70 Popular British Baby Names for Boys

A name is the identity of an individual. A person’s name tells you a lot about him. As parents, it is very important to give your baby such a name that inspires him to become a better person. The name should be positive so that it renders a positive impact on the life of the kid when he grows up into an adult individual. A positive name brings positivity and a good impact on the life of the kid. A name chosen wisely makes a kid more confident in society. A parent would want everything best for their kids, let it be emotionally, financially, mentally, physically or in terms of education. Thus, naming is also a vital part of the whole process of raising a kid. We understand your confusion about getting that perfect name for the little one. This confusion is right and understandable. However, you do not have to be worried about it as we have got your back. You can choose the best name from the below mentioned English baby boy names and do your part as a parent.

Cool British Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Your child will appreciate your efforts in choosing a beautiful name for him. Let it be the old English boy names or the latest and trendy ones, we present the top names for you to choose from. There is no need to spend hours selecting that one name that will define your baby. We present you with the list of 70 classic names for the baby boys. Choose the aptest and beautiful name for your little one out of these beautiful and uncommon names.

Name Meaning
Aberforth Having a Gaelic origin, this name means ‘from the river’.
Abraham This English name is associated with many great personalities like Abraham Lincoln. Abraham means ‘father’. It is usually used to address the Almighty.
Adam Adam was the name of a prophet. It is also the name of the first human being on Earth.
Addison He was the son of Adam. This name is usually nicknamed as Addy or Ed. It is a very common name in the UK.
Aiden This name is unique for your little one. Its literal meaning is ‘Little fire’. It is often used as a unisexual name as well.
Albert This is a beautiful name with a beautiful and deep meaning. It refers to ‘the one who is noble and bright’. It describes the sharpness of the soul.
Alfred One who is supernaturally wise is known as Alfred. This is a very trendy name and is often nicknamed to Freddy.
Andrew It is the name given to a valiant being. A person with this name is usually considered very powerful and manly.
Arnold This name is associated with power and might. It is a metaphor that refers to an Eagle. It describes someone ‘as strong as an Eagle’.
Arnon It is a name given to a rushing stream in the Torrent valley. This river in the western Jordan area is a very wild one and considered very powerful.
Arran This name has been derived from the name of the famous Arran Island in Scotland.
Baldwin It is usually referred to as a person who is a friend of the Prince or Princely state. Generally considered a very noble man close to the royalty.
Barnaby The meaning of this word is ‘son of consolation’. This word is an English variation of the word Barnabas.
Blake Blake is someone who has a fair complexion. This is also used as a baby girl’s name, but it is essentially a boy’s name.
Bleiz It is a famous British name that is derived from an old Breton word meaning ‘a wolf’.
Bradlee It is often spelled as Bradley. A very popular British name that means ‘Broad clearing in the woods’.
Bruno Bruno means ‘Dark complexioned’. It is a very trendy name as it is short as well as smart.
Callum This has been a very popular name in Christians. It means ‘a dove’ and is considered as a symbol of peace and purity.
Chadwick This name is often shortened and called Chad. It means ‘a warrior’. This is a beautiful name for a baby boy.
Conall Often spelled as Conel and Conal. It symbolizes the strength of a wolf. This is a very charming name for a baby boy.
Crispin This is a name that means ‘curly-haired’ in the Latin language. It also means crisp and colorful. It is a very vibrant name and has a different charm.
Duncan This charming name has a Scottish origin. It is a very jaunty and confident name. Its meaning in Scottish is ‘a dark warrior’.
Eadbald This word refers to a person who loves to enjoy the beauty and charm of Mother Nature.
Eadwald This name is derived from the word ‘Eadweard’, which means ‘A rich ruler’.
Elis This is a unisexual name and can be used in a different spelling as Ellis.
Entriken This is a famous name from a renowned dynasty of Great Britain. This name is associated with royalty.
Ethan It is a cute baby boy name that means ‘a gift of the island’.
Euan This is a Scottish name that means ‘one who is born of the yew tree’. It is a very unique name and is pronounced as Yoo-un.
Felix The adopted name of the saint Roman Sulla, who was considered to be blessed with the luck of the Gods.
Fergus This name refers to the courage of a man. It depicts the power and bravery of a person.
Finlay This name is a beautiful Scottish name and was the name of a former royal man of Scotland.
Giles This name has a Greek origin and it refers to a young goat. It has been a popular boy name in the late 90s.
Gondefle It refers to a person who has a very naughty and restless nature. Sitting idle is not an option in their case.
Gonemanus This word refers to a person who lives his life independently and enjoys adventures.
Gore A very short and cute name for your little boy that refers to a very friendly and warm person. It is also used for a person who is very charming and attracts everyone with their personality.
Gosa The one who is very clever and creative.
Gregor It is a boy name with a Norwegian and Greek origin. Its meaning is ‘a watchman’ or ‘the one who is vigilant’. Gregor Clegane from the Game of Thrones is a famous namesake of Gregor.
Haden This is a name of English origin that means a hill with heather. It is a sign of power and strength.
Hadley Having its origin in Old English, it means heath moorland.
Hadwin Hadwin is a friend in the war.
Hale This is the name of a place that means ‘a hero for a hall’.
Hamish A unique name for your baby boy. It has a Scottish origin and its meaning is ‘supplanter’. It is also a nickname for a Highlander.
Harvey This is a French-origin word that means ‘worthy of fighting a battle’. It is associated with the strength and might of the beholder.
Hugh This name has always been in the top thousand names for baby boys. It refers to a person’s mind and intellect. Usually, this name is held by those who are believed to be intelligent.
Inigo This name has originated from the Spanish word Basque, which means ‘the fiery’. The evocative sound and the loud vibe of this name are very strong and catchy.
Jack It is a name for the one who believes that God is very gracious.
James It is a variant of the name Jacob. It refers to one who supplants. Jack has been the name of the famous protagonist of ‘The Titanic’. This name gained huge popularity after the movie became a hit.
Lawrence It is the name of someone who is crowned with laurel. It is considered a very royal name and is very popular in the United Kingdom.
Oliver Having a classy touch, this name demonstrates an olive tree or a symbol of peace.
Mark It is also known as Marcus. Its meaning is ‘A large hammer’ or ‘Shining’. It is a symbol of power.
Michael This is the name taken from the Bible. Michael was the archangel who defeated Satan in a war in heaven. This name stands for loyalty, power, and strength.
Nathan This word has a Hebrew origin. It means ‘He hath given’ or ‘Rewarded’.
Neco Often spelled as Necho. It is the name of a pharaoh’s title in the Old Testament. It means ‘one who was beaten’.
Neor This word means ‘dew’. As the dew depicts a new and fresh start, this name is a symbol of new beginnings.
Noah This name is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Noach’, which means ‘rest’. It is also the name of a person who built an Ark ordered by God before a flood.
Oshea This name is a variant of Joshua, which means ‘Jehovah is salvation’.
Ozni The meaning of Ozni is ‘attentive’. This is a very smart name as it renders a sincere vibe to the beholder.
Paul The meaning of the name Paul is ‘small’. Paul was also the second name of one of the significant writers of the apostles in the New Testament.
Peter Peter means ‘a rock or a stone’. Peter was also the name of one of the disciples of Jesus Christ.
Philemon This is a very cute baby name that means ‘friendly’ or ‘affectionate’.
Philip This is the name of one of the twelve apostles, which means ‘warrior’ or ‘lover of horses’.
Reuben Reuben is a very rare and different name for a boy. It means ‘vision of the son’ or ‘behold a son’.
Samson This name has many meanings like distinguished, ‘son of the God’ or strong.
Samuel It has been one of the most popular names in the United Kingdom. It is also a very popular Christian name all over the world. Samuel’s meaning is ‘Asked of God’.
Seth This beautiful name means ‘appointed’ or ‘substituted’.
Simon It has another variant called Simeon. Its meaning is ‘Hearing with acceptance’.
Stephen This is a very famous Christian name with a meaning ‘crown’ or ‘wreath’.
Thomas This is the name of one of the twelve apostles. Its meaning is ‘Twin’. This apostle is known for its scepticism.
Tobias It is also called Tobiah. A very rare name for a baby boy having a Hebrew origin. Its literal meaning is ‘Jehovah is good’.
Zachariah This name is often shortened to “Zack” or “Zach”. Its meaning is ‘Jehovah is remembered’.

Nowadays, baby names have become more of a trendy choice than just a tradition. Kids who have trendy names are considered “cool”. A good name has its own aura. A unique name grabs the attention of the people. Also, the name carries a personality on its own. A positive name gives positive vibes to a person, while a negative name does not inspire a person to do well in life. We have made the choice easier for you by giving you the best British baby boy names to choose from. While some names are cute and short, other names are long and complicated. It is entirely your choice to select what will suit the best to your kid.

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