and affection they have for their child also shows in the choice of the name. So to ease your search, we have come up with a handy guide of Scottish names which can easily be used throughout the globe.

Top 70 Scottish Baby Girl Names With Meanings

We have come up with an amazing list of names for baby girls from the land of Scotland. There are different hand-chosen names from different parts of Scotland, let’s ponder upon it.

Names                                        Meaning
Aileen This name has a strong meaning which means ‘giver of life’. These personalities are very stable and graceful in their life.
Alana This Gaelic name reflects the beauty of your daughter. Moreover, the name sounds so sophisticated and classy.
Albe Though it is short but impactful. Women with this name are generally responsible and stable with their works and decisions been taken.
Amelia This Scottish name is very impactful, people with such a name be very hardworking and industrious in their future.
Anabell This name everyone must have heard. People generally look to an individual with such name to be the problem solver and to maintain peace and harmony.
Arable Every parent believes that their daughter is a blessing of God. So you should opt for this name as it means ‘the angel or the messenger of the Almighty’.
Ava This is a short, sweet name. Keeping name after a bird is in trend now, and, Ava means ‘a bird’.
Beileag When a baby comes in a family, everyone is very happy and thanks, God. A baby is like a blessing and thus this name is perfect as it means ‘promise od God’.
Blaire The meaning of this name is a battlefield. In this competitive era, people have to fight always to mark their existence.
Bluebell This Latin, floral name means ‘everlasting love and gratitude’. This uniqueness makes it a top list name.
Bonie This is a common name which will surely suit your daughter as it means a beautiful and gorgeous woman.
Caitir This is one of the uncommon names which reflect the pure nature of a woman. You can take this name because of its impactful meaning and uniqueness.
Caitrin Women with such a name are usually expected to be very graceful and a pure soul who can admire anyone.
Camellia A lady with this name is very beautiful, perfect and admirable. These days floral names come in the top list.
Cora This is a sweet and short name which means ‘a young woman’. This name will keep your daughter young and energetic throughout her life.
Daviana The name in itself sounds very sophisticated. It is expected that women with this name can easily win the heart of people around her as it means ‘one who is favourite to all’.
Davita This Scottish name is quite impactful. It means this individual is loved and admired by all because of her jovial nature.
Davonna This is one of those Scottish female names which means ‘a leader’. These people usually are the ray of hope for many and they guide them to the right path.
Eara This short and classy name means and is from ‘the East’, Scottish. It is one of the badass girl names who are determined on what they want.
Ella This name comes from Scotland and refers to a beautiful fairy. These people in life are contained with happiness.
Elsie If you belong to a religious family then this name suits your daughter the most. It means ‘the Almighty is bountiful’.
Elspeth This person is chosen by God. Everyone must have heard the name Elizabeth, this name, Elspeth is a Scottish version of it.
Emer Though the name might sound not so impactful because of its length it means that the person is blessed by God with all the gifts of womanhood.
Emily This is one of those Scottish girl names which means a hard-working person to diligently does all her works and achieve success in life.
Erwina This name can surely be one of the top listed names as it means ‘a good and trustworthy friend’ which is very necessary for life to be.
Flora Though this a commonly heard name but still it is always in trend. This sweet and subtle name means ‘a flower’ and is very popular in the Scottish Highlands.
Gavina This a feminine Scottish name which means ‘a hawk woman’. These individuals are very keen about their future and are very competitive.
Gordana It is an old Scottish baby girl names which reflect a powerful, confident and successful person. Generally, they turn out to be a leader in life.
Gormlaith This is a very popular name and it means ‘a famous princess’. Every parent treats their daughter as a princess and thus we can say this will be the correct name.
Grace A name adds an identity to a baby. This name means ‘grace’ and it sounds so simple. Girls with such a name are generally very graceful.
Greer This name comes from Scotland which means ‘a cautious person’. In this modern time, it is very necessary for a person to be cautious and to be aware of their surroundings.
Isla This name is from Aileach or Islay which means a ‘rocky palace’. Girls with such name are mentally and emotionally very strong and are confident in life.
Islay This is a very unique name which means ‘island’. Women with such names are generally very confident and independent.
Jaimy This name can be taken in two ways. First, people with such name can easily replace all pain and dissatisfaction or secondly, they can achieve their goals by replacing others, very competitive in nature.
Jaine A baby is a bundle of joy in every family. Thus to share the love and affection a parent can use this name for their daughter which means ‘a gift of God’.
Jean The name is a Scottish version of a European name Jeanne which means ‘God is Gracious’. This name honours the Almighty too.
Jessica A baby is a gift or a blessing to every parents or family. Thus this name suits well as it means ‘God’s gift’ and you can use Jessi as a nickname or short name.
Kellina This is a very strong and impactful name which means ‘a strong-willed lady’ who believes in the saying that ‘nothing is impossible in life to do if you determine to do it’.
Kenina The meaning of the name is ‘one who is born out of the fire’. It is not easy to defeat women with such name as they are of tough nature.
Kilmeny It means ‘a Church or Monastery’. Girls with this name generally have a pure soul.
Kirstine This Scottish name means ‘a follower or believer of Christ’. She can also be nicknamed as ‘Kirsty’, it sounds very cool.
Lachina This is one of the very elegant names. It means ‘land of lakes’, generally individuals with such names are fond of nature and try to protect it as a true citizen.
Leith The Scottish meaning of the name is ‘river’. It gives an ability to fly free and achieve any height to determine to acquire. These individuals are generally very much successful in life.
Lesly This is one of the traditional Scottish girl names which refers to a sacred garden. Generally, these souls spread positive vibes all around them and maintain peace throughout.
Lilidh In Scotland, the flower lily is called as Lilidh. You can name your daughter after the name of a flower as she is as delicate and beautiful as a Lily.
Maezie Every girl is beautiful. An individual with this name is expected to be as beautiful and pure as a pearl and so it is now a very trending name too.
Mhari Uniqueness is the key to this name. These personalities are generally loved and adored by all around them, they can easily be the centre of attraction in a crowd.
Mikenzie This name can surely give an identity to the infant. Ladies with such a name are found to be a wise leader in their life and achieve great success.
Minnie A cute name but quite impactful. It means a faithful guard or desire. This name is a form of the name ‘Mina’.
Nandag This one means ‘one who is merciful and gracious’. They grow to be a good citizen, full of moral values.
Neilina This name can surely present an identity to your daughter. Girls with such names are generally the champions in whatever they do. They work very sincerely.
Nes This is a very short name which means a decent and gentle person.
Noah This Scottish name is very commonly used all over the world. People with such a name are generally very calm, composed and relaxed in nature.
Olivia This name basically comes from the olive tree and is very commonly used all over the globe. It is one of the pretty names in the list.
Osla This is another short and unique name which means ‘the person belongs from a steep place’.
Pate The meaning of this name is ‘a great fighter’. It is necessary to be the one in order to achieve your place in this competitive world.
Petal The name sounds as delicate and beautiful as your daughter. Go for it now to flaunt it.
Poppy The name is highly suggested and it states ‘eternal life and beauty of it’. It is quite common but never out of trend.
Posey The name means ‘a bunch of flowers’, it refers to your graceful daughter quite well and can flaunt easily.
Puspamanjari A baby girl is like a blooming flower. Therefore, this name is a very good option which states ‘like a flower bud’.
Reyne This is also a commonly heard name which means ‘a ruler or a Queen’. These women are gorgeous, graceful and a leader who shows the correct path to lead life.
Ronalda This Scottish name means ‘a wise ruler’ who can lead the crowd very well. The name can surely give a prominent identity to your daughter.
Rossalyn This name is a form of the word Rose and it means promontory. Names of daughters after the name of any flower are highly in trend now.
Saundra In this modern and competitive life, people are losing their humanity. A person with such names is highly required as they turn out to be the ‘protector of humanity’.
Slaine All parents do wish for a healthy and wealthy life of their child, so they can opt for this name as it means ‘healthy’.
Sophie This another commonly used name. Girls with this name are expected to be very clever and intelligent. They generally are aware of their surroundings.
Tansy It is a yellow flower which is used to cure illness. In literal terms, it means ‘immortality’.
Torrii A person who is having this name generally attains victory in whatever they take part.
Vertie Parents try to teach their kids all the morals of life to grow as a good citizen. Thus you can take this name as it means ‘the nature of the person is derived from Virtue’.
Yvaine Every parent dream for a successful life for their daughter, then do opt for this name as it states ‘an evening star’. They can achieve a lot of fame and be contained in life.

We hope our list of names helps you pick a wonderful one for your baby. Parenthood is a huge part of life, and we wish you happy parenting!

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